Chapter 5: Dancing on the nest of the Large Old Dragon

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It was a large dragon that I thought was a hill for a moment。

Its whole body is covered with glossily dark scales & ahead of its limbs is where its wings were rooted、it’s mane、while lacquer black hair surrounded it’s large mouth。
Though its wings were heavily shut with its posture that was like it was groveling in the ground but it was still really big when I’m still looking at it afar。
Its tail is long as it even reached the center of the plaza’s moss at the end。

I landed on my bottom。

Fear has passed over me。

Possibly、this might be the thing they call despair。

With it’s staring eyes that shone with the color of gold、I couldn’t take away my eyes from its direction。

The huge dragon quietly looked at me。

I also couldn’t look away from its golden eyes。

With its shining pupils、I remembered what fear is and I understood what despair is。I held fear before long as I felt a deep wisdom on its eyes。

The gigantic dragon and I watched each other。

However, before I knew it、I didn’t feel any fear for this huge dragon anymore。
What might this be。For instance, it’s like when I’m with my grandfather、I felt awe and a sense of security。I was a bit nervous but I wasn’t scared。
I was wrapped up in a mysterious sense。

Then、the mouth of the huge dragon slightly opened。

「It is unusual for a human to come here。How much have thine strayed off, child.」

EHHHHHHHHHH! The dragon spoke。
I voiced that out but the sound had low power。

To my surprise、the huge dragon narrowed its eyes。

「Well, if thine live a long time then thine’ll probably learn words too」

UWOHHHHH! My mind was read。

「Guwahahahaha、I can easily read human’s minds」

The huge dragon opened its mouth and laughed。

「Are you not scared of one’s own、child of the humans」

The huge dragon opened its mouth and threatened me。

But what must this be。I couldn’t feel any fear for this Huge dragon after all。
Well、I still fell to my bottom and is remaining in sitting。

And I recalled it。

Somewhere inside the forest of dragons、an Ancient old dragon was living in there。

This large dragon before me、is this the legendary ancient old dragon in the legend?

「Now then、Though my own personally do not know what that legend was pertaining to but thine are not incorrect in saying that my own is the chief of this forest」

My mind has been read yet again。
When I made my eyes stagger、the huge dragon found it strange and it narrowed its eyes and looked at me。

Are-areee。Why can I understand that it’s finding me amusing when it just narrowed its eyes。

「Now then、lost child of the humans。Whay have thine come here?」

The huge dragon said that as it raised its long neck and looked down upon me。
I just kept aghast at its size。

「One’s own is the dragon that is protecting this forest。The role of protecting the spirit woods from disaster in which has been given to one’s own even before the ancient times。Thou、art thine a person that shall cause misfortune to this forest?」

The huge dragon from the low voice of a gentle old man changed into a voice that was filled with dignity as it stared at me with a sharp glance。

The huge dragon that I was looking up at、though I thought that it was an existence that I couldn’t feel fear even when it’s this big but that was a big mistake。
I didn’t think that the I was an insect for the huge dragon。That’s why it shouldn’t even be threatening me & he shouldn’t be vigilant with me。
However, it was just looking at me like I was a small insect that seemed to be interesting。
Therefore I too、didn’t get too much excited on the reality of this overwhelming existence & I didn’t feel any fear anymore。

However originally、it was different。

It lived with long years & it was a huge dragon of the legend that kept defending this forest of dragons by it’s large wisdom that humans couldn’t reach。An Ancient dragon。

The huge dragon considered me as an intruder & it tried to see through me if I was an evil that would bring misfortune to this forest。

I was overwhelmed and hardened stood there while being unable to blink for once。
When I was being attacked by the demon beast。I ran away and nearly went mad from fear
In other words、I still had my thinking mind which was telling me to run away even if it’s scary。

That however、was a small thing for the huge dragon。

I didn’t have any choices。
I couldn’t fear it nor run away from it。
However、I was just an absolutely small existence that was waiting for this one’s judgement。

