Kitsune-sama 17: Training pattern

「Kept you waiting、Rishe-chan」
「Un、you came huh」

Kitsune who obtained a weapon visited the entrance in the country on foot。Rishe who was leaning on the gate while waiting for Kitsune who just came a moment ago and she separated from the gate, while putting her own feet to the ground firmly。

「Then、let’s go」
「Ah、even if they’re called small fry but monsters are still monsters。Don’t let you guard down?」
「I understand」
「Let’s depart!」

They braced their spirit as they both incited their caution、as they went out from the gate while Finia is cheering。Outside was the meadows where he ran for his life for about a single week last time、and the forest where Kitsune’s life vanished for how many times can be seen spread ot from far away。
Kitsune recalled the monster wrapped with miasma a little because of the sight of the forest、and a chill crawled across his back with a *Zo kutto* sound。However、the monster of miasma wasn’t here right now、and this chill was only an illusion。(TLN: Translator-san’s love is that Miasma thing though……The only reason why I’m even translating this novel xD)

When walking for a while、monster can be found 300m from the gate。It was the wolves who Kitsune encountered while he was running away。There were perhaps 10 in his estimation。
They were able to repel those wolves thanks to the assistance of  『Eerie Constitution』 last time、but he wasn’t sure if it would become like that this time。Kitsune braced his spirit once again。

「It’s a Hound dog、usually they would act in groups of 5 or 6、but for there to be 10……this will become troublesome for a moment」
「Is that right?」
「Yeah、although it’s not that much of a trouble、the troublesome part is their coordination。It would turn into a difficult battle if we can’t see the whole pack」

She took out her sword and said those words while watching the wolves。Kitsune also looked at them with that information。Though Rishe says those words、Kitsune couldn’t think of these wolves as a threat so much。For the time being、he mimicked the stance of Rishe who took out a small word from its sheath and he started to think on what he would do next。

「For now、I’ll hunt all of them。Kitsune should take on the wolves within the range of what you can take and help as much as possible」

In accordance with the instruction of Rishe、Kitsune is a little bit strained for his first straight forward combat。However、he felt settled down eve if there should be tension for one’s frist combat perhaps because he wasn’t scared of them。
And thus、to the hound dogs―――he stared at the enemy and boosted his concentration。


―――『Eerie Constitution Invoked』

『Eerie Constitution』 automatically invoked。


The Hound Dogs perceived it and held fear towards Kitsune。With the instinct of wild animals、they started to retreat。

「They ran away!」

Rishe was dumbfounded、Kitsune is making an expression of guessing what is the cause of the happening、and Finia wasn’t say anything。
As Kitsune thought、『Eerie constitution』 is limited to making small fry monsters to not want to fight with him。That was the severe truth、since he himself wouldn’t fight overwhelmingly powerful monsters and demons。He also can’t do level ups。
A the very least、the large spider he met also ran away from the pressure it got from 『Eerie Constitution』。In short、it is unlikely that he would fight any monster beyond the level of that large spider。

「…………Kitsune、did you do anything?」
「Nope、I didn’t do anything at all」
「……I-、is that so、that’s weird……though Hound dogs aren’t strong but it wouldn’t run if there were more in a pack」

With Rishe who is doubting while inclining her neck、Kitsune decided to deceive her。The happening a while ago wasn’t because of me、is what he decided to insist on。

「I’m sure that they retreated because of Finia-chan’s strength! Yep、that must be so!」
「Eh? Is that so? Ehehehe……」

Kitsune insists that it was all thanks to Finia with all his best。He praised Finia、and covered up his groundless story with the understanding truth of Finia’s strength。
Thereupon、even though Rishe didn’t understand the reason for the time being、she concluded that there might have been something that touched the heartstrings of the Hound dogs。

「For the time being、let’s go to another place。Since there are a lot of lower class monsters other than the Hound dogs」

For the time being, Kitsune understood that  because of 『Eerie Constitution』all low class monsters would run away、though he took sides with her、his will to fight has already disappeared。


Kitsune unexpectedly looked at Rishe’s status。It can be said that she’s been practicing like this for 2 years now。Then wouldn’t her level be also high? is what Kitsune thought。

While Kitsune catches the sight of Rishe who was walking ahead、 he invoked 『Status judgement』。


Name: Torishe・Rumieira
Gender : Female Lv23
Strength: 420 (TLN: BLAZE IT)
Stamina: 560
Resilience: 90
Dexterity: 550
Magic: 120

Title :『Apprentice Knight』 『Demon Eye Holder』
Skill: 『Fencing Lv2』 『Body Strengthening Lv2』 『Swift run』 『Dem0n eye of Foresight Lv0』
Peculiar Skill: 『Dem0n eye of Foresight』
PT member: Finia (Fairy)、Naginata Kitsune (Human)

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Kitsune 16: To become stronger

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Kitsune and Finia who returned to the hotel faced towards under Rishe early。When they were ran away from the forest into this country、Kitsune remembered the place where he first awakened after that。Kitsune with Finia went up the stairs、and immediately stood at the front of that room。
And after confirming the pocket which had 3 silver coins in it、he knocked at the door。

「Excuse me~」
「Aah、I’ll come out now―――eh……Hahaha、it’s been a week now、Kitsune」
「Yep、glad to see you again。We came here to return the money we borrowed」
「I’m glad to see you again Rishe! Have you been alright?」

Rishe who opened the door and came out made a smile as soon as the face of Kitsune was seen。And after they exchanged their words of greeting for a long time、Finia took out her small hand while matching it up with Rishe and thye both exchanged a High touch。(TLN: Original word is High touch so I’ll leave it at that but it’s high five.)

