Story 7: The Two Following knight

Chapter 1: Infancy
Story 7: The Two Following Knight

Fillianess is now accompanying us to up to our house with her two subordinates.

「Fillianess-sama, leaving us midway and running of is very awful ~」
「Since I know that were using half plate mail equipment and it’s heavy so that’s why our legs become less capable. Though I know that we intended to advance in a fixed pace, I’m sorry for leaving you two on my own convenience. 」
「Even though were using light equipment….Fillianess-sama’s feet are too quick.」

The two knights who were following her who named themselves Margit and Aretta was much older than Fillianess-san but they were using honorifics while talking with Fillianess-san.
Margit-san is a Saint Knight who is employed as a knight and Aretta-san is a medic.
Though it’s a Recovery type job, but since she is being able to use a weapon to some extent, she wasn’t given the job of in the knights as a recovery magic user 「Healer」 but the job of a Medical unit 「Medic」 is a situation that is known.

「I’m truly sorry, even carrying our luggage. You are truly a help.」

Though Remillia kaa-san was in the middle of shopping but because she was injured, the luggage was handed over to Margit-san.

「Ah, It’s alright~. Even though I’m slow in walking but I have more strength compared to Fillianess-sama.」
「Muu….. Even I, after this will be piling up an even more severe training than last time. I would be troubled if you get too full of yourself」
「Isn’t there already a strong power in those slender arms of your Fillianess-sama? There also isn’t anyone who can defeat Maru-san in arm wrestling either.」

Margit-san seems to have the nickname 「Maru」.
I who is being carried by Remillia-san on her back was inclining my ears to hear those three’s conversation.


・「Charisma」 has been invoked! 《Margit》 & 《Aretta》’s attention has been obtained.

「(No no, I don’t plan on looking at their status immediately.)」

Maru-san and Aretta-san approached me to see my face.

Maru-san’s stature is tall, she has a long red hair which is connected with a tie and she is still a white beauty even though she had freckles.
Even though her whole body is hardened by a half plate mail equipment, the chest and joints part were still manufactured for a woman’s use……Seems like there are differences for armor intended for male and intended for female.

And Aretta-san has a weightless-like semi long brown hair which looked like the appearance of an office lady from an office district in Real life. She looks like a university student for her age.

「…..Please look at my direction~. Or I’ll have to use force to make you look here~」
「Forcefully making him look here, what the hell are you saying to a baby? That’s obviously bad.」




・「Charm」 has been invoked! 《Margit》 failed to resist and has entered in the state of Charmed。
・「Charm」 has been invoked! 《Aretta》 failed to resist and has entered in the state of Charmed。

「….uh, hmm? There’s some weird feeling in my chest for a minute…I didn’t eat anything peculiar though…..Aretta-chan, can you take a look at it later?」
「Me too, there’s something….It’s like I can’t settle down or something. Ah, Um, Remillia-san, what is the name of this child…..?」
「Ah, that again huh……I can’t believe you Hiroto. I’m really sorry okay? This child has some mysterious sides.」

It’s dangerous to pamper me, it’s what Remillia-san is explaining now. It might be certainly right and that’s why from today onward, I will be rising up my target.
It looks like I’m gradually turning into a bad guy……

However, 「Suckling」 is not an evil deed. (Editor Note: Indeed, as long it has benefits and don’t harm others. It’s more like a GOOD deed for them. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
Doing an evil deed raises up the 「Karma」 meter and I’m sure that it will be displayed in the log…… It would display it in a system like way that there’s no problem with that deed.
Regardless of the 「Karma」, for the sake of not making my mother jealous, I’m not sure if I should stop receiving breast milk from others……

(At the time when I have the ability to move by myself, and if something like a while ago were to happen…….At that time, I want to protect my mother myself.)

「Mu….He’s eyes are looking at something far away. Even though he’s still a baby, I’m not sure as to why he has this deep prudent impression.」
「Even babies various thing they think about ya know~. Even though he’s not looking this way, he’s really cute huh. Ah, baba~ licky licky ba~!」 (TL note: baby talk imitation or making a baby laugh expressions)
「Maru-san, just in case if you have forgotten, you are a member of the knights mass so…..please have a bit of respect for yourself.」

Even if Maru-san’s body is big but her heart is still that of a girl…..Quite different from the game.
It’s because she’s standing close to Fillianess that she has this fresh feeling from her.
I also didn’t know that Aretta-san was a serious character.

In the middle of the church in the north part of Miserre is where large residences have been gathered.
One of those large residences is our house.
The population of this town is about 1500 people and about 300 families were in this neighborhood.