If the huge dragon has judge me to be evil、I didn’t have any piece of choice that I can find in this world。

Ahh、I’m just a single boy that is yearning for the Hero Ristia。I shall someday obtain a wonderful weapon & I would become a person that everyone will envy and admire。

Would my parents worry about me who has gone to the forest of dragons and hasn’t come back? Even if our home wasn’t affluent but my mother would always love me with all her strength。My father works hard and returns late to support me and my mother。
Would I make my own parents cry for me。

I noticed it before I was aware of it、I was crying。
(TLN: Manly tears, bruh! That was a great monologue! I really like MCs who care about their parents who are working hard for them)

The huge dragon brought its large face to me。It was close to me in the level where its lacquer black beard is touching the tips of my nose。
If the huge dragon just opens it’s mouth for a bit then I would be easily swallowed by it。

「Do one’s own frighten thine、child of the humans」

You frighten me。However, making my parents cry is the most painful thing for me。
(TLN:  *Slowly claps*)

「Are thine more worried about thine mother and father than thine own body?」

I cannot repay anything for my parent’s kindness as for me。I have received their love as they raised me。Yet for me to not be able to return anything to them and just die off while making them cry、my heart unbearably tightened。
(TLN: L(・o・)」 such awesome monologue)

「Does thine wish for fame and a high position」

I didn’t want neither fame or any high position。I want to be like Ristia who is loved,praised, envied & became a target of hope for everyone。
(TLN: Can’t count this as gay, bruh)

I want a lot of brides too is what I stupidly thought as I smiled while still crying。

The huge dragon stared at me for a while silently。

I didn’t remove my sight from the eyes of the huge dragon either。

Gazing at each other、time passed like it was paralyzed as it passed by for a long time。

The huge dragon pulled it’s long neck away from me and put it on the foreleg that was lying down。

「Kukukuku、 though thine said that you might die in your mind but for you to think of wanting a bride。There is a limit for being weird」

The huge dragon shook of the atmosphere with it’s large laughter that was rumbling the ground。The surrounding old trees resonated as it shakes。

「Thine are amusing。One’s own shalt afford thine an opportunity。If thine can attract one’s own interest then thine’s hopes will be granted。However、if one own has realized that thine is just a child of a human then thine likely already understands, correct?」

As it says so、the huge dragon greatly opened its mouth and raised a roar like thunder。

The ground trembled and the branches of the large tree in the heavens shook this time。

I flinched up to my soul。

My hopes。

A bride whose breasts would bounce and shake。

Why is it that that was the first one that floated in my mind。

The huge dragon laughed。

「One’s own is amazed at thine’s foolishness。Now、Show something to one’s own that shall take one’s own interest」

The huge dragon says so as it didn’t move a bit and waited for me。

A thing that would take a huge dragon’s interest。
What the meow might that be。
The huge dragon had defended this forest and has been in here for a long time。If that is so then would it be interested in stories from the outside world?

Wait Wait。The huge dragon called me a person after all。This huge dragon might think of the human’s history and life to be the same as an insect’s trivial life。

Then what do I have?

I didn’t have any wisdom of the world or any new defensive technology for this forest。

Is what I was thinking but I just noticed it right now but I didn’t even say anything at all。
When I just needed to think so I can react to the words of the huge dragon then it wasn’t necessary for me to speak since it would just read my mind
I’m sure that these desperate worries are also being transmitted to it。

Even if I spun my words many times、my thoughts would still be seen through。
Then that means that I can’t get the interest of the huge dragon with knowledge and words。

Would the small person like me be able to attract this huge dragon’s interest。
But if I didn’t do it then I wouldn’t be able to survive。

If I’m able to get the interest of the huge dragon then rewards shall be awaiting for me。

I worried and suffered。

Isn’t the anything?

