Chapter 7: The Land’s flow

Missere meow here!


The horrors of gayness shall finally deplete~!



What is the power that is worthy for me to get? With me that has a question mark floating in my head, Old Sleigstar urged me to just sit temporarily。
I remained as what he said as I sat in front of Old Sleigstar。

I wonder what I’m gonna be doing from now on? Old Sleigstar was thinking of something、I didn’t understand what I’ll be trying to do so I become worried as I looked up at him。

Old Sleigstar silently watched over me with his pupils of gold。

「Fumu、Thine is wavering from uneasiness huh。Believe in one’s own first then silence thine mind & do as one’s own says」

It’s not like I don’t believe you or anything。It’s just that、I’m just uneasy when I can’t see what was ahead of me as expected。I wish you would teach me what I’m gonna be doing up to that extent。Though while I was thinking so、I calmed down my heart & mind。However、how could I settle down my heart & mind? Since I don’t usually do that then I’d be having strange thoughts right now。

「Assume an comfortable posture & slowly close thine eyes」

I remained as what he said & closed my eyes。My vision became totally black。Would he bite at me if I shut my eyes but what am I worrying about as of this late moment。
If Old Sleigstar wanted to do that then it would only take a moment before I opened my eyes and run away。

「Hey hey、don’t think of strange things。Make your thoughts into nothing & feel the world」

Oh shit、my thoughts was read。

For him to say the I should feel the world、what did he mean by that? Though I don’t completely understand it but I should temporarily stop my useless thinking。

I in the dark closed world、I tried to feel the world。

Since everything was dark because my eyes were closed、I couldn’t feel any presence to say nothing of the world。But just like what he said nevertheless、I silenced my heart and mind as I continued to meditate。

When I closed my eyes like this for a long long time、a various number of my senses sharpened up。

I felt like I was flowing with the gentle breeze in the plaza of moss。
The scent of the old trees were included in the wind as it reached my nose and calmed my heart and mind。
The old trees would shake matched by the wind and some leaves would brush off me as it sounded off a gentle tune。

On my immediate side、I could hear the deep and calm breathing of Old Sleigstar。Even though he was a Huge dragon that was like a hill、his breath was more gentle and silent than the wind as it was just natural for it to be like that。
I head a faint sound。At the vicinity of the forefoot of Old Sleigstar。I profoundly stretched out in the center of the plaza of moss、Though I thought that it only moved from the neck but did its body unexpectedly move? Since I couldn’t see it with my big body、I couldn’t notice its small movements up to now。

Inside the forest of old trees、I could hear the cry of an animal。Because it was said that this was a sacred place、I didn’t think that anything was here excluding the Huge Dragon but I unexpectedly heard the cry of an animal near this place。

I could hear the chirping of a small bird。Inside the forest of  old trees。And from over my head too。I could hear the flapping wings of a flying bird。
Aah、from a far away high position、I could hear the faint chirping of birds。Did it stay in the branches of the Spirit Tree?

At the overhead of the far far place farther than the old trees、I could hear the swaying of all kinds of trees。I slowly swayed with the wind。

I couldn’t hear it nor see it、a tree that was far bigger than the Huge Dragon that was like a hill。

If I noticed it、I was already facing at the consciousness of the Spirit tree and has meditated for a long time。

「Just now、Did thine see the Spirit Tree?」

With a small voice that would not disturb my meditation、Old Sleigstar said that。
I couldn’t see it。Since my eyes are closed。However、why could I vividly catch what was overhead of the branches of the Spirit Tree?

「The Spirit Tree has far more stronger vitality than any of us。It is to the extent of seizing it with thine eyes and feeling it with thine soul」

Certainly、I could feel something strong in it。Though I couldn’t completely understand its true form。

「Now then、if thine could see the leaves and branches of the Spirit Tree then look at the trunk like that

I was somehow able to see it。

I first felt the branches and leaves。I traced over that as I turned my consciousness to the trunk of the Spirit Tree that existed on the edge of the plaza of moss。
(TLN: Trace….ON)

It was at the very far edge of the plaza。At the tip of the forest of old trees、I thought that I was seeing a mountain that was hugely stood up perpendicularly。
No、it wasn’t a mountain、that was the trunk of the Spirit Tree。It was the Spirit Tree which was awfully exceedingly wide as its main body was overflowing with vitality power。

Mysteriously、The Spirit Tree that was far away from me felt like it was near me。
And then、when I was able to see the large tree that was filled with vitality power but it was like it was powerfully sucking up something from the earth itself as I noticed a vitality that shone furthermore than the tree。

「Hohou、were thine able to feel the dragon pulse from thine first day?」
(TLN: The protag of Maou no Hajimekata has Dragon pulse too right? Maybe this protag will overcome his gayness by raping adventurers too?)

