Loner’s Relations

Seems to be very few today。

I got over the commotion at lunchtime、finished the things in school and started on my part time job。


「Today’s orders are 75 items。Just the usual as always」


Since it was Monday yesterday, last week’s sales table was already made so there’s no table to be made for the sales & that’s why it’ll be over once the Net order table is done 。Then it would be all over for about an hour or so。


「However、tomorrow would be the start of spring tests・・・。Well if I would study properly then it won’t be a problem but my desk worries me。It’s making me feel uneasy whether it was changed neatly」


It’s pretty obvious that I won’t be able to take the test without a desk。Whoops, while grumbling like that, it seems like the table I was making is already finished。So my part time took 1 hour & 20 minutes huh。Well this would be fine for today。


「Yuki-san、I’ve finished the Order table」
「Thanks for your work there。What would you be doing afterwards?」
「I’ll be studying today for tomorrow’s test 」
「If you don’t understand some parts then please don’t  feel shy to ask me。 I’m pretty confident as long as it’s Japanese」


As expected、Yuki-san is pretty knowledgeable。She’s also a graduate from a National College。


「I’ll be indebted to you then」


While I was checking on the question sheet for spring again、I now tried to focus on the wrong points that I made。I’m working hard like this is because my goal for this school year is to be in the 20th place or less。On my 1st year, I was able to make it at 15th place。Well if I work harder for a bit then I would be able to get into the safe zone for entering a National University but if I don’t put in my best then it would seem to be impossible to do。


「Sorry for the intrusion」


When I laid my eyes on the person who entered the shop、it was Hinata-san who I was having a conversation with in the nurse office。


「Hinata-san huh。How may I help you?」
「I just came here to talk for a bit but it seems like Yuuki is here too」
「So are you acquainted with Yuuki-san ?」
「That is so。It’s because Yuuki went to the Nurse office today」

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Loner’s Opposite

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Why this chapter is only a single one and not a chapter spam? Well my group of shitty friends (including me) are writing a novel including me + my hell Thesis is still ongoing so GG Translating WNs though I’ll try to translate if I have time or if a donator will make me translate something.

The graffiti case was settled so I was able to attend class and it became lunch break。


「Where shall I eat for today・・・」


A Loner is troubled by finding a spot to eat。The rooftop is the hangout of harems、the classroom is hangout for girls while he might get involved with people if he took his lunch at the school cafeteria・・・。Since I really didn’t have any place to eat so this has become a great problem for me every single day。I have no choice。I’ll just go eat in the part of the courtyard where no one will see me。


「Since today’s meal is a masterpiece by yours truly then I’m not really excited since I already know the contents」


I’m truly thankful for the lunch boxes that my parents had made。Those lunch boxes were one of the things I would get excited on my field trips when I was a grade schooler。Though that isn’t so in the present。Other than that、I should eat this quickly and shall I read a book in the library。Since the library is an ally for all Loners。If I would read there then I could kill some time & I wouldn’t get involved with anyone there so it’s the ultimate environment for Loners。


「Uwwoohhh!This white fish meat with cheese is such a delicious dish。I’m starting to like this」


This Frozen white fish meat and cheese which is from the newest commodity wherein I have secured a single piece with a 30% off is unexpectedly pretty delicious。I should buy some of these every-time。It was on that level of deliciousness。


「Anyways、Its pretty troublesome that the graffiti was written with an oil based writer・・・」
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Loner’s counterattack

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I’ll be going back to gaming again haha



When I’ve arrived at my school and went to my classroom, what I saw was my seat had graffiti。Die、Bastard、Trash、Go away & Annoying were written on it by those guys who isn’t getting tired of doing it。Though the criminal is obviously in this classroom。It’s too troublesome to look for them then T should just leave it like this。

「Yow!It’s become like this as usual huh!You bastard!Gyahahaha!」

Right now、The one who was making a disgusting laugh is Takawara Shuuya who had good grades、the ace of the school’s basketball team and was a handsome guy that’s a bit tall。He’s also a guy that’s opposite of me。He’s also popular with women and it seems like his family is a bit rich。He’s a person that everyone would be envying。
(TLN: If a guy like that is popular with women then I’m glad I made the decision of giving up real 3d girls.)


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Loner’s House

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I returned to a house that had no lights on and began to make dinner。Tonight shall be Western style Hamburger steak and Corn soup。Since I had Japanese style food on my lunch。

「I’m alone from school up to my house。Even my part time job is done by myself。I’m amazingly a Loner」

No one would reply to me even if I said something here。I’ve already lost my Mother and elder sister & I haven’t even seen my father since I was born。I’m just a 2nd year high school student that is living in a house that my mother left to me。I surprisingly don’t have any problems with money。Since I’m a man、I also receive good treatment like support from the country and am exempted from tax up till I graduate from college。

「Woah、the hamburger steak looks good now」

I moved the Hamburger steak from the frying pan to a plate while I placed the Corn soup and rice on a bowl as I took those and arranged it all on the table and sat on my chair。

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Loner’s part time job

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I came to a second hand bookshop which I was working part time。


「Good day」
「Yes、Good day to you」


The one who had greeted me is the second hand bookshop owner Shiraishi Yuki-san。This person is a kind, graceful and very beautiful。The only reason why she’s not yet married is because she’s a person who follows her own pace。She has a ponytail hairstyle。


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[Until I do my best to make a harem as a Loner] Chapter 1: Loner’s way to school

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I’ll be calling this Series [Loner Harem Meister] since the title is long hahaha

[Dragon’s Peak] is hiatus yet again since the guy that was supposed to help me went MIA

[Me and Ojou-sama] is pending becuz Ojou-sama is too evil

[Master’s smile] is pending too since I’m not a lolicon……..a bit

Someone give me EPUB of Commushou LN pls since I wanna translate it




My name is Kiriyama Yuuki。I’m just your regular 2nd year high school boy that is on his way to Toujou High school。I don’t have any traits like those guys in light novel with white hair、smart brain or good at sports。I’m just a normal black haired, black eyed guy with an average of 170 height while sports and studies were pretty average。I would be able to go to a university of a national public one if I worked hard but wouldn’t be able to if I lazed around。


Its April right now so this is the first day of me going to school as a 2nd year high school student。In other words、its time for the Entrance Ceremony。I wonder however on how many men will be enrolling this year。
Since the number of men in this world has decreased。As the population of Japan today is 80 Million including declining birth rate and increasing number of elderly people while the number of men were only 8 Million。It’s about 1/10。The cause as to why this happened isn’t really known by details but it seemed to be connected with the Y chromosome。
(TLN: Don’t ask me, I threw away all of my knowledge with these chromosomes shit after high school)


So things happened and the country approved the policy of granting bigamy to men so the population would increase。In short、Creating harems and making babies was the only way to increase the number of men in the world。


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