Prologue: Reincarnation Analysis of the Goddess

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Prologue: The Reincarnation Analysis of the Goddess

(Aaah ah……I died huh)

Life、it was a thing where it goes into hard mode once you hadn’t have any communication power。

Since I’ve already died then that’s why it’s in past tense。

If you can’t communicate with other people well enough then it would really be difficult to even live normally。

Though I’ve yearned for the minimum communication power of matching eyes with other people since that is what is needed to live in a crowd called “Society”。

Well、It can’t be helped for me to uselessly think about those things before I died。

(But for me to still be conscious、what does this mean?)

The place that I am right now is pretty much darkness wherever you lay your eyes at。I still had my consciousness but my body wasn’t anywhere。

(So this is the boredom of after death……)

If this was the case、rather than getting involved and losing everything、I only had to restart and don’t go out of my house to begin with。


From my whole 16 years of life、it was the game in which I invested 1/3 or more of my time。

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