Chapter 4: Encounter

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「Ernea、if you’re free then go to the Forest of Dragons and get some things that looks like it can be used as firewood」

That was said to me and that’s why early in the morning、I was driven out of our house by Mom。

The dill that our house uses for cooking is very important for a not so affluent house like ours。Though we could substitute it with a flame attributed magic stone if we put out a bit of money but our family believes that using too much money isn’t good so we just use firewood instead。

If we pick up firewood then we won’t need to use money。

And we could pick up a dozen of firewood in the Forest of Dragons。

The Forest of Dragons。

It was a very wide forest that already existed even longer than the Amuado Kingdom was found。If you would ask how big it is then from the entrance of the forest which is spread out in the south part of the king’s capital then it would take someone of the least 30 days to reach the lake of the forest。

Since it would take 60 days until one would reach the capital city of the neighboring country Yorutenitosu Kingdom then it would be half of that。Though it would take time when traveling inside the forest of course but still、everyone understands that the size of the forest is in-measurable。

And then somewhere in the forest of dragons、is where a legendary ancient dragon lives。

I don’t know what kind of legend is it since no one has ever encountered that dragon so that’s why no one knows why is it called that way。

The forest of dragons is strictly managed by the kingdom and even just cutting up a single small tree was prohibited。
However、the people were free to collect the twigs from a fallen dead tree。
The people could also pick an abundant amount of fruits too and it was a perfect hunting grounds for hunters too since no monsters didn’t appear there at all。

It would only take me a single minute to arrive at the forest from the district that I lived in。Though round trips would take me 2 minutes but since this can be used as training for my legs but would I be able to immediately collect firewood when I enter the forest so I’ll just go back when it becomes afternoon。

Today is a holiday。I feel that my stamina has gotten stronger because of the practice battle arts I go to everyday so I carried the firewood basket on my back as I enthusiastically used my strength even for a bit。

Incidentally、Ristia was absent yesterday at school。
Ristia who used up all of his Magical power in the battle against the ghosts seems to have become tired and laid himself in his bed for a long time。

Magical power is necessary for using magic、Sorcery needs Holy power and when they use it until nothing is left then it seems like the user’s body will remarkably weaken。
The weakened body would easily contract illnesses & there are some who would be asleep for several days afterwards too。

Though I didn’t listen to it in the seat study since I’m a person who doesn’t have any magical power but it seems to be an important story for those who posses magical power。

By the way、holy power would only stay on a baptized shrine maiden。Since holy power is a fragment of the power of the Goddess who created this world then if it isn’t a trained shrine maiden then would the holy power not be able to stay in her body?
Therefore, the men who are priests don’t have any holy power so they can’t also use sorcery。
Since the one who created this world is a Goddess after all then men might not be suited for it。
It seems like a shrine maiden like Ruiseine doesn’t even understand it even if I asked her。
It was a very mysterious thing。

I passed through the large gate south of the king capital’s main street while thinking of this and that as I crossed over the wide fields and entered the forest of dragons。

Since I can’t give a clear declaration on which part I was in the forest of Dragons but it seems like I’ve already entered the forest if the trees that surrounded me has increased gradually is what I feel。
Since this side of the forest is already in direct control of the kingdom、from the people who don’t hold any fields of harvesting up to the people who are obstructing the way into the forest are there too。
In short、no one actually knows where the entrance of the forest is located。Even the kingdom’s officials are not sure of it too。

I lowered my waist in the shade of a handy tree with broad leaves & took a rest for a bit。Since I’ve walked for a long time from my house up to here then I have considerably became tired。
However、this seems to be good for training my physical strength。
Since we always need firewood anyways the this is also an acceptable work for me after school。

The season is still a bit early for summer even when spring has already ended is what the season for today is。

I kept walking while sweating on my whole body & then the chilly wind was still a bit pleasant for me。
I drank the water in my flash 3 times & stood up afterwards。

Since I only had a light breakfast so I felt a bit hungry but if I entered the forest a bit then I just planned on eating some of the fruits inside & so I entered the forest some more。

The number of trees has increased bit by bit & the branches of all kinds of trees has formed a green ceiling。
The scenery of the the sunshine filtering through the leaves which was tenderly illuminating the grounds of the forest had a purity in which you would ask yourself if this really was a place that is near the king’s capital。

I looked up at the trees while wondering if there were some fruits & looked at the ground if there were branches that we could use as firewood while advancing inside the forest bit by bit。