I heard the voice of Old Sleigstar like it was filled with admiration。

「Even with the case of Dragon men、that is a stage where they would need to train for years。Now then、follow that dragon pulse and feel the world」

The Spirit Tree is sucking up something from the earth、it seems like it is called dragon pulse。

I turned my consciousness this time to the thing that was being sucked up by the Spirit Tree。

What on the meow is dragon pulse? For the dragon men to be able to see it after years of training、I couldn’t believe that I could be able to see it by just meditating for a moment。
Isn’t he mistaken on something? Old Sleigstar doesn’t seem to be wrong however。

Anyways、I turned my consciousness to that something that was being sucked up by the Spirit Tree。

I thought that it was water at first。The tree would suck up water as its food and grow up。
However、it felt like it was different。
I could feel an overwhelming power from it more than water。

Underneath the ground of the Spirit Tree、something was being suckep up from the roots deeply and widely。

Something that overflows with power、it was spread out like an ocean。Nope、it wasn’t an ocean。It was very large & though I thought like it was like an ocean at first but I was wrong。It wasn’t an ocean but a large river。

A loud undulation was raised as a large river like thing flow with overwhelming power。
It was the place continuing previously from where the Spirit Tree stood at as it passed under the plaza of moss and continued inside the forest of old trees again。

The branches of the main stream would be infinite if I would trace it as the large river infinitely stretched over all of the ground。

I was astonished on its large scale and overwhelming power。

It turned and twisted as it powerfully flow which made it look like the trunk and the dragon were like swimming in the sky。

「What thine are feeling right now is the life of the world。A power that can fill the continent all over。Spirit pulse。The dragons would call it Dragon pulse」

I slowly sunk and was crowded in my mind from the words of Old Sleigstar。For the world、did such an overwhelming power like this overflow。

I didn’t notice it up to now。No、no one from the humans has noticed this up to now。Even for the Dragon men、he said that they wouldn’t be able to see this if they didn’t train。
However、why was I able to see it?
(TLN: Because….you….are….GAY!)

When I turned my consciousness to Old Sleigstar、I understood that Old Sleigstar was slowly & silently breathing while sucking up the dragon pulse。

「Beasts & insects、Human。Plants also have life too of course。The earth is like that too、the world also has life。However、noticing that is difficult。Since it is too large」

Though it was already at our side from when we were given birth to but it was too big for us to feel it。It became a fact for us to not be able to feel it then it became a fact that if we couldn’t see or feel it then it doesn’t exist huh。

I couldn’t understand it at all。

With my thoughts、Old Sleigstar wryly smiled。

「It is quite a difficult story。First of all、being able to feel the dragon pulse is the first step」

Old Sleigstar says that in a reassured manner as he fetched a deep breath。

「As it is for a while、it will be good for then to keep on feeling the dragon pulse 」

As he said that to me、I kept turning my consciousness at the dragon pulse。Though I could easily capture the existence of the Spirit Tree but If I didn’t keep on deeply meditating on the dragon pulse then I would immediately lose sight of it。
It’s truly mysterious as it’s power is quite larger than the Huge Dragon Old Sleigstar & the Spirit Tree。

How much should I meditate on it? I felt like a long time has already passed even though I didn’t know how much time has passed but it felt like time was getting shorter。

My idle thoughts have increased as it gradually became more difficult to keep on meditating & it became impossible  for me to easily feel the dragon pulse proportionally。

I gave up and stopped meditating。

Ahead of my glance、Old Sleigstar had a face like he was proud as he looked down on me。

