Story 5: Riot in the town

Chapter 1: Infancy

Story 5: Riot in the town

As a baby, I have raised the skills I have acquired greatly.

When I had a chance to come in contact with the inhabitants of the town but first of all, let me show off my skills.

Though I’ll apologize for a moment because when I started on my skill raising, I couldn’t stop myself from doing it thoroughly by all means……

It’s a better or for worse trait of my past self.

When [Charisma] is invoked and [Charm] has been successful, according to the circumstances, I would be allowed to suckle.

I didn’t even imagine that in my baby days that I would be this busy.

However, I’m the only baby in this house, is what I think

If I didn’t acquire the [Charm] skill then the success rate of charming someone would be almost 0%.

If I wasn’t a baby then I would most likely rely on my [Good luck].

Though it’s different from a Succubus or an incubus who specializes in [Charm].

Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen any monsters yet….is what i was thinking about when i suddenly recalled something.

The Dukedom of Junegan’s western part which was called Miserre, in a place not far from it, there was a dragon living in there is what a legend says.

Even though the Dragon subjugation quest occurred quite early, when the time when I was playing, I didn’t get a chance to accept that quest.

「 (…..But in this world, there is no such thing as [not accepting] any quests.

Even a Dragon living here is only a legend but in actual fact, it’s really here.) 」

What if the Dragon suddenly appeared in this town…..There is no such thing as a quest in this world so maybe that won’t occur is what i was thinking.

「Hiroto, you’ve been awfully obedient for a while now….I know you’re always quiet but it’s alright to be a bit energetic you know?」

Early afternoon, I who was quietly spending my time inside the cradle, thought that I should slowly be making my real mother happy occasionally.

All I had to say was 「ah….uh…」 to make it sound like I was talking to her.

But it’s so embarrassing……but at least I’m trying to talk to them.

Even if she’s my mother, it’s still embarrassing to talk to her for the first time.

「Oh my, you still can’t understand any words huh, there there.」

Remillia-san carried me to her arms and pat my back.

Now is the right time is what I thought as I mustered up my courage.

「……Ma, mama」

「hu……R-right now, What did you just say!?」


(TL note: d24 )

(TL note 2: It’s actually “pui” but i dun care)

「P-please! This will be Mama’s lifetime request so please say it again? Here, I’ll even give milk right now!」

After suckling on Remillia-san, would it be impossible to continue tasting her flavor for a little bit anymore, is what i felt.

But even if it’s lonely, there’s no helping it.

This is what it means to making them happy with my growth.

And I won’t be saying 「Mama」 again since I’m stubborn.

It’s embarrassing because she’s my mother and she would always be sweet and kind towards me…..well, I’ll say something again sooner or later.


Isn’t my father a former knight, is what I was predicting while trying to ascertain my hypothesis.

Now I am being carried at Remillia-san’s back while having our first time of shopping in the market is what I’m talking about.


Inside the crowd of people, Remillia-san collided with a man by accident.

It would be terrible if my passive skill would be invoked inside a crowd of people but even though i dared to turn it off, it seems to have backfired on me.

「Where the hell are you looking at, ah?」

「Oi, this one’s the noble’s daughter who came from the capital city.

The one who is living with Ricardo」

「Ah, Ricardo huh. The coward who ran away from the capital Ricardo isn’t it.」

They know something about Ricardo-san……though, their words contained ill will.

Coward….ran way from the capital.

…and while i was thinking, Remillia-san made a move.

PAAAN!! (TL note: Slap sound effect)

「Gua……Wh-why you!!」

「To all of you, You all do not have any reason to insult my husband!

Now apologize!!」

Remillia-san slapped the man’s cheek and courageously said those words.

The people who were passing by the market became afraid of the men who took out weapons, and some encircled the area with a large distance from us and some with quick feet just passed through.

「You were the one who started a while ago okay…Don’t tell us any excuses on what were gonna do to you!」

「…Wa, release me this instant!! If you dare touch this child of mine then i would never forgive the likes of you.」

…Thank you Remillia-san.

However, I will be protecting you without fail.

If I use my skill here then maybe everyone here will know that I’m different.

Then, whether if it is possible to live here or not……I didn’t imagine that there would be a fight in our tranquil life but this world IS 「Eternal Magia」.

There would be killers and bandits after taking a step outside the town and even in town, there would be burglars inside too.

Though I liked something severe things like that, This and that is a different story.

「(Passive skill All Activate…..I beg of you…..!)」

I activated the [Charm] skill and if there was a strong person in the surrounding then i would borrow their power.

I could even use one of those three guys with my [「Same sex」 charm].

「Stop right there, you scoundrels!!」

「….what is it you freaking!!!」

A dignified voice has resounded from afar suddenly.

The owner of that voice wore a silvery white armor and had a golden thread like long hair in possession who was a Female knight.

She wore her head armor and a gallant impression is given to her graceful features.

