Chapter 2: Paired blade of the Dancing Princess

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My Name is Ernea・Isu。At the west side is the Dragon’s peak、at the north is the Flying Dragon hunting grounds & at the south is where the Forest of Dragons is spread out & the Capital city of the kingdom which had a connection with the dragons where an extremely normal like 14 year old boy was raised in 。
At the present、for the sake of when he will start his journey in the first day of spring when he turns to 15 years old、he has trained with his 30 classmates everyday。

The kingdom of Amuado that I’m living in has an old custom that has remained up to this day which is when a boy or a girl has turned 15 year of age then for a whole year、they would have to part with the land they were raised and go on a journey。That is why I who have turned into a 14 year old boy has to commute to a school and learn techniques for the sake of my journey。If I didn’t then I would learn the method of camping and coping up with monsters that might appear。
Bu even if I say that、my real situation is that I’ve moved to the town next to us and endured daily working while studying。
Though it’s seldom but there are some people that spent their one year splendidly so they could boast that they have registered as an adventurer but that only happens with several people every year。 People like the ones who want to become a knight for the kingdom or the people who want to walk on the path they want to take。

However、This year is a bit different from any usual year。

The people who wanted to become adventurers、they number a bout more than half of the students in my whole class year。

The reason is very easy indeed。

Because within the average normal students of this class、The hero Ristia who has been chosen by the Holy Sword is here。There are a lot of people who have been inspired by him、and that’s why the men and women of this school has been wrapped up with a burning enthusiasm to not spend their whole lives very ordinarily。

I who also says this yearns to become an adventurer because of Ristia too but I didn’t seem to have any talent in martial arts regrettably but I still haven’t given up since it’s still isn’t summer yet。
I will surely be safe when next year’s spring comes so I’ll just look for work in the town next to mine。

Unlike me who doesn’t have any talent、I’m sure that the Hero Ristia would have a wonderful adventure。

I’m envious of him、is what I thought as I looked up at Ristia who was walking beside me。
Ah、he’s taller than me for a bit。
(TLN: Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)


Right now、10 days have already passed since the Ruins exploration has happened & today is a holiday。While I was on my way to the the large weapon shop in the main street so that I could find a handy weapon for myself、I met Ristia at that time。He doesn’t have any of his Bridal candidates with him today unusually while he called for me while also being surrounded by a lot of women。

When the troubled Ristia found me 「Since I’m going out with him today」 is what he said and started to run away。Even if he’s the Hero-sama、he seems to be not good when many females enclose around him。
While I’m being thrown with the reproachful gazes of those women、I exited that place with Ristia。

「Haha、I’m really sorry。I was saved since you came by」

Ristia placed his arm on my shoulder and apologized with a small voice。
(TLN: Which feels pretty gay if you ask me)

「That’s a very enviable trouble you had there。I haven’t had any small talks with women excluding my mother and the girls at our grade」
「I haven’t conversed with any women except the people who came to me for my Hero title」
「No no、I can’t trust the word of a fellow who has  as many as three brides」
(TLN: And I can’t trust the words of a fellow who has ei*** brides, ya know?)

That is so。Ristia has 3 brides in which the legal wife is the 4th Princess of the kingdom。Since he can’t formally marry since he still hasn’t finished his 1 year journey when he becomes 15 years of age so it’s more accurate to call them bridal candidates。
Still、he had pledged his never ending love to the 4th Princess Serisu-sama。Such a person like him wouldn’t be not good with women。
(TLN: As if you have any qualifications to say that yourself)

「It’s true。Believe in me」
(TLN: Believe in the you that believes in yourself! Your drill is always in your heart 😀 )

Ristia started to frantically make excuses after that as I stared at him with lukewarm eyes。

It’s not like I don’t believe him at all。After all however、since I had envious thoughts for him、then I’ll be the only man that will coldly ignore Ristia’s excuses。

While ignoring Ristia’s excuses from left to right、I suddenly thought of something。
Though I was thinking that I was living an ordinary life but I might be a special existence that all the common people of the kingdom envy。
Well since right now、The hero Ristia has put his arms on my shoulders as we have an intimate talk while walking on the main street。
(TLN: ……………Yaoi flags, Yaoi flags everywhere!)

