Missere Meow’s Reading list

  1. We dwell at the foot of Dragon’s Peak

I’m translating this so no need to explain.

  1. The Training Diary of a Weak High-school Student to Become the World’s Strongest in Other World

MC is betrayed by a family clan and his clan is ruined. He found a gate linking to a different world where he trained to become stronger.

I love his revenge arc right now ❤ So much murder.

  1. Seventh


  1. Seed of Evolution


  1. Tower of Karma

Family of MC is poor so Sis sold herself to free his bro the MC but then a man gave the MC a bag filled with his dead Sis. MC despair and ate the body then after years, he grew up for revenge…….but slowly…….he turned into a being that does not live for revenge…..

  1. So I’m a spider, what about it?


  1. Ouroboros Record

MC is an aristocrat and an alchemist.

For those who don’t mind human experimentation and evil things alike

Very EVIL but I love it

  1. Jobless Reincarnation


  1. An Undefeated Magician someday

MC is reincarnated as a strong magician but shit happens and he keeps on losing and dying by the hands of the strongest princess

Tags: True love, So many deaths, TRUE LOVE (Need to emphasize this cuz TRUE LOVE…….TRUE LOVE)

  1. I reincarnated to another world but, I’m being misunderstood as a Genius?

Title says it all

(Tags: Comedy that will make your stomach ache)

  1. Modern weapons cheat in another world

For people who loves Yandere and War machines and weapons….CHITOSE IS LOVE. CHITOSE IS LIFE


  1. I kind of came to another world, but where’s the way home

I’m translating this

  1. The 4th time death Magician

Commushou but a baby that sucks blood.

  1. The Boy from the B group

So much Vanilla


  1. In Regards to my Reincarnation as a Slime


  1. Moon-led Journey Across another World


  1. The Preceding Hero Wants to Retire


  1. The Rising of the Shield Hero


  1. A legendary song in a different world ~The person who stops time


  1. Pure Love X Insult

Not sure if I’m still translating this……waiting for pun

21. Charging magic with a smile ~! Reviving the different world with infinite magic

Title says it all


  1. I appear to have been reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game


  1. The New Gate


  1. Family that has been sent to another world


Tags: Dangerous family

  1. Other World Rhapsody which started from a Death March


  1. How to skillfully make a beautiful girl into a meat toilet


  1. Me & my travel record around the different world

Haven’t started yet but looks good

  1. Re;Monster


  1. Second time Avenger


  1. The God Slaying Hero and the Seven Covenants


  1. Return of the former hero


  1. Summoned Slaughterer


  1. Road to Kingdom


  1. The Man picked up by the gods


  1. My Childhood Friend is a High School Girl and a Hero of another World but it looks like that’s not all


  1. Genocide Reality


37. The Master of the Dark guild is smiling today again


38. Haunted Duke’s daughter


39. The former duke’s daughter’s hell life

Isekai as a duke’s daughter that has already went to a bad end since she was a villainess but she has strong dark cheat magic


40. Katahane no Riku


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This freaking week + Announcement

Missere Meow Here

No chapters this freaking week cuz muh exams week this week.

I’m so freaking lazy that I still haven’t started studying.


Though I’m not sure if this is good news but I’m gonna start another shitty novel translation.

I’ll just give some clues on it.


“Virtual Villager + Elf collection + Good Vs. Evil + Boring”


Well technically, all the novels I’m translating are boring but who cares?

Btw someone asked how I balance my activities and schedule.

Well the answer is multitasking, playing EVIL Visual novels + Translating.


Well good luck to me


No chapter update. Just Meow being a bad fairy cat. (Though I’m always a bad fairy cat)

Missere Meow here

Just a status update(What’s this? FACEBOOK? What’s on your mind? Damn you Zu*kerb*rg.)

Since I really celebrated Valentines day very awesomely by trolling some cosplayers by shouting “Anime and games are shit” while eating many food and watched Deadpool with bros(I’m a big fan of deadpool. I has all of the comics from early comics)

I’m currently doing chapters 32-39 of Kitsune while my friend is making me a Kitsune mask

Dragon’s peak is……I’m just gonna translate it when I get some time since Kuma-san has awakened already so I need to speed up my Kitsune Translation

Dragon’s peak is just a drag along story until the novel heats up.

Btw don’t check the hidden words beneath these. Thanks. SPOILERS! Just DON’T DO IT! Dragon’s peak is shit. Drop it already. Not worth reading and waiting for Ernea to man the fuck up.


Dragon King Eru: So meow, You’ve finished translating my worst chapter huh.

M.Meow: Yes, your majesty. As you have planned, almost 80% of the readers have dropped the novel.

Dragon King Eru: Good good. Normal people shouldn’t get dragged in this war. Meow, call upon Zan.

M.Meow: Hey Zan, His majesty is calling you.

A man moved away the curtain and entered inside the tent. This man is a bit burly but looks a bit thin. This guy is the #1 person who will surely NTR Mist if I let my guard down.

Zan: What is it, Er***-kun?

Dragon King Eru: Have the Demon troops already advanced inside the kingdom?

Zan: 10,000 demons in total are marching forward.

