Chapter 12: Ruins Rhapsody

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I retraced my steps as I hurried on my way。
I sent the Dragon Ki in the lower part of my body & it accelerated。I also poured some on my eyes at the same time as I foresaw the darkness of the insides of the ruins。

Though encountering the Demon blade users is extremely high but if I returned then I won’t be able to reach the place where Ruiseine is。
It would be good if I’ll just run if I was found。I’m sure that my running speed right now would be the same as Ristia。

Turning around many corners、I reached the single vast room at last。
Since this large room was made as a temporary gathering point so there were magic stones of light that was illuminating that place。
Though I hid on the shadow of the pillar while in a panic since I sensed several presences but the other party seems to have found me。

「Who’s there!」

To that sharp voice、I was a bit relieved however。

「Ristia、it’s me」
(TLN: No more Hero time? Is it gay time already?)

I put out my appearance from the shadow of the pillar。
The ones who were in the large room was Ristia and his companions。

「Ernea huh、what is with this commotion?」

Ristia noticed that it was me & beckoned。
I went to the place where Ristia is and told him on what was the commotion about。

They received my explanation as Kiri and Inea’s faces became pale。Since they were both Shrine maidens like her、it’s obvious that they were worried about Ruiseine。

「Demon blade users huh。There were also 5 people too」

Slatton gulped his breath。

「it’s certainly abnormal since all of them appeared at once at the same time。If we let our guards down then we’ll be killed however。Though Demon blades are frightening but the ability of the demon blade users were still cursed」

Ristia encouraged everyone。
As expected of the Hero-sama。He’s always calm at any time & could encourage everyone。

Even the knights of the kingdom can’t fight against the Hero Ristia。Only Slatton which was beside him could come close with Ristia’s sword techniques。The boku girl Namy is quick & the 4th princess Serisu-sam who was good at cooperating with Ristia。The magician Kurishio who could use long range magic attacks。The Shrine maiden Kiri who is at the assistance role。There is also the Shrine maiden Inea too。Their healing prowess is flawless。

Ristia’s companions are perfect。

Though they furiously rushed out of the door but since Ristia and his companions are here then I’m not needed anymore。
In comparison to everyone who was enthusiastic、I was a bit despondent。But since I didn’t need to force myself to do a dangerous thing any longer、I settled down calmly。

「So the other students who already ran are in that passageway huh」

Slatton confirmed that to me & I nodded。

「Since it wouldn’t be possible to go to that room if they won’t go through this large room then it would be alright for us to prepare our formation here」

Everyone consented to Serisu-sama’s opinion。

The shrine maidens Inea and Kiri formed a barrier on the passage way that I went from first of all so the way there would be barricaded。Serisu-sama and Namy would be protecting that barrier。

The vanguard are Slatton and Ristia as those 2 waited in the center of the room。

Kurishio entered the barrier of the shrine maidens & performed a magic spell。
She lighted off an incense as she started to chant words that I couldn’t understand & she drew a pattern on the ground with a special powder。

Magic is used by the Demons and the Godmen use their holy magic but the shrine maidens differ from those since their sorcery is performed by using special tools and complex ceremonies。
That is why they needed expertise, strong concentration & magical power。

When the spell of Kurishio was complete、a gentle wind blew inside the large room as it extended and expanded through the passage way there。

「It’s a wind spell。It will search for the Demon blade users and Ruiseine」
(TLN: Though Tracing the Dragon pulse is better.)

Kurishio explained that while meditating。
If she didn’t continue to concentrate on her spell then it’s effect would disappear。
That is why sorcerers like Kurishio needs to continue in meditating while being defenseless。
She went inside the barrier of the shrine maidens and performed her spell there so her body would be safe。

And thus、I was next to Kurishio。
Of course、I was inside the barrier of the shrine maidens。

Even if you say that it is possible for me to do something with the Dragon pulse but I’ll just pull down Ristia’s team if I was there。That is why I obediently took shelter inside the barrier。

「I’m sorry。Though we also can try to find Ruiseine’s whereabouts but it seems like she isn’t using any spells」

Kiri said so with an apologetic look。
With sorcery、there seems to be a spell where they can specify a spell user’s whereabouts within their range。However、Ruiseine seems to be not using any magic right now。

Perhaps、her holy power has already gotten empty。Then、there might be a possibility that she’s being attacked by the Demon blade users right now。
Since they can’t feel Ruiseine holy power、Kiri & Inea’s faces were still pale as of now。

