Task 2: Disposal of the burden、Obtaining a rare item

This sucks、for me to talk while standing in this rain。
Moreover the speech partner wasn’t even a beautiful lady at all。
It was a stingy looking middle aged man called Bonsem。

「The Additional request  is this huh。Until I have carried all of these stuff to a safe area、go buy some time for me」

「Listen here you、Are yah thinking like since I’m just a novice E  rank that you can look down on me from your feet hah?」

Unto my question、that scum Bonsem made a face like he was looking at me like a fool & shrugged his shoulder。
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Task 1: Defend the wagon from the Evil influence of those hard-headed adventurers.

Nice to meet you、it is I。

In commemoration of the Client for my first work、it is a seedy looking fellow who ran his wagon in this rainfall。
I shall now look at the request form。

Request Name:Wagon guard
Pre-payment reward:0Ar
Completion reward:8000Ar
Enemy Battle Potential:Adventurers ×5、Others unknown
Objective:Enemy annihilation or withdrawal

Request text:
Where have they sniffed it out I wonder、for those adventurers to swarm my wagon。
The guards that I employed got done in by a group of Oni Wolves。
If it is possible then I would like to have a guard who can use magic。
In this situation、a goblin or an orc would be alright。
Just save me。

World Management Number:26855
World Name:Granrois
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TL note: It’s your ultra-lazy translator with another “I’m not sure I would be able to finish this” translation. The one and only JUST MissereMeow, JUST MONIKA, JUST MISSEREMEOW. & new Editor PUBGFag-san.

At the time when I noticed it、in a place like a shabby run-down bar、I was in a position in which I fell down from a table seat in the corner。


「So you’ve finally awakened huh。Oh beloved Apparition-chan」


After noticing the hoarse voice、I looked up。

The owner of the voice couldn’t be seen from here。



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