Chapter 10: The Dragon Princess and the Demon Beast

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I as usual have entered into a meditating state while feeling the Dragon pulse。

When meditating at the plaza of moss、I can recognize the large river of Dragon pulse at once。On the contrary、I have already become able to feel the Dragon pulse even if I wasn’t meditating since I just had to be conscious about it。

After meditating is practicing。

Scooping out the Dragon pulse and taking it inside my body。This is still quite difficult as it isn’t going as what I’m thinking。

The thing which is formed when taking the Dragon pulse in one’s own body is called Dragon Ki。
(TLN: Ya know, the Ki in chinese or japanese martial arts)

When pouring the Dragon ki in my feet、I would be able to jump up higher and be more faster when running。If I would pour it on my eyes then I would be able to see something from a distance much more clearer。

This is、it’s the same thing as an expert or a magician using magic or the the ki surrounding their body to improve their body ability。

I who is like a magician without any magical power or an expert that didn’t have Ki、is now trying to replicate the thing that they are doing with the use of Dragon Ki。

And thus、I was only able to perform such a thing like this with the Dragon Ki。
Condensing the Dragon Ki from the scooped up Dragon Pulse and gathering it up in my palms。Doing that、I would able to refine it and a shining green Dragon Ki would be seen above my palm。
Converting the shape of the refined Dragon Ki into that of an arrow、I threw it away to the target。
When the Dragon Ki Arrow hit the target、it showed an unthinkable destructive power。
(TLN: I want Ernea as my Archer class servant in F/GO!)
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Commushou NEWS

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I have great news and bad news

Commu will finally get a LN at March with Touwa-sensei as the author of course and 夜ノみつき-sensei as the Illustrator


Bad news is that the Moderators-samas has finally laid their hands on our treasured Commushou for it’s HENTAI “Problematic” content ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Touwa-sensei will be rewriting those “Problematic” content but the LN will still keep those problematic scenes.

Now here’s the problem.

This will cause the web novel to be less HENTAI and more of a normal battle novel with less HENTAI content.

I admit that 70% of the reason why I read and translate this is because of those “Problematic” content and I’ll be refusing to translate it if the content will be much lesser than it.

Do you guys still want to continue the story with less H now and more battle shiet or not?

(TSK. why didn’t the author just move this series into the hentai novel site….I wouldn’t be having this problem now if Touwa-sensei did that then I wouldn’t be suffering like this)

Or if someone wants to then go buy me a copy of Volume 1 and maybe I can try to translate it! I heard it’s more EVIL than the WN version ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

KickMyNose here (• ε •).
To make things short Commushou finally got noticed and it’s going to have a Light Novel which is a good news to other but the downside because it’s too Impro- I MEAN LEW- NO! I mean “Improper” to others, it might get rewrite and the “Improper” will  might be remove. And so the translations of the chapters up until now might become invalid or not the same for the changes Touma- I MEAN Touwa will do.

So both me and the fairy are waiting for the next news from there we’ll decide what will happen to the TLing of the series. For now we’ll focus on “Ryuu Hou Sun De I Masu”.

Chapter 9: The Dragon Princess and the Dragon King

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Changes again.
Dragon men -> Dragonian

While Mistral-san was hiding her breasts that couldn’t shake with one hand, she approached me while her face was bright red.
(TLN: Truly best girl)

Ah, the danger of my life is approaching

For her attack the could injure an Ancient Dragon kind、I didn’t have anything to defend against that。

I was pushed by Mistral-san’s aura as I fell on my bottom。

And thus、the Deva king Mistral-san was before my eyes。

Though she wasn’t holding the frightening one handed rod but she greatly raised her right hand。

「Uwawawa、please spare me」

I begged Mistral-san’s forgiveness while prostrating。

I’m sorry for thinking that you’re small chested。I apologize for desiring to obtain a bride that would have a bouncy chest。So please spare me。

Other than that、wasn’t Old Sleigstar the one who is at fault for reading my thoughts and speaking it out loud。
Kuuu、for me to get misfortune from another person’s doing。

I who was prostrating。
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Chapter 8: The Dragon Princess with a blunt weapon

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I am a foolish child。

When I heard Old Sleigstar tell me about teaching me to dance & after I received his light coaching、I arrived on my way back。

When I brought the collected firewood and fruits home、my mother was extremely pleased。However、after I told them that I lost the sword that I just bought with great pains as I received the fist of my cruelly angry father that just got home。
The truth is that it was thrown away by Old Sleigstar but it’s impossible for me to say such a thing huh。

Yeah yeah。T sanctuary of the forest of dragons、the huge dragon Old Sleigstar & the matter of the Spirit Tree was to be kept a secret ash I severely pushed those thoughts in my mind。I’m sure that it’s a secret that I couldn’t even say to the Hero Ristia。

Next day at school、of course I went to school。
I haven’t practiced my sword on that day however but I passed time with Kurishio and the others in the battle arts practice of magic。

