Story 6: 【「Raijin」Thunder god】 Fillianess

Although Old Valdes was trampling down the scoundrel from above, a dwarf’s weight is quite heavy contrary to its diminutive appearance. But well, my mother raised her hands upwards. I want him to satisfyingly accept that.

「Thank you very much, old sir」

「No, it’s fine. I also became completely deaf, being delayed after noticing the commotion.」

While Old Valdes was talking, I, which was on the back of Remilia-san, am looked at. Although his eyes were matched to me only momentarily, I still turned my face away.

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Story 7: The Two Following knight

Chapter 1: Infancy
Story 7: The Two Following Knight

Fillianess is now accompanying us to up to our house with her two subordinates.

「Fillianess-sama, leaving us midway and running of is very awful ~」
「Since I know that were using half plate mail equipment and it’s heavy so that’s why our legs become less capable. Though I know that we intended to advance in a fixed pace, I’m sorry for leaving you two on my own convenience. 」
「Even though were using light equipment….Fillianess-sama’s feet are too quick.」

The two knights who were following her who named themselves Margit and Aretta was much older than Fillianess-san but they were using honorifics while talking with Fillianess-san.
Margit-san is a Saint Knight who is employed as a knight and Aretta-san is a medic.
Though it’s a Recovery type job, but since she is being able to use a weapon to some extent, she wasn’t given the job of in the knights as a recovery magic user 「Healer」 but the job of a Medical unit 「Medic」 is a situation that is known.

「I’m truly sorry, even carrying our luggage. You are truly a help.」

Though Remillia kaa-san was in the middle of shopping but because she was injured, the luggage was handed over to Margit-san.

「Ah, It’s alright~. Even though I’m slow in walking but I have more strength compared to Fillianess-sama.」
「Muu….. Even I, after this will be piling up an even more severe training than last time. I would be troubled if you get too full of yourself」
「Isn’t there already a strong power in those slender arms of your Fillianess-sama? There also isn’t anyone who can defeat Maru-san in arm wrestling either.」

Margit-san seems to have the nickname 「Maru」.
I who is being carried by Remillia-san on her back was inclining my ears to hear those three’s conversation.


・「Charisma」 has been invoked! 《Margit》 & 《Aretta》’s attention has been obtained.

「(No no, I don’t plan on looking at their status immediately.)」

Maru-san and Aretta-san approached me to see my face.

Maru-san’s stature is tall, she has a long red hair which is connected with a tie and she is still a white beauty even though she had freckles.
Even though her whole body is hardened by a half plate mail equipment, the chest and joints part were still manufactured for a woman’s use……Seems like there are differences for armor intended for male and intended for female.

And Aretta-san has a weightless-like semi long brown hair which looked like the appearance of an office lady from an office district in Real life. She looks like a university student for her age.

「…..Please look at my direction~. Or I’ll have to use force to make you look here~」
「Forcefully making him look here, what the hell are you saying to a baby? That’s obviously bad.」


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Story 5: Riot in the town

Chapter 1: Infancy

Story 5: Riot in the town

As a baby, I have raised the skills I have acquired greatly.

When I had a chance to come in contact with the inhabitants of the town but first of all, let me show off my skills.

Though I’ll apologize for a moment because when I started on my skill raising, I couldn’t stop myself from doing it thoroughly by all means……

It’s a better or for worse trait of my past self.

When [Charisma] is invoked and [Charm] has been successful, according to the circumstances, I would be allowed to suckle.

I didn’t even imagine that in my baby days that I would be this busy.

However, I’m the only baby in this house, is what I think

If I didn’t acquire the [Charm] skill then the success rate of charming someone would be almost 0%.

If I wasn’t a baby then I would most likely rely on my [Good luck].

Though it’s different from a Succubus or an incubus who specializes in [Charm].

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Story 4: Skill raising with three girls

Chapter 1: Infancy

Story 4: Skill raising with three girls


Even though i have been marked by Remillia-san because of what happened with

Sarasa-san, that still won’t make me give up on raising my skills is what I concluded.


Excluding Sarasa-san, some friends of Remillia-san who also live in the neighborhood also frequently visits here.


And I also learned one thing.


Even if a woman doesn’t have a child but is in the right age then her [Maternity] skill would also be level 20 and this case, there are many women who can be proof to this statement.


Three young women came to our house today to have a tea party.

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