1st story [The Master of the Dark guild]

Oops。It’s already dark。
I confirmed that from the moon that was view-able from the window as I stopped my hands from dong the work I’ve been busy with。

I stretched myself to relax my body。
Haa……So I’ve been doing paperwork yet again today……。

Well、since I’m also earning from it because of my official position and that’s why I understand that paperwork is essential。
However、while my guild members are out there doing dangerous work while I sit here and leisurely do these paperwork、of course my heart would also ache from that too。

All the more that I think of all my guild members as if they are my own children too。
I want to also go out and work too……。

But everyone would immediately stop me from doing so……。
Are they thinking that I’m such a useless guy?A bit……well not just a bit but I’m particularly hurt by that。

(TLN: BRUH! You have my sorrows!)

Well、it’s true that I’m not strong like everyone but it is a fact that I once traveled alone before establishing this guild。
Of course there were times when I was faced with many dangerous stuff and I came through those in every case with my own power。

Therefore、though I think that I can safely handle jobs too……。
I took out an important painting of mine。

On that painting was all of the faces of the member of this guild painted in it。
By the way、this is self made you know。

Though I’m not satisfied with this but I still take pride in it for being well made。
While looking at each of their faces、I gave out a wry smile。

Ahh……well I still do anything that these children of mine ask me 。
For these girls to make a sad face when I refuse their wishes、I would never want to see those faces at all。

At the time when everyone were still small、many of them would start crying as they see me working。
Though it was just an easy request of painting a wall but it seems that my not smiling face is particularly scary。 (TLN: Maybe this is his cheat ability?)

Well、it would be more strange if I was laughing my brains out while doing a tiresome work but that is the time when I started to pay attention to their reactions。
That’s where I started to smile

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Is Missere Meow dead yet?

I think so?

Well yep, I’ve cleared most of the games on my list but the sad part is that I’m at the last semester of my college life so need to focus.

If someone wants to pick up Dragon’s peak then pls do

If not then I’ll resume it after the upcoming semester

– Dead Fairy Translator

Ps. Should I change the background?

Is it too Erotic?