INTRO A Certain Unfortunate Smuggler

Within the heavy rain that was downpouring。

On a long avenue of trade that wasn’t used all the time、a single wagon is hurriedly traveling on it。


「Dammit、this is bad……」

The smuggler Bonsem who was driving the wagon、was cursing the misfortune that kept on happening one after another。

Even though he was using the trade road’s marks along the border to transport his goods yet he was finally smelt out by a bunch of adventurers。


Though he was able to break through a group of Oni Wolves as he escaped、all the bandits that was employed to guard him have been lost。

Though they were a compilation of fellows who he would have no regrets if they were to die but they all escaped together。

Nobody remained to defend Bonsem anymore。


I would be a matter of time when they would catch up。



Though he had a hand in the suspicious art of summoning by the desire to grip some straws to save him but were those things still useful even in this situation as Bonsem is being half convinced。

The amount of money used as a request fee for the summon is of no laughing matter too。

For it to be the amount of half of a single month’s pay。



The transported goods for each nation were filled with requests from aristocrats who couldn’t manage their territories、Mercenary groups who were scheming for coup d’état、Demon users & non-peaceful lineages。

Yet there was a lot of income with those。

It was to the extent of an honest business looking like a freakishly foolish job。

For some several years afterwards、I would have been able to buy a peerage and territory from a noble & live my life peacefully in a dream like state。


But if he was captured by those adventurers & handed over to the republic then the smuggling life of Bonsem would cease。


Would it be beheading or would it be crucifixion……。

It would still be forced manual labor even if it went good。

Then the dream of being enclosed by money would yet again be a dream。



An arrow flew from his back。

There should have been an Elf who specializes in the bow in that adventurer party。

The others were a male Magician、a female Knight from the kingdom、a heavy soldier Dwarf & a Beastman scout。

……it was a splendidly made up party。


They will be catching up here sooner or later。

Though I’m not sure on what shortcut they took to catch up so soon but the fact that they are getting close cannot be overturned。


「Was it a lucky opportunity! Don’t mess with me! Aaaah、fuckin hell!」


For the worst case、there was a dynamite in the luggage at the back。

If that was used then he would be able to get some unlucky traveling companion。


「Since this life was full of stinginess & I hadn’t even had the opportunity to embrace even a single woman……so my life would end in embracing these caskets of dynamite & turn me into a burnt person huh……」


Bonsemu turned his mind and faced forward。

There is a wagon that can be used as a shield。

Even if it was showered with arrows、it wouldn’t break so easily。


「If I could advance even a little more then there should be some moss there……if I could lure them there then……!」


A single explosion。

Even with those who wouldn’t be rolled with it would fall head first into the valley below is what his plan was if it went neatly。



「――Nice to meet you。It is I」


Unexpectedly、a voice came from the cart at the back。

Bonsem’s hair on every part of his body stood up as he trembled。

He put his hand on the dagger on his waist & turned around。


「Wh-、Who the-、Who the hell are you!?」


There was a man sitting on the cargo。

It was a bizarre man who he couldn’t remember seeing at all。

Though he wore a golden yellow overcoat but he had a vulgar atmosphere on him that overthrows the gorgeous outfit。


「I have made you wait、oh dear Client-san。You、I’m sure that you singed up a “contract” right?」


On those words、Bonsem had recalled the thing that he signed on that suspicious paper at last。



The Prepayment is inserted in the letter & is summoned using the magic formation on the back of that paper、a bounty hunter from a different world……。

If the man in his presence was a “Beyond” then Bonsem’s summon was successful。


「Has the content of the request been transmitted!? I beg of you、please help me!」


On the petition of Bonsem while whipping the tired out horses、that man――Dirty Sue silently nodded。

With a ferocious smile & a flash of lightning that illuminated on it。

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