Chapter 6: Garden of the Spirit Tree

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The Goddess-sama of creation created a large continent。A lot of races were born in that continent and those has prospered。The races who didn’t have any limit in number、were given 2 truths。The humans got hope and miracles。The Goddess gave the humans hope and taught them to believe in miracles。

And I right now、am sincerely wishing for a hope and miracle to happen from the bottom of my heart。

「AAaaaaahhhhhh! Hellpppppp meeeeeeeee!」

I am being chased by a large gray demon beast wolf & is now running from place to place in the forest of dragons。

At the next day when I’m going to meet the Huge Dragon、I entered the forest of dragons according to the promise to meet the Huge Dragon again。If I entered and walked appropriately then I would be able to reach that plaza of moss is what it taught to me。

However、I quickly met the demon beast when I entered the forest and will be arriving soon。

It was necessary for me to think。I from yesterday was also attacked my a demon beast in the forest of dragons。If I tought about it carefully then I should have expected that this guy was still here in this forest。

I didn’t hear of any story that a demon beast would come out of the forest of dragons at this morning today nor did anything come out about a demon beast being subjugated in the newspaper。
But I encountered it yesterday and it is now attacking me today。

With this, before I even reach the plaza of moss、I would be killed by this demon beast。

Continuing from yesterday、I’m desperately running away again。

I deliriously ran on the ground that wasn’t getting maintained and was rough。
Though the demon beast’s footsteps couldn’t be heard but I could understand where it was from it’s presence。

I would be killed if I halted。Even if that guy gets tired then it would just urge to dash and eat me alive。It was chasing me with a constant distance which was him playing at me。
But I can do nothing but run right now。The moment that I won’t run would be the time that I would get killed。

Ah、Goddess-sama of creation。

I have hopes that I would be able run away from it and I noticed that I was already inside the plaza of moss is the miracle that I believe in。


Well、why did the Goddess-sama even create such a dangerous thing like this Demon beast? If the things like this or demons or the god men were here to oppress the humans then wouldn’t our lives always be in peril?

Is it because I cursed the Goddess-sama with words that my feet got caught up again and I magnificently fell down。
It’s not like the edge of a cliff like yesterday、I tripped on the roots of the tree trunk right now。

My knees was severely nailed and I was in agony as my face distorted in pain。

And when I turned around、the large gray demon beast wolf gave off an eerie satisfied smile as it approached me。

I had to run。

Though I tried to stand up but my legs got shaky as I fell flat in the ground。

The demon beast wolf catch up on me as it raised its frontal legs。

It shook and lowered it。

I covered my face with both my hands and shut my eyes hard。

I’m going to die!

I hardened my whole body。Both of my hands covered my face。My pupils were strongly shut。

I’m finished、is what I thought。

Time flowed as it is。

Arearee、Nothing is happening。

I timidly opened my eyes。

At the opening of my both hands、I saw a beautiful emerald green world。
A green carpet that extends to everywhere。Old trees everywhere which was standing close to each other。
Thus、at the center of the green carpet of the plaza、there was a single hill。

If you noticed、I was in the place I was yesterday。

The hill、The huge dragon in other words opened its golden eyes as it quietly stared at me。
It was the usual glossy scales、Lacquer black body hair & a long tail。

I returned home yesterday & I went to school in the morning today。I actually thought that yesterday might have been just a dream but when I see this spectacle with my eyes again、it was really real as I reconfirmed it。


While I was rubbing my knees that got grazed、I walked to where the Huge Dragon was at。

「Continuing from yesterday、thine has been injured yet again huh。Thine really is energetic」

The Huge Dragon said that as it narrowed its eyes。
I’m sure that its thinking that I’m such an amusing guy while looking at me。

「Kukuku。Here、The thing inside that jar over there、thine can use it to cure your wounds」

The direction on which the Huge Dragon’s gaze pointed to、there was a jar filled with something of a liquid, an arranged pile of firewood and a lot of fruits that were arranged too。

How was this made? In the plaza of moss yesterday、there was no one except the Huge Dragon here。
When I titled my head a bit、The Huge Dragon supplemented an explanation。

「Yesterday、Thine has likely come to the forest to pick up firewood。For the reward of being one’s own companion、The collecting of firewood has been done as a proxy of thine。In exchange for that、amuse one’s own time fully」

Since taking me home for an instant would be using the art of space teleportation、is it saying that I should be its companion during the whole long time?
I consented at that。

