Chapter 22: There’s also bad days

Missere meow here

This Chapter contains unpleasant things so please be cautious


On the carriage that I would be riding on to my house、I met an unexpected person。
Nah、he was already waiting in there。

Inside the carriage is Graive-sama。


I shook。

「The carriage will start to move。How about you take a seat?」

Graive-sama pointed that out and I lowered my waist on the seat that is opposite from his。

Wh-、what might this be。I got contused at the situation that I never thought would happen。

Did he notice me confusion、Graive-sama scowled at me。

It’s like a frog being scowled by a snake、I gathered my strength and faced Graive-sama。

S-、scary。He’s scary。He is obviously giving off an aura of hostility unto me。

From the time that I was born up to now、this is the first time that I’ve been looked at with full hostility so I’m completely frightened right now。

The carriage started to move。

Though I wasn’t riding the royal carriage on my way home but the shaking of it isn’t that bad。

The sound of the wheels and the neighing of the horses could be heard inside the carriage but both of us didn’t move an inch。

I-、it’s really awkward。

While Graive-sama is scowling at me、he still didn’t move。Since I got overwhelmed by the atmosphere、I couldn’t avert my glance from Graive-sama。

What on the meow might be Graive-sama’s business with me since we were both in this carriage。
Though I can understand that it’s obviously not good。

Inside the carriage that is cluttering as it moved、Graive-sama & I didn’t move as we matched our glances together。

I wonder where will I be dropped on。I feel like I want to get down right now。

Only our eyes were at contact but I’m already this frightened。

And for a while、the carriage stopped。

Did we already arrive at someplace? The coachman on the outside called from outside。

「Did a kid like you really defeat a Dragon knight from our country、I am exceedingly doubting it」

When I hesitated if it was alright for me to go down now but Graive-sama finally opened his mouth and said。

「From what I’ve seen、you don’t seem to have any strong arm stength。Your arms is as slender as a woman and your spirit and mind can be easily frightened like this。For some trash like you to defeat a dragon knight、it really gives us a dishonorable figure。If possible、don’t tell people about it too much」
(TLN: Wait guys, I’m trying to calm down Onee-sama here…..She’s about to burst in ange-*Missere Meow’s head gets slammed in his keyboard*)

When Graive-sama said so、he took out a pouch from his pocket and threw it at me。

I panicked as I received it。

With the *Kaching* sound、a heavy pouch of money was in my hands。

「This is……」
「Gold coins。That might be already an excess for a trash commoner like you」

This is in other words、payment for me to shup my mouth。

I understood myself that I was making an astonished face。

So Graive-sama is paying me for me to not spread any rumor that I was able to defeat a dragon knight from their country Yorutenitosu。

I already forgot that he was the first prince of Yorutenitosu as he scowled at me。

I would even think of spreading it。I did those things desperately for the purpose of saving Ruiseine。But it doesn’t change the fact that I killed someone。I wouldn’t speak of it like I’m boasting about it。I shouldn’t be speaking of such things。

「With such a big amount of money、I cannot take it。However、please do not worry about it。Since I was just lucky that I got to defeat it & I wouldn’t even speak of this to anyone at all」

When I said that、I returned the heavy pouch of gold coins to Graive-sama 。

「If that is all then I shall be taking my leave」

I placed my hands on the door of the carriage。

「That would be helpful if you would do that」
(TLN: Ernea doesn’t need your dirty money, you damned worm)

While hearing his voice like he was telling me that I’m a fool as I went out of the carriage。

I said my gratitude to the coachman as it is & turned my back as I left the carriage。

The carriage sent me up to the school。Perhaps、since I was taken at the time when I was at school then did they think that I left my luggage at school?。
Too bad。I’m an empty handed student while going to school。Since my family isn’t that well off、I was just borrowing the text books at school。

The carriage started to drive downward。

It’s like、I’m really having a bad feeling right now。

Though I can understand that he didn’t like the kid that defeated one of his country’s own knights。But if he had that much hate in his eyes then anyone might get frightened by it。

That person shall be the future king of Yorutenitosu。
Ah。I’m really blessed that I’m a commoner of Amuado。I would really not like it if such a person would be the king of my country。

