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Well A gracious follower decided to End the misery of Narou killing off the LEWDS

May I present the beacon of hope for the lewds

Since I’m an official NEET right now(until next march), I’ll be working on this with 90% of my attention.

Prologue and Chapter 1 Next Week.


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Commushou NEWS

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I have great news and bad news

Commu will finally get a LN at March with Touwa-sensei as the author of course and 夜ノみつき-sensei as the Illustrator


Bad news is that the Moderators-samas has finally laid their hands on our treasured Commushou for it’s HENTAI “Problematic” content ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Touwa-sensei will be rewriting those “Problematic” content but the LN will still keep those problematic scenes.

Now here’s the problem.

This will cause the web novel to be less HENTAI and more of a normal battle novel with less HENTAI content.

I admit that 70% of the reason why I read and translate this is because of those “Problematic” content and I’ll be refusing to translate it if the content will be much lesser than it.

Do you guys still want to continue the story with less H now and more battle shiet or not?

(TSK. why didn’t the author just move this series into the hentai novel site….I wouldn’t be having this problem now if Touwa-sensei did that then I wouldn’t be suffering like this)

Or if someone wants to then go buy me a copy of Volume 1 and maybe I can try to translate it! I heard it’s more EVIL than the WN version ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

KickMyNose here (• ε •).
To make things short Commushou finally got noticed and it’s going to have a Light Novel which is a good news to other but the downside because it’s too Impro- I MEAN LEW- NO! I mean “Improper” to others, it might get rewrite and the “Improper” will  might be remove. And so the translations of the chapters up until now might become invalid or not the same for the changes Touma- I MEAN Touwa will do.

So both me and the fairy are waiting for the next news from there we’ll decide what will happen to the TLing of the series. For now we’ll focus on “Ryuu Hou Sun De I Masu”.

Story 10.5: Party Formation Secret stories Part 3

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Next part after this chapter will be the last of the 10. 5 Chapter Series
The story plot shall finally move~!
Though it’s incredibly long so I’ll cut it in half again
By the way there are now 2 spoiler posts hidden(latest spoiler post isn’t really that hidden) in this blog of mine


Morning of the next day, Monica came to our house. Since Remillia mama has work again for today so for a meanwhile, I was magnificently able to go out in the premise of me playing outside.

Yesterday, since the Kobolt Leader subjugation request of Wendy’s has been achieved, our rank went up from G to F. Our schedule for today is handling easy monster subjugation requests of the F rank. Since we would be able to clear request with E rank, then I’m alright if it our rank goes up if it’s possible though.


「Shishou-sama, it’s wonderful that you were admitted by your mother! Nhhsho! Did you become more heavy?」
「Nothing changed from yesterday though……in other words, don’t you already need to not carry me?」
「No, this is also a part of my training. Even right now, I’m having a feeling like my body is getting stronger bit by bit……I-IT CAME, DE ARIMASU!」



・《Wendy》’s 「Physique」 has risen!

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Story 10.5: Party Formation Secret stories Part 2

Important announcement

Missere Meow here

I’ll be going on a vacation to do indoor training to unlock my understandings of the 108 profound truths of Ero.

The place I’m going to doesn’t have any internet connection available within a 30 minutes of walking radius which means that No Commushou chapters for all of yah.

This shall be my last update for the year so happy holidays!


Even if I say that today is a fine day, it would still take a while before the laundry gets dried. I who have already reached the pharmacist skill up to 20, have already acquired the medical herb study and potion making skills, and that is why I also searched for the ingredient of the mana potion 『Magic Grass』 inside the forest. If I’m to be asked why I needed a Mana potion then it is because being able to just take a single point of the warrior skill is insufficient for me. Since I’ve grown accustomed to suckling, I became good at sophistry. And thus before I found the magic grass, I have discovered something in the forest. It had a fragrance that a human can’t detect but it also repels insects which is called 『Tife Fruit』 which is also known as 『Insecticide Fruit』 is what I have discovered.


Name: Tife Fruit
Type: Fruit
Freshness: Fresh
Rarity: Normal

・Can be eaten. The satiety level recovers for about 10% a piece.
・When it is used, 『【Weak】 Insecticide』 effect shall be invoked.

Though it seems to be nearly like a pear as a food but it’s not possible for me to bite it with my teeth today. Though it’s another story if Mama slices up the fruit for me but if it doesn’t show up in our dining table then it means that it isn’t that much delicious.

