Chapter 1: The beginning is from the historic ruins exploration

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「Kiri focus on that & the shrine maidens should focus on developing a barrier magic! Those who are injured and the people who don’t have confidence with their skills should proceed inside!」


As the hero Ristia hurled his instructions、he himself went to the front line and swung his holy sword。The holy flame sword raised a growl as it swooped and reduced the demons into ashes。The hot temperature has also been transmitted to me from behind。The heat that can burn my skin brought me back to my consciousness and I ran away to the barrier that Kiri and her friends made。


Though Ristia continuously killed but another demons which was also the same as the ones he killed were also in the ceiling of the dim ruins as they cling to it like bats。There were small ogres at the interior of the passageway furthermore as it gave of a frightening look towards here。


Let’s say it clearly。I do not have any confidence with my skills。 I can’t freaking be the opponent of those demons even if I had confidence in my skills。The people who didn’t have any confidence like me and the people who had confidence with their skills but doesn’t have the courage to fight against the demons hid within the barrier magic that Kiri, Inea and Ruiseine developed together 。Two teachers and 5 knights of the kingdom  with Ristia added formed a 12 man formation and fought with the demons that suddenly appeared。


「I’ll drop the ones in the ceiling who are exhausted with my flames。Everyone must fight back while defending the barrier」


The knights of the kingdom which didn’t exceed 11 people according to Risitia’s command fell behind to the barrier a bit and formed a formation again。


「Why are there demons in this ruins」
「It’s scary! Scary!」


Everyone from our school year that ran to the inside of the barrier brought out words of fear and shrieked。I also lost my waist strength and sat to the ground in fear。Still, my glance to the front line of the battle was with the hero Ristia who I yearn for and I felt releived and secure since he can absolutely save us from this predicament。


The hero who has been chosen by the holy sword。Ristia who possesses amazing talents while also being the same age as us and goes to the same school。Not only us but the whole men of the kingdom stares at him with the eyes of envy and also women who hold  goodwill to this handsome youth。

(TLN: I hate bishounen that is not the MC but if it’s a bro then I’ll approve of him. Bros before hoes bruh)


Surely in case of him、he won’t be defeated even if how many demons he engages。


While restraining the small ogres that came from the interior of the passage way、Ristia faced towards the upper row and mowed it down。The sword that sparkled with a red light shot out a wave of flame thereupon and was shot out to the demons that were in an upside down position in the ruin’s ceiling。

(TLN: I keep on typing it Restia instead of Ristia…….damn you STnBD)


When the demons flapped their eerie wings from their backs、they soared in flight while panicking to evade the attack。


Though the small ogres approached Ristia which was gazing upon the demons in the ceiling but he passed in the side of the small ogres with a speed that my eyes can’t catch up to and leap to the wall which became his foothold as he started to cut up the demons。


He played at the demons and small ogres with an unexpected movement and torn up one of the wings of the demon and dropped it on the ground。


With the small ogres that their attentions were moved from the ceiling to the ground、the knights of the kingdom started to cut them up。Though they became a shape where they were caught off guard but the small ogres were still demons。After 5 knights of the kingdom finally finished them off、it finally became a free for all fight。


To the fact that they needed five people which were even knights of the kingdom to knock down a small ogre、I was reminded of that while shivering。Even if how many demons with the standard of the small ogre、I thought that it wasn’t an opponent for the brave and resolute knights of the kingdom。


The fight of Ristia that torn up the demon’s wings and fell it to the ground was rivaled。However、though the surprise attack of the knights of the kingdom against the small ogres was a good fight but it changed to be inferior for a moment。


As it became advantageous with the additional participation of the panicking teachers and the brave students、the front of the battle was managed to be kept。


The knights of the kingdom and the teachers lead  us as they protected us while risking their lives。Apart from that、four of the students who were at the same grade as us that were also inside the barrier joined the battle too and not only I but other students were shocked too。Furthermore、2 of those were girls。One person from those 2 girls is the 4th princess of the kingdom in addition。