While I was still feeling a bit anguished、I went to the forest of dragons。
I really want to divert my mind with something is what I was thinking while I hurried up。
I’m sure that if I meet up with Mistral then this unpleasant feeling would clear up。
And it would be bad if I didn’t report to her about the sword with dragon slaying attribute so I entered the forest in a quick pace。

I entered inside the forest and randomly wandered around。

Though it’s fine for me to wander around like this but it would be good if I could reach my destination more easier。
At any rate、I would immediately reach it at last when I’m a bit early & i would be made to walk for a moment when I’m late。

Well、though it’s already good that I’m not getting attacked by the demon beast anymore nowadays。
After Mistral knocked down that gray demon beast wolf、it didn’t ever show it’s appearance at me。

I’m a bit light footed like always as I made my way through the forest。Am I irritated for a bit?
I didn’t have any choice since this morning was the worst happening of my life
Since it was my valuable experience of my first time going to the royal castle but it’s now carved in my memory as the worst day of my life。

When I was walking in the forest with no goal in mind but I started to hear some people’s voices nthat were talking to each other so I stopped walking。

For people to be in this forest wouldn’t be unusual。
People who were picking up firewood, people that are searching for fruits or people that are hunting animals。There are a lot of people that are utilizing the forest。

Though I’ve also been going to this forest everyday so I often meet people in here。However、I wouldn’t be able to reach the plaza of moss if I met with anyone。

That’s why I take a different route when I hear voices of people talking with each other。

I wonder from which direction did I hear those voices?
I clarified my ears。
However、my ears who are attentively listening has heard an unpleasant sound。

*Garigari* It seems like a sound of a tree that is being cut。

Awawa。This day is really a bad day for me。
I was disappointed as my shoulders dropped。

And to the place where I heard those sounds、I sneaked up to that place。

It is heavily prohibited to cut a tree in the forest of dragons。They would be arrested for a serious crime if they were found or they would be put to death in the worst case。

Perhaps the sound of a tree being cut down。

If it was the past me then I would sneakingly go away and report it to the officials but I’m not like that anymore。
I’m now a close friend of Old Sleigstar who is protecting this forest。
That is why I can never forgive a person who would lay waste to the forest。

I leaned my body over and sneakingly advanced forward。

Though it would be fine if they were cutting up an already dead tree but it would be bad if it isn’t like that。

I finally came closer to the places where the voices and sounds of trees being cut was so I hid myself in a handy thicket and looked at it。

There were five men。

One of them is sitting in the pile of wood and is drinking something。
Two of them were wandering and being vigilant about the surroundings。

I hid my breath so I wouldn’t be found。

And the people who were carrying a saw in both of the ends as they cut up the fallen tree。

The cut up part of the tree had a vivid color & it’s obvious that it didn’t fall down because it is rotten。

My guess was right。

They had already finished cutting it down。After knocking it down、they would easily cut it up when they placed it down。

Why would they do that。

I felt nervous as I was witnessing this henious crime。

What should I do、should I report it?

To an official? Nope、I should hurry up to the plaza of moss and inform Old Sleigstar and Mistral about it。
If it was Mistral、then she would be able to easily capture these grown men。

It would be impossible for me to take them on。I would surely be defeated by one of those guys。

For me to not get noticed、I should move quietly。


「Who’s there!!」

Oh shit。I carelessly stepped on a branch。

「Oi、at that thicket」

I have been found by one of the look outs。
I slipped out of the thicket in a panic and ran out。

「Wait! Don’t let it go」

I could hear the roars of those men from behind me。
This is bad、I need to run away。
I ran with all my strength。


I received a heavy impact on my right shoulder as an acute pain continuously attacked the center of my shoulder。

I screamed as I fell。

I confirmed it with my eyes。
There was a single arrow on my shoulder。

The pain was doubled as I looked at it。
I screamed。

「Shut up、be quiet!」

One of the men catched up and kicked my stomach with all of his strength。
The man trampled on my face which looked like I was gonna scream again。