「Wendy, since it seems like you’ll be stung by insects if you continue like that for a long time so use this」
「Uwah, Yes……It’s a tife fruit huh -de arimasu. If I cut it in half like this then the juice inside would be seen and all I’d need to do is apply it on my body -de arimasu. In my case, I’d have to be extremely cautious for my bottom when insects bite on it -de arimasu ne」
「……Well, oh dear, but you have to be cautious for your whole body though」
「I……I-I for me to talk about my bottom with Shishou-sama, it looks like it’s a thing that is a bit too early for you -de arimasu ne」

(TLN: Shishou-sama = Master/Teacher.)
(EDN: For some reason I feel like Hiroto will become bald and he’ll get himself a cyborg disciple…… I must be imagining things……)

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Story 10.5: Party Formation Secret stories Part 1 (2nd Half)

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Since I’m in a good mood then you all shall have a new chapter today(Since I talked with my crush a while ago kyaaaa)

Well enjoy the chapter while I stab my face while waiting for “Against the Gods” new chapter


Even though Valdes-san’s grandchild looks like she’s in her thirties but she looked a woman with half of that age. After she came here with a fruit juice, she gave me a hug and went out of the workshop. It’s bad to obstruct grandpa’s work, is what grandpa Valdes said――which seems to be the regulations of the Solliudas.

(TLN: See? She’s a girl! Now feed Hiroto some Blacksmith skills!)

「Though I thought that I should make you something for your birthday, I’ve forgotten about it while doing other things. With it, I didn’t know what would make Hiroto boy happy 」
「Uh, uhmm……I-it’s alright if it’s just a toy like, but I want an Axe……」
「An Axe? Oh, Ooh. Though I can make an Axe like the one your father uses, but certainly, I can make a toy like axe too」
「Really!? 」
「Of course. Alright Hiroto boy, show me your hands……Hmm, if it’s this small then, then the handle would considerably be thin. Though I can’t make the edge of the blade be able to cut but I can still shape it into a broad axe」
「Yes! Thank you, Granpa! 」
「Then wait for a bit. If it’s just this then it would only take me a little bit for me to make it」
「Can I watch you make it? 」
「You won’t settle down if you can’t see it right? Well it’s alright. Just don’t get near too much or you would get burned」

(TLN: Damn I want a cute grandchild too. I’d train him in the arts of fairy magic and sword fights even if he’s still 5 months old xD )

After Grandpa Valdes puts his rough hand on my head and says that, he chose a metal which glow a silver dull light, in which he used some tongs to put it in the hearth, and he began to heat it. And thus he took out a red hot metal and he strike at it with a hammer that is much smaller than the one a while ago.

「For just a bit, the form has already taken shape. If you make a mistake in your strike then it would only be a normal hardened iron. It won’t be good if you don’t hold on to the shape of it in your head. For it to be appropriate for its master’s hands, a toy like Axe……well even if I make it with all I got, It’s not a bad thing to do this once in a while」

While Grandpa Valdes is speaking, he inserted the metal in the hearth several times, he strikes at it, and cools it, then he puts it in the hearth again. Though I think that it’s alright for him to not give it too much strength, since there is no blade and its size is small, but I would still be happier if he made a genuine axe for me.


・You are watching the blacksmith master’s work…….
・You felt like you are about to acquire the 「Blacksmith」 skill.

(TLN: This baby cheater…..)

The conditions for someone to acquire the blacksmith skill are to sell many armor in a blacksmith shop or let them mend your armor or make you a personal armor or weapon. Since I’m inside the workshop while he’s making it, I’m able to satisfy the condition to acquire the said skill. Though I’m thinking that there is no necessity for me to get that skill since Grandpa Valdes is here but if I’m able to acquire it then it would be better that way. The repair skill that can be acquired with the Blacksmith skill level 20「Maintenance」 is a very handy skill in emergencies.

In the meantime, Grandpa Valdes has made the toy axe with an astonishing swiftness. When he finished cooling it off with enthusiasm, Grandpa Valdes puts the axe in the wood that is inside a cloth and he put it on the table in his workshop and showed it to me. In the extent which it can be held in my small hands, it is really a small axe.

「Even if I call it a toy axe, it would still hurt if you strike with it so be careful with it. 」
「Yes……I understand. Grandpa, Can I try to hold it? 」
「Of course. If it’s heavy, then I can lighten it a bit」

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Story 10.5: Party Formation Secret stories Part 1 (1st Half)

Leona is the reincarnation of the demon king. I’ve become accustomed to seeing anyone’s status, and I wanted to remain my view of this world like in the game, so I have decided to make a rule without permission as to not look at a child’s status. However, that has consequentially backfired at me.


