Chapter 21: Movements of the Darkness

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「By all means、I would like for everyone to see this」

When the priest said so、The shrine maiden reverently held the swords on her hands near the feet of the king。
All members in the room stared at it。

「For you to take the demon blades in front of the king!」

With fuming anger、General Teizenal drew closer to the priest。
The Imperial knight commander Colan stood in front of the king as his shield。

「W-、with all due respect、the purification of the Demon blades have already finished」

The panicking priest added an explanation while all the members in the room inclined their heads & a question mark floated above their heads。

When someone obtains the Demon blade other than a demon then that person would be cursed。Since the people who appeared in the ruins had it on their hands then they have already been enchanted by the blades to become a slaughterer。

Since the one who possesses the Demon blade shall be cursed then usually after defeating the Demon blade user、the demon blade would be left at that place。
However, since it would be bad to just leave it there then the temple would dispatch a shrine maiden to perform a purification to dis-empower it。

However、a purified Demon blade would immediately rot and become an iron waste。

But the four swords in front of us still had their forms when we fought those blades with their users。

Perhaps、everyone is curious and is thinking the same thoughts as me。Why didn’t the purified blades begin to rot?

「What is the meaning of this?」

General Teizenal pointed at the blades and demanded an explanation from the priest。
As expected of a General、his coercion is really heavy。

The priest got weakened by the atmospheric pressure of the General as he talked with a trembling voice。He looked a bit pitiful。

「Y-、yes。Frankly speaking」

The priest took a one of the swords and started to explain。

「The purification of the Demon blade this time was our duty。Therefore we of course have performed the purification this time。But as you can see、the blade didn’t rot and stayed as it is。We took it to the temple at once 。Afterwards、though we have examined that there were no curses left on it but the power of the Demon blade completely remained in it」

Then what would this remaining sword be? The question that I’ve thought seems to be the same with everyone and the priest also seems to have thought the same。

「What on the meow might this sword that remained as it is? Why did it not rot? We might need to call a weapon expert to examine it」

We swallowed our breaths。

「This remaining sword、I can certainly see that it has the Dragon slaying attribute in it」

With the words of the priest、We swallowed our breaths。

「Wh-、what is the meaning of this?」

The king also got disturbed。

He shouldn’t overdo it。For a Demon blade  to appear in a land where humans are ruling at is already unusual but for a demon blade to have the Dragon slaying attribute is furthermore an even bigger unusual thing。

This country and Yorutenitosu is placed at the edge on the dragon’s country。

The number of national treasures that have the Dragon slaying attribute is only small。A commoner, great adventurers or aristocrats didn’t have any & if they had it then they would be arrested for scheming something against the country。

For the extremely high scarce attribute as the Dragon slaying attribute to be in these four swords。Moreover、I noticed it at once。These four swords really looked the same。

「Th-、that’s impossible。For it to have the same appearance as a dragon slaying sword」

Ristia seems to have thought the same thing。He looked surprised as his lips began to quiver。

「Pe-、perhaps、the demons have already gotten with their hands the technology to mass produced these weapons」

The king greatly opened his eyes wide & stared at the four blades。

If they were able to mass produce it then that would be more frightening itself。Not only for the humans but for the Dragons & the Dragonians too。Not only them。The god men , the giants and all of the races that antagonizes the demons would be in danger。

Forging a Demon blade or a Magical blade so easily shouldn’t be possible to begin with。

For an arms to be bestowed with an attribute、a gem would mostly be embedded in it。
A gem is like an ore version of the magic stone。But those are rarely found & one wouldn’t be able to use it if it didn’t get processed。
In case of the Magical powered sword、a magician would save up a lot of magic power inside the gem for years and request for it to be embedded on the sword afterwards。
A magical powered sword is a magician’s weapon that they would spend their whole life making。
Therefore、a weapon with a gem like it is rare & it is the same with the Demon blade and the Holy blade。

Despite of that、here are four swords that are the same as those are。I would still be astonished even if I’m a foolish child。

「For four swords with the appearance like a magical powered blade to suddenly appear at the same time、this is practically unheard of」

