Chapter 3: Ghost Raid

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The day changed to the next day。I went to school bare handed。Though I planned to get a weapon of my own yesterday but I completely forgot about it when I watched the play with Ristia。

Since I didn’t have any choice then I’ll just borrow the weapons of the school for today’s battle lesson。

Today’s practice shall have a real battle so the students truly had to prepare their own weapons。The people who didn’t bring any had no choice。

When I went to school and looked、there were only several students besides me who didn’t bring any weapon of their own too。
I had companions。I was glad for a brief moment but they went to the direction of the magic training class so they didn’t really need any weapon originally。

That is why I alone went to the teacher to borrow a single sword before proceeding to the battle arts lesson。

Battle arts isn’t only a single year till next year but since this will be needed for our whole life when a time comes where monsters shall appear before us so ti’s necessary for me to take this class。So for me to go to school without any weapon prepared for the first day of real training、the glances of the teachers were painful。

Half of today’s morning shall be spent on seat studying and the other half shall be the weapon training。The people who have magic power will be taking magic classes & the priests and the shrine maidens who are serving at the temple will go back and start their duties。

When I and Ristia had an exciting conversation about the play yesterday、Kiri came to us wearing her work clothes so she can return to her temple duties。

「Ristia、I’m really sorry for yesterday」
「Ah、Kiri。Don’t worry about it。Since the shrine maiden’s work is important。Since I’ll be getting tickets for it next time then let’s go together at that time。The play this time was the greatest」
「Then I’ll indulge you at the next time」

Kiri smiled and bowed politely like what a shrine maiden would do while she looked at my direction afterwards。

「So you went with Ristia as my replacement yesterday huh。The two of us going out with only us seldom happens so I’m jealous」

As Kiri said that、she scowled at me for a bit。

Fwehh、Is she really jealous of me? That’s since Kiri had an urgent business yesterday so I got the delicious memories that was going to be hers certainly did happen。

「Ahahaha、thank you for yesterday」

I bowed my head a bit to Kiri as I said my thanks while looking like it’s an apology。

(TLN: How can I freaking translate this……well just watch more anime then you’ll know that “Mouuuu”)

Kiri puffed her cheeks and sent another glance of protest to me。Well、she looks like she’s not really angry though。I haven’t seen the sight of the shrine maiden Kiri to get truly angry to begin with。

With that、it didn’t have any strength but looked very cute even if how much Kiri growls at me with her drooping like eyes。

「Kiri、If you don’t go now then you’ll be late」

The person who called Kiri Inea who was a Shrine maiden like her。She has a small height and a child like face and though she’s alright with being seen as someone younger but she is an actively good girl。

「That’s right。Shall we return now。Then Ristia、Ernea、let’s meet tomorrow moreover」

While Kiri bowed to us、the remaining shrine maiden Ruiseine has finally catched up so they can walk home together。

「Let’s rush to the training place too」

Ristia urged me and we went to the training place in a hurry。

The training place is on the site next to the school。If you would ask why they didn’t place it within the school is because of the purpose of this place is to attract and subjugate the monsters that would come here。

When we arrived at the training place、the other students were already there & they were showing off their weapons to each other while waiting for the teacher’s arrival。

The students who brought their own weapons truly are many。The swords are safe and their usage is easy & it was popular since it wouldn’t be in the way since it can just be put in one’s waist。There were also people who had spears and axes with shields too。
Though I know how to use spears、but the shields are….is what I was thinking。Though shields were personal and effective but when faced with large monsters, demons、or with the empire on the south where the divine men’s overwhelming strength then it would be meaningless。If that is so then most of the effective battles would use light equipment is what the teachers said in the seat study。

When the teachers and the retired knights of the kingdom came and inspected everyone’s equipment、the class started。

「Now then、do you all understand why is it that when you all entered this school up to the current, you all were banned to bring your own weapons?」

With the question of the teacher、I answered。
Though it was a general question for everyone、it’s unfair for everyone to glance at me。

「After testing the various weapons of the school first of all to ascertain what kind of arms is perfect for the student、it’s for practicing for the time that the student will bring their own weapon」

「That is correct。Then、did Ernea not ascertain the weapon that he will use since he didn’t bring any today?」

Uuuuh、I became red at the teacher’s nasty words。

The students of this class began to laugh。

This is really embarrassing。

However、it’s true that I haven’t decided on the weapon that I’ll be using。Though I’ve used various swords, bows and spears but I didn’t have anything that I could use harmoniously。Therefore I chose the safe answer of using a sword today。