How much have I belittled this world. There’s nothing strange if something happens here. If I don’t know anything about it then I can’t prepare anything against it. When the occasion of Papa having the Demon Sword revealed itself, I should have considered all the possibilities that I was able to assume.


Though I have worried on the night of the day I learned about that thing with Leona, the night has dawned, and I recovered earlier and decided on the indicator of my action in the future.


Since I’m able to walk already and I’ve been able to speak a bit. I’ve went outside to the town of Mizerre to gather some information, though I’ve thought that I should prepare for when time comes, I’ve been immediately hit with a problem.



(Since I’m only a 1 year old, I won’t be allowed to go outside……to go out without a guardian, they would normally get angry )



My present height is at least 80 centimeters. Though I say that the unit of length is [Meter], 「Centi」 is 「Center」, 「Milli」 is 「Millis」 , in which this expression is different in this world. Other units are also different too in this different world.

Though I didn’t have many chances to see the units of length in the game, but though the expression is different for a moment, the sense of my previous life seems to go through as it is.


In a word, I who is only 80 sentia, is still very small. The reach of my hands and feet hasn’t expanded yet, and though the things I’ve equipped would change its size somewhat according to its user, the equipment of an adult and a child cannot be indeed used in combination, so I couldn’t choose anything other than weak clothes made out of cloth. Since the wood that papa chops can be used other than charcoal, it is necessary for me to contemplate the processing and making of an armor with it. A wood armor is weak against fire, and though its defense power is the worst, it’s more appropriate than the cloth armor, and physique would easily rise since it’s an armor with weight


On the numerical values of the status, I have an HP equal with an adult, so even if I went out without any equipment, I surely won’t be defeated by any small fry monsters around here maybe. 「Maybe」 is still a bit scary, so I want to already try it myself is a feeling I have. Though the condition that I would only have to bite each other like the fight I had with Pamela-san, but if it wasn’t in that case, then I need a physical fighting power by all means.


Since that is the case, I asked permission to Remillia mama if I may go out at the time of supper.



「Isn’t it obvious that that’s not allowed, I won’t allow such a dangerous thing」

「I-I’m sorry……A-as I’ve thought, it’s not allowed huh……」



Though I’m still not able to talk fluently, with that crude tune, I seemed to have gained a bit of sympathy from mama. No, though I wasn’t gonna cry awkwardly.



「You can go out if you bring an older person with you. When your father is here, you can also ask your father……」

「Hahaha, Hiroto boy, did you want to make an exploration? Though mischievous things are alright, but since not all of the people coming in and out of the town are good people……but though I say this, you still won’t understand it huh. Anyways, we’d be troubled if you’re caught by bad people, so going out by yourself is not allowed」

「O-okay……I understand. I’m sorry」

「You don’t need to apologize that much, since I also understand wanting to go outside too……since I’m also weaving in the daytime, then I can’t play with you. Though Sarasa-san also comes here too, but asking her help any further would be bad……」



When Sarasa-san comes for a visit as usual, but though I say that I’m still small since I’m 1 year old, as soon as she thinks that my stomach is empty, then she would bring out her breasts with a *Poron* sound. Though it’s exactly a free of charge blessing from an affectionate mother, after I’ve grown, her reactions have changed a bit――is what I would say, but I’ll put this off for now.


Though she holds back herself when mama is here, but since Leona would be lonely, she would let me suckle at the same time with Leona after all. My magic attainments skill continues to grow bit by bit even if I don’t practice magic thanks to that.



「Speaking about Sarasa-san, after she comes and goes to our house, her sexiness would increase……no, it’s just my imagination. Since papa here won’t look at any woman besides mama, I’m not unable decide which to choose to other women」

「Oh darling you, to do this in front of Hiroto……let’s leave this afterwards since it’s too embarrassing」

「For you to be embarrassed from a classic like thing like that, then I too……Wha-what is it Hiroto, do you understand this? If you understand the meaning of our talks then aren’t you an amazing one. My son is such a genius as I expected」

「Uh, umm……It’s because……papa and mama are getting along, and that’s why you’re happy?……」


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Tenth Story (3): Day’s Beginning

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Well ladies and gentlemen, we’re gonna get serious a bit in the next arc.

The plot is starting now since it’s the end of Infancy.