「I should have been together with Ruiseine」
「It’s alright。She is a War Shrine maiden unlike us。I’m sure that she’s fine」

Kiri was stroking the back of the crying Inea as she comforted her。

The War Shrine maiden is a Shrine maiden that specializes in battles unlike ordinary shrine maidens。
They excelled in attack magic and combat skills。
So Ruiseine was a War Shrine maiden。

When that was done、Kurishio gave off a voice of precaution。

「There are 3 ominous people & they are going towards our direction」

Everyone started to get tensed up。

Since it was ominous、then it’s right to say that those were the Demon blade users。
Since there were only 3 people then the remaining people might be doing something separately。

Before long、3 men appeared at the large room。

「What the meow!」

It was just the usual Slatton with his disordered black hair。

「I wonder what that is」

Ristia had a severe look。

I also am surprised at the appearances of the men who showed up。

All of them wore the same armor。The ringing sound came from their whole bodied silver armor as they confronted Ristia and his companions。
Everyone held a dark blade on their right hands which gave off an ominous atmosphere & 2 of them had shields。Those shields had the emblem of Yorutenitosu painted on it。

「Why have the knights from our neighboring country become a demon blade user!」

Slatton set up his long sword with both his hands while he cursed at those men。

「Even if there was a reason but we can’t help it since they’re already cursed。Let’s do it」

With the shout of Ristia、the battle has begun。

Ristia shook his Holy flame sword outside of the interval as the holy flames were shot out。
The Demon blade users dispersed to avoid it。

「I’ll be leaving those to you for the time being」

Slatton stabbed at the Demon blade user who seemed to have the strongest physique from the group。Slattona and the Demon blade user intensely exchanged blows。

While Ristia was shooting out the flames like feinting、he confronted the other remaining two。
Though it was 2:1 for Ristia but it would be surely safe to leave that to him。

There was Serisu-sama and Namy on the rear side who were ready any time to support them。

The sounds of metal colliding each other violently。The atmosphere of the air became a bit hot from the flames being shot out as it flickered in the large room while I watched it。

「This is bad」

On the side of me who was observing the battle of those two、the one who leaked out a voice lke she was at her wit’s end was Kurishio。

The attention of Inea, Kiri & mine gathered at Kurishio。

「I think that I might have found Ruiseine。However……」

The tension started to run within the barrier。

「I can hardly feel any vitality on her。I think that she’s wounded。To that、the other two remaining ominous Demon blade users are approaching her」

Ah、how could this happen。

With the bad news、Inea crumbled down。

「Someone、isn’t there any knights of the kingdom near her?」

Kiri barely stood up and asked Kurishio。
However、Kurishio who was still meditating shook her head。

Ruiseine is nearly dying。If the Demon blade users come near her then that would be a despair filled situation。

「Kurishio、Tell me where that place is。I’ll go there myself」
「Wha-、what are you saying?!」

Kiri screamed at my proposition。
That is、I’m incompetent when compared to everyone but、however, if someone didn’t go right now then Ruiseine would certainly get killed。

「It’s too far、you won’t make it in time」

Kurishio painfully said so

「We won’t be sure if I won’t make it there on time if I didn’t try。Just hurry up and tell me where she is」

If Ruiseine was still alive then I want to save her。I can’t just give up on her just because she was too far。

I yearned to be like Ristia。I feel that he wouldn’t leave his friends or companions even if it was a dangerous situation in case of him。
If I abandon Ruiseine right now then I would surely be unable to be like Ristia in the future。

With my vigor、Kurishio told me where the place was。
It was near the small room where I was at。Though it was far but I would be able to go there without getting lost。

I first of all took out a small jar in my shoulder bag。And after confirming the sword on my waist、I sat down。

Though Kiri and Inea were dubious as to what I was doing、I just started meditating。

I sunk the excited heart of mine & deepened my meditation。I felt the Dragon pulse at once & I took a necessary amount of Dragon Ki unto my body at a dash。
I filled my whole body with Dragon ki。

I stood up and went outside of the barrier。
Serisu-sama and Namy felt suspicion towards me。Though the attentions of Slatton and Ristia were on their battle but did they hear our conversation within the barrier。

I slipped through those two and accelerated。

The lower body of mine which was filled with Dragon ki、produced an explosion like leg strength。I slipped through the center of the room where Slattona and Ristia were fighting at an instant & entered the passage way。