When I glanced downwards、I dropped the sword that I was playing around with a while ago。It was the blade that I bought with my money the other day which was a small slim sword。

At that time、I thought about it。

Though the huge dragon doesn’t think that I’m at the level of a worm but it laughed at my foolishness。
If it laughed at it then that means that shouldn’t I do something that would stir up its emotion。

I picked up the average sword and took it out of it’s sheath。
The pain that I took from falling off the cliff ran through mu body。

Is the Huge dragon thinking that I would attack it。It wouldn’t do that。Since there’s no meaning in doing that。A weapon that humans made wouldn’t even be able to hurt a child dragon much less this huge dragon。

I had the average sword in my right hand and I raised both of my hands high up。

I saw it the other day。

A thing that can shake someone’s mind。

My impression of it might not fade away for all of my life。

The huge dragon would also laugh。
Then it’ll surely be impressed。

Since I’ve also been impressed then the huge dragon would be impressed too。

I thought like that。I recalled it。

I danced the dance that I saw the other day at the play。

Though I’m not a beautiful dancing princess。I’m just mimicking what I saw。The dance that would give a burning feeling in someone’s heart、I displayed it wholeheartedly。

Though my ears couldn’t hear any drums nor flutes but it resounded inside my mind。
If it can read my mind then the music in my mind would also flow to it and it would be able to listen to it。

I overworked my aching body and managed to finish dancing the first part。

I continued to dance again。

The speed of the orchestra in my mind went up and I matched my dancing speed with it。

The second part ended。

I danced the third part。

I was absorbed into it。

I chased the appearance of the dancing princess as I danced。

However、it was really impossible for me to perform it as my foot got tangled and I fell down。

Have I also forgot to breathe too is what I thought as I desperately catch my breath and eased my pained heart。

The huge dragon didn’t move。

My version of the dance after all can’t impress it。

However、I felt refreshed。I did what I had to do。
Even if my heart was in pain from me being short of breath & my feet who became numb while my whole body who was in pain from falling from the cliff felt pleasant。

I threw myself in the carpet of moss with a position like the大 character。

Eat me, step on me, crush me or do anything you want to do。

I got myself ready & stared at the huge dragon。
It was my one last resistance at the least。

The huge dragon met my eyes、and。


The huge dragon said that and began to laugh。
(TLN: I gotta agree kakakakakakaka)

I was overcome by surprise and got stupefied。

Did my dance reflect to the huge dragon as something funny is what I was wondering while the ground trembled as the huge dragon laughed。

What might this be。I have become very sad。
Even though I desperately danced to make it become moved into tears but did it reflect as a comedy act to the huge dragon?
Everything had become trivial somehow so I just looked up at the sky。

Ahead of the branches of the gigantic tree that was being used as an umbrella、the color of the sky has fairly changed to the color of the evening。

「Though one’s own has lived for 2000 years but this is the first time that one’s own has seen such a foolish dance」

How much of a fool am I?
A sigh came out。

「However, well、thine’s desperation has been transmitted to one’s own enough」

The dragon says that as it pushed me to the tip of its nose。

What are you doing、standing up with that irresponsible feelings、there was a big face of a huge dragon in my presence。

「Thine is a very interesting child of the humans。Except for that interesting part of thine since you fulfilled one’s own part then shall this one’s own overlook thine with some conditions」

The huge dragon said that as it laughed alone。

What kind of conditions might that be。
Well however、anything is good as long as I survive。

「Ohh、have thine acknowledge it too。then it is all right」

The huge dragon reads my mind as usual。

「It’s nothing、the conditions is an easy thing。Thine just has to go here everyday and thine just have to be one’s own companion since one’s own is free」

Going here everyday?
Companion for killing time?
Is such a thing alright?
I was astonished and looked at the huge dragon。

「That is right、that is just it。Isn’t it easy。However、when thine doesn’t go here with a useless reason then one’s own shall ravage the ground and chase thine until one’s own has eaten thine」

Hahaha、The tiny boy of the human family’s life is being aimed by an ancient dragon of the legends。It’s really an unbalanced relationship at all。