「The practice that you learned will be applied today by using the weapons you brought for the future。Be aware of your surroundings when brandishing your weapons since those have real edges right now」

After what the Teacher said、we separated into the kinds of weapons we had and practiced。

Since I was using a sword、I entered the same group as Ristia。
Even if I say it’s a sword but it was a lump of iron。Is it because it’s not needed to be carried that I immediately felt short of breath with it’s heavyness。Different from me、Ristia put out the holy sword and began to exchange blows with his same group。

A boy who had both his hands holding a sword brandished it。His name is Kijirumu it seems。He wielded the heavy sword slowly but his physique was pretty good but his body didn’t flow perfectly with his sword。
He’s not a perfect enemy for Ristia、so his blows were just parried lightly even if he gave off all his strength。

It’s not because he was the chosen one of the holy sword、but because he already possesses a talent different from us。Since the teachers also can’t win against Ristia、they would just let him teach the students too。

I shall also someday、want to become a man that is being showered with eyes of envy。While thinking of that、I restarted my training of bringing my average sword up and down。
Even if I didn’t become like that、I would need a physical ability to cope up by myself with a monster that would appear to me。Since I couldn’t ask any of the other great guys like Ristia to teach me、I just worked hard and diligently practiced。

Then when my stomach informed me that it was going to bee noon slowly、the vicinity of the entrance of the training area became noisy。

When I looked at what was happening、several people who are dressed like adventurers rushed to the inside。

「Ghosts have been attracted to this place、all students must take shelter!」

The person who said that had a splendid armor and beard with a rough voice。All the people in the training are got alert and stood immediately。

「Ghosts you say!」

Even Ristia was surprised too。

That wasn’t impossible too。The ghosts usually can’t be seen。

Outskirts、or you can say that it would infest the outside of the town and would take a person’s life and would also cause harm to living beings、There are roughly three of those existences。
First are the monsters。Though they wouldn’t only show up outside but also down town in which they can be considered to be an annoyance but it would be alright to face against it if you can fight。I’m also training right now to be safe from those kinds of monsters。
When defeating monsters、one could take magic stones from inside of its body。The attribute of the magic stone is dependent on the monster it came from and those were indispensable necessities for our daily life。
A flame element magic stone would be useful in winter by placing it in one’s clothes while using water magic stones to purify well water, river water or pond water so it would be safe to drink it。
Though it’s an essential necessity for daily life but since the demands for the consumption of those articles are many、there were a lot of adventurers who would hunt monsters for magic stones。

The next ones are call magical beasts。Though they are larger and more ferocious than wild beasts but they basically won’t enter any places where the humans live。They would just hurt those they encounter in the mountains who are hunting animals。
However、magical beasts are very cunning with a higher intelligence than humans so normal adventurers would be in danger when they encounter one。

Lastly are the ghosts。Though it’s undecided where it comes out but they are hardly seen by any one to begin with。their appearance are like monsters or insects、most have clay like appearance but though they look like monsters with their name、ghosts have an eerie appearance that one wouldn’t think that it’s a being from this world。

Actually、the ghosts who were attracted in the entrance of the training area had an eerie appearance。

From the sleeves of the coat which looked like it was rotting、3 long and narrow slender fingers stretched forward and with it are long and sharp fingernails which had an impure violet color。
It didn’t have any legs but replaced in it was a lizard’s tail like thing that came out as it floated in the air。
The part of its face was totally black even though it’s still morning and the only point visible in the face was the reddish eyes in the center of its face。

The students of our class shrieked in fear as they tried to run away。Of course I also tried to run away。
On the opposite side of the entrance、there was the preparation building for refuge。

「Slatton!You must get Serisu and take shelter」
「What are you going to do」
「Of course、I’ll be assisting the adventurers!」

After Slatton and Ristia had a short confirmation with each other、they began to run to each side respectively。

While I watched that from the side、I went to the preparation building’s direction with all my best。

Impossible, impossible, impossible 。Even though I couldn’t take on monsters、it’s very scary and impossible for me if the ghosts approached me。

Though I’m not a weakling but I understood myself neatly。

With the ghosts that have completely went inside the training area、the adventurers started to slice at them。

The bearded man who shouted to us that we should run away a little bit while ago was now swinging a large sword in the battle。