Since everyone can indeed see the entrance of the forest immediately、I didn’t mind where my eyes were taking me。
Well、since that is true then I would be alright。

I decided to go inside a bit more with that。

Since I felt that my physical strength is increasing by just walking、I pulled out the sword that I bought within the past days & practiced while walking。

Since I felt that the sword that I borrowed in the school was a bit heavy for me so I picked a slender but light weight thing。I purchased it with the money that my parents were saving up & I used the money I saved up too to buy a bit more high quality weapon。
(TLN: This is actually a good but wasted investment since the strength of the MC = the money the parents will obtain)

I swing my sword left & right。When I swing my in both the upper and lower row、I had already forgotten about picking up firewood and was in a crazy appearance of slashing my sword。
(TLN: What a weeb….Though I do that too with my Assassin’s creed Cane blade too…it’s fun!…kill me)

When my stomach began to grumble loudly、I recalled the original purpose fof this trip of mine at last。

I just noticed that I’m fairly in the depths of the forest。

The green ceiling was thick & the trees stood close to each other which made it very narrow。

The ground was a bit damp and a lot of branches have fallen on it。Though those couldn’t be used as firewood immediately but I only had to make it dry。I decided to collect some firewood in this area。

However、ahead of that。

I buoyantly sat on a moss that seems to be soft & opened the lunch box that my mother gave me。
Eating my lunch here would be far quicker than looking for fruits here。

When I opened the wrapper of the boxed lunch、there were 2 Rye breads that I ate in the morning too & there were 2 slices of cheese too while there were a small bits of meat in the small container。

Let’s eat。

When I gave a prayer of thanks to my mother、I began to eat my lunch。

Though the meals of our not affluent household was simple  but our table is always brilliant with my mother’s tricky ways of making good food。
These bread and cheese were home made too。I knew that the bits of meat were from last evening’s food。
The soft meat that I put in my mouth melted instantly。
The richness of the cheese which also had a compatibility with the bread in which the salty had a bit of an effect with having no bit of fault。
I subdued everything at once & drank the last containing water in my flask for 2 times。
(TLN: This feels so gay….blame Souma series for making me sexualizing food)

At the place where I moderately satisfied my stomach、I took some firewood。

Since I planned on returning home in the afternoon in reality、I was now fairly late。

While I was gathering firewood in a hurry、I suddenly felt the sign of something。

This also happened when I was practicing in the Ruins exploration last time but my perception is really sharp huh。

I raised myself & observed my surroundings。

Trees and weeds that have overly grown。There were moss in places。
Even if the foilage of the forest shuts out the sunlight、a small bits of light still wrapped the forest so it wasn’t dark。

Was it just my imagination? As I tried to restart in picking up firewood。

At that time。
(TLN: [Ernea: “I realized I’m gay for Ristia”] AHAHAHAHAHAHAA)

Something moved in the corner of my view。

What might it be。I couldn’t see anything even if I faced that direction。

My body stiffens because of the tension。

When I pulled out the sword on my waist、I observed my surroundings with vigilance。

This place is the forest of dragons。I don’t know but monsters don’t come out in this place。
Then、what was that thing that I saw a while ago。

In my mind、the appearance of the ghosts that suddenly appeared in the training area crossed my mind。
My whole body began to sweat as my knees began o shake。
(TLN: This is a horror novel?)

No no、that can’t be true。Ghosts would only seldom to go out。It’s not a ghost。

Then、what on the meow was that。

Is it a thief?

Even if this is the outskirts of the king’s capital、it isn’t impossible for thieves to be gone。
What should I do、I didn’t bring any money。The only things I had were damp firewood and an average sword。

Zawari。(TLN: sounds of leaves moving)

Though I was watching where the thing moved、I turned around in a panic because I felt a commotion in the back of the forest。

And then。

I screamed and ran away。

At the time that I turned around、there was a large gray wolf。
(TLN: Maybe it just wants to be your friend? 10/10 would hug ♥ )

It went behind me before I even noticed as it opened it’s large mouth which he was planning to swallow me whole。

My field of vision was wrapped in fear。

I lashed at my knees who was looking like it was going to crumble & desperately ran away。

With the trees that were being an obstacle、I bent to the left and bent to the right。

I ran away。

My foot was caught up in a root of a tree however & I fell down。

When I timidly turned around、the large wolf was calmly running after me。

Why isn’t there a sound of it’s footsteps while it’s running?
Since there were no footsteps、Did i not notice it?
I had no time to be thinking about that right now。