When she gallantly walked in front of those men, she distances herself and drew out a sword.

The crowd surrounding us became larger when they saw what happened.

「Who do you think she is? To a person who lives in the Junegan Dukedom, Do you think that you are allowed to touch her with your dirty hands? You should learn of your shameful behavior!!

「Ku…..Why you little, You’re one of the knights of the dukedom…..!」

「This is bad, S-she’s 《Thunder god Fillianese》…….!」

Fillianese――when I heard of that name, I had been impressed in no small way.

Of course after my passive skill was invoked, I confirmed all those who were affected by my [Charm].

Even though [Charm] didn’t work on the three enemies because their hate was too high, it did work on the how many people i don’t know around me.

However, The situation wherein it was necessary to hand down an order to them immediately was avoided.

Fillianese Shureze―― thanks to Junegan dukedom’s strongest female knight, I was able to acquire enough time to give a calm decision.

「Fillianese-sama, Why are you in such a place like this…..!?」

「Let us leave this conversation for later…..Haaaa! 《PIERCING・LIGHTNING・PARALYSIS》!」 (TL  note: It was originally written as 《lightning paralysis piercing》 but it made me cringe so I renamed it )

Thunder god Fillianese. Among the NPC Knights, she ranks supreme as a Female Knight.

As shown in he nickname, combining lightning magic and sword play to for the skill 「Double Magic Sword」 which she is an expert in.


「Woah, so fast…..but it’s too fast…..」

To what has happened, it was not possible to chase her with these eyes of mine which were still a baby’s.

However inside the log, it was shown in detail on the hits from Fillianese’s sword play.

◆ log ◆

・《Fillianese》 used the skill「Double Magic Sword」!
・《Fillianese》 has enchanted her weapon with「Lightning」!
・《Fillianese》 has enchanted her weapon with「Paralysis」!
・《Fillianese》 used the skill「Piercing」!  《PIERCING・LIGHTNING・PARALYSIS》!」
・《Anton》 received 1268 damage! OVERKILL!
・「Going easy on enemy」 was invoked! 《Anton》 fainted。
・《Ganof》 received 1134 damage! OVERKILL!
・「Going easy on enemy」 was invoked! 《Ganof》 fainted。
・《Fillianese》 released her weapons from enchanted state。


In a reflexively sort of way, The fighting power of Fillianese was extraordinary.

Even if one says she used [Double Magic Sword] but still, she used [Rapier blade mastery] 20’s obtained skill [Piercing] to deal a 4 digit damage.

Overkill happens when one deal a damage to an enemy where it’s not less than 2 times bigger than the enemy’s HP.

Of course the other party would normally die in the given circumstances but since she’s a very prideful knight with a [Going easy on enemy] skill, the other party’s hp would stop decreasing at 1.

The original also had that setting and when it is used, the enemy would take their loss is what some events looked like.

「Wh-why you…..Even if this woman is like that…..GUA!!」

The last guy who was restraining Remillia-san was suddenly stabbed in the back with an edged tool…..and I was too late to use my hand to hit him.

Before the man could even make a move, he was hit by someone behind him and he collapsed.

Let me take a look at the log to see what had happened.

◆ log ◆

・You have activated the skill 「Charm」。
・「Charm」 has been invoked! 《Anton》 succeeded in resisting。

・「Charm」 has been invoked! 《Ganof》 succeeded in resisting。

・「Charm」 has been invoked! 《Dozar》 succeeded in resisting。


・「Charm」 has been invoked! 《Valdez》 failed to resist and has entered in the state of Charmed。

One of the 10 people who were affected of my [Charm] was this town’s blacksmith Valdez―― The elderly dwarf who was living in the town of Missere, which has fallen for my [《Same sex》 charm] skill.

I immediately confirmed his status to be high and ordered him to help me without fail.

◆ log ◆

・《Valdez》 used the skill「Fist」!

・《Dozar》 received 244 damage! 《Dozar》 fainted。

「D-dammit…..All of you, remem…ber this….guhe!!」

「Sigh…..fights like this is bad for an elderly person like me」

Valdez’s oldness would be roughly 230 years old near dwarf’s longevity.

Even though the skill point is lost when aging, his [Physique] is still high with the numerical value of 55.

The skill he used from the [Grappling] skill tree which was the action skill [Fist] was used to deal a 3 digit damage which had the power to defeat those enemies in one blow.

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  1. Early afternoon, I who was quietly spending my time inside the cradle, thought that I should slowly be making my real mother happy occasionally.

    Occasionally?!! Just occainsionally?! Let me strangle that bastard!

    And I won’t be saying 「Mama」 again since I’m stubborn.

    It’s embarrassing because she’s my mother and she would always be sweet and kind towards me…..well, I’ll say something again sooner or later.

    One fucking egoistic self centered bastard. My hate gauge will sooner or later reach its limit. At that time i will drop this story. Awesome translation, but the MC kills me!

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