「Yeah、I’ve been waiting for you。Talking while standing here is a little bit..、so let’s go inside」
「Then I shall excuse myself」

Rishe opened the door wide and invited Kitsune inside。Kitsune placed Finia on his shoulder and stepped inside the room。
The room had the same arrangement as the one Kitsune is also using、and there was the spectacle seen while he woke up from before。Though it was the same as their room、but there was this feeling of nostalgia、maybe because Rishe was there。
Kitsune sat on the chair that Rishe presented while Rishe also sat on the bed。

「Then、though it’s already late……For the second time、thank you for saving us」
「Ah、my pleasure。I’m glad that you two are energetic」


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Kitsune Chapter 15: A steady week

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For about one week after that、Kitsune spent his every day handling requests as an H rank adventurer。Though he has already secured his daily needs for about half a month already、but it’s necessary to earn the cost for their every day living and he wants to secure some money to return it to Rishe as soon as possible。
Helping out in a shop、Luggage carrying、Taking care of old people、Looking after children、Being an employee for a day、Cleaning activity of the town、and other various requests have been handled by Kitsune。H rank requests are easy therefore、his request accomplishment rate is at 100% at present。

For one to become an adventurer、he is basically on the path of the adventurer for very wonderful reasons(He yearns for it and it’s his dream)。The are also easy work too、but though there are people who just wants money, they also want to complete either way as an adventurer。
They want to complete it as an adventurer、which means that they aspire to raise their ranks and complete more requests。

but despite of that、

A man known as Kitsune、doesn’t have any intention of slipping out from H rank as an adventurer。In a standard way、though it’s a principle of the guild that the guild’s director which is a former adventurer has to acknowledge someone for them to raise their rank to F by subjugating monster、and for H rank adventurers, it’s truly easy to become G rank。They just need to have the will to raise their rank to F and participate in the training that the former adventurer Director opened。 A singe rank can only be raised by this。
But even so、Kitsune didn’t even try to participate in that training。There’s no wonderful thing in staying as an H rank adventurer、and one would only need to continue on handling the requests that no one would take。The weakest adventurer of all。

Therefore、Kitsune who came to this world received strange glances、and it became more obvious each day。
Why isn’t he aiming for something higher?、is what not only adventurers but also all of the receptionists in the adventurer guild thought of。


As what has been said a while ago、All of the adventurers―――excluding kitsune are working hard for their ambitions、as they wear the appearance of an adventurer that they aspire of、and they make an effort to exceed their yearning everyday。Is that their reason?、in which they draw out their idea of an adventurer as an important person who won’t hand over their pride and confidence that they all want to be。
Therefore、from the proud adventurers like that、they were angry towards Kitsune who’s not like an adventurer。He is an existence that made them irritated。

「That is why、we won’t admit the likes of you to be an adventurer。If you plan on defiling the name of adventurers any further then stop being an adventurer this instant」

That is why the adventurers who came out to Kitsune says so like it is only natural。

「Who’re you? I don’t know you to tell you the truth、though I wasn’t thinking of knowing you too」

Today、there is a single man who is standing on the way of Kitsune who came to the guild。He’s not a boorish big man but he is just a young man。Perhaps、he’s several years older than kitsune with a distinctive character、and if Kitsune doesn’t look up then he won’t be able to match up with his eyes、while having a sword lowered in his waist which is obviously aiming at him in which he sensed it even with his untrained eyes。

He understood with only a single glance、with his status of course。

「I know your story well。As an H rank adventurer、you would just take on H rank requests everyday。A man who would flatter the people of town and eat leftovers like a rat ――――Kitsune」
「One would die if they won’t eat even leftovers you know? I’m such a man」
「That is why you are a failure as an adventurer! An adventurer is a person of freedom、who aspires for a higher place、hunts monsters、and is a sublime existence above all! It’s not a road for a man like you can tread on!」

Kitsune understood those words。
He is an adventurer that has a strong yearning。That is why、he couldn’t forgive he’s own actions。

「Well、therefore what about it……」
「What did you say?」
「What difference are you saying about me and you?」

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Kitsune-sama chapter 14: Start line

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I Kinda Came to Another World, but Where’s the Way Home chapter 14: Start line

As an H rank adventurer、Kitsune who was able to achieve his first request、has put the silver coin as his reward into his pocket。
As his tension in which he became too happy from obtaining the reward earned by his own power fell、Kitsune is now thinking about his next action。The reward was obtained、and if the money that has been received from Rishe will be added then the money he has right now would be 3 silver coins。Though he didn’t understand if this amount is enough to get some lodging、there was still time、it was still fine to receive another request、and it was also fine to search for lodging in ease to get some rest。

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