We who were frightened inside the barrier、how miserable were we。
However、there is no other way。We who weren’t chosen like Ristia、would even lose to the weak monsters that would infests the suburbs。


And the 4 people including the 4th princess that took part of the battle outside the barrier、were the people who sworn their life with the hero。So to speak、they were the chosen people that were chosen by the chosen hero and they were able to fight with Ristia。

(TLN: I heard that you like choosing so I chose some chosen people who were chosen by some chosen people so you could choose them)


There weren’t any shortcomings with the equipment of those 4 students and they fought more superior than the knights of the kingdom。


When doing so、Ristia who finished turning the demons to ashes with the flames of his holy sword now participated with the battle against the small ogres。


The situation has become better now。


The knights of the kingdom, teachers and students staved off the small ogre’s attacks while Ristia slayed them。The flames that the holy sword shoots out danced wildly in the dim ruins。


While me eyes were deprived from following the flames、the battle ended。


When Ristia slices the last small ogre into two、he put away the holy sword into the sheath which was beautifully decorated with a black and red design on his waist。And the students who came back to our place after the fight ended had an expression of relief in their faces。


「Is everyone safe」


While regaining his breath、Ristia approached the barrier that the shrine maidens Kiri and everyone made。Though I understood that the knights of the kingdom, teachers and students had a tired expression in their faces but Ristia who was short of his breath reflected to me like he still had room for more。


As expected of the hero-sama。only this one guy differs with too much ability。


While Ristia made a sparkling like smile、he returned to us common students who were now settling down。


「If there is no one that is seriously injured in here then shall we go out of this ruins for the time being。We’d be troubled if something came out again」


Kiri and the shrine maidens undone the barrier with Ristia’s instruction、and the five knights of the kingdom abides by it。Though there were still people and school girls who were crying and are frightened but me managed to begin to walk towards the outside by holding hands with each other。



When I also managed to stand up、I followed after everyone and began walking。


Then Ristia approached me。


「Ernea、you really helped me there。If you didn’t promptly notice the demons then what would have become of us」

(TLN: Hmm….It looks like Ristia is a BRO…. Ok! I’ll approve of you. You can have a harem of your own but no NTR pls)


Ristia lightly tapped my shoulder and said so。

(TLN: My YAOI senses are tingling Looks like they’re good friends)


It was so incidentally。I found an unusual presence that was covered at the side when we were doing the scouting practice in the ruins in the entering order and it was me who consulted Ristia for his attention。The strange presence became true which are the demons that were hiding tried to catch us off guard。


「It’s since I didn’t think that demons would come out of the ruins in the vicinity of the kingdom’s capital city。I would also be in danger if I was caught off guard。You can be proud of this happening today」


With Ristia’s smile and words of thanks、I felt something that filled my heart。I ran off to the barrier when the demons came out and for him to say those words to me that lost the strength of my legs and fell down in fear。


Won’t I fall in love for you if you say that。



It’s truly good that Ristia is a guy。


However、if I think about it。In spite of after having an intense battle like that、he still leads the tired looking knights of the kingdom and us students of the same class as him and his awareness of the surroundings is perfect。
His beautiful golden hair which looked like it just got shampooed and beautiful lively eyes like it were a woman’s、oh what a perfect person he is。
It wasn’t filled with evil or envy、but my yearning that i hold for him was pure。

(TLN: This sounds so gay that I’m literally cringing in here)

I’m sure that other students also feel this way。
Though how many achievements has been made by Ristia up to now、I didn’t hear any envy nor abuse for him at all。
Especially since his a chosen one of the holy sword、so there’s no other way that he’s also became the fiance of the fourth princess Serisu-sama which was called the beautiful jewel of the kingdom、in which the nation wide men just breathed out a sigh while the women didn’t say any dissatisfaction。


Incidentally, Serisu-sama also participated in the previous combat。Though she had an appearance of a lovely beautiful girl but as expected of the legal wife candidate of the hero。She would never part at the Ristia’s side ever。
While she wore her soft looking blue hair up、her visible nape was also beautiful。Of course her small face also possessed both the dignity of the royal family and her loveliness、since it suits her title as the number one of the kingdom。