「Oi、get me a rope。I’ll tie him up」
「That’s too troublesome、lets just kill him」
「No、that would be bad。If we killed him here then the demon beasts would come here with the smell of death」

Though several men were talking but I didn’t understand it from the pain。
I withed as I felt like the pain was burning on my shoulder。I felt a dull heavy pain as it caused nausea in my abdomen

While I remained like that、those guys tied me up。

What should I do。I would get killed if it stayed like this。
I couldn’t concentrate with the pain in my upper body so I couldn’t feel the Dragon pulse。

They hurriedly dragged the writhing me & returned to where the other men were cutting up the trees。

I was dragged and the men increased my wounds。

It hurts it hurts。I wanted to scream but they used a rope to make me shut up。

「For the time being、what should we do?」
「Just hurry up and divide the tree anyway。If we took those home then we’d be billionaires」
「It would be fine if we just kill this brat later」
「Damn、why would a kid like this be deep inside this forest」

While I was in pain like my consciousness would be deprived of me any second, the men continued their work。

I couldn’t do anything as I laid myself on the ground。
The man who was drinking something and sitting on the pile of wood stomped his foot on my face and pressed it on me。

I groaned as my head felt like it would break。

「It’s alright、we won’t be killing you right now。But bad luck for you。We need to silence you since you saw us here」

The man grinned。Though I desperately tried to resist but my stomach was kicked again and my body made a position like the く letter。

Though I vomited but the ropes became damp and my mouth was filled with something that wasn’t good。
(TLN: Huehue translating this felt horrible. I stopped eating my chips)

「KEKEKE、this fellow、his vomit is filling his nose」

While looking at my shameful look、the men made a coarsen sneer。

What should I do。Someone help me。
I was filled with fear。
The glances of the men are really scary。I’m scared that they wouldn’t hold back in kicking me when I would resist for a bit。
My shoulder’s pain felt like it was burning as the arrow continued to crawl inside my shoulder。

I trembled as my teeth clattered。

(TLN: End of the novel. go back. no more. he’s dead)


When the men finished cutting a bundle of wood、a sound of a beast was heard from somewhere。

「A beast huh」
「Where is it?」

The men became alert at an instant。

「Oi、I think that I just saw something over there」

When one of the men pointed at some direction、they took their weapons on to their hands。

The men went out of my field of vision while I’m down。

「Where is it、nothing’s here」
「Be careful、I’m sure that it’s lurking somewhere」

The men felt nervous as they contacted each other。


Suddenly、the scream of a single man resounded in the forest。
I was about to hold my hand on my chest from the surprise。

「What is it、what happened?」
「Oi、what happened to you?」
「The-、there’s something in here」

With the screams、the trembling men’s voices continued。

「H-、Hiiiiiiiii、what is that!」

It seems like something frightening is happening outside my vision。
Though the brawny men were fighting against it but the voices that I could here are scared ones。

What’s happening?
You’re scaring me、Mistral。
I became small & just trembled。

「D-、don’t come over here!」

A scream was raised and the man stumbled down。
The man landed on his bottom & though I could see that he is holding up his sword but he was trembling as the tip of his sword was also trembling。


The monster appeared from the thicket。

it didn’t make any noise。

The soundless thing that appeared before me was the grey demon beast wolf with a brutal smile on its face。

The demon beast slowly approached the stumbled man like it was playing with it。

「D-、don’t come over here!」

The man screamed as he drew back。

The demon beast drew its blood red mouth filled with blood as it licked the blood on its mouth。
The fingernails of the demon beast is also dyed red。

The demon beast approached the man with each step。

For the demon beast to show up at this place。

I was also filled with fear like the man at the sight of the cruel smiling large wolf。

I’m sure that I’m next after this man。
Though I didn’t think that I would see it again after Mistral knocked it down but it seems like it was still lurking in this forest。

I’m sure that it is seeking revenge at me。While Mistral isn’t here、I’m sure that it was aiming at me。

Thus、the large wolf approached the man。

Though the man swung his sword but the large wolf easily played it with its forefoot & the sword flew away。

The large wolf made a satisfied smile as it opened its mouth and gobbled up the man。


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