I stood up in a panic & ran away。

I couldn’t continue breathing。I overworked my feet and it now hurts。My sides were in pain。I couldn’t care about those things however。I ran from place to place in the forest。

That thing is a demon beast。I’m not wrong with that。

I was relieved that no monsters would come out in the forest of dragons。
It’s true that monsters don’t come out in here but  I wasn’t sure if ghosts and thieves would also not come out in here。Demon beast may be loitering around here too was a thing in the corner of my mind that I haven’t thought about。

Though that thing is following me but it wasn’t attacking me。I’m sure that running after me is just playing around for it。
I couldn’t stop running however。I’m sure that when I stop running、it will get tired of playing around and eat me。

I faced a crisis in my life for the first time & felt that I would go mad in fear。

I was scared too when we were attacked by demons in the ruins。I was also scared too when the Ghosts came out in the training area。However、I had a sense of security too。Since there was Hero Ristia on our side。We would surely be saved since he was there。Since he was there then we had nothing to fear。

However、Ristia wasn’t on my side right now。There was no one。

I felt real fear for the first time、I felt the importance of my own life & for the first time、I sincerely wished for the Goddess-sama to save me。

My feet tangled from reaching it’s limit。

I fell down and I’m sure that I’ll be a goner afterwards。

My left leg stumbled。I desperately put out my right leg。

However, my feet reached their limits and I couldn’t put any strength in them & I misserably fell down again。

I unconsciously looked at my rear side。
I couldn’t stop looking。

The large wolf demon beast had a complacent smile as it satisfyingly bended as it opened it’s mouth filled with thick sharp fangs & it tried to attack me。

My knees fell from exceeding it’s limit and I broke a fall。

My sight became white。

Did I die?

I could see the movement of the demon wolf become slow。

It’s eerie red mouth slowly approached。

At that time、the ground that had crumbled fell down。

I seem to have fallen from the edge of a precipice。

The shock of the crumbling edges broke & I was dropped unto the cliff。

The demon beast shut it’s mouth immediately but it couldn’t reach me。

I fell in the cliff of a steep slope and came down rolling。
(TLN: Demon beast wolves see me rollin’, They hatin’)

My whole body was getting severely knocked over & I lost consciousness from the pain。

(TLN: He’s dead, guys. The End. No more gay stuff. Go away now xD )






There was a deep and cool but old fragrant as I slightly recovered my consciousness。

I gradually woke up next by the smell and taste of blood like a rusting iron in my mouth & the acute pain of running around returned to my whole body。

The first thing that I saw when I opened my heavy eyelids was a beautiful carpet of green moss。
I sank my body in the carpet of a deep moss。

On the tip of my view、I couldn’t find the cliff that I have fallen from & gigantic trees stood close together to which I can’t find out what ages where those trees were。

I wonder where this place is。

While I was thinking so、I wondered what happened to the demon beast、as I recalled the crisis of my life a while ago。

I made efforts to my body who wouldn’t move because of the pain by force and I stood up。

When I got up、I observed my surroundings。

Why is it that I couldn’t find the cliff that I fell from?

I was in a place where all sides were possible to be opened。Every place had a deep moss that grew from below thickly in an open place and old trees were surrounding us。

I looked up at the sky and got surprised。There was a large old tree and it’s branches that greatly expanded became an umbrella for the whole place。
Even if how much I looked at it hardly、I couldn’t see the top of the gigantic tree。
(TLN: So is this the japanese novel version of Jack and the beanstalk? Ernea-kun and the beanstalk!)

I was fascinated by the divine feeling of the large tree。

I unconsciously opened my mouth and widened my eyes at the tree。

Each one of the branches were much fatter than the surrounding old trees。
For such a huge and divine tree to be in this forest、I didn’t know of this。
I haven’t heard about this to begin with。

Though the Gigantic tree became an umbrella with it’s branches for the whole wide place、There was a trunk in that place。Far away、I could see a large fat trunk that I can think that it’s already not a tree anymore。

And when I lowered my view as it is、I have seen it。

At the center of the plaza。

There was a mound in there。

I thought that it was just a mound when I saw it for the first time。

However、I was wrong。

The beautiful green moss overgrew there in abundance & at the center of the gigantic tree’s branch which was being used as an umbrella for the whole plaza、There was a huge Dragon。

Author’s remarks

From now on、Magic、God power、Energy、Magical power、DRAGON POWER and a lot of powers will come out。

That is why the words [Holy] that will be written will be pronounced as [Holy power] from now on when you read it。

My best regards。

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