Since the population is much bigger compared to the game, almost all the people I see are people I do not know but sometimes there are people I do remember.
Though Sarasa-san was one of the people I remember, only Heinz and Riona were the one who didn’t appear in the game. (TL note: That’s because Sh— ◆Log◆ Translator-san was hit with the skill 「Death」. Translator-san received 9999999 damage! OVERKILL!)

Our family and Sarasa-san’s family are the same with only having three members which was a scarce case since 5 – 6 members of a family was the average.
Though Sarasa-san’s family lived beside ours but their house is smaller compared to ours.
Ours is two stories and it even has a basement while Sarasa-san’s is only one storied building.
Just goes to show how great the difference is with Remillia mama’s descent.

Though the town is enclosed with a hedge made of lumber and since dangerous monsters aren’t frequently seen here, it isn’t being strictly defended.
If a goblin would show up suddenly, the guards would quickly repel and capture them.
Even though there were low level monsters and small animals near the town, they would go near town except for mating season and to begin with, monsters mostly don’t attack towns.
In other words, Miserre is basically a peaceful town.
Though events like what happened a while ago rarely happens, hereafter, I want to be careful in the future.

「So this is the place of residence of Remillia-sama….As expected, it’s made according to the tradition of Harvits.」
「Yes, father in inherited it from grandfather, and people from the town was employed to manage it. After Ricardo and I left the capital because of some circumstances, we’re now borrowing thing place.」
「Since this is your father house then you aren’t borrowing it but isn’t it better to say that this place has already been given to you?」

Though Maru-san naively presented a question, there seems to be a complex web of ties of the parents of Remillia mama and that’s why she expressed it with the words 「Borrowing this place」.

It was also sensed by Fillianess-san and Aretta-san which made them smile wryly.

「I apologize for my subordinate’s insensitivity…….Maru’s frankness is a strong point of hers but sometimes she becomes too frank.」
「Uuuh….I-I’m very sorry, I can’t read the mood that much.」
「Using improper words will cause you to be exiled from the Knights mass……is what may happen so please be careful to not let something like this happen again. After all the long wait, and being picked up by Fillianess-sama. 」

Such a thing like Margit-san being exiled from the Knights mass because of letting improper words come out of her mouth exists…….Well what can I say since she’s a natural airhead like character.

However, I who was easily misunderstood by other people and being not calm which results in me saying improper words has happened numerous times in my past life but I still had some sense of intimacy back then.
That is why (what do you mean by that is why?), at the moment when I entered the house, I was shown the status of Maru-san and Aretta-san.

◆ Status ◆
Name: Margit clayton
Human, Female, 16 years old, Level 8
Job: Knight
Hp: 460/460
Mp: 24/24

Club Mastery:      25
Armor Mastery:      30
Way of the Knight:      20
Physique:      35
Maternity:      28
Misfortune:      10

Action Skill:
Impact:      【(Club Mastery 20)】
Salute:      【(Way of the Knight 10)】
Breastfeeding:      【(Maternity 20)】

Passive skill:
Club Equipment:      【(Club Mastery 10)】
Spirit:      【(Way of the Knight 20)】
Armor Equipment:      【(Armor Mastery 10)】
Armor Defense UP:      【(Armor Mastery 20)】
Heavy Armor Equipment:      【(Armor Mastery 30)】
Rearing:      【(Maternity 10)】
Happening:      【(Misfortune 10)】
Weak against Orcs
Remaining skill point: 4

◆ Status ◆
Name: Aretta Hummingbird
Human, Female, 20 years old, Level 11
Job: Medic
Hp: 76/76
Mp: 120/120

Cane Mastery:      10
Light Protector Mastery:      10
White Magic:      10
Medical Soldier:      30
Magic Attainments:      10
Physique:      3
Maternity:      19
Elegance:      10

Active Skill:
Recovery Magic Level 1:      【(White Magic 10)】
First Aid:      【(Medical Soldier 10)】
Bandage Making:      【(Medical Soldier 20)】
Poison Extraction:      【(Medical Soldier 30)】

Passive Skill:
Cane Equipment:      【(Cane Mastery 10)】
Light Protector Equipment:     【(Light Protector Mastery 10)】
Manners:      【(Elegance 10)】
Rearing:      【(Motherhood 10)】
Easy to have a “rush of blood to the head”

Remaining skill point: 13

「(Just looking at this has let me understand various things)」

If Fillianess-san had 【Way of the Knight】then it would be appropriate for her image but she doesn’t have it.
It’s not a required skill to become a knight since just satisfying the requirements will let you change occupations.
It still similar to the game.

