About us

I’m actually a fairy.

Fairies do not speak in any other language except Fairizeh

I can read JP, Eng, Chinese and others.

I’m searching for any free editor, proof reader and any other humans who can help.


Quality of TL: 6/10

Accuracy of TL: 6/10

Contact me:

Email(Recommended): julianorizzu27@gmail.com

Twitter(18+ account/discretion is advised): https://twitter.com/RizzuSeishuuin




Mine Editor is named KickMyNose-san

He’s a masochist who punches people who doesn’t live their lives correctly…..like me Kek

Oh man thank you for introducing me Missere Fairy Meow~

I’m your Masochist Philosophical Bald Dude KickMyNose.
I’m the human helper of your Fairy Cat that give you the translated story of Commushou.
If anything weird happen to our fairy translator like cat-sama giving weird remarks in the story, I’ll punch cat-sama for you because cat-sama isn’t living cat-sama’s life correctly ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


New Editor for my [Sir Dirty Sue] project, Mr. PUBGFag-san



I’m a PUBG fan just like that Fairy cat said.

I like this novel were working on so I’ll bet you I’ll be dragging that fairy cat to translate it.

(Meow): But Bro, if anyone takes this novel then it’s alright for me ya know?

Fuck you then

24 thoughts on “About us

  1. No seriously though if you need editor or proofreader, I’m willing to help.
    And if you don’t mind,can you post your email address?


  2. your side bar thingy asks for a good manga… try Ares (story of a mercenary, complete with 207 chapters), The World Only God Knows (romance one), or Yureka (a virtual reality manga with over 200 chapters translated), enjoy!


  3. Hey Missere Meow! I’m interested in helping you out with the editing for your new project, “We Dwell at the Foot of the Dragon’s Peak”.

    I’m a natural born english speaker (my only language, I’m sorry to say) with a writer’s heart and language capabilities. In addition, I have a firm grasp on Shakespearean english, or King James english as we called it in my childhood. I think that I could help polish up the style of the the Dragon’s speech, if you would like the help. As a simple example, “Thine” as you use it should usually be “Thou”.

    I really like what I’ve been reading. Let me know if you’re interested in the help. Just email me at the given email address. (I assume the comments save it for you? If not, let me know and I’ll send it to you some other way.)


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