Story 8: Bathroom 【(Pandemonium)】

In the bathroom of our house, after heating up the water, we would then adjust the temperature of it using cold water and we would save the water for later use in a storage of water like way.
Then we would pull it to the bathroom from outside and the hot water is accumulated inside the bath tub.
While Marle-san was heating up water outside, I who is being carried by Fillianess-san together with Aretta-san is now waiting for the water to heat up.
Because the changing room and the bathroom are inside one room, everyone is still wearing their clothes. This place around here is different from the modern bath.

「Yaay ~, the preparations are done ~. Ah! I’ve gotten sweaty….」
「Marle-san, for you to the wood on the fire while dressed like that…..I apologize for entrusting that job to you.」

Since Marle-san’s appearance is that of only her wearing cloth armor, the sweat gathered and clung to the fabric……I wasn’t aware of the destiny that I was facing which, is the feeling when getting to see a scene where after school club activity girls in their P.E. uniforms get drenched in sweat.
For a moment, there are soot sticking to her face but Marle-san doesn’t seem to worry about it.
I really got to say my gratitude to Aretta-san for such a girl while I express my gratitude to her repeatedly.
This relationship of trust, Is it the thing called Close friends…….how enviable.
I gotta make a friend like that too.

「Since their house has a tall wall surrounding it, we can ease our mind from the worry of being seen outside~.」
「Yes, that’s right. An aristocrat’s residence must be like that.」

Marle-san is such a hard worker huh.
Originally, I wonder if she does housework to support a large household?
Nevertheless…..Fillianess-san’s chest has been hitting my cheeks for a while now with a sound effect of Poyo~Poyo~.
If I was just a little bit grown up then I would certainly have a nosebleed right now.
Even for pure and unadulterated babies, they would also gradually reach their limit.

「Now then…..shall we go inside. Marle, Aretta, shall you two enter first? I’ll take care of Hiroto while you two are bathing.」
「Okaay. Some way or another, one would value the baby first right, Raijin-sama?」
「You’re saying stuff like that again Marle-san….Fillianess-sama is a shy type and that’s why she possesses delicacy.」

While reproving Marle-san, Aretta-san started to take off her clothes that she was wearing.
In the middle of that scene I who is on Sage mode while looking at it have at last became aware of the situation.

【「That’s right, they still haven’t taken it off……..BATHROOM = NUDE isn’t it….!」】

While mother is wearing her clothes, she would leave me submerged in the bathtub (aru). However these three have no choice other than to enter in the bathroom with me.


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