JuJoku Chapter 2 Part 3

Missere Meow Here with Part 3 of Chapter 2 of this novel

Part 1 can be found here

Part 2 is here


Were also recruiting anyone who would like to help us translate this since 1 of us dropped this one. This is a great novel I tell you.

Me and Pun will be taking this slowly since we both got projects too.



[Eeeehhh? Ah?……….Ahh recently, since I lacked physical activity for a moment, Th-, The stairs, asce, asce, asce, ascending, ascending, ascending and descending training is what I was doing though, bu-, but, since I wasn’t good with it for a moment then, i-, it’s just that’s all…Yes!]


[……..I see, then though it’s good. Take care of yourself.]


Shirasaka-san smiled at me with sweetly


Ah~, I’m meltinggggg!!!!


I exchanged my shoes with the outdoor shoes, went out of the schoolhouse and proceeded to the dumpsite in the back.


Should I make some small talks, is what I thought though…..when I’m conversing with Shirasaka-san, my head is short and that’s why I couldn’t talk to her even with all my best.


Since there’s no helping it, sometimes, I would peep at Shirasaka-san side figure from the back……this loveliness………Ah, truly a beautiful girl would still be beautiful in any kind of angle!


I am right now. had the same goal(Throwing away the garbage) with Shirasaka-san and is now walking on the same path as her!


We’re now sharing our time together!


My life, as now at it’s climaxxxxxxx!


It would be good if this time just continued on for a long time


…Stop this time right now! Please stop!


Sincerely and truly, I prayed so.


…but even though I’ve prayed so!


In pitilessness, The time of supreme bliss has been broken abruptly




The was a manly voice that greatly resounded in the direction of the building where the club room of the Exercise club was!


To call my Shirasaka-san with her first name [Yukino], Who are you?!


A man appeared!……..That guy’s name is Endo Kenji


Kenji Endo came running to our direction while still in his baseball club’s practice uniform……!


[Ah, Kenji! ……Wait that’s wrong, E-, Endo-kun……]


Shirasaka-san, though she called him with his name Endo for a moment, she restated it since I was with her.


……A relationship that both calls each other by their first names, that is in a word………


That is so. I didn’t consider any other thing.


……These 2 are a couple to put it simply……A man and a woman who are going out with each other.



[Today’s practice, has it already ended?]


[Yeah, It’s alright to get up for today is what the senpai said though. How about you?]


[Me too, I’ll just throw this garbage bag and it’ll end]


[Then, let’s go home together.]



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