TL note: It’s your ultra-lazy translator with another “I’m not sure I would be able to finish this” translation. The one and only JUST MissereMeow, JUST MONIKA, JUST MISSEREMEOW. & new Editor PUBGFag-san.

At the time when I noticed it、in a place like a shabby run-down bar、I was in a position in which I fell down from a table seat in the corner。


「So you’ve finally awakened huh。Oh beloved Apparition-chan」


After noticing the hoarse voice、I looked up。

The owner of the voice couldn’t be seen from here。




I was certain that I’ve already dropped dead。


A senior at work was hospitalized due to a traffic accident so I went to visit。

Though I was already rushing in the start with my bike but that day was really the worst。

The rain had showered while I was on the way。



At that time、it got stronger。

The winds blew stronger & a large number of flyers flew from the hand of a guy distributing flyers on the pavement side。

Those unluckily unto my helmet、moreover on the frontal side too was where it was sticking to。


Though I certainly panicked as I tried to tear off the flyers yet it didn’t go well。

When I thought that it was already over as I tore off the flyers but a person who ignored the traffic light was already in front of me。


Though I hurriedly slammed the brakes at once yet this didn’t go well too。

I tipped off my balance、was thrown off the road & my bike tumbled down moreover。


Yet up to the end、it wasn’t over。


There was a shard of a bottle of a one cup in the roadside where I rolled over & it got stabbed into my Carotid Artery。

My lungs were crushed & I who wasn’t able to breathe couldn’t call out for help at all。


Even if the Ambulance came、they couldn’t be on time。

Those fuckin shits。


The only thing that came on my sight as my consciousness was fading is、


『Let’s decrease the number of exhaust gasses!』


was the large print on the flyer。



I obediently lived my life seriously yet this is my end……。


I was always obedient on any rules。

Not to mention of minor offenses、I haven’t even made any breaches of manner too。

I was always living in patience & endurance。

From a comrade 「You’re too much of a Serious-san」 is what he would make fun of me。


That guy who was distributing flyers might have also be unlucky too。

My point was also correct & maybe he had his own sense of justice but that really doesn’t matter。


……How many more will misfortune come into succession and I would have to start over again。

What the hell is with that rule。

What the hell is with that justice。


If it already became like this、then it would have been better to get destroy it all。



While I was poisoning my mind with curses、my breathing stopped……is what I thought。


(TL: But it was me! DIO!)

(ED: Oh no, stop making jokes already or I’ll stop editing this)

(TL: ……….okay)



Was that、Was that all a bad dream?

However、I didn’t know of a bar like this though。

Since I would always drink at home、I didn’t have any custom of drinking in a bar。


「Yeah、you have certainly dropped dead」


Someone came out of the kitchen while saying that blunt line & it was a bartender who had a slender and unshaven face。

His looks were like someone from Russia。

Of course、he was unknown to me。


「Then why am I in a place like this?」


「That is because you are carrying some lingering regrets」


The bartender hadn’t even looked at me in the eye as he continued to polish the glass。


「Are you god?」


「I’m not a big shot like that。If I would describe it then I would be something like an intermediary agent。

With an acquaintance’s request、you have been called here」


「No need to inquire for that person」


「That would be helpful。Nevertheless、that is a very pitiful appearance huh?」


Slowly、the bartender pointed at me from the glass。

I couldn’t read the intention of his remark。

I should have been dressed plainly as always。


「What do you mean by……」




A full-length mirror was put up in my presence。

My current appearance really looked like my appearance from my past life。

Hair that is black but leaning to the indigo blue side & Emerald Green Eyes。

Above all that、the facial features were all western style。




「Though I used a Video Game character you made in your previous life as reference but does it meet your satisfaction?」




A black shirt with a gray vest。

Purple scarf。

Gray slacks。

And a yellow coat to top it all。

Dark leather shoes & leather shoes。


While I was thinking of where I saw this 、so it was from a character in a game huh。

I had various games where I held back in finishing but if this was the outcome then it would have been better if I didn’t endure it。


「This is a very good surprise huh」


「I’m grateful that you’ve liked it。By the way、have you decided for your new name?」


「First of all before that、please give me an explanation of this world」


「A very impatient boy you are。It can’t be helped then、this is……」




……this world’s bar that is in question is able to access all different worlds。

The residents would use this as a starting point、a person who goes over different worlds……“BEYOND” is what they use as they took action。

The Beyond handles requests given out from other worlds & earn the remuneration to live their lives。

The so-called Bounty hunters is what they are。


Of course、there are also some called dirty work that can be done too。

Then the thing that I must do is already decided。


I have no attachments to fame。

I’ll be able to run fast through my dirt expertise。

Equivalent to my playstyle in games、an existence faithful to desires。

I shall be restrained by no one。

For rules and manners too。



「I’ve decided on my new name」


Though I don’t read net novels but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any knowledge of the terms。

Those guys who dance to what is created as an activity for them in those second-rate creations are called Mary Sue。

The counter part of the female Mary Sue name is the Male called Marty Sue。


If Marty Sue is the one who dances to the lead actor role then I shall dance to the role as a villain。


An existence that literally obstructs the worlds from here to there……if it was named then it would be。






Starting from now、that shall be my name。

Take care of your necks as you all wait、people of the leading roles。

I’ll be inspecting all of your justices。



「Dirty Sue it is。I’ll register it then」


The bartender took note of it while walking to the other side of the counter。

He turned around to face me on the way。


「I am……that is right、you can call me Sunaj。It is spelled like this」


That guy let me look at the memo。

On it was written “SUNAJ”。

(TLN: SUNAJ was written in English letters in the raws)


It would be read as Janus when reversely read。

Moreover、what a small joke for his name。

It appears in a Roman myth as a god who had dual identity。

He had the role of ruling over everything from the start。

I see now、so he is that very being huh。


Then、shall I confirm a request immediately。

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