I could see the surprised facial expression of Ristia for a moment。

Hurry up。

Be on time。

I accelerated further as I got out of the large room and went through the corners as to face the place where Ruiseine was。

I could see through the darkness like it was morning with the Dragon ki that I entrusted to my eyes。
The wind pressure was torn up with the strengthened muscles of my body as each of my step got faster as I pushed ahead。

And when I turned at a corner and entered the long passage way、I found Ruiseine。

Ruiseine was leaning and sitting on the wall of the passage way。The teacher was lying at her feet。


The two Demon blade users who is raising their demon blades were at Ruiseine。

Ah、I won’t make it with my speed right now。

I was unconsciously refining the Dragon ki on my right hand。
My right palm was shining with a green light。I instantly changed its shape into a spear & threw it out。

The Dragon Ki Spear attacked the Demon Blade users with a heightened speed。
I directly hit the shield of the Demon blade user’s shield as it blew of to a far distance backward。

The other Demon blade user turned his attention on to me。

And that time was enough。

I hurled myself at the Demon blade user without decelerating as I wedged myself in the place where Ruiseine and the Demon blade users were。

The Demon blade user with a large shield was sunk on the wall at the back & couldn’t move an inch。
Though I blew off the Demon blade user by hitting its body but it seems like he made a defensive posture and stood up as he confronted me。

He turned his thirst for blood at my direction。

I ignored the hesitating feeling that I had & I pulled out my average sword。

I can do this。If I didn’t save her then Ruiseine would get killed。

I concentrated my senses on the Demon blade user。

I received the attack from above immediately。
So fast。
And it was a heavy attack。

Slatton said that they were knights of the Yorutenitosu kingdom。
The Demon blade users in my presence were wearing armor on their whole body and on their chest part was the same emblem from the shield of the ones that appeared in the large room。

While I was thinking about my enemies who were the knights from the neighboring country、I’ll be easily defeated。

I only looked at the Demon blade user in my presence。
If I don’t kill him then I’ll be killed。
Deeply concentrating is the same with meditation。
I felt the Dragon pulse。

I warded of and mowed down the silver dark sword as I entered the chest position of the enemy with a low posture that I took。
The Demon blade user fell back to make a distance between us。
When I pushed up the average sword、it bounced back from the hardness of the armor。
Using my strength to pierce through、I drove it back on the hard metallic armor。
With that、the posture of the Demon blade user was destroyed。
I added up a rotation with my whole body this time as I mowed down an attack。
Though he received that attack、but the demon blade user couldn’t counter attack。
His upper-body is firm。Then I should just add another rotation with my first rotation of my body with my attack。
I leaned over turned and kicked him with my leg。
Though it was hit on his armor but my legs which is strengthened by the Dragon ki would be very heavy。
The body posture of the Demon blade user was further destroyed。

I was delirious。
With my enemy being a former knight of Yorutenitosu as a Demon blade user right now、I danced the Dragon Blade dance that I just learned。

It looked like I was washing away the blade of the Demon blade user with my flowing like movements while I was drawing a circle in the air with my average sword。I entered the area of the bust of the enemy using force as I powerfully kicked the ground and faced my enemy’s blade。
A chance has been shown to me at last & I gave off my attack。

I who desperately danced、spin and spin as I revolved unto the Demon blade user。

And then、the average sword that I pushed out has pierced through the throat of the Demon blade user at last。

Blood sprayed from him as the Demon blade user fell down。

The feeling of piercing his body was transmitted unto my hands and the feeling of the sin of killing a person too is a feeling that I haven’t felt at that time。

It’s just that、I could only feel the joy of protecting Ruiseine。

I confirmed the death of the Demon blade users & I ran to where Ruiseine was。

Ruiseine looked at me like she had gone senile。

「Ruiseine、are you alright?」

At my voice、Ruiseine restored her smile weakly。

「Please don’t mind me & please help our teacher」

Ruiseine said that as she gaze upon our teacher。

The body of the teacher was blood stained。
Kijirumu said that the teacher was enclosed and got cut so I thought that the teacher was a goner。
I looked at the teacher but even if he was bloody but he didn’t have any wounds。

「I healed the surface of his wounds。But my holy power has disappeared」

Ruiseine explained that weakly。

「Since you can see that I’m already like this so please just help our teacher」

The face of Ruiseine didn’t have blood。
I was startled and I observed Ruiseine。

The abdomen of Ruiseine was cut up with a sword and the place where she was sitting has formed a sea of blood。


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