Chapter 8: The Dragon Princess with a blunt weapon

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I am a foolish child。

When I heard Old Sleigstar tell me about teaching me to dance & after I received his light coaching、I arrived on my way back。

When I brought the collected firewood and fruits home、my mother was extremely pleased。However、after I told them that I lost the sword that I just bought with great pains as I received the fist of my cruelly angry father that just got home。
The truth is that it was thrown away by Old Sleigstar but it’s impossible for me to say such a thing huh。

Yeah yeah。T sanctuary of the forest of dragons、the huge dragon Old Sleigstar & the matter of the Spirit Tree was to be kept a secret ash I severely pushed those thoughts in my mind。I’m sure that it’s a secret that I couldn’t even say to the Hero Ristia。

Next day at school、of course I went to school。
I haven’t practiced my sword on that day however but I passed time with Kurishio and the others in the battle arts practice of magic。

To the fact that I who didn’t have any magical power abandoned fencing、not only the teachers or the retired knights of the kingdom who came here to teach us but the other students looked at me with their eyes full of pity that it hurts。

Though Risita got really worried for me but I just sat on the corner of the training are and started my meditating practice since I couldn’t explain to him of the reasons I had。
(TLN: YAOI DENIED! Since Best girl’s aura can be felt from beneath this chapter)

「In thine school、do not practice your fencing but just continue meditating and feel the dragon pulse」

According to the words of Old Sleigstar、I meditated。

If one would look at it from the surroundings、I would look like an easily hurt child who stopped practicing battle arts and was meaninglessly meditating as I spent my every day life being seen as a foolish child。

However、I myself was conscious that my meditation training is important。
Because I could feel the dragon pulse when I meditate in the garden of moss but I couldn’t feel the dragon pulse no matter how I meditated outside the forest。
According to Old Sleigstar、it was easy to feel the dragon pulse inside the plaza of moss since it was a special place where the main stream was just right below it。But since I would be away from the main stream if I went outside the forest、I wouldn’t be able to feel it if I don’t greatly persist on it。

At the present、I was training to be able to feel the dragon pulse even if I was outside the plaza of moss。

I meditated every day I went to school as I continued to train on feeling the dragon pulse。I would hurriedly go towards the forest on the afternoon as I would go to the place where Old Sleigstar is and I would meditate after all。I also received the dance instructions & that was how I spent my everyday life。

My evaluation in the school became a foolish child completely。The people who wanted to pair with me to practice in the ruins was all gone。
However、Ristia wanted to help at first。The next one was Kurishio。The magic teachers and the magic students has gradually became interested in my profound meditation。

My every day life in the plaza of moss too、I felt the sense of fulfillment。
When I became able to clearly feel the dragon pulse、I moved into the training of pouring the power of the dragon pulse into me。
This is terribly difficult。
In a sense、it was like taking a part that I would only need in a raging rapids of a large lake with only using a bamboo ladle。
If I would shallowly put the bamboo ladle in the raging rapids then it would recoil and I wouldn’t be able to get the part I needed。If I thrust the bamboo ladle in it with my body then I would be taken and would drown。Even if I thought that I scooped it right、the bamboo ladle wouldn’t be able to endure the swift current and would break。

Though I wasn’t able to do it quite but with the advise of Old Sleigstar、I should grow up bit by bit。

And、the dance。
I’m wondering why I’m being taught how to dance by a legendary old dragon is a doubt that i just left as it is。
After my meditation practice would be my dance practice with 2 branches until the day grew darker。
(TLN: Resisting to spoil……AHHH!!! )

By the way、the firewood and fruits were already prepared when I always went to the plaza of moss。With that、though the frequency of being attacked by demon beasts was still as it is、I’m not sure by but I would always get saved when I would be nearly finished。


Old Sleigstar said that there exists a dance for men、as he enthusiastically guided me everyday。
The angle of the branch & the trajectory of the circle from when I would raise my leg and from the tips of my fingers were taught of like I was drawing something。
Though he wouldn’t hold back in rebuking me if I did something wrong but we would also sincerely praise me if I did well。

Little by little by little、I think that I got better with my dance under the teachings of Old Sleigstar。

By the way、would I become a dancer as it is right now? Though I had days were I would think of that but I wasn’t a dancer’s egg but a foolish child。




