Task 1: Defend the wagon from the Evil influence of those hard-headed adventurers.

Nice to meet you、it is I。

In commemoration of the Client for my first work、it is a seedy looking fellow who ran his wagon in this rainfall。
I shall now look at the request form。

Request Name:Wagon guard
Pre-payment reward:0Ar
Completion reward:8000Ar
Enemy Battle Potential:Adventurers ×5、Others unknown
Objective:Enemy annihilation or withdrawal

Request text:
Where have they sniffed it out I wonder、for those adventurers to swarm my wagon。
The guards that I employed got done in by a group of Oni Wolves。
If it is possible then I would like to have a guard who can use magic。
In this situation、a goblin or an orc would be alright。
Just save me。

World Management Number:26855
World Name:Granrois

……I’ve gripped the rough outline。
In short、this shabby old man is Bonsem Matigan & this world is where I can maybe meet Gandalf or Sauron。

(TLN: Lord of the Rings reference)

Though I wasn’t taught of the tolls of the trade but that can be examined after this。

Even though the weather is unfortunately raining but a cart with a roof is really comfortable。
It might have been forcefully remodeled from multiple combined wagons。

While I was at that wagon which was swinging、I recalled conversation I had with Sunaj before I immediately departed。

―― ―― ――

「Confirm your equipment and skills firmly alright」

Ring of Ouroboros。
This is a necessity to be able to return to the previous world。
This can also be used as an Item box it seems。
Its capacity was half of a light tiger。
It is possible to enhance it with money but this is sufficient as of now。

& here is a Pocket Watch。
This can be simply used as a clock but it seems that there are other uses for this。
For example、It can show the physical status of the whole body with a graph shown by it。

The other things were a small linen bag & a tiny dagger。
Well、this is enough for an initial equipment。

「Though the ring & pocket watch would return if it was lost but there would be a time lag。If you don’t want to have a painful time then manage It properly。
Well、if it’s a finger,  an arm、or anything that has been cut off can be cured  or if you’ve been killed  & returned here」

「Would I return to my former self after dying?」

「Excluding a certain condition、you won’t be able to accept any request from that certain world anymore」

「How about revival?」

「In other words、turning into a ghost」

That would be quite fun。
Though I have no plans on dying。

「After those are skills huh」

The skill that I have applied & obtained is the “Spear of Smoke”。
This is literally a hazy gray 、triangular pyramid shaped sharply pointed one。
Though I tried it on the training field but it wasn’t that bad。
I can hold it with my hands & with a little practice、I was able to make many of it come out in the sky。

「Its usage was quite difficult so nobody took it……You really are weird」

「Really? Though I could feel that it is best suited for me」

「If you liked it then I’m happy for you。In replacement of no one having any tolerance there but there are some who started with power so be careful there。
Moreover、your physical strength and reflexes have been heightened。Your skills and ability from your previous life has now expanded from it。
You initial specs are……I’m surprised that it is greatly high。This is unusually rare」

「Really huh」

Oh well、no need to mind that。
In short is whether I could use it or not。
For humans、they aren’t bound by the diagnosis and numbers on their body’s health。

―― ―― ――

「――Those people!」

The requester――with Bonsem’s voice、I returned to myself。

The wagon suddenly stopped。
Since in the presence was the dynamite exploding。
Were those from the people chasing us?
Though the power was low due to the moisture of the rain but the horses stopped moving from the surprise。

Shall I confirm the appearance of the chasers。

「We have cornered you at last!」

The female knight took out her blade。
Her hair and eyes were brown while her armor was red。
She had a strong female atmosphere。

「It is time for you to pay、Bonsem! You cannot run from us anymore!」

The cane of the Magician boy shone。
His hair and eyes were black while his robe was red。
A figure of a Japanese person。

「To cross over the group of Oni wolves、you have the shitty courage huh」

A stumpy old man sets up his ax。
A white hair and gray beard with an armor of silver。
Is that Sake in his waist。

「Yet there is no escape paths any longer for you!」

A very beautiful Elf-san who is setting up the arrow on her bow。
Golden hair with blue eyes & green clothes。
For her to wear plain clothes、she looks like a person who would play with small birds。

「I ask of you、please do as we say……we also don’t want to do things the violent way」

A lass with cat ears sets up her knife and a bean bag。
Beige hair with dark skin & dressed in a dark armor。
Her growth doesn’t look to be good。

……Thus concludes my report for the 5 other party。
There seems to be no healer in charge。
It seems like they used magic to walk this fast。
Well that’s fine too。

Well haven’t this been decided already from the beginning, adventurer-sans

「Well well、This is!」

From the shadows of the wagon、I have shown my appearance。

「――!? This guy、when did he come into the wagon……?」

The little boy wizard opened his eyes widely。
I took it upon myself to ignore that question。

「To approach and swarm on the weak、so that is the method of adventurers huh。What a miserable bunch you all are。Right? Sir Bonsem」

