It’s raining.

In this cold rain that is being thrown at me, I am being embraced closely by someone.

Underneath my head was a soft lap.

She really did become more of a beauty, is what I was trivially thinking……….The lap felt very comfortable.

Why is it likely to recall it at such time.

The me right now, How did it become like this?

To the shadow-picture lantern waving at me, The sensation is actually near.

**** who was in the presence of my eyes was crying.

Her face approached me little by little.

The thought that I’ve never kissed anyone flashed through me.

―― It’s just that you’d forgotten it. My body who became more and more colder, She gave to me a parting kiss.

“―― If i can also go, then that would be good. Then at that time……..”

An essential thing alone cannot be recalled.  It is always so, Memories don’t follow what we say.
I’m already,  It might have been dead at that time.
Still even if you understand so, I thinks.  The word of ****   is what I wanted to hear even at the end.