In short, Fillianess-san was already a Saint Knight to begin with and for the sake of becoming a knight, Maru-san acquired this knight’s characteristic skill 【Way of the Knight】
It’s nice that she has a big limit, those girls isn’t aware of their skills self-consciously.
For arbitrarily omitting those that are necessary, up to the point where active and passive skills are invoked quietly.
There’s also an exception though, when executing a multiple of 10.

「(However, Fillianess and the two girls too, I’m getting curious about the passive weaknesses attached to them…….. )」

Female knights being weak against orcs means that when the knight squad gets an orc subjugation mission which most likely involve orcs, they will most likely be hit with the orc’s skill 【Filthy Shriek】.
A person would get weakened when fighting against an Orc if they hear that skill.

If one manages to defeat and Overkill an orc then 【Weak against Orcs】 would naturally disappear and though Fillianess was 【Slightly weak against Orcs】, Maru-san was ordinarily 【Weak against Orcs】.
Female knights being weak against orcs is an image that 【Eternal Magia】 has faithfully protected which is the reason for this system to be like this.

「(After that is, Fillianess was also weak against slimes….And Maru-san possessed a misfortune skill while Aretta-san is easily angered. )」

I’m not sure if this is a hint for capturing them and it didn’t exceed what I already knew.

「(uhn….Wait a minute. ‘A rush of blood to the head’ is that thing, the bad status you get when entering the bathroom….bathroom……)」

While I was thinking by myself, Remillia mama guided everyone to the dining room of our house.
Fillianess-san had a clam appearance while modestly surveying the surroundings of the house, Maru-san was normally approaching the furniture and looking at them and Aretta-san was sighing while putting her palm to her cheek.
These three girls have their own respective personalities huh……Though it’s the same with Tanya-san and the others.

「Ladies, you all are tired from the long trip right? I’ll heat up the bath so please enter the bathroom and freshen yourselves.」
「Is it really alright? We were planning on renting an inn in the town though.」

Fillianess-san coyly inquired my mother’s thoughtfulness.
Mom cheerfully smiled and answered.

「Though Miserre is a small town, the hunting grounds and mines are close to it and that’s why adventurers have already applied for several days in the inns. The people who didn’t know about that would learn about it in the bars and it would become a terrible situation.」
「Fu……I’m not really good at places that smell of alcohol ~. I would already feel drunk just by imagining it.」
「Me too, I’d prefer a place to take a rest that isn’t noisy and had a roof」

Though Maru-san and Aretta-san frankly said their opinions, it seems that Fillianess-san had the same feelings about it with those two.

「Well then…..We’re grateful for this debt. Though I thought that we would have to search for a place to stay after having a conversation with Sir Ricardo, I shall accept your offer to borrow a room in this house.」
「Fufu…..It’s alright to not speak with those stiff words. Fillianess-sama is really too serious every time.」
「Mu…..I-I’m a woman who only knows how to use a sword……I didn’t know about impoliteness and that’s why when I learned about it while working, I couldn’t help but apologize often….」

Fillianess-san was going like ‘I see…As I thought so’.
She is blond and had an earth-shattering beauty and with that appearance, I couldn’t help but let my closed up desire get stimulated by her even if I’m just a 0 year old…….

「Even though 【Thunder god】Raijin-sama has monster like strength in combat but in reality, you have a exceedingly lovely part of you~」
「Monster like strength you say……please refrain from using peculiar words like those, Maru-san. Saying that towards the dukedom’s strongest Fillianess-sama to be lovely is inappropriate.」
「Mouuu, it’s fine already so stop it. Even if you say call me the dukedom’s strongest, I’ll only get embarrassed…..I’m still inexperienced in many aspects. I’d like to hurry up and grow so that I can look at you two in equal footing.」

Fillianess-san said that as she took out a back pack in her luggage.
It was a leather backpack that even if it doesn’t suit a knight’s equipment, it was a fairly good to be used as a container 【Inventory】.

In accordance to the game, with only the numerical value shown for the capacity of the inventory, it became a rule of the mass to disregard it and just put their stuff inside….Ah, as I thought, I was right.
When Fillianess-san removed her armor, the Armor, shoulder pad and the chest plate which had the size that seemed to be impossible to put inside the backpack was completely packed inside the bag.
Though I didn’t understand how that happened but still, it’s very convenient.

