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Well this is just a meow from me but if anyone got a copy of the light novel of Commushou(I heard that the author leveled up on the ERO content) then if you could kindly make an epub of Commushou Vol 1 for me then I would happily Translate it


I only read Epub format of Light novels since I dun have a PC. Just an android tablet user here. + I dun like pdf and other file formats for light novels

Story 3: Laladi and Solgros

From the child’s facial expression、all feelings from her expression abruptly came off。
It was as if she was wearing a [Noh mask] which hides off any kind of emotion as the men faced her。
(index TLN: This is a Noh mask)

From the last words that the guy who wanted to sell her off as a slave、he started to make sounds as if he didn’t understand what the hell was happening right now。
Something gigantic pierced the ground from beneath the earth wherein just by a blink of an eye、the companion of the man was 『swallowed up』 by it。
(TLN: FIRST BLOOD *Le plays Overlord OP* See! Dark guild + OP Guildmaster = Nazari*DMCA’D*)

「Wha-、what the meow、is this……?」

The men were wearing surprised blank faces as they just stared at the gigantic vegetation that suddenly appeared at their presence。
That plant however wasn’t a normal looking one。

The vines and the stems were wriggling like it was alive。
Moreover、it was unexpectedly gigantic as the man has never been able to see such a large flower in his entire life。
(TLN: They were like antman against those plants)


When looking at the center part of the flower、the man could see the upper part of the body of his companion outside of the plant’s mouth。
He was in a state of panic as he called for his companion but alas、there was no reply to his cries。


When the man concentrated to look closely、his companion was already vomiting lots of amount of blood from his mouth and his eyes were already hallow。
The man judged that his companion was already long gone。
Perhaps the lower body of his companion that was inside the plant had already been crushed and eaten。

(TLN: Double kill)

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Listening to Ikenai Borderline while translating while playing Senran Kagura is fun. IKARUGA IS WAIFU(Plus her V.a. Imai Asami is my fave)

I couldn’t forget it。It was at the first day of class。

「Harukawa-san、where are your textbooks?」

On the national language class、only Kotono’s desk was empty as it was for a while now。
There was no textbook nor any notebook。There weren’t even pencils nor erasers。

「For now、let’s take out your textbooks, notebooks, pencils and erasers alright」

The still young female teacher(I think her name was probably Endo)told that to Kotono while giving off a smile。
Kotono looked at the other side from where the teacher was and made a facial expression like she didn’t care。

「Kotono-chan、take out your textbook from your bag」

Mukoujima who was at the opposite side tried to lend a hand。Despite of that、Kotono rudely disregarded him and turned her face to the other side which is where I was。
Our gazes met with each other。At that moment、I learned of her gentle light brown eyes。I didn’t know why but I couldn’t take off my eyes from her so I just stared at her sullen face。
The teacher asked again with a perplexed voice。

「Harukawa-san、did you forget to bring your textbooks?」
「I forgot it」

While I was looking at her、Kotono bluntly said so。

「Then that can’t be helped。Mukaishima-san、please share your textbook with Harukawa-san……」

Though the Teacher still hadn’t finished what she was saying、Kotono had picked up her desk and brought it near to mine。
Chuckles and whispers could be heard in every corner of the classroom and I got so embarrassed that I really wanted to cry。
The teacher was relieved as she spoke to me。

「Ok then、Nukui、you’ll be sharing your textbook with Harukawa-san alright」
(TLN: o(-`д´- 。) <- Nukui right now)

This waas the beginning。
Furthermore、I would learn later that Kotono really brought her textbooks, notebooks, pencils and erasers at that time。
(TLN: Is it just me or is this yandere vibes I’m getting ( ⚆ _ ⚆ ) ( 〇□〇))

She had them though she didn’t bring them out。
It seems that her parents contacted our place after this textbook incident because the Teacher reported what happened to them。
Maybe Kotono’s parents told her to follow what the teacher told her to do。
Kotono took out her textbooks and notebooks the next day。

「Teacher、I forgot my pencil and eraser。May I borrow some from Zaske-kun?」

While saying so、without even waiting for the teacher’s reply、she just plundered a pencil and eraser in my pencil case。It was at the first class of the next day after the textbook incident。
(TLN: As a poor fairy like me, I would have charged her 200% for that pencil and eraser or the readers could just maybe donate some money for me to even care for translating kek well I’m not forcing anyone but eating cup noodles everyday sucks)

「Well that can’t be helped。However、please take care of that pencil and eraser and give it back properly afterwards」

Naturally、she wouldn’t follow such an order like that。
She would exchange my carefully sharpened pencil for the ugly used pencil that she used after a single hour has passed、I diligently sharpened the pencil while listening to class。。
After school、this is what she said after returning the last pencil that I had。

「Sharpen this neatly alright。I’ll be counting on you tomorrow」
(TLN: Wow, I wanna strangle her so much right now ୧(๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭)

I thought that it was only a joke。
But Harukawa Kotono never says any jokes。
The next day、she said yet again that she forgot her writing equipment as she forcibly took my carefully sharpened pencil and returned it as an ugly looking pencil。
Of course I couldn’t endure that anymore and I protested against Kotono after school。

「You know、since your family have so don’t they buy for you the things that you need? If you forgot your pencils then just buy some from a convenience store」
「Ara、but they do buy me what I need。Look」