(TLN: Now you guys know why I picked this up…hue hue…but don’t expect too much ecchi ok? Ecchi is for Commushou)

Ah、how wonderful those are。For those Breasts-sama to be owned by Ristia、I’m becoming really jealous right now。


And while I was staring at the direction of Serisu-sama、Ristia nodded。


「Those shaking breasts、how wonderful those are。Though I haven’t touched those yet but I’ll be able to enjoy it in the future」

(TLN: The 4 breasts knights: Hiroto, Ernea, Ristia and their leader Missere Meow….though 1 of those guys ain’t a virgin…SPOILER!)


Apparently、Ristia was also thinking of that too。We both nodded at each other as we watched Serisu-sama’s bouncing oppai for a short while。


However、for Ristia to still haven’t touched those breasts。It seems like the royal family’s virtue is firm。


Serisu-sama walked while accompanying the schoolgirls who were still frightened。


While the two people were enjoying the bouncing breasts of Serisu-sama、the three students who participated in the battle approached them。
We、or though it is Ristia that they went to。


「The gentlemen of the knights of the kingdom are in the rear so we’ll be scouting the exit of the ruins。We’ll leave the commanding of everyone to you」


The one who just spoke was Slatton。Ristia’s childhood friend and a resourceful swordsman。In case of having a fencing match with him then he is the only one in the whole grade who can fight equally with Ristia。
With his messy black hair that always increases、I think that he should fix his hair since he’s fighting with a hero。


「Then I’ll do so」


The 2 people who were in a line at his back were Crishia and Namy。


Crishia and Slatton are mutually in love with each other and she is also a companion of Risita since Slatton is with him。
Though she also has black hair like Slatton but she has her hair collected up and throws it at her back unlike him。
Though all of us still have young features in our faces as 14 year old but she looked a bit older and more beautiful。


The other one is Namy which is the second bride candidate of Ristia。


Such an impact。


Though Ristia was 14 year old like us but he already has 2 bride candidates。


The first bride candidate is of course the 4th princess Serisu-sama by the way。Namy is the second person that came to us now。The other Shrine maiden is Kiri。
The temple’s side hesitates to make her marry Ristia since he already has 2 bride candidates so it is still unofficially recognized。


「I want to be beside Ristia」


The short girl who uses boku complained like she was a squirrel。She jumped while expressing her dissatisfaction which looked very cute。

(TLN: Boku is mostly used for boys)


Though that is what I thought but I think that Ristia is more of the beautiful faction than the cute faction。Kiri’s eyes while looking up is really cute。


「It’s an emergency time right now so please treat me favorably」


When Ristia patted her head and asked、she made a smile that since to say like she didn’t have any choice and proceeded with me and Slatton in walking towards the exit。


「Even if I say that I’m observing the surroundings but we shouldn’t let our guards down」


When Ristia says so、he returned to his serious look。


Certainly、we can’t relax our guard。Since demons might also come out again。


The ruins that we are practicing in right now is in the outskirts of the capital city and it’s a place where even if you say that it’s a low grade monster but demons might also come out。


Though demons shouldn’t appear in this country。


The country that the demons rule is far away in the western side of our kingdom and between the country of the demons and our kingdom is the Dragon’s peak where the Dragons and the dragon men inhabit。


Even if the demons started to come to our place but they wouldn’t be able to cross over the dragon’s peak。
Since the relationship of the Dragon men and the demons are bad so they won’t let them pass there。


But though I’ not sure why demons came out in this place but there might be something bad that has happened。


Well、the ones who will be going to solve that is Ristia and his companions though。
It is a far world that I couldn’t ever touch。


For now anyways、I wanted to go outside earlier and breathe some fresh air。


Though I was walking as well as Ristia、I didn’t talk so I wouldn’t be a distraction to him who was watching the surroundings as I silently walked towards the exit。


And like that、we left our first ruins exploration with a bit of being attacked by a strange presence。


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