「Ernea、3 days from the day after tomorrow、you’ll be practicing how to camp in the ruins right? Properly prepare for it」

At night of a certain day、my mother pointed out something and I remembered something dreadful。

That was right。I was going to stay at the ruins on the day after tomorrow。
I completely forgot about it。

The ruins was the place where we were temporarily blocked by the demons when we came to the ruins for an investigation practice at the first day of summer last time、after the knights of the kingdom and Ristia secured the safety of the ruins、it was liberated once again for school use。

Alternating with the schools from the other districts、we repeated the investigation training and real combat extermination of weak monster。

School shall be at rest temporarily tomorrow and the necessary preparation would be done at that time and we would go to the ruins from the day after tomorrow up till 3 days to practice real camping。

Since I was a foolish child、no one asked me to come with them to practice camping。

Though Ristia told me to be careful、I didn’t come with him since I didn’t want to be a bother for the people with him as I ended up being alone in camping practice after all。
That became a problem as no one reminded me of it as I forgot it as the days passed and forgot to prepare for it。
(TLN: Meh, Who needs gay heroes and classmates when you have WAIFU!)

This is bad。I have to hurry and prepare tomorrow。

Aah、It would be bad if I didn’t tell Old Sleigstar that I wouldn’t be able to visit him for 3 days。
Since school is closed tomorrow、I’ll tell him in the morning and get ready afterwards。

「Though it would be painful when you won’t go to the forest of dragons to pick up fruits and firewood for 3 days but we have no choice huh」

My mother looked disappointed as she shrugged her shoulders。

In the pretext、I was supposed to go to the forest to collect firewood and fruits everyday。

Actually、Old Sleigstar would always prepare it for me when I reached the plaza of moss & I only just had to take it home。

For our household which was not affluent、it looks like the firewood and fruits that I take home would make mama happy。
(TLN: Would mama be happy if you took home a waifu? kukukuku)

Though they got angry and told me not to go to the forest of dragons because I lost my sword there but they couldn’t discontinue the presents and smile I would bring home。

I prepared what I could at that night & I decided to finish the other stuff tomorrow。






I was a hurry in going to the forest of dragons the next day。

I’m busy today。I was preparing to re-use the old stuff that my father used in the camping practice。Though I had to inspect if it was still usable since it wasn’t used for a long time but if it wasn’t usable then I had to repair it or buy a new one。

Food too、it would be bad if I didn’t prepare food and drinks for 3 days worth。

Though work might be allotted if the some of the students united in the class but I had to do everything myself since I was alone。

I will tell Old Sleigstar my absence for 3 days then I’d need to hurriedly go back and prepare。

I entered the forest of dragons and wandered。

I’m really troubled that the plaza of moss wasn’t a place that you would reach if you think you would be there。

I could reach it if I would be chased by that big demon beast wolf。

That demon beast、it’s always ready to ambush me。Since i didn’t here anyone that have been damaged other than me by that demon beast、did it not have any other people to attack?

Anyways、that fellow would run after me if it found me。

However、I couldn’t feel it’s presence today。
Since I would always go to the forest of dragons in the afternoon、I didn’t think that it would be better to go here in the morning than the afternoon。

I wandered inside the forest of dragons with a goal in mind。
I wouldn’t get to the plaza of moss if I didn’t continue anyways。

What should I do in the 3 days tomorrow & when I indulged in my thoughts like that、the presence of the surroundings changed unexpectedly。

From the presence of the serene early morning forest、it changed to a profound soft air。

I knew that I was lead into the plaza of moss at once by intuition。

When I passed over the fat trunks of the old trees、I reached the plaza of moss at last。

At the center of the plaza、there was a hill like huge dragon which was Old Sleigstar。
Since it was still early in the morning、he seemed to have his eyes closed as he was silently sleeping。

Did I come too early?