To the fact that I who didn’t have any magical power abandoned fencing、not only the teachers or the retired knights of the kingdom who came here to teach us but the other students looked at me with their eyes full of pity that it hurts。

Though Risita got really worried for me but I just sat on the corner of the training are and started my meditating practice since I couldn’t explain to him of the reasons I had。
(TLN: YAOI DENIED! Since Best girl’s aura can be felt from beneath this chapter)

「In thine school、do not practice your fencing but just continue meditating and feel the dragon pulse」

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Chapter 7: The Land’s flow

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What is the power that is worthy for me to get? With me that has a question mark floating in my head, Old Sleigstar urged me to just sit temporarily。
I remained as what he said as I sat in front of Old Sleigstar。

I wonder what I’m gonna be doing from now on? Old Sleigstar was thinking of something、I didn’t understand what I’ll be trying to do so I become worried as I looked up at him。

Old Sleigstar silently watched over me with his pupils of gold。

「Fumu、Thine is wavering from uneasiness huh。Believe in one’s own first then silence thine mind & do as one’s own says」

It’s not like I don’t believe you or anything。It’s just that、I’m just uneasy when I can’t see what was ahead of me as expected。I wish you would teach me what I’m gonna be doing up to that extent。Though while I was thinking so、I calmed down my heart & mind。However、how could I settle down my heart & mind? Since I don’t usually do that then I’d be having strange thoughts right now。

「Assume an comfortable posture & slowly close thine eyes」

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Chapter 6: Garden of the Spirit Tree

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Changed stuff
Wood spirits > Spirit Tree
I’m sorry, my brain is 80% alive and 20% WTF with the car  accident I experienced a while ago.

The Goddess-sama of creation created a large continent。A lot of races were born in that continent and those has prospered。The races who didn’t have any limit in number、were given 2 truths。The humans got hope and miracles。The Goddess gave the humans hope and taught them to believe in miracles。

And I right now、am sincerely wishing for a hope and miracle to happen from the bottom of my heart。

「AAaaaaahhhhhh! Hellpppppp meeeeeeeee!」

I am being chased by a large gray demon beast wolf & is now running from place to place in the forest of dragons。

At the next day when I’m going to meet the Huge Dragon、I entered the forest of dragons according to the promise to meet the Huge Dragon again。If I entered and walked appropriately then I would be able to reach that plaza of moss is what it taught to me。

However、I quickly met the demon beast when I entered the forest and will be arriving soon。

It was necessary for me to think。I from yesterday was also attacked my a demon beast in the forest of dragons。If I tought about it carefully then I should have expected that this guy was still here in this forest。

I didn’t hear of any story that a demon beast would come out of the forest of dragons at this morning today nor did anything come out about a demon beast being subjugated in the newspaper。
But I encountered it yesterday and it is now attacking me today。

With this, before I even reach the plaza of moss、I would be killed by this demon beast。

Continuing from yesterday、I’m desperately running away again。

I deliriously ran on the ground that wasn’t getting maintained and was rough。
Though the demon beast’s footsteps couldn’t be heard but I could understand where it was from it’s presence。

I would be killed if I halted。Even if that guy gets tired then it would just urge to dash and eat me alive。It was chasing me with a constant distance which was him playing at me。
But I can do nothing but run right now。The moment that I won’t run would be the time that I would get killed。

Ah、Goddess-sama of creation。

I have hopes that I would be able run away from it and I noticed that I was already inside the plaza of moss is the miracle that I believe in。


Well、why did the Goddess-sama even create such a dangerous thing like this Demon beast? If the things like this or demons or the god men were here to oppress the humans then wouldn’t our lives always be in peril?

Is it because I cursed the Goddess-sama with words that my feet got caught up again and I magnificently fell down。
It’s not like the edge of a cliff like yesterday、I tripped on the roots of the tree trunk right now。

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Chapter 5: Dancing on the nest of the Large Old Dragon

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It was a large dragon that I thought was a hill for a moment。

Its whole body is covered with glossily dark scales & ahead of its limbs is where its wings were rooted、it’s mane、while lacquer black hair surrounded it’s large mouth。
Though its wings were heavily shut with its posture that was like it was groveling in the ground but it was still really big when I’m still looking at it afar。
Its tail is long as it even reached the center of the plaza’s moss at the end。

I landed on my bottom。

Fear has passed over me。

Possibly、this might be the thing they call despair。

With it’s staring eyes that shone with the color of gold、I couldn’t take away my eyes from its direction。

The huge dragon quietly looked at me。

I also couldn’t look away from its golden eyes。

With its shining pupils、I remembered what fear is and I understood what despair is。I held fear before long as I felt a deep wisdom on its eyes。

The gigantic dragon and I watched each other。
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Chapter 4: Encounter

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Changed stuff
Magic beast > Demon beast
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Thanks for the friend who donated for my funds.
I was able to buy some curtains so I can translate in the morning since I’m weak against brightness. In which speeds my Translating progress. I’ll make a special Kitsune chapter since the person who donated supports the kitsune series