I didn’t think that it would happen when I first entered to this school。
There are schools in each district。Though the children who have become 14 years of age would go to the school in their own district but I didn’t imagine that I would be going to the same district’s school with Ristia。

Though Ristia is an important person for the kingdom as a Hero and is receiving a special treatment but since he’s originally a commoner like me and that’s why his parents are very normal。
Since we originally lived as a commoner in the same district then we had to go to the same school。

Ristia had already taken an active part in being a Hero while having 3 bridal candidates already before he even entered the school so I thought that he was already an existence that was in a different dimension。However、he was actually a very great guy so he immediately destroyed the barriers around us and became friends with everyone。
I was able to get along with Ristia because of that too。
However、that was very lucky of me。
Me and Ristia had the same age and the same district we live in。Though I thought that he wasn’t really different from me while I was just planning on just watching him but he crossed over the walls of my heart and approached me。
(TLN: This line is so GAYYYYYYYYYYY…ugh I wanna skip this chapter and Translate the other ones…..where he isn’t saying anything gay like this)

In the people who resided in the capital of the kingdom、only a handful of boys and girls were blessed with that good luck。Since 1 of those guys is me then I think that I’m not a bit ordinary。
(TLN: Yep, yar 100% not ordinary. not just a bit)

「So、What are you doing while you’re not with your brides as usual?」

I waited a bit for Ristia’s excuses to end & I changed the topic。
For me to ignore all of those excuses of him、I’m considerably an adult huh。

「Ah、Yeah。That’s right」

Ristia said that and began to look for something in his bag and took out a two oblong parchments。

「Today actually、I was planning on watching a play with Kiri。Even so that girl、she hurriedly entered the temple after she said that she was busy with a sudden business。So when I thought that I was going to be going alone then I thought of inviting someone」

I see、so that’s it。Since today was scheduled to be Ristia and Kiri going out together so it seems that Serisu-sama and the others who was always by his side held back today。
Since Kiri had something to do and it would be inelegant for him to invite his other bridal candidates then he decided to just invite another friend of his。

「And with that」

Ristia presented one long parchment to me。

「Let’s watch it together。It’ll be your reward from the thing a while ago」

I might really be lucky。For me to watch the play with Ristia。
(TLN: Ugh…..when will this gayness end? ……….Answer: 1 more chap)

Right now、the theatrical company that performs in the king capital which was called from the neighboring country Yorutenitosu Kingdom in the east。Since the tickets for watching it on the 80th has been sold out in the same day so I wasn’t able to get any。
For me to be able to look at it in such a place。

「Is it really okay?」

I timidly received the parchment ticket。

「It’s really fine。I’m really glad that my problem disappeared since you have taken that ticket」

I have decided to pleasantly accept Ristia’s good will。

Since I was dying to see that play at any rate。I didn’t have any reason to refuse。

Did he also get delighted like me with a smile on my face 、Ristia seemed to be also glad 。

「The performance will be at noon。If we go now then we’ll be on time after lunch。I’ll pay so let’s eat right now」

Wahaha。His plan was to eat together with Kiri in reality so he just casually invited me。As expected of the Perfect Hero-sama。He really planned on attacking in the front and back by not just taking her to see the play but even having to eat together。
I have to learn from him、is what I thought but I didn’t have a single woman in mind。
(TLN: Don’t tell me…..does Hero Ristia SWING BOTH WAYS?)

「For the truth、this is my first time to watch a play」
「Is that so、for your first time to be with that theatrical troupe、Ernea’s luck is really good。That place is really awesome」
(TLN: Oh my Gosh! Hero Ristia took his FIRST TIME! Take responsibility and marry this Trap!)

While we were talking of the play that we were gonna be seeing soon、Ristia guided the way from the main street as we walked through it。

Ristia and I had taken our lunch in an elegant dining room that he had already reserved & went towards the place where the play was being held。
(TLN: Good thing the author skipped the gay lunch date)

The clerk in the dining room had a surprised eyes when he saw that it was not a girl which Ristia has brought but me though he didn’t mind it。
He would only lose if he minded about it。
(TLN: Threesome gay smex? ugh… I’m just kidding)

When we arrived in the grounds of the play、there were already a lot of guests in the area。

Though I was worrying where we would watch the play but when Ristia showed the man on duty our tickets which seemed to be reserved seats、the person who guided us pointed us to the seats which were very close to the stage。

「So it was the front-most seat huh」

I was surprised at the position of our seats unexpectedly。

「Hahaha。I actually got the tickets from a great person in the king’s castle so I didn’t know where we were gonna seat too」

Ristia also looked at the remainder of the seats and made a half smile。

Ristia and I bought some drinks and light food in the stalls and returned to our seats as we waited for the play to start。

While we were talking with each other about getting excited on the play afterwards、the curtains of the stage were raised and the play started。

The actors in the stage were covered in gorgeous garments and had masks as they brilliantly danced as I would say that this isn’t just the greatest of Yorutenitosu kingdom。

Not only I but Ristia too have forgotten to touch the food and drinks that we bought and just watched the play。