This chapter shall be the last of the “Victim counting” chapter series.




Since the time I’ve started to hang on to stuff and stand, did six months already pass? The frequency of my fruit juice drinking has increased and the shifting to weaning must have finally come. In sliding it all, there was a chance to acquire an important skill.


Tenth person Pamela・Brannel 20 years old
Time of breast feeding start : after 5 months
Breast feeding frequency: 84 times in total
Relation: Goodwill is held unto you.
Acquired Skill: Thief 10
Acquired Item:Thief’s scarf


During the daytime, a house in the vicinity caught a small fire and Remillia mama went out to help put out the fire. Since I can’t indeed help out, I just exercised inside the crib, but though I tried to forge my body a bit…….

With the sound of *Parin*, I heard a sound. Inside our house, though how many were we using some valuable glass in this world on our window, but there seems to be one that has been broken――which means that.


(An intruder……A person who steals while there is a fire huh)



I concealed my breath for the time being. It would have been more easy if I had the 「Spy」 skill right now……Since I’m able to come out of my crib by myself, if only I had the spy skill then I could scout out there while crawling .For mama to not realize my growth is too fast, I moderately adjusted and the I showed them the processes of my growth.

However, it would be bad if the intruder went to the room with valuables. If only that person would come over here……is what I was thinking when.


「Aristocrats are so simple huh. Since they don’t have any crisis awareness at all.」


The person who says that in a cold tone, is a woman with an obviously bad atmosphere around her. She had some light armor in which tells everyone that she’s a thief and some shoes that reduces the sound of footsteps, while equipping a dagger with her.


(Those are a set that only thieves can equip……is what can be said about it. There is no need to look at her status, since she obviously has the thief skill……!)

(TLN: This bastard who only thinks of skill!)


My eyes began to sparkle. When she approached for a moment, she has entered my effective range……I ask of thee, a little more……!


「Nh……Well now, it’s a baby .To leave a baby that has just been born and to help putting out the fire of someone else’s house shouldn’t be a good case」


The female thief who had a fluffy blue curly hair walked closer to me as she made a sarcastic remark. If……if she enters for about a single step then, then she would be in my territory……!





・「Charm」 has been invoked! 《Pamela》 failed to resist and has entered in the state of Charmed.


「……Even though I thought that this boy is an unfriendly type. When looking at him like this, isn’t he so cute」


YEP, people who can’t don’t have any tolerance only needs one use for it to hang unto them as I expected……This is too much of an Easy Mode.



・《Pamela》 is waiting for your command. Will you command her? YES/NO


(For the time being, after I hear what evil deed she would be working on our house, then shall I decide on what to do with her)


Inside my head, 「Please tell me what are you going to do in here」 is what I prayed for. Since I didn’t have any consoles, and though it’s difficult to transmit it unto her……but since I was able to transmit my will like this to grandpa Valdes, then this might work.


「I came to this house to steal all the valuable things inside. I planned burning the house and escaping afterwards. When doing so, there won’t be any evidence or the likes that will be left」


(Woah, it’s just a normal evil person!)


I reflexively drew back. It would be better to just steal rather but to ignite the house too. Am I not in a pinch as usual.
To deprive Remillia mama and Ricardo papa of their memento, their love nest……rather, to try to burn our important house. Even if this is still an attempt, should I still forgive her.


「However, since there’s a lovely looking baby like you here, then I’ll kidnap you for the time being.」



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Tenth Story (2): The Clergy and the Adventurer

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Well humans, I’ve finished TLing the Chapters 16 & 17 of Kitsune-sama but you all have to wait for Kuma Otou-san to post chapter 15 though Muahahahahahaha

Well here’s the second part of the last chapter before we end the Infancy Arc. For those who are getting bored of the whole sucking milk then rejoice since we’re gonna enter the Childhood Arc now which has BATTLES.

It’s really hard to translate this novel not because it’s hard to read but it’s exactly my fetish…..Onee X Shota

If yar wondering what is the background’s sauce then it’s from a EROgame I’ve played in the past.

Well I dun have any more to say right now. Just stalling here so go down and read the chapter already. *Says the Fairy Cat Translator while playing FALLOUT 4, ロイヤルガーデン, This creepy game but has a good story…..cried a bit, Mad Max and listening to the greatest RPGVN’s boss battle theme(maybe) “The Last Edge“*

^ The above games are the reason why TL is so slow and I TL’d Kitsune 16 & 17 first before this chap.