I reached the place where the luggage was at last。
I cured my wounds with the contents of the jar and thus、I felt an unpleasant premonition for a bit。
Inside the jar was a transparent and sticky liquid。
(TLN: Yuck ahahahaha (⌒▽⌒) )

Don’t tell me that this is。

「One’s own nasal mucus is versatile」

The Huge Dragon greatly laughed as it said that。The old trees in the surrounding always trembled every time its laughter would resonate。
It is versatile yet filthy as it urged me to use it。I know that it was filthy so I had no choice but to use it to cure my wounds reluctantly as it looked at me and was thinking that I was amusing。

「Do not be shy」

I’m not being shy, I’m hesitating here。

I thrust one of my hand inside the jar reluctantly & the snot or I’ll just call it the versatile liquid、is what I took and applied it on the wound on my knees。
I only had to use it since I didn’t have any choice huh。Since denying the kindness of the Huge Dragon would offend it and that would be the end of it all。

The versatile snot panacea had a feeling like an ointment used by coating it。However, the effects of this is superior after all as the wounds that I applied it on a while ago had already disappeared。

「I-、I’m truly thankful for this」

I made a cramped smile as I said my thanks。

「To that extent、thine doesn’t have to worry。If thine liked it then one’s own shall permit you to taking it home」
(TLN: Free Versatile Panacea[Nasal mucus] for everyone. Just contact your local MISSERE MEOW for detail on how to get your FREE VERSATILE PANACEA)

Though I’m not sure if it is gentle or annoying but it seems like the Huge Dragon doesn’t have an unpleasant feeling for me at least。

「If thine has already recovered、then it would be alright for thine to come to my presence」

I was urged and I obediently went in front of the face of the Huge Dragon where it was lying down。

If you looked at it calm and closely、it had a very dignified facial features。A very large big head。If it opened its mouth then a human or a giant would be eaten whole from its largeness。The skin which didn’t have any scales were also lacquer black。Its beard was beautifully long and was also lacquer black。
And the beautiful golden dragon eyes of it were filled with wisdom as one would be drawn in by just looking at it。

「Now then、before we go to our fun time、let us not forget to introduce ourselves mutually。It is a bit ticklish if thine would always call one’s own as Huge Dragon」

The Huge Dragon concealed it’s dignified voice & it has talked to me with a good nature old man like voice。

「Fumu、Should one’s own say one’s own first of all。One’s own is the Dragon who has protecting the Spirit Tree for 2000 years。One’s own name is called Sleigstar。One’s own is an Ancient Old Dragon that has defeated over 10,000 God men and has ruined an uncountable amount of demons」
(TLN: I am the translator of this site. My name is Missere meow. I have read over 738 visual novels and currently translating 3 web novel series. I also suck at names like Sleigstar….idk if that’s right)

Is the Spirit Tree the gigantic tree over there that has its branches used as an umbrella and a ceiling for the whole plaza of moss?
The Ancient dragon who named himself Sleigstar has been here & protecting that Spirit Tree for a very long time。

What might be that tree that has been called the Spirit Tree。And、though he said that he has continued to defend this for 2000 years but I wasn’t sure if that time was long or short for dragons。If you would think about it in the humans perspective then 2000 years would feel like an eternity where you would even see it on a history book though but for the dragons who  would live for a very long time than the humans then would it be just an instant moment for them?
The average longevity of a human is 50 years。I was sure that the God men and the demons had 500 years。It was said by the teacher on the seat study。
Since the people who had lived long said that the Dragon men lived for about 200 years then are dragons like that too?

「Kakaka。Indeed、Thine seems to have a bit of knowledge there」

He read my thoughts as usual as the Huge Dragon said that。

「Certainly、a normal dragon would live for about 300 years。Another hundreds of years would be added if those would also get more knowledge and power」

Then that means that they won’t even life for a long time of 1000 years? If that’s the case、then the talk of having protected this forest for 2000 years is actually an amazing story?

「So thine has finally understood it。One’s own is an Ancient kind within the dragons。Normal dragons are like seed or a splinter of wood to one’s own」

Ohh、is he treating normal dragons like they’re small fries。It was too great that I took my time in understanding it。

「One’s own had lived well for 2000 years however。But one’s own shall have someone to take over one’s own sooner or later」

When the Huge Dragon said that、he showed an expression that was looking at the far distance。

Was 2000 years very long even for an Ancient dragon kind? For its longevity to be near that then he might already be an old aged dragon。

「That is correct、I have already lived long for the Ancient dragon kind」

For him to continue on defending this forest even if he was now an old aged dragon、how amazing was that。I looked at the old aged dragon with respect。