Graive-sama was surprised while shaking all over as he said that。
The one who had the best sense of crisis in this room is the Wyvern Knight leader Graive-sama after all。Since for a Dragon slaying weapon is a natural enemy of the dragons that the dragon knights are manipulating。

「For such things to be mass produced、those demons are not able to do those。High rank-、no。There is a possibility that a Demon king is assisting them」

From all the people that got surprised inside the room、only the king was able to stay calm & analyzed the situation。

「This is not only a problem for my country and Yorutenitosu alone。At once、let us start the information exchange with the Dragonians」

With General Teizenal’s proposition、the commander of the Imperial guard knights Colan also nodded。

「Surely、for a single demon to obtain a weapon like this」

The king had a sullen face as he brushed through his long beard on his chin。

「Then what should be done to this Dragon slaying attributed blade?」

The priest timidly inquired。

「This shall be assumed to be kept by the kingdom。Is there any objection?」

With the king’s words、the priest had a face of relief and nodded。
I’m sure that the priest has a hesitating feeling on keeping the Dragon slaying attributed sword in the temple。Since blades like those are already lept inside the kingdom’s treasure warehouse。

「Then we shall start the procedures of receiving it」

When the king said so、the shrine maiden once again held the former Demon blade to the 4 blades with Dragon slaying attribute in her arms。

「Then I shall accompany you too」

Imperial knight commander Colan and General Teizenal followed after the king spoke。

「Oh、it was so」

The king who tried to go out of the room turned around and faced us。

「Ernea-kun、though I wanted to talk with you a bit more but accept my apology。Please visit here again by all means。And Graive-dono、the matter about the blade shall be discussed for another time、I would like to converse with you about it」

Uhm、it would be alright if you would just forget about me but did you just also forget about the existence of the Dragon knight that visited from another country。
so the hands of the king is full too huh。He really is great for not showing his trembling on the table。But after all、the king is also human。He would also tremble on a thing that he didn’t know and wouldn’t be able to see the surroundings more clearer。

When the king, the general and the commander have gone out of the room、we were left inside the room。
A strange air flowed momentarily。
Was it awkward or was it……

「It really is strange。There were five Demon blade users but the  blades that were brought here are only four」

Though I didn’t understand if whether or not he could feel the atmosphere in the room but Slatton stated his doubt。

It is certainly so。Though I just noticed it right now。What happened to the remaining single blade?

When I inclined my head、Ristia let out a tired sigh。

「Everyone、did you properly looked at that place?」
「That place?」
「That’s right、the place where the Dark armored Demon blade user was defeated at」

At Ristia’s point、I and Slatton both inclined our heads。

No、what might be at that place? Since my mind was filled with Ruiseine at that time so I didn’t look at the place properly。

That Dark armored Demon blade user got beaten to death by Mistral-san。
When I recalled the situation at that time when I thought about it、I felt like I would puke。
The Dark Armored Demon blade user that was beaten to death by Mistral-san looked like a cruelly made lump of meat。

Slatton & Neimi remembered the scene at that time as their faces got distorted。

Serisu-sama & Kurishio had unconcerned faces。I’m sure that they’re thinking of other stuffs as to not remember that scene。
(TLN: Just goes to show what Onee-sama will do to someone that will hurt her shota boytoy away from her. Is Ruiseine gonna be the next lump of meat?)

「I’m sure that the Demon blade that the user had lost its abilities from being pulverized」

Though Ristia said so but the image of the lump of meat was too gruesome that I didn’t notice it。

I didn’t want to remember the lump of meat。

「I’m interested in the person who struck the dark armored man repeatedly into his demise」

The one who told us that was Graive-sama。

「That’s true、for that person to use a blunt weapon and not a sharp one、that person is an unusual adventurer。And since that person has a good skill then I’m also interested too」
「Hohou、you too huh?」

So Ristia & Graive-sama had a conversation like that。Slattona dn the white armored soldiers would sometimes enter the conversation。

Then I became an outcast。
(TLN: Just go out and talk to Onee-sama. Onee-sama is the ONLY person you need to talk to)

It’s like I’ve been disregarded by Graive-sama。Wasn’t he aware that I’m here?