The ghost however flutters eerily in the air and runs away。

While the bearded man was attracting their attention、a woman with a spear thrust at the ghost’s back。

Did she kill it、is what we thought but the ghost didn’t mind it and proceeded to the bearded man。

The woman with a spear was shocked that it didn’t even respond to her attack。

「It’s useless、it won’t be effective if the weapon doesn’t have magical power!」

With the bearded man’s shout、one giant man with a large shield has been touched by the fingernail of the ghost。The eerie violet colored nail pierced through the shield without any resistance like as if it was paper and the belly of the giant was skewered。
The ghost threw the giant as it is and soared to the skies where the bearded man’s large sword won’t reach。

Neither a hand nor a foot of any adventurer could reach the ghost that went up even with a weapon。

However at that place、several arrows of light came flying。

It was a magic attack spell that the shrine maiden shot out。
On the training area、there was a shrine maiden that was residing in there for emergencies。

The ghosts who received those attack screamed painfully and went down。

Further there、a tornado of roaring flames overcame the ghosts。
It was the best move of Ristia who possessed the holy sword of flame。

They were caught up with the tornado of roaring flames as they raised a more eerie shriek further。

「Did they kill it?」

Someone from the adventurers asked that。

「Don’t let your guards down! Ghosts won’t die with just that」

Ristia that arrived to the front warned them。According to Ristia’s warning、there was no signs that the ghosts were dying though they were suffering and writhing in pain。

「Those who don’t have any weapons with magic power should retreat for now。The ones injured should please fall back to the place where the shrine maiden is and receive treatment」

Ristia is a hero that everyone knows。No one would hold him in derision even if he’s just a small boy and four adventurers who didn’t have any weapons with magic power obediently fell back。
They carried the giant guy whose belly was pierced a while ago and went to the place in the back where the shrine maiden was in。

「Hero-sama、can you defeat those fellows in case of your holy sword?」
「It’s really hard if since I can’t cut it up into pieces。If I can drive the magical power of the holy sword directly inside of their body then I could probably defeat them」
「In other words、it would be good if you can pierce the sword and kill them by jamming the magical power inside of them」
(TLN: This sounded so erotic that I forgot about the protagonist’s gayness)

After the bearded man and Ristia had a short strategy meeting、they began their move。

Starting with the ghosts that tries to run away to the sky、with Ristia and the shrine maiden’s magic attacks and 3 of the adventurers with weapons who have magical power will ambush the ones that fell to the ground

The attention of the ghosts were focused on Ristia who possessed the strong holy sword、as the adventurers kept on wounding them。

When the ghosts would take of their attention from Ristia and to attack the persistent ones、There in shall Ristia attack with all of his best。

The ghosts would panic and run away to the sky。

The ghosts and the Ristia’s offense and defense battle extended over a long time。

We could do nothing but watch their appearance and keeping or breaths from the preparation building。

On the way、2 adventurers had a serious injury and the Shrine maiden’s magic power is exhausted too。

When Ristia and the bearded man and some adventurers were the only ones left、Ristia’s brides stood up。

「We also have weapons with magical power too」

The slim and beautiful Serisu-sama hanged out her sword、Neimi with her single edged sword、Slatton with his long sword held with both his hands and behind them is the magician Kurishio。They ran to where Ristia is in a pinch and joined the battle。

The situation has been recovered。

Slatton and the others who fought together with Ristia up to now has shown their cooperation which was several steps away from the cooperation of the adventurers and Ristia who was in a pinch a while ago is now driving the ghosts out。

The subjugation of the ghosts still took time。Ristia would pierce the ghosts and magical power was driven into them while they did this over and over until it was noon。

Ristia who eliminated the ghosts exhausted his strength as he sat down with a rough breathing。
His brides also sat since they used up all of their strength。

The shouts of joy went up from the preparation building。The voices of praise for the adventurers and Ristia came out。

Though Ristia answered to those shouts of joy by raising his hand、he shortly after that slept on the ground in a “大” like position。

Though we were worried if he was alright but it seems like he’s just really tired。
Serisu-sama rested his head on her lap and she gave a signal which says that he’s fine。

With that of course、we flew our boos of envy from him receiving a lap rest。

Author’s Remarks:
Please wait a bit more for the protagonist’s activity。

The day when he’ll surely flourish shall come someday……

I’m sure of it……

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