Chapter 21: Movements of the Darkness

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「By all means、I would like for everyone to see this」

When the priest said so、The shrine maiden reverently held the swords on her hands near the feet of the king。
All members in the room stared at it。

「For you to take the demon blades in front of the king!」

With fuming anger、General Teizenal drew closer to the priest。
The Imperial knight commander Colan stood in front of the king as his shield。
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Chapter 20: Blue Dragon Knight

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While we were talking with each other while eating & drinking the sweet drinks、we seem to have arrived at the royal castle before I was aware。
The wagon stopped & I was called。

「Now then、let’s go。Ernea、don’t get too nervous, alright?」

On Ristia’s signal、we sequentially got off the carriage。
I got surprised when I went down since we were greeted by a large amount of people。There were a lot of knights & government officials。
One of those people、a lovely girl with an overwhelming sense of existence has greeted us as a representative of everyone。

It is Serisu-sama。
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Chapter 19: Wyvern Knight Battalion

「I’m back」

When I as usual came in from the back door of the kitchen、Mother had a surprised face as she greeted me。

「Hey、you’re still recovering yet where are you going?」

Haaaa、mother says as she sighs。

That’s what I should be doing。It’s already evening when Old Sleigstar has transfered me home。
Various things happened today so I forgot the passage of time。

Questioning of the great one of this country? What’s that, is it delicious? Since I was asleep at that time、I just pretended that I didn’t know that Mother was the one that refused them。

Afterwards、I stepped into the bath after 3 days。Uuhm、Didn’t I smell bad? Though I received a lot of hugs from Mistral but I became embarrassed a bit late。What would I do if she thought that I’m a stinky guy?
(TLN: Plot twist: Mistral has a smell fetish)

I rose up from the bath while being depressed & had my supper。Since Father would be going home late because of his work so it was only the two of us who ate supper together。
These several days、since I haven’t taken any fruits from the forest these days so the past scenery of our table has returned。
I’ll be getting some fruits at the next time。
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Chapter: 18 Small life

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We finally came to the base where the Spirit Tree is rooted。
Like the plaza of moss、the surroundings old trees suddenly cuts off away from the Spirit Tree as i looked like a vacant land where the weeds started to grow。

I looked up at the trunk of the Spirit Tree that has grown so big vertically。It has grown isn’t a term that can be used on it though。It is towering all over it’s surroundings so I can’t find any word the could describe its size。

If we tried to encircle its surrounding trunk、I wonder how much time would it take us? Since some of its roots have already come out from the ground as it crawled everywhere then it would take us a considerable amount of time to do that。

「So、what are we going to do here?」
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Chapter: 17 Let’s use it while following the usage & dosage

We continued our stroll as Mistral pulled my hand。

Yep。Mistral、I can’t seem to get accustomed to calling her like that。But if I don’t say it like this in my mind then my mouth would accidentally say “Mistral-san”。

If I called her with a “-san” then it would seem like there’s still some distance between us & it would be bad for us to have some distance since we just became intimate a while ago。

With that、I’ll now be trying to say her name。

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Chapter 16: Stroll


Mistral-san & I are walking in the forest of old trees as we held each others hands。

Ah、my heart feels like it’s gonna burst。I’m sure that my face is bright red right now。

I’m nervous and shy。But I’m also excited too。

I wonder why am I having a stroll with just me and Mistral-san in the forest of old trees?

Isn’t Mistral-san also getting nervous while holding my hands?

What might she be thinking?
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Chapter 15: A person that will kneel while reflecting

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「Wh-、why me?!?」

I knelt at the fluffy moss。
Mistral-san is doing an imposing stance in my presence。

I-、I wonder why I’m beign made to kneel so suddenly like this。
(TLN: That’s because you cheated on her and Ristia)

「Kukuku、Thine art rather unfortunate、Ernea」

Old Sleigstar is grinning at another person’s misfortune。
He really is enjoying my sorrow、that guy。

Anyways、did I do something that might have ruined Mistral-san’s mood?
I started to think backward for a moment。

I of today have went out of my bed after an interval of 3 days。
Since after that event of the first day of the camping training、I became extremely exhausted and went to sleep。

Since people have been seriously injured at the time when the Demon blade users came out in the camp training so it has been cancelled within the half of that day。
And that’s why I fell to my bed once I came home from the ruins。

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Chapter 14: The boy with a chestnut colored hair

Uhm、I’m Ruiseine・Neferu。
(TLN: How about Mrs. Ruiseine・Isu ?)

Is it already morning? I awoke from my sleep with the fragrant & clear air。

Since I feel like I’ve been sleeping for a long time & it also felt like I had a deep but momentarily sleep too。

When I slowly raised my heavy eyelids、the focus on my vision has extended。

Inside the place where I was gradually focusing into、I felt a presence of someone at my side。
I moved my glance to that。

Though I still couldn’t focus on it correctly but the person at my side had blond hair and was short。I understood that it was Inea。


Suddenly、Inea jumped to my chest and started to cry。
Yo-、you’re heavy。

「Hey、Inea。Don’t gloss over Ruiseine who is too weak right now」

Ah、though I couldn’t see her appearance but it seems like Kiri is also there。
Kiri is scolding Inea as usual。

However、Inea was still crying at my chest。
I wonder why she’s doing this?
Other than that、why are these two girls here?
I was confused since I didn’t understand the situation。

「Ruiseine、are you alright?」
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We dwell at the foot of the Dragon’s Peak Illustrations

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Ernea, Mistral and Old Sleigstar






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Team Gay xD Ristia and Slatton



The Chance Encounter

Grandfather and Grandson Duo Old Sleigstar & Ernea Isu



Dragon Blade Dancing Ernea Isu



Best girl bringing her husband some Fruits and firewood Mistral