Story 3: Skill Raising Start!

Story 3: Skill Raising Start!


Even though Leona was still a baby, she had a pair of big and beautiful round eyes.

Perhaps she will grow into a beauty in the future is what I thought. Anyways, I was a useless childhood friend at one point in my past life.


Though It’s still good while I’m a baby, when I come to the stage of me being able to talk, my communication problem will be exposed…..then my childhood friend will be caught in my [Charm] skill and we would get along well.


Well above all else, though I thought that I couldn’t do anything in my period as a baby, I understood that I had to get more skills.


After Sarasa-san returned to her house, my father ― Ricardo-san and the Husband of Sarasa named Heinz returned from their work in the forest.

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Story 2: Trapped Choices

Chapter 1   Infancy

Story 2: Trapped Choices


“Please get along with Leona okay, Hiroto-chan”

Since it’s not possible for me to talk, I turned my face away from Sarasa-san who was peeking over at my cradle.
Ricardo papa and Remillia mama had a troubled look on their faces many times already.

――However I had forgotten something.

I had a passive skill obtained from the [Negotiation] skill which doesn’t work on my family but is very effective to people other than my family.


・「Charisma」 has been invoked! 《Sarasa》’s attention has been obtained.
・「Charm」 has been invoked! 《Sarasa》 failed to resist and has entered in the state of Charmed.
・《Sarasa》 sees you with good will.
・《Remillia》 muttered.「I won’t give over our Hiroto to Leona-chan.」

(Oh shi-………..The effect of my passive skill worked…..!)


Sarasa-san’s got shocked and her body trembled. I’M SORRY, It’s my passive skill’s fault.

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Story 1: Parents and the [Maternity Skill]

Chapter 1   Infancy

Story 1: Parents and the [Maternity Skill]

[Misere], a town in the foot of a mountain which belonged to the [Junegan] kingdom.
That place is where I was born.

In the game version of [Eternal Magia], though a Marriage system exists, a way of producing an offspring wasn’t implemented on the system. Also the flow of time in the game is the same in reality which means that the characters made grow older too.
Though ages differ depending on the race of you character, when you pick a human character which starts on 15 years old, it’s possible to use bonus points to become older or younger depending on what the player wants.

However, when I came to this world of [Eternal Magia]… To this world which is called [Magiaheim].
A 0 year old character was here, in other words, a baby like me exists in this world.

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Prologue part 3

“….Wait, is this a dream? The development of this happening is too convenient for me.
It’s like slowly opening my eyes then I’ll fund myself looking up at the ceiling of the hospital, or something like that.”

Only my real intention is steady. While my tension was going up from being able to go to another world, I ponder about the bonus points were too convenient.

“Whether this is a dream or not, think about the way you assign your bonus points.
You still remember your skill build right?”
“Hmm……well, yeah.”

[Certainly….I still remember what skills I had assigned my points to.
If I was really going to revive in another world then I really have to brood this over.]

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Prologue part 2

A set of people in Eternal Magia called 「Capture group」 immediately took the information that I used as bait and defeated the Boss who re spawned from the dungeon I captured.
Because I couldn’t reveal my secret skills and build, I couldn’t live up to the title of 「Guild Master」.
2 years passed by and the fortune my guild had collected since then became 2 Trillion Etana (TL note: Etana is the currency in game i think?).
I also earned some by Solo Playing.

“I became the figure of a guild master……but I pushed off the management of the guild to another person.”

[Mikoto-san and Maromayu-san who became my assistants. No matter how much I wish to express my gratitude towards them, it’s still not enough.
Despite the fact that until now I’m still confused of Maromayu-san’s name]

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Prologue part 1

「A-ah…..I died huh」


My life has always been on hard mode simply because I have a communication disorder. The reason why I died already.

For instance, I can’t give good impressions to other people,or like how I can’t tell others what is on my mind, or like how I can’t look eye to eye with people. On those reasons, I didn’t get to have such an easy life.


Well, since I’m just thinking around before I die then I’ll just leave it at that.

Right now I have something more important to think about and that is, what happens to people after dying.


I don’t think I would be called back to heaven though

Even though this life of mine that I got from my parents was important, I have easily threw it out like garbage. Just for the reason of saving a crying childhood friend from danger.


「But…….I still have my consciousness, what’s happening?」


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