The contents of the play were the founding of this nation and the neighboring country、the story of the Amuado and Yorutenitosu brothers。

It is a vast territory far west from here where the demons rule over has crossed over here、it was the story of the twins that sliced the land in half while the Dragon men left it alone。It is a story that everyone who lives in Amuado and Yorutenitosu kingdoms knew of。
And the owner of the holy sword of the founder is Ristia now。

It’s possible that this play was decided on since the hero is coming to watch it。
If I say it、we already forgot to blink as we watched the play。

The curtains were lowered after the twin founders defeated the Rotting Dragon King。

We and the rest of the spectators all stood up at once as we accumulated a loud clapping。

I’m really glad that I came here。It’s really good that Ristia invited me。
I was wiping the tears from the corners of my eyes while being touched by the play。

They waited for the spectator’s shouts of joy to stop and the curtains were raised again。

On the stage、there was a band that set up a flute and drums as a single beautiful girl was standing there。
The woman was clad with clothes that had a lot of body exposure and she was given two swords that had beautiful decorations with it。

「It’s a dance performance」

Ristia told me。

The ending of this theatrical troupe seems to be a dance showdown of the band and the Dancing princess which seems to be an established custom of theirs。

「Dance showdown?」
「You’ll understand if you watch it」

He didn’t answer my question as Ristia sat in his chair。Though I sat on my chair reluctantly、the aftertaste of the play a while ago still hasn’t gone away from me as my heart was still throbbing up fast。

Though I was thinking that it was just a musical program technique so I was thinking that this would just be normal then the last beautiful play a while ago so I didn’t expect anything any longer but the dance showdown started、。

Matched with the tone of the band、the girl who was standing the the center of the stage who was this theatrical troupe’s dancer has started to dance。

It was astoundingly beautiful。

It was a dance which from even to the tip of the sword has been shown thoroughly without it blurring as she raised her foot in the air to draw an arc。
The clothes of the girl danced with the girl rhythmicly as all of the audiences were attracted to it。

The dancing girl wholeheartedly danced then she stopped her movements when a loud song in the last part ringed and she raised up the twin blades。

Immediately after we thought that it has already ended、the band started to perform for the second time。
The dancing girl matched to the song as she danced yet again。

Then the performance of the band gradually quickened as the dancing girl’s dance started to increase in speed too。

I see、so this is a dance showdown。

The band increases their performance speed while the dancing girl who didn’t want to get defeated also increase the speed of her dance。

Whoever stops first shall be the one who loses。

It was a disordered musical performance, it was a dance where beauty and colorfulness wasn’t ruined。

I have already forgotten the excitement of the play a while ago as I watched the dancing girl。
I couldn’t miss anything that she did。My eyes were like it was burning as I continued to stare at the dancing girl。

So when the speed of the performance became several times more faster from when it began、the performance of the band has finally fallen into disorder 。

This fight is the Dancing girl’s victory as it ended。

The dancing girl was triumphant but she still held the twin swords beautifully as she deeply bowed to the audience。

The applause and the cheering which we more louder than the play a while ago resounded within the theater。

A lot of bouquets where thrown out to her from the auditorium。When the girls showed up from the sides of the stage、the actors of the of the theatrical troupe appeared in front of the footlights。

A well body built middle aged man appeared at the end and gave his thanks a the stage and so the play ended。

Applause has resounded again。
I also clapped my hands until it might have broke。

After seeing the play、Risita once again guided and ate dinner with me and this day has finished。

Me and Ristia talked about the play from beginning up to the end excitedly。
Among all else、I highly praised the dance performance。

「That is so。Though I’ve seen that dance performance in the past for 3 times now but this time was the best of all。I’m sure that girl shall leave her name in the history of dancers」
「Yeah、when that theatrical troupe comes to the king’s capital、I’ll definitely buy another ticket and watch it again」
「Not this time but won’t it be better to just see it when your feet reach the Yorutenitosu kingdom in your journey。They would seem to perform it at 3 intervals in that kingdom’s capital excluding the expedition performance」
「I’m different from you Ristia since I don’t have the ability to go to the kingdom capital of the Yorutenitosu kingdom」
(TLN: Fuck your lies and chapter 212)

Since it’s a 60 day walking travel distance to get to the other side of that King capital。If one isn’t with a large group of adventurers then it would become a dangerous journey。
(TLN: Kek you only need 4 days to do that KEK)

This day grew darker completely as we talked about it so we both went our separate ways。
(TLN: No more GAY!)

I told Ristia my thanks for today as I went home and presented my souvenir and stories to my parents。

Ah、I forgot to go to the weapon shop。What should I do、I don’t have any weapon for the battle lessons tomorrow。


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