「Ernea、if you’re free then go to the Forest of Dragons and get some things that looks like it can be used as firewood」

That was said to me and that’s why early in the morning、I was driven out of our house by Mom。

The dill that our house uses for cooking is very important for a not so affluent house like ours。Though we could substitute it with a flame attributed magic stone if we put out a bit of money but our family believes that using too much money isn’t good so we just use firewood instead。

If we pick up firewood then we won’t need to use money。

And we could pick up a dozen of firewood in the Forest of Dragons。

The Forest of Dragons。

It was a very wide forest that already existed even longer than the Amuado Kingdom was found。If you would ask how big it is then from the entrance of the forest which is spread out in the south part of the king’s capital then it would take someone of the least 30 days to reach the lake of the forest。

Since it would take 60 days until one would reach the capital city of the neighboring country Yorutenitosu Kingdom then it would be half of that。Though it would take time when traveling inside the forest of course but still、everyone understands that the size of the forest is in-measurable。

And then somewhere in the forest of dragons、is where a legendary ancient dragon lives。

I don’t know what kind of legend is it since no one has ever encountered that dragon so that’s why no one knows why is it called that way。

The forest of dragons is strictly managed by the kingdom and even just cutting up a single small tree was prohibited。
However、the people were free to collect the twigs from a fallen dead tree。
The people could also pick an abundant amount of fruits too and it was a perfect hunting grounds for hunters too since no monsters didn’t appear there at all。

It would only take me a single minute to arrive at the forest from the district that I lived in。Though round trips would take me 2 minutes but since this can be used as training for my legs but would I be able to immediately collect firewood when I enter the forest so I’ll just go back when it becomes afternoon。
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Chapter 3: Ghost Raid

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The day changed to the next day。I went to school bare handed。Though I planned to get a weapon of my own yesterday but I completely forgot about it when I watched the play with Ristia。

Since I didn’t have any choice then I’ll just borrow the weapons of the school for today’s battle lesson。

Today’s practice shall have a real battle so the students truly had to prepare their own weapons。The people who didn’t bring any had no choice。

When I went to school and looked、there were only several students besides me who didn’t bring any weapon of their own too。
I had companions。I was glad for a brief moment but they went to the direction of the magic training class so they didn’t really need any weapon originally。

That is why I alone went to the teacher to borrow a single sword before proceeding to the battle arts lesson。

Battle arts isn’t only a single year till next year but since this will be needed for our whole life when a time comes where monsters shall appear before us so ti’s necessary for me to take this class。So for me to go to school without any weapon prepared for the first day of real training、the glances of the teachers were painful。

Half of today’s morning shall be spent on seat studying and the other half shall be the weapon training。The people who have magic power will be taking magic classes & the priests and the shrine maidens who are serving at the temple will go back and start their duties。
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Chapter 2: Paired blade of the Dancing Princess

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My Name is Ernea・Isu。At the west side is the Dragon’s peak、at the north is the Flying Dragon hunting grounds & at the south is where the Forest of Dragons is spread out & the Capital city of the kingdom which had a connection with the dragons where an extremely normal like 14 year old boy was raised in 。
At the present、for the sake of when he will start his journey in the first day of spring when he turns to 15 years old、he has trained with his 30 classmates everyday。

The kingdom of Amuado that I’m living in has an old custom that has remained up to this day which is when a boy or a girl has turned 15 year of age then for a whole year、they would have to part with the land they were raised and go on a journey。That is why I who have turned into a 14 year old boy has to commute to a school and learn techniques for the sake of my journey。If I didn’t then I would learn the method of camping and coping up with monsters that might appear。
Bu even if I say that、my real situation is that I’ve moved to the town next to us and endured daily working while studying。
Though it’s seldom but there are some people that spent their one year splendidly so they could boast that they have registered as an adventurer but that only happens with several people every year。 People like the ones who want to become a knight for the kingdom or the people who want to walk on the path they want to take。

However、This year is a bit different from any usual year。

The people who wanted to become adventurers、they number a bout more than half of the students in my whole class year。

The reason is very easy indeed。

Because within the average normal students of this class、The hero Ristia who has been chosen by the Holy Sword is here。There are a lot of people who have been inspired by him、and that’s why the men and women of this school has been wrapped up with a burning enthusiasm to not spend their whole lives very ordinarily。

I who also says this yearns to become an adventurer because of Ristia too but I didn’t seem to have any talent in martial arts regrettably but I still haven’t given up since it’s still isn’t summer yet。
I will surely be safe when next year’s spring comes so I’ll just look for work in the town next to mine。

Unlike me who doesn’t have any talent、I’m sure that the Hero Ristia would have a wonderful adventure。

I’m envious of him、is what I thought as I looked up at Ristia who was walking beside me。
Ah、he’s taller than me for a bit。
(TLN: Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)


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