Should I not wake up the sleeping Old Sleigstar。

I just quietly walked near Old Sleigstar for the time being。

Shall I surprise him? Though I had a wicked thought for a moment but Old Sleigstar might get surprised and accidentally smash me so that is rejected。

When I reached the middle of the place where I entered the plaza of moss、Old Sleigstar awakened。

「Ouh、One’s own was wondering who it was but it taw thine huh。This is a time that thine doesn’t usually come huh」
「Yes、School has temporarily closed for today。And then、I was going to tell you about the thing tomorrow」

Old Sleigstar sucks up the early morning breeze with the dragon pulse as he deeply breathed。

「Uhm、the truth is」

*Gasari*。(TLN: Sound of leaves moving)

When I was about to explain the thing about tomorrow。

Ahead from the plaza of moss、a sound came from the forest of old trees & as I turned around。

(TLN: Ernea: I fell in love and I forgot everything about my gayness with Ristia)

And then I、my eyes widened at the unexpected spectacle。

There was a person there。

A woman。

A rare beautiful woman。

She had a near silver blond hair that came down to her waist as it shined dazzlingly from the sun’s radiant sunlight filtering through the trees。

She had a long and narrow eyes which profoundly glittered like a blue jewel。

Thin yet the corner of her lips seemed to look like it was soft。

Her small face looked delicate and the posture of her body was good。

The Goddess-sama has appeared before me。
I thought of that for a moment。

The woman too、was also surprised as she looked at me。
(TLN: I’m also imagining that she’s monologuing on how hot the shota MC’s body is)

「Kakaka、For thine to meet each other in such a way like this」

Only Old Sleigstar was happy as he looked at me and the woman。

「Ernea、That is thine bride。Mistral、this person is thine husband」


Both I and the woman expressed oru surprise at the same time。

「King、What might this mean?」
「Grandpa、what did you say just now?」

The woman and I returned a question to him at the same time as we looked at Old Sleigstar。

「Fuhahahahaha。Mistral、Thou art always being troubled about the talks of marriage right? Just at the right moment、go on and marry Ernea。And Ernea、it is thine hopes、the breasts that thine seeks」


With the outrageous speech of Old Sleigstar、the woman and I voiced out our surprise at the same time again。

Br-、breasts huh……

*Chirari*、I looked at the woman named Mistral。

Mistral politely puts down the collected firewood and fruits from her back down on the ground & she rapidly went near Old Sleigstar with a step that made a tremor。

Aaah、perhaps。Was she the one who would collect the firewood and fruits everyday?

However the chest of Mistral-san who was walking angrily and advancing to the bottom of Old Sleigster was。


She was small chested。

「Mumumu、for thine to say small chested。One’s own does not understand the sense of value of the chest of the humans。Aren’t those good which seems to be isn’t。Was it not good if it wasn’t large?」

Old Sleigstar groaned as he read my thoughts。


Mistral-san approached Old Sleigstar with an earth shattering thirst for blood as she reached for the weapon on her waist。

That was。

It was a one handed jet black rod。At the end of it was a sphere which had frighteningly large amounts of thorns all over it。

Mistral-san raised the one handed rod overhead。

「Wa-、wait wait wait。Calm thine self、Mistral。Do not act rashly」

Old Sleigstar was panicking。

「Everything you say is USELESS!」

The end of the one handed rod of jet black color began to emit a bluish light palely。

Thus、Mistral-san shook the one handed rod down at Old Sleigster’s fingertip。

While the pale blue light was being pulled out of it、it hit again。
Following immediately、the pillar of blue light from the heavens shot at it。


Old Sleigstar screamed。

「For the young lass of the dragon men to do this、what are thine trying to do to one’s own!」

Though Old Sleigstar was threatening Mistral-san、it didn’t have any power at all when his face was in tears。

Did she get satisfied with that blow、Mistral-san returned the one handed rod on her waist and ignored Old Sleigstar。

The tip of the finger of Old Sleigstar sank & was bleeding。

Ah、was it similar from the injury from the last time、so that means that Mistral-san was the one who attacked him a while back。

Other than that、for the legendary Huge dragon to get injured by just one attack、how frightening is this person。What a frightening technique that was。

While I was coldly sweating、Mistral-san gazed at me with cold eyes。

「Br-、breasts are just a hindrance.」

Her face was red with various meanings as Mistral-san walked to me right next。

Ah、I’m having a terribly dangerous feeling about this。

Author’s remarks
When you thought that the bridal candidate has finally come out but she was small chested。

Fuu、when were you mistaken that his bride would be big breasted?

……I’m sorry for betraying everyone。

I’ll apologize to the readers who love big breasts and were expecting it。

The breasts-sama that would bounce and shake would someday……

Missere Meow’s remarks
Well at least no gay now
If Ernea acts gay then Mistral shall just smack him with that scary blunt weapon of hers


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