「Thine has done well for thine first day」
「Is it because I could feel the dragon pulse?」
「Correct。Though one’s own said this a while ago、that is a position that the dragon men would finally reach at last after many years of training。Since this place is near to the Spirit Tree、even if thine would say that the main stream is below this ground here、one’s own didn’t think that thine would be able to feel it with just a single day」

Is that so。It’s like I’ve become guilty of becoming something great。

「Guahahaha、When thine was able to cross over the barrier of this sacred place、thine has already accomplished an amazing feat」

If one would see it then that might be so。No one can go here in reality。Even if they were able to come here then they might get eaten by Old Sleigstar。

Though Old Sleigstar is here to protect the Spirit Tree but no one has intruded to this place excluding me after all。

「Of course there are。Though people like thine who would get lost and come here aren’t usual but other ones who came to this forest with ill intents for the start would get cut up afterwards」

Is that so。but that is so。Though since the Spirit tree is here then that indeed might be so、there might also be people who would try to cut up the trees in the forest of dragons which was prohibited and other people might be bad too。

While thinking so、my glance suddenly went to the forefoot of Old Sleigstar。

Incidentally, I also felt his forefoot move when I was meditating。
Did I only have to say his right hand? Ahead of that finger、the root of the fingernail sank a bit & it bled。

「Ah、Your finger got injured previously。What happened?」

I was surprised。Old Sleigstar was this Forest of Dragon’s legendary Huge Dragon。He was an Old aged Ancient dragon kind。He was now injured and it’s bleeding。
Did he fight an intruder after all & did he get injured?。

「Yep、this one?」

Old Sleigstar moved his finger a bit。
Doesn’t it hurt?
Other than that、how much was it’s strength to be able to pierce through his scales and make it sink。

「Thine should not worry about this wound」

He was a bit embarrassed as Old Sleigstar deceived me。
Was it dishonorable to get injured like that? I felt that I shouldn’t press onward on this topic。
If you are wounded then you only had to cover it with your versatile nasal mucus。

「This wound、Well、it would stay like this for an hour」

Old Sleigstar floated a wry smile。
It’s a dishonorable wound after all and it felt like he would just leave it as it is because of his self-reproaching。
Though I was a bit curious on who was the one who inflicted that wound on Old Sleigstar but it didn’t disappear after 1 hour。

「Alright Alright、The time of meditation has already ended。There’s still time remaining for today。Let one’s self teach thine how to dance」


I was not able to understand the words of Old Sleigstar。

He’s gonna teach me how to dance? With what?

「Thine dance is hopeless。One’s own shall teach you one’s own dance。There is a manly dance for a man」
(TLN: How to turn a gay into a man by Old Sleigstar-sensei: Lesson # 2; Teach the target a MANLY DANCE )

What is happening? Am I going to be a dancer? I was bewildered by the thing that I wasn’t expecting。

「From among the collected firewood、it would be good for thine to pick up a handy two branches」

While I didn’t conceal my confusion、I still moved towards the place where the collected firewood were。

At the corner of the plaza of moss、there were a lot of firewood and fruits。

Why would I use the branch of a tree to practice a dance?

Ah、yesterday incidentally、I left my average slim sword at this place。
Not the tree branch but where was my sword?
I looked at the surroundings of the firewood and the fruits & looked at the plaza。
However、I couldn’t find the average sword that I dropped。

「Aah、One’s own has thrown that poor looking sword」


That was the sword that I finally bought with the money that my parents saved up and my pocket money。Though it is true that a sword like that would be dull for dragons but that thing was an important thing to me。

「Hahaha、Thine shouldn’t worry about those stuff」

I should be worrying about it。
I started to cry even if I was at an age where I shouldn’t be。


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    • Plot twist: he IS the heroine. Seriously though, he fits more in the role of a heroine.. would’ve been a better story. Better than his current gayness.


  1. Nah. No gayness this chapter..
    The MC will be a dance master after he finished with the training right? He will get his heroine by dancing through her.


      • He will become the ULTIMATE WOODUSING MASTER.


        To be fair, i’m just expecting him to use the wood as dual swords while sword-dancing, and since they would have the general shape alright, and the weight, possibly even shaping them into wooden swords, it would be a viable idea.


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