「In other words、that’s when I would pretend to agree with the conditions and run away huh」

I for the first time、gave forth my words。
The huge dragon hear my voice for the first time and it seems like the huge dragon thought of something for a while and continued。

「That is right。The contract with dragons are absolute。If thine recklessly break it、be self conscious that not only thine but the whole human race shall be the enemy of all dragons」

That is….Though I wasn’t planning on breaking my promise but if I threw away the contract with this huge dragon、would the relationship between the dragons and the humans get deteriorated。This has become an unexpectedly big and important talk。

「Now then、what shall you do、child of the humans」

The huge dragon awaits my answer。

I would survive if I accepted the conditions。However, if I defy the contract with the huge dragon then the relationship of the humans and dragons would deteriorate。The Amuado Kingdom that has a relationship with the dragons in the south、it would surely be erased if I deteriorate the relationship between the humans and the dragons。But if I don’t accept the conditions then I would completely die。

「Thine is thinking of thine’s country huh、child of the humans。Shall you obediently accept death then?」

With the question of the huge dragon、I determined my answer。

「I accept the conditions。I shall go here everyday」

I declared with a loud voice。

I didn’t have to worry。I didn’t want to die too。I’m conscious that I’m a person who won’t break a promise I made and coming here won’t become an obstacle in my life。
School is only in the morning & I also decided to go to the forest everyday to train my stamina and collect some firewood。


When I think about it、how can I get to here。
In the kingdom’s capital、I haven’t heard anything about a large tree in the middle of a forest an a large mound of moss and a hill like dragon too。I also haven’t seen this large tree from anytime to begin with。

Even if I tried to recall how I got here、I was just frantically running away from the demon beast that was chasing me & I don’t understand how I got here from falling of a cliff。I don’t even remember which way I went to & I couldn’t even find the cliff that I fell from。

Arearee、so going here everyday is actually quite difficult huh。So if I got to go here another time then do I have to do that again?

I thought of it fairly & my face became pale。

Aaahhh、what should I do。Is this a place that I can’t go even if I want to go here? My personality of not violating any promises I made is unrelated since I couldn’t reach this place。That bastard kid didn’t go here is what it would say and I would be eaten alive and the relationship of the dragons and the humans would deteriorate。

AAAAAHHHHHH! I’m sorry, my king。People of the kingdom。Every human in the world。

What should I do What should I do?

When I became all flustered up、did the huge dragon find my thoughts funny again as it made the old trees shake from its laughter yet again。

「Gahaha、 thine should not worry。One’s own shall permit thine to go here。If thine walks into the forest appropriately then thine shall be able to reach this place。In the first place, this place has a barrier that protects it which makes it impossible for anyone to come here。This is a sanctuary that only those one’s own permits can only enter」

In other words、this forest is like the lost forest where the long eared tribe live wherein any one who was recognized would be able to reach their destination but anyone other than that would get lost。

「That is exactly true」

To my thoughts、the huge dragon nodded。

「Thine shall protect thine’s promise then thine shall be able to enter this forest。If thine does so then thine shall notice that thine shall be able to reach this plaza」

Indeed、If that is so then I would be able to go here everyday。I stroked my chest and felt relieved。

「What should I do for going back to my house?」

So going here has no problem。Then how about going home。Do I have to go out of this plaza of moss and walk my way back home?

「It would take time for thine to come here。Then one’s own shall send thine home」

Will the huge dragon send me home、I see。

……when I imagined that scene、I started to panic。

A huge dragon would dash out from the forest while carrying me & soar the skies until it gets to my house in the kingdom’s capital。
If a huge dragon suddenly comes out of the forest out of nowhere and flies to the kingdom’s capital then the kingdom would be in the state of chaos。
Wha-wha-wha、what should I do?
(TLN: That would be fine with me…That would be one hell of an awesome ride.)