I winked for a bit and that fellow Bonsem was astonished。
However、he returns himself in a few seconds。

「Ye-、Yeah……that’s right! I only have this method or earning for myself! For us poor people、even hay is possible to be eaten!」

「Poor you say!? Whose lips have spoken that! For a person like you who deceives the poor to get more money!」

「That is right。Unknown Sir 、thou art being fooled」

Many annoyed veins stood up at the face of that hot-blooded female knight as she faced her sword in our direction while the stumpy old man with a self satisfied face says those words with a triumphant look yet not taking his guard down。

「I’m being fooled? Well that is alright」

「What do you mean by that……?」

A single eyebrow of the female knight rose a bit。

「Its unrelated to me。To receive money & being able to fight against fellows like you guys!」

Then allow me to start this from this side!
I made some Smoke spears and closed off the distance with the female knight。
Though the counterattack came here but what the hell is with that slow attack。

I seized the exaggerated broadsword with one hand & kicked her from the side。
The female knight made some tracks on the muddy road as she slides greatly backward。

「Gu……This guy、he’s strong!?」

「So this is from the one who said that exaggerated and caustic words huh。Spineless kids」

「Isty! Fall back!」


The little boy controlled the Female knight so she could fall back  & from the cane on his hand、many spheres of green light shot out。
Though I’m not sure on what element where those but it looks like attack magic。

Then I shall avoid it。
I still avoided even when pursued 。
The road of magic is seeking each and different magic。
In reality, that won’t be changed。

But I can see it!

「He repelled it!?」

I used the immediately summoned smoke on my shoes and tried playing soccer but I was surprised by its effectiveness。

「Then short distance battle would end this as expected!」

The Female Knight、Dwarf & Beast Girl matched their pace as they came here slashing through。
I caught the attack of those 3 with just a single spear of smoke。

Though there was some damage but it’s not to the level where I can’t move。

Something is coming from my back。
I developed a Smoke spear wall with my left hand in an instant。
Though it is just smoke but there is a neatly made physical touch in it。
On what principle was it? It would be clarified once someone tries to fight it off from the enemy’s side。

The thing that the wall took was the arrow rain of the Elf。

「That is a splendid fast shooting。Yet……for a second、your other party wouldn’t be too good for you」

I counter attacked as Spears of Smoke is made in the surroundings。
The snap of my finger resounded also affixed it。

「If you were deceived by its figure then you would be facing a hard time in 3、2、1……」

It was the Female knight first of all who sensed the danger。

「This is bad! Everyone、hide――」


(TLN: This is in English also in the raws)

It’s already too late。
The Smoke Arrows formed a upside down “V” as they felw。
And all of those was rained down unto the adventurers。

The only ones who could endure it were just the Female Knight & Dwarf。
Yet their shoulders are low and their breathings are rough from exhaustion。
The other three are just fallen here and there。

「ha……ha……! What is your objective you bastard!」

「Its money & a fight。Didn’t I already tell you that」

「……That is not an honest、way of thinking!」

You can just say those words。
If you lose then those are just foolish talk from the loser。

Both are coming forward to me。
I stepped on the Dwarf’s head and flown to the sky。


& turning around at that state、my finger made a snap。
2 Smoke Spears went through both of them。
The two fell with a *Gakuri* sound。

I haven’t killed them。I firmly held back。
……it’s too early for them to kick the bucket。

(TLN: That meant it’s too early for them to die)

「A single advice from Dirty・Sue」

I gripped the lapels of the Female Knight & whispered to her ear。

「Enjoy this taste of loss」

I slammed her to a tree trunk and made her faint。
However、it would be bad for her beautiful face to be smudged on the ground with mud。
Shall I let her sit here。

「This is good」

The pocket watch is glowing。
Sunaj certainly explained that it will be like this once the request is finished。

「Awesome……For just a single man to defeat 5 of those……!」

Woah、That rascal Bonsem is sighing as me mutters that。

「For my first job to be like this is pretty good for what I’m thinking right now」

I turned my face from the packet watch in my hand that was shining。
That rascal Bonsem is now having his chin down like it’s going to separate from his face anytime。

「First work、then、this is what you’re talking about……!? No、Even a Veteran mercenary can’t fight of 5 of those and still show some restraint……well  there is some amateur that can show off like this……but that’s another thing……」

During my previous life, there was a shitty guy that threw a knife at me。
There was also a day where an unpleasant group would throw punches at anyone everyday。
Another day, there was also a guy using other people as darts target from another side of the river。
I felt danger for my life at those times but they were really helpful for this time。
It was like that but I had no obligation to tell it to this fellow。

「The contract doesn’t cover listening to your monologues」

「Wa-、wait for a bit! I want to add a request!」

What is with this early nomination for an additional side quest。
May I be obediently be pleased。
Though I’m doubtful if this guy still had some cash remaining。

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