Dragon king Eru: As expected huh. Zan, tell Mist to contact Dragon King Id and become a reinforcement to help Ristia in defending the country. You can get some of the Dragons and Dragonian troops too

Zan: Alright.

Dragon King Eru: Rui, you’re there, aren’t you?

Rui: Ara Ara Maa Maa~! I’m always at your side though?

Dragon King Eru: Get me the White Dragon slayer and the annoying sisters. We’ll be going somewhere.

Rui: And where might that be?

With Rui’s question, I held Ares-chan with my hands and rose from the chair. I whispered unto Ares-chan and I was enveloped with a thick and strong amount of Dragon Ki that would surpass even 3 Demon kings

Dragon King Eru: Isn’t that already obvious? We’re going to the Demonic lands.

M.Meow: ………..My lord.

Dragon King Eru: Oh! You were still here? Just go do your homework already and continue translating.

M.Meow: Yes, my lord.

When I finished telling meow on what to do, I took some of the Dragonian troops with me and Rode on Nimy

Dragon King Eru: Let’s go Nimy

Nimy: Okay Nyan~!


97% True spoiler

And yes, I’m freaking Self-insert. My site so no complaints.

And yes, I still haven’t done my homework. My teacher is gonna skin my fur later………..

Chapter 21: Movements of the Darkness

Missere meow here
Just a warning but annoying faggot is gonna be more annoying. Just remember to be like Old Sleigstar when reading it. Never mind the annoying maggots since they’re freaking weak.

「By all means、I would like for everyone to see this」

When the priest said so、The shrine maiden reverently held the swords on her hands near the feet of the king。
All members in the room stared at it。

「For you to take the demon blades in front of the king!」

With fuming anger、General Teizenal drew closer to the priest。
The Imperial knight commander Colan stood in front of the king as his shield。
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Chapter 20: Blue Dragon Knight

Missere Meow here~!

Were at chapter 20 so as a celebration for it, I’ll be posting the next chapter later this day.


While we were talking with each other while eating & drinking the sweet drinks、we seem to have arrived at the royal castle before I was aware。
The wagon stopped & I was called。

「Now then、let’s go。Ernea、don’t get too nervous, alright?」

On Ristia’s signal、we sequentially got off the carriage。
I got surprised when I went down since we were greeted by a large amount of people。There were a lot of knights & government officials。
One of those people、a lovely girl with an overwhelming sense of existence has greeted us as a representative of everyone。

It is Serisu-sama。
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Chapter 19: Wyvern Knight Battalion

「I’m back」

When I as usual came in from the back door of the kitchen、Mother had a surprised face as she greeted me。

「Hey、you’re still recovering yet where are you going?」

Haaaa、mother says as she sighs。

That’s what I should be doing。It’s already evening when Old Sleigstar has transfered me home。
Various things happened today so I forgot the passage of time。

Questioning of the great one of this country? What’s that, is it delicious? Since I was asleep at that time、I just pretended that I didn’t know that Mother was the one that refused them。

Afterwards、I stepped into the bath after 3 days。Uuhm、Didn’t I smell bad? Though I received a lot of hugs from Mistral but I became embarrassed a bit late。What would I do if she thought that I’m a stinky guy?
(TLN: Plot twist: Mistral has a smell fetish)

I rose up from the bath while being depressed & had my supper。Since Father would be going home late because of his work so it was only the two of us who ate supper together。
These several days、since I haven’t taken any fruits from the forest these days so the past scenery of our table has returned。
I’ll be getting some fruits at the next time。
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Chapter: 18 Small life

Missere Meow here
Yesterday, I had no classes so I was re-watching all Jojo Eps while Playing Harvest Moon: a wonderful Life Special Edition so no Chapters for you guys last time Mwahahahahahaha
It’s the fate determined by blood *Poses in a JoJo pose while planting turnips*


Quite surprising that I had no TLNs in this chapter

We finally came to the base where the Spirit Tree is rooted。
Like the plaza of moss、the surroundings old trees suddenly cuts off away from the Spirit Tree as i looked like a vacant land where the weeds started to grow。

I looked up at the trunk of the Spirit Tree that has grown so big vertically。It has grown isn’t a term that can be used on it though。It is towering all over it’s surroundings so I can’t find any word the could describe its size。

If we tried to encircle its surrounding trunk、I wonder how much time would it take us? Since some of its roots have already come out from the ground as it crawled everywhere then it would take us a considerable amount of time to do that。

「So、what are we going to do here?」
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Chapter: 17 Let’s use it while following the usage & dosage

We continued our stroll as Mistral pulled my hand。

Yep。Mistral、I can’t seem to get accustomed to calling her like that。But if I don’t say it like this in my mind then my mouth would accidentally say “Mistral-san”。

If I called her with a “-san” then it would seem like there’s still some distance between us & it would be bad for us to have some distance since we just became intimate a while ago。

With that、I’ll now be trying to say her name。

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Chapter 16: Stroll


Mistral-san & I are walking in the forest of old trees as we held each others hands。

Ah、my heart feels like it’s gonna burst。I’m sure that my face is bright red right now。

I’m nervous and shy。But I’m also excited too。

I wonder why am I having a stroll with just me and Mistral-san in the forest of old trees?

Isn’t Mistral-san also getting nervous while holding my hands?

What might she be thinking?
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