「Kakakaka、Thine really is interesting」

The huge dragon laughed at me and knocked out heaps of stuff as it looked at me。
This is not something to laugh about。

「Thine should not worry。One’s own has a perfect method to get thine home。It is so、This day has already grown dark。Fix thine’s posture as one’s own shall send thine home immediately」

Though I’m worrying if that method of it is really perfect but I fixed my posture in front of the face of the huge dragon like what it said unto me。
Though I tried to fix my posture but pain ran through my body as my knees failed me yet again。

This hurts hurts hurts hurts。Incidentally, my whole body was hit when I fell of from the cliff as it is now full of scratches and bruises。Though I forgot about the pain when I was desperately dancing but I had an awfully lot of pain right now。
(TLN: RyuHou is a DANCE NOVEL!)

「One’s won sees it、do your wounds hurt?」
(TLN: No it doesn’t)

The huge dragon looked down upon me who was having a painfully distorted face。It thinks for a moment & put me near the tip of its nose。

「Today was a very interesting & amusing day。Then one’s own shall cure those wounds of thine’s」

With the words of the huge dragon、I was surprised and amazed。
Would the Ancient Old Dragon of the legend that lives in this forest cure my wounds? I’ve become very honored of this fact。
(TLN: This is one of my favorite parts by the way 🙂 )

However、that deeply moved impression of mine was cruelly smashed。


The huge dragon suddenly sneezed。

A large amount of snot overflowed from its nose & the flood of its snot assaulted me。Because of the muddy stream of its snot and the blast of its mouth、I was washed away up to the old trees at the end of the plaza。

How filthy。
(TLN: Franku-senpai would be pleased b0ss)

I pushed my way while being muddled in the snot & I somehow managed to return to the plaza of moss。

「Wh-wh、why the meow did you do this?」

Even if how much you say that you’re a legendary Ancient Old dragon but I still sounded my voice of protest。

「Kakakaka、 Thine doesn’t have to worry with just that、child of the humans。Look at it、has not thine’s pain from thine whole body disappeared」

When the Huge dragon said that、I became startled。
The pain in my whole body disappeared。All my wounds disappeared when I looked at it and my body became very healthy。

「One’s own nasal mucus is versatile」
(TLN: Would you apply the snot of a dragon on you if that would cure your cancer and your ugliness? I would. I just wouldn’t breathe or smell it and just imagine it’s petroleum jelly)

The huge dragon was grinning as it laughed。

An all purpose snot huh……It was a very filthy thanks for me。Though I heard that eating the heart of a dragon would give you immortality or turning the scales of a dragon into powder would cure any disease but I haven’t heard of a dragon’s snot to be an all purpose panacea。

「Fufun、 Why would one be able to become an immortal from just eating a dragon’s heart。The versatile nasal mucus is one of my special characteristics」

Though the huge dragon proudly says it but I was just thinking that it was just filthy。

「Now then、One’s own shall now send thine home。Fix thine posture in front of one’s own」

Though the huge dragon’s mood wasn’t hurt by my thoughts、it called for me again。

I who became perfectly fine ran to the huge dragon and fixed my posture。

I wonder on how it shall send me home?
In front of me who is watching it、the golden pupils of the dragon began to shine。
Then, a pile of shining golden complex magic formations surrounded me。

I was astonished。

It was a dragon art that the dragons use。It was a multi story type moreover。I is a super advance type of magic that the magic of the humans couldn’t even reach with the tips of their feet。

I was inside of being impressed and surprised as I was wrapped in a golden pillar of light。I shut my eyes from its too much dazzling light。

When the light calmed down & I opened my eyes、I was already standing on the place that I’ve gotten used to seeing。
It was the backyard of my home in the kingdom’s capital。I was in front of the back door that was connected to the kitchen。

That was awesome。It was a space teleportation magic。It was an art of the legends that would only come out from the make believe stories。I shed tears from the impression that remained。

And I also cried for a different meaning。

My clothes were filthy and ragged。The thing that my mother told me to collect and the slim sword that I just purchased has been left in the plaza of moss。


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