Wasn’t Graive-sama the one who was making that awkward atmosphere when the king went out of the room

Graive-sama was intimately speaking with Ristia and the others but wasn’t even looking at me。
I’m sure that he’s thinking that a childish commoner like me isn’t worthy of talking with him。Moreover、I was one of those that defeated his Dragon knight from his kingdom。
(TLN: No worries, bruh. He’s just got ROASTED by your SAVAGENESS with no chill)

Even the perfect and would always worry about me Serisu-sama didn’t put me in the circle of their conversation。

In other words、I’m just quietly sitting in here。

Since I became an outcast、I just let the boring time pass。

I drunk the drinks & ate the food。When I spent my free time looking at the scenery of the courtyard from the window、a voice was heard from outside the room and Graive-sama with the white armored knights left the room。

They would be having a conference with the king hereafter。

The door got closed when the 3 people left the room。


Ristia sighed firstly。It’s unusual fro him to sigh。

Slatton, Kurishio & Neimi lazed off on the sofa at the side。
Serisu-sama was on Ristia’s side and gave off a wry smile。

「Ernea、I’m really sorry」

Ristia gave his apology and offered me a drink。

「Uhm、about what?」

I didn’t understand so I inclined my head。

「Nah。Since His highness Graive has especially disregarded you so we had no choice but to associate with him。I’m truly sorry」
「Ernea-kun、I’m sorry」

Ristia & Kurishio bowed their heads to me

「Awawa。You two、raise your heads。I wasn’t particularly worrying about it。But his majesty? Perhaps Graive-sama is a prince?」
「Yeah、You weren’t aware of it Ernea? His highness Graive-sama is the first Prince」
(TLN: Translation of Ernea’s real words; Ernea: No need to worry about a maggot that Onee-sama can murder at any time she wants to)

I got surprised at Slatton’s words。So he was a prince huh。I didn’t expect that so my face cramped。

Kurishio giggled and laughed when she looked at my semi smile。

「His highness Graive was also thinking about this thing for his country too。Ernea doesn’t have to worry about it」

Ristia cheered me up as he tapped my shoulder。

「Yeah、I’m not worrying about it」
「Uhee。Not worrying about it like disregarding him、Ernea seems to be a big shot right now」

Slatton said as Kurishio kicked him。Well done、Kurishio。She has kicked him for the second time when I said this on my mind。

「Since he was the first prince are there more princes like him? D-、don’t tell me that the two white knights with him are the second and third prince too」

With my stupid thoughts、everyone laughed。Uuuu、this is embarrassing。

「That’s too stupid」
「For him to use his younger brothers as his guards、impossible」
「Ernea’s mind is flying off」
「Fufufu。Under the first prince、there are three other princes。Graive-sama is 21 years old。The next prince is 19。The next one is 17。The last one is 13 years old」
(TLN: In la*smacked by Onee-sama* Onee-sama: Stop giving spoilers!)

The other 4 people were bursting in laughter and onyl Serisu-sama was kind enough to explain it to me。Ah、Serisu-sama is also bearing her laughter。Y-、you guys are cruel

「Uh、uhm。there’s no 15 years old」
「You’ve noticed a strange part in it huh」
「After all、Ernea really has a strange mind」
「Stop it、everyone。Ernea-kun is too pitiful」
(TLN: #3!!!!!!)

Serisu-sama telled off Slatton & Ristia who was still laughing。
Neimi was laughing while on the sofa in a く like letter position。

A-、am I really such a strange kid?
I’m beginning to think that I shouldn’t have come hereas I began to feel a bit depressed。
(TLN: Never go to places without Onee-sama. Onee-sama is happiness)

「Ernea has noticed a good point。To that 15 years old child、there was a princess。However、she has died from when she was young」
(TLN: #3!!!!!!)

Is that so。So they have lost their only princess。
But for them to make a child every 2 years、The king of Yorutenitosu is quite an amazing man。

We afterwards、have spent the morning talking with each other。

Though I wanted to tell Mistral about the sword with the Dragon slaying attribute right at this moment but I didn’t know how to spend my time in such a extravagant place like this so I just passed my time like what I did a while ago。

Then it became noon then it became dissolution time after we took our lunch。However、I was the only one who returned since I didn’t live in that place。

I boarded the carriage that Serisu-sama arranged。


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