「Even though you’re powerful, you still have an exceedingly slender body huh….but compared to that….」
「Mu…Well, you can say that even though I can’t develop muscles easily, I just compensated it with technique is what I thought to myself.」

Even though the part Remillia-san was gazing is the chest of Fillianess which just got out from her removing her armor, Fillianess-san failed to notice it.
Even though she is thin, her chest was bigger than mine is what my mother was worrying in her mind.

「(Ho-However…..I didn’t think that she would remove her armor excluding the clothes armor so this became a really amazing spectacle…..I won’t show this Ricardo papa.)」

While shutting my eyes from my own sins, I looked at the three women who have removed their metal armor.
Because Maru-san’s stature is high, even with her big chest, she had no gap when compared to Sarasa-san’s pair.
And, as for Aretta-san……..

「Wh-what is the matter Remillia-sama….When make such a reaction as that, I’d be embarrassed.」
「Oh-oh no….I’m terribly sorry, It’s nothing so please don’t think about it.」

・《Remillia》 muttered.「Mine isn’t small after all, as I thought so.」
・《Fillianess》 muttered.「It’s really lucky that we can step in the bath by arriving early. Cause I got really sweaty after the events a while ago…..」
・《Margit》 muttered.「I wonder what’s our meal today~」

It would still show in the log even if it’s a very quiet muttering and in the future, I hope that this doesn’t become a hindrance….is what I thought.
Well if their words doesn’t go out from their mouths then it won’t be shown in the log.

In other words, It was taboo to speak about breasts with Aretta-san.
Remillia mama’s stature was the same as hers yet it can be said that she has a slender figure.
I who have firmly confirmed her Matrnity 19, was thinking if 【Maternity】 was proportional to the size of one’s chest.
Because the 【Maternity】 skill gave a plus in size which shows that the difference just extends… what I was thinking which is very impolite of me.

However, My stomach became empty because time has already passed from the last time I was breastfed.
I asked Remillia-san to feed me again……which I did using my thoughts.

「Remillia-sama, you are in an injured state right? I beg for your forgiveness for being late in noticing it….Let me treat you this instant.」
「N-no, It’s not really that serious for an injury such as this is nothing much.」
「No, you have received some scratches. If we don’t immediately disinfect those grazes…」

Aretta-san’s skill is excellent as she treated Mom’s scratches on her arms.
She made a 【Clean cloth】 with the use of the skill 【Bandage formation】and after the dressings were made, she immediately use 【Emergency Treatment】 to treat her.
The healing magic which was used in disinfecting was finished up and Mom’s HP was completely recovered

「Please take a rest for today. Your wounds will also disappear in several hours.」
「Y-Yes…..but this is troubling. This child still can’t bathe alone and it would take a while before my husband come home.」
「If it’s alright, we could bathe him ourselves~. Right Hiroto-chan?」

「(WHAT THE- )」

I unintentionally doubted my ears.
I have thought that it was my fate to bathe with papa today, but for Maru-san to unhesitatingly invite me……well, it’s not like she’ll really do it though.


・《Filiannes》 became vigilant.
・《Margit》 gazes at you
・《Aretta》 gazes at you


・《Margit》 is waiting for your command。Will you command her? YES/NO
・《Aretta》 is waiting for your command。Will you command her? YES/NO

「(This happened because they are in a charmed state huh….but I don’t want to make Remillia mama jealous though…..Wha-What should I do…..!)」
「U-umm….when you enter the bath with this child, well, what can I say, if you suddenly have a feeling like you want to feed him you breasts….ah, what can I say to explain it more….」
「U-umm, I think I can manage this much so it’s gonna be okay. Though it would be impossible for Aretta-chan.」
「Haaa….ha, Please do not say it so clearly! She’d worry more about that!」
「Muu….Even if it’s fine for Maru-san, for me… this body of mine who I have offered my sword to god, to easily let my nakedness be seen.」

「(Th-That’s right! If I would enter the bath with them, it would be obvious that all our equipments would absolutely come off…..and that would also include Fillianess-san’s circlet too….!)」

Though it hasn’t been removed yet for now, but of course at the time when she’s gonna wash her hair, she would remove it.
At that moment, if the 【Charm】 skill succeeds then….!

「U-umm, Remillia-sama, please, let us enter the bath with Hiroto-chan~!」
「I shall also request for your permission. Umm, This would be for the sake of future references….is what I would like to call it so that’s why even if it’s rude, if you would let us enter the bath with your baby then it would become a very valuable experience for us.」
「E-even Aretta too….why do you two want to bathe together with Hiroto that much..!!」

Fillianess-san’s face reddened as she made a reaction which was like it couldn’t believe what was happening.
However, Maru-san and Aretta-san’s intentions were completely unwaverable and a gentle glance for me is poured.