「Fufun。Even though it is very short but it would be a very long life for thine huh?」

Indeed。It really feels different from the short longevity of a human after all。As expected of the Huge Dragon of the legends。The Ancient Old aged Dragon。

「There aren’t any gigantic appearance of a dragon like one’s own。Being called Old aged dragon might not be bad as of now。However、one’s own has already named oneself with great pains。It is alright for thine to call one’s own name」

He said that his name was Sleigstar。Then it would be Old Sleigstar it is。
With my thoughts、Old Sleigstar was satisfied as he narrowed his eyes。

「Grandpa、and what is that Spirit Tree?」
「Ooooh、thine has called my name in thine’s mind but for thine to call me grandpa with thine’s words」

Old Sleigstar got disappointed and dropped his head。
I did it。I was satisfied as I silenced the Huge dragon of the legends。
Nevertheless、Old Sleigstar’s body looked really large and strong from afar and I knew my standpoint that I would get killed if I ruined his mood for a bit but I didn’t feel scared for a bit。Maybe it’s because he’s too amazing that I felt to confused?
(TLN: I wanna call him Grandpa too…I want a Grandpa like Old Sleigstar too dammit)

「Thine cannot hurt one’s own now。If one’s own would change one’s own mood very often then one’s own wouldn’t be fit for protecting this place」

Indeed、a weird enemy might be able to defeat him if he would be a moody creature。

「Well now then、the spirit tree huh。Well、it is a gigantic tree that can reach the heavens as you can see。A similar tree like this can also be seen in various places in the world and all of it are usually protected by Ancient dragons。For what is the Spirit tree, thine would grow very old before understanding it。Thine should just think of it as a large tree for now」

So the ancient dragons were protectors of the large tree huh。I bet that this tree has a great amount of history。If I would grow old before I understand it then I’ll just look forward to it。

「Now then、Thine must introduce thine self next」
(TLN: I’ll do it. His name is Ernea and he is GAY. Please help him by giving him a waifu.)

Old Sleigstar says that as his gold pupils shined as if he was interested and looked at me。

Eehh、so Old Sleigstar’s introduction has already ended huh。Didn’t he just roughly said his name。
Well it’s probably fine、I’ll just ask him about the 2000 years of him protecting this forest。I’m really interested in it as a boy。
For the time being、my self introduction is the priority right now。

「I’m called Ernea・Isu。I was born and grew up in the capital of the kingdom of Amuado。I am now commuting at the school in the capital of the kingdom & am now training for the first day of spring next year’s journey」

Yep。The thing about a 15 year old journey and the thing about the kingdom should be neatly spoken so it would be transmitted to him。

From my worries however、Old Sleigstar nodded as if he understood。

「So that’s the country that the elder brother of the twins founded huh。And the old custom he left is still being done huh」

He apparently knew of my journey。He also spoke as if he personally knew the king of Amuado who founded that country。

Aah、is that so。If he had protected this forest for 2000 years already then it wouldn’t be strange for him to know of the happening of 300 years when this country was founded。

「Correct。The one that exterminated the Rotten dragon king with those two was one’s own」

It’s like、he just said something like it’s a small but amazing thing。
I’m sure that it was just my imagination。

The play that me and Ristia saw from last time、the thing about the twin founding kings defeating the Rotten Dragon king。
The rotten dragon is a dragon that wasn’t able to die from pain or its malice as its body would rot and they would lose their selves to agony and become ferocious which was the worst kind of demon beast。
At the region of the capital of the kingdom of the old times、it was ruined by the rotten dragon king and it was the place where even the dragons have deserted。That is where the twin founding kings of Amuado and Yorutenitosu came and defeated the Rotten Dragon king wherein the reward of the Dragons and the dragon men for those two were the plots of land where the kingdoms have started。

However、The play neither showed the Dragons, dragon men nor Old Sleigstar in the subjugation part。

「Fumu-Fumu、certainly。We wouldn’t go out of the legends passed down by the humans。However、the ones who would write down the history would change it for their own convenience」

In other words、the person who wrote the history of the how the kingdom was founded、did they intentionally erase the fact that the dragons and the dragon men were there too。How cruel of a thing is that。

「Kakaka。So thine thinks that it is cruel huh」

Old Sleigstar looked at me like I said an extremely strange thing。

「For us to not be written down in history、that is mutually convenient for both sides。The Rotten Dragon king is from the carelessness of us dragons。It is a dishonor for us when we defeated it not by ourselves。For us to borrow the help of humans then it would be better for the history written that the humans were the one who defeated it。And since it was the human’s own power that the land that was laid in waste by the Rotten Dragon king has revived then it would be easy to collect more humans in that place。Our interests was only mutually unified & that is why the written history is like that」