The women who had the 「Villager」 job, though it was possible for me to properly charm them while mother carried me at her back and walked in town, but when I come to the stage where my Physique is at 100 points and I received their breast milking, the skill didn’t go up only by allowing me to see the chance and sucking easily. Though I drank little by little and though I earned 2 points of the Physique skill, but it ended at 12 points.

Is there no new skill that I can take anymore……is what I though as my target. For 4 months after my birth, I had a new encounter. It is the Sister in the church near our house Serra-san.


(TLN: Muh reaction to this line

93ee7d949c5bd80ad3ca3dbac3f7f89c Kek)


Eighth person Serra・Chiffon (?)Yrs old
Time of breast feeding start : after 4 months
Breast feeding frequency: Once a week 8 times in total
Relation: She is interested in you
Acquired skill: Clergy 3 Singing 1


Since Sister Serra-san passes without fail in front of my house when she’s commuting from her home to the church, and though my 「Charm」 failed when it was invoked several times, it finally succeeded at the 4th month for the first time.

The case of the person that I’ve successfully charmed will visit our house is large. Since Remillia mama and Serra-san are acquaintances, there was no problem with it. Even if the person I don’t know got charmed and visited us, though it was possible for me to issue a command for them to 「Go home」.



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Tenth Story (1): End of Infancy

It’s a ME! Missere Meow.

I’ve already finished translating Chapter 17 of Kitsune-sama but you guys have to wait for Kuma Otou-san to post the earlier chaps Muahahahahahahahahahaha.

By the way Seems like me and 2 other TLers are gonna start a project sometime later but don’t expect much since it’s an 18+ WN.

If you guys haven’t noticed that on the right side of this site, I have an update area there where I list the current state of muh Translations.

Damn, there’s numbers on this chapter…just tell me if my calculation is wrong since I HATE MATH!

Well here it is.




――My body is made out of Breast milk.(TLN: If you didn’t get the reference then look below)

look down

「Ah……Da-Darling, look! Hiroto learned how to grab on and stand!」
「Uwoooh……this fellow is incredible! Hiroto, are you able to go here? Or is it too fast for you yet!?」


The development of me who grew up rapidly thanks to everyone’s favor, I was able to get the knack of hanging on and standing in about five months.

When saying about the bad balance of a baby’s body, the head is heavy and I become dizzy. But if I don’t get accustomed to standing then it won’t be possible for me to walk…….


「Wahaha……Is that so, he’s hungry and that’s why he tried to go to his mother」
「Okay okay……However Hiroto, Though I’ll give you only 3 times a day, are you really alright. With the children from the other houses, for one day they would drink about 10 times though……」
「He might be eating other things stealthily? Is what I would say, but that might be impossible since he doesn’t have any teeth yet. Did his stomach become a thing where it would be full with just 3 times?」


In receiving the breast milk of Remillia mama, I felt sorry for a moment.
Five months at present from my birth, in the daily life that I’m spending now, a lot of other breast milk have filled me without mother’s knowledge of it.

I as of now, how many skills have I collected――how many breast milk have I received. Even if one thinks of the frequency of suckling increases rapidly because it becomes more difficult to raise the skill by 1, it becomes too much when calculated roughly.


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Ninth Story (Latter part): Stairway to Heaven

Missere Meow here. Of course top priority is Commushou even if I prefer Kitsune-sama than Hiroto-dono.

Late chapter cuz I was playing Tales of Zestiria. Edna is LOVE. Though I’m no lolicon.

unzips pants

Welp Enjoy my shitty Translation.




We went out of the basement and returned to the living room. It’s slowly night time already and it’s time for sleeping.


「Then I’ll be taking Hiroto now.You’re unskilled in putting him to sleep right.」
「That’s true.Since I seem to scare him a little,he seems to be strained in a way……」


Fillianess started to pass me to that point I would remain in my condition if I let things happen as it is, a strong urge that says that it’s not good to let the situation go as it is drove me.


(……this is not good. As it is right now, the only way of showing what I’m thinking while not saying anything is……!)


I hardly ever looked at her eyes up to now and I just waited for my charm skill to be invoked.I’m only swinging from joy to sorrow just by looking at the log, as I hoped only to strengthen more――but, it’s different now.


(Since it’s possible with other people……「Charm」 isn’t the only useful skill that the Negotiation skill has……!)


I who was still at the arm of Fillianess, have invoked the skill 「Choices」. With the sense of losing mana, the dialog was displayed.

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