Kotono had a calm expression as she took out her pencil case from her bag。
And it was like she was revealing a secret into a crowd as she opened her pencil box for everyone to see。
There were sic beautifully sharpened pencils。Each one had a single piece of eraser。

「I did that since its to bothersome to sharpen it again。Or would Zaske-kun sharpen it yourself?」

Those words were heard by the teacher so the teacher called for the Harukawa parents yet again。
The next day、she properly brought out her textbooks, notebooks and writing equipment。

But this wasn’t the end of my agony。
Harukawa Kotono was branded as a weirdo from this chain of events。
Well、that’s the natural way of what it would end into。
Of course、no one from our class would talk to her and on the time when we had to group ourselves、everyone would just avoid being with her。
The teacher was pretty troubled by this too so she tried her best to mix Kotono with the class but the most vital person which is Kotono herself didn’t seem to want to do that。
While the Teacher was coming up with ideas for that、the one pressed on to handle Kotono was of course none other than me。
(TLN: Sucks to be you, bruh)

「About Harukawa-san、I think that she has opened up her heart a bit for Nukui-kun。That is why、I want you to get along with Harukawa-san」

On the field trip that we had in spring、the one who was holding hands with Kotono was none other then me again。
Truthfully speaking、Half of me was feeling that this is very troublesome and half of me was feeling superior to others。
Though her personality was like barf shit but the compensation of that was she was really beautiful。
Though the girls would look at her with their cold glares but some or few of the guys really dream of just taking her。

Boys at the age of elementary might have some sexual tendency and some of them may be faster than others to even know masturbation。
Some of the worst guys would also say、「I WANT TO BE STEPPED ON BY HARUKAWA-SAMA!」。
Those guys of my class are now staring at me with their gazes full of envy。
(TLN: Masochistic Elementary school boys? Me from that time would be reading light novels at the corner like a good fairy)

Her hand is very small and a bit damp。
Though I was a bit embarrassed so I tried to talk with her but I couldn’t remember what I said to her。
Since I could only remember what she severely said to me。

Kotono grasped my hand as she stared at me with a hole on her usual sullen face and said this in a dash。

「If you try to hold hands with another girl other than me then I’ll murder you Zaske-kun」

And at the time when we would look at the cherry blossoms while eating our lunch boxes at the Asukayama park、as an example

「I forgot my lunch box」

The girl said so as she deprived me of my lunch box。
But the teacher who had memorized her pattern at that time、

「If you wanted Zaske-kun’s lunch box that much then you should just exchange yours with him」

and with that proposal、I was able to eat a 5 star french chef’s lunch box for the first time。

That would always happen since I was always paired with Kotono as we acted together。
Besides that、we weren’t that much intimate。
For lunchtime and after class、I was a boy who would play soccer sports with some of my bastard friends。
Maybe Kotono would be reading some book in her free time or she would be listening to some music while wearing her headphone。
Since she would commute to school via a foreign large black car then she wouldn’t be like us who would be loitering everywhere after school。
Some time when I found her at the school gate while a man in black clothes was opening the car door for her、

「Do you want to ride with me?」
(TLN: What she really meant [Do you want to ride me? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)])

is what she said as she tried to invite me but the guy in black clothes looked like a scary kidnapper so I refused。


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Is this a pure love story you ask?


Do you even trust me?

The first time I met with Harukawa Kotono、goes back to the first grade of Elementary school。
In the classroom that I entered after finishing the opening ceremony、she was sitting next to my seat。
I’m Nukui。She’s Harukawa。
If Negishi-san was beside me or if Hara-san who is in front of her then I would have not been able to seat next to her。Only by just a mere chance would just be enough to decide one person’s fate。

My parents wore a business like attire at the new opening ceremony and I beat my chest at my new exciting school life。
Furthermore、the girl by my side was as cute as a doll and my heart was going wild with a *DokiDoki* sound while I’m just sitting here。
With her skin that surpasses whiteness、rosy red cheeks and bright chestnut colored long hair。
It was not only me。All of the people in the classroom including even the teacher was nervous from her beauty。

My parents and other guardians were lined up behind the classroom and the remarkable looking people surrounded by normal looking people were definitely Kotono’s parents。
That handsome and beautiful couple were waving at their beautiful daughter that looked back at them。

――So our children are seatmates。Though she is a spoiled kid、please continue your favors toward our daughter。

My parents bowed their heads to the Harukawa couple when they said that since they were quite grateful。
I wasn’t aware of the fact that they were from a distinguished family from old times that had a Harukawa group of companies that were extremely earth shatteringly rich so I really didn’t understand why my parents were so 。
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Story 2: The Dark Guild Subjugation corps (AKA First Blood…kek)

The Dark Guild Subjugation corps (AKA First Blood…kek)

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Well here’s chapter 2 of MASTER’S SMILE ❤ KYAAAAAA

「The place that we’re heading towards to、where the meow was it again?」

The other guy who also accepted this work asked him so the man instinctively let out a sigh。
This bastard、did he go here without even knowing that……?

「Without even knowing this well enough、why the meow are you doing by accepting this job」
「Well、I recently had no money so….」
「Huuuhh?Bastard、didn’t you say that you just made some profit?」
「That is、I lost it all at once when I bought a slave」
(TLN: This is why I don’t like novels with slaves)

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