Have I just learned an unexpectedly new truth? The palpitation of my heart became intense。
In other words、even though the history written right now is different、the relationship of the dragons and the humans was acknowledged and became a fabrication。
When the historians learns of this fact then won’t they all throw away the history book in the library。

「Telling it to others is futile」

Though Old Sleigstar pierced his nails but I couldn’t say it of course。No one would believe me even if I said so。

「Now then、Tell other things about thine self」

Even if I satisfied his desire for knowledge、Old Sleigstar still urged me to talk about interesting things。

「Uhm。Yeah Yeah、then I’ll talk a bit more about next years journey on the first day of spring」

Though he already knew of the old custom of the journey but this is a thing called an old cutom huh。Though I think that it’s in wrecks now。

「When one becomes 15 years old then for 1 year、it is necessary for them to leave their hometown。Though I really wanted to spend that one year as an adventurer but I’m utterly bad at fighting」

Saying that myself is embarrassing since I’m a boy too。

「To gain physical strength for myself first of all、I thought that I should commute to this place and collect firewood。But I was attacked by a wolf like demon beast on my first day and the place I ran to was this place」
「HouHou、a wolf demon beast huh」
「Yes。That guy moreover、attacked me again today」

I remembered that thing that happened a while ago and an unpleasant sweat came out of my whole body。

「So thine has been attacked today too huh。Fumufumu」

Old Sleigstar is happily listening to me。

「Uhm、if you ask me why I want to become an adventurer」

Is this still my self introduction?、 is what I thought as I just talked about what hit my mind was my current state。

「Before my departure、though I’m attending school at the morning to train myself in seat studying and practicing battle with weapons but a student in my class、there is a hero」
「Yes。A hero that was chosen by the Holy sword of Flame。Probably、the previous owner was the founding king of Amuado kingdom」
「I see、did that sword with a strong magical power remain at this present age as a holy sword」

Old Sleigstar seems to know about the holy sword too。However, he called it a sword with a great amount of magical power than a holy sword but isn’t that to be expected of an ancient kind of a dragon。
Other than that、I trembled at the thought that I knew the true nature of the holy sword。

A magical powered sword is a sword that humans made while covering it with magical power。The swords that the demons put magical power into is a demonic blade、the blades that the god men put their god power into is called a holy sword or simply as a divine blade。
In other words、the holy sword was made by a human so it is a magical powered sword。
I impressionistic-ally thought that the holy sword was named that way to be said as an existence that would exceed any understanding。

「Guahahahahaha、have one’s own taught thine something that would give you a shocked like face。One’s own called that a magical powered sword but it having a lot of magical power is not wrong。It has the best performance in all existing magical swords。Nevertheless。That sword was passed down to what it wanted and not his descendants huh」

Old Sleigstar is deeply thinking。

「Yes。Hero Ristia has a great amounts of talent and he is a person I yearn for」
「Houhou、thine yearns for him huh。And thus、Does thine yearn to become like that Ristia or do thine yearn for that holy sword。Or maybe thine yearn to become a person who holds the holy sword」

When Old Sleigstar pointed it out、I got startled。
If you say it、what was I accurately yearning for? Was I yearning for the Holy sword? A weapon that could slice demons and ghosts with peerless skill and power which was a beautiful weapon。Or else、was it the person who possesses it、to become a special existence like that person? Did I yearn for superiority that everyone wanted?

No、that is not so。I clearly decided it in my mind。

「I yearned for the single boy named Ristia。He is very smart and excelled in battle arts too。He was equally gentle to everyone and he is more courageous than anyone is the Ristia that I yearn for」
(TLN: GAY! *Coughs up blood*……Dammit…need…heroine…..right………too….gay…….)

That is so。I envied Ristia who could use the holy sword and I was envious that he had many brides。However、when Ristia treated me in a kind way then I respected him and wanted to become like him。
What weapon he has was unrelated。I wanted to become a person that will not think if it’s to my advantage and will just help any person in need。I want to become a man that will not hesitate to help someone in need。Smiling every time、I want everyone that was near me to be smiling。
Ristia who made those things happen、is what I yearned to be。

「I understand、Thine wants to become an existence for everyone、is what you desire」

Old Sleigstar deeply nodded & looked at me。

「One’s own eyes has not gone mad after all。Then from now onward、One’s own shall teach thine how to gain strength」


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