――god, I have committed a sin yet again.

In other words, it is because I have given an 【Order】 to Maru-san and Aretta-san.
Even if this deed is unquestionable for the system, The 【Karma】 which couldn’t be seen would eventually pile up….Yes, I’m a guy who has sold his soul for the sake of raising my skills. (TL Note: We have a badass over here. Editor Note: Definitely a “KIND and FORGIVABLE” badass for everyone.)

「I-If it’s like what you say then….I understand, I’ll leave him to all of you. Hiroto, Don’t leave me ok?」 (TL note: Don’t worry mom, I’ll always be with you even if I have a thousand of harems.)

Remillia mama handed me over to Maru-san.
Fillianess-san who is the only one remaining who opposed this idea is now having her lips trembling with a sound of purupuru and her eyes had some tears in it.
Damn…..Seeing a 14 year old girl crying like this makes her look pitiful to my eyes.
However, I have turned my heart into a demon’s.
The moment has finally dawned for me to acquire the 【Saint Knight】 skill, inherit the prideful knight’s soul and I shall promise to use this power to defend the people…..!

「(Holy・Sword・Skill ! Holy・Sword・Skill !)」(Editor Note: OK, I think of an another Holy Sword Skill in this one.)

The sight of Fillianess-san who was trembling finally made me awaken from my innermost thoughts.
How brutish of me.
But it can’t be helped, since there is a Saint Knight in front of my eyes, Would I overlook and walk away from this opportunity? NO!, It’s not just that.
While Fillianess-san is staying in this house, I’ll absolutely CONQUER her.
This chance for me to come in contact with her while I am still a baby, I’ll definitely won’t let this chance escape from my palms.

「Fillianess-sama, we didn’t say anything about making you do something impossible~. The two of us are enough to help him bathe.」
「Y-yes, that’s right. ooh, please don’t, I’ll be embarassed if you show me those teary eyes of yours….but he’s only a baby right?」

Even though I’m already scattering my cuteness to her, I still couldn’t move Fillianess-san’s heart……There is nothing more that can be done huh.

「I-I…..I don’t hate babies. However, Hiroto would turn his face to another way at once. I’m sure that most likely, it would be settled that I would be hated by him.」
「Such a thing would never happen, I just said it a while ago that this boy of ours is really attached to Fillianess-sama. There is no mistake with that.」


I who was extremely marked by Remillia mama helped me with her follow up.
Even though she said those words with pure feelings, if it was impossible for me then the only method remaining was to persuade my mother.

「……If his mother says so. Something like doubting, I won’t do such a rude thing」

Fillianess-san who is receiving everyone’s glance made a Fuu~ while her expression softened.
And I who was being carried by Maru-san was gently received.

「I don’t know if you are afraid of me but please don’t be cold towards me. We’ll be soaking in the bathtub together later so let’s get along well.」

「(I DON’T HAVE A SINGLE REGRET IN MY LIFE….!)」 (TL Note: Whoever doesn’t get this needs to man up and watch Jojo or Hokuto no ken. )

Fillianess-san said that while looking at me.
I will never forget this moment.
No, here is where the obstacles shall start.
I will exceed Fillianess-san’s guard without fail and it’s good if it’s only once, but I shall definitely obtain the skill 【「Holy」 Sword】 with these hands of mine…… the bitter end, for the sake of climbing over the various hardships that shall happen!

「Though he is facing towards the other direction for a long time now. As I thought so, Maybe I should exclude myself from entering the bathroom with him.」
「What are you talking about~, once the 【「Thunder god」】 Raijin-sama declares something then it would be bad if she would withdraw from what she said~. Come on, Let’s go!」
「This child…..MY affability with him isn’t good but why can’t I take away my eyes from him……..What is this thing I’m feeling…….?」

I who is now being taken to the bathroom is seen off by Remillia mama while having a look like she’d given up.
Since I will keep it in moderation, I ask of your forgiveness for leaving you this time.
Now, only at this instant, shall the match of my life start.

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  1. Even though there were low level monsters and small animals near the town, they would go near town except for mating season and to begin with, monsters mostly don’t attack towns.

    WOULD go near town?

    「Yes, father in inherited it from grandfather, and people from the town was employed to manage it. After Ricardo and I left the capital because of some circumstances, we’re now borrowing thing place.」

    “people” from town WAS employed?
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