Chapter 13: Goodnight. Ruiseine

I recalled the words of Kurishio。

When her vitality started to disappear。

Ruiseine saved the teacher rather than her wounded self。

Is this really a necessary action for a Shrine maiden? Do they really need to care about other people’s lives more than their own? Is she a person that really had to save the teacher that willingly sacrificed himself to save her?

To the appearance of the Shrine maiden Ruiseine like that、I unintentionally shed tears。

「Why are you crying? Ernea has made a great achievement。Come now、please take the teacher and go to a safe place with him」

The voice of Ruiseine has already become hoarse and frail。

Ruiseine doesn’t know about it huh。That the other remaining Demon blade users should have been already defeated by Ristia and his companions at this time。


I didn’t even take an active part in it。

「Ehehe、Ruiseine really didn’t know anything huh、really now」

To the words of mine while tearing up with a smile、Ruiseine tilted her head。
She seemed like she would fall any second when she titled her head so I held her on my arms。

And I gently touched the wounds of Ruiseine。
Hawawa、her wounds are so deep that her internal organs are bursting out。
When I touched her wounds、Ruiseine made an expression of agony。

「Ah、sorry。It hurts huh」
「N-、no。Such a thing……」

Ruiseine smiled at me who was worrying for her。
However、her pupils were closed like she was going to instantly fall asleep & now Ruiseine has completely shut her eyes。


The tears from ym eyes didn’t stop to flow。

I’m really sorry、Ruiseine。And goodnight。
(TLN: The chapter title! WAT DA MEOW!)

I moved Ruiseine from the pond of blood by carrying her。

*Garan*。(TLN: Sound effect)

In the interior of the passageway、the rocks from where the wall collapse began to move。

When I turned my glance to that direction、the demon blade user with a large shield started to stand up。

Damn。For him to be safe when he received the Spear of Dragon ki。
Though the Arrow of Dragon ki already had an amazing amount of power but it seems like he didn’t die from even the  Spear of Dragon ki。
I was astonished。

The Demon blade user started to push aside the pebbles while I was still in shock & he was very different from the other people。

Though I didn’t notice it when I desperately came here but I could now understand that he was different from the other Demon blade users。

The demon blade user who had a large shield was wrapped up in an armor of jet black darkness。
And a strong sinister aura is being let out of his body。

This fellow is different from the other Demon blade users。
My whole body was sweating。

The Dark armored Demon blade user slowly approached my direction。

Run away。My instincts cried out。
I managed to win against a former knight of the Yorutenitosu kingdom who was now a Demon blade user。
However, I couldn’t feel even a small bit of a chance in winning against this fellow that was in front of me。

In case of the usual me、then I would have run away now at fulls peed。However、the teacher that Ruiseine saved while risking her own life wasn’t conscious right now。
I couldn’t leave him here。

I took out the average sword once again & took a stance。

I closed up a bit of a distance between the two of us。

I deepened my consciousness and felt the Dragon pulse。

And then。

I mustered up the remaining strength that I had & ran away from that place。

You’re misunderstanding me。I wasn’t running away。I was running while I was making an excuse for myself。

Two shining things were there in front of the place where I was running into。

It was a pair of glaring but glittering pupils of blue color。

The thing with those glittering blue pupils shot off an astonishing strong aura of thirst of blood as my legs cowered, tangled and fell off。

The Dark armored Demon blade user calmly approached。

The person that was in front of me also approached。

The person who was in front of me was nearer。

「He-、help me」

I cried out。

The person that had glittering blue eyes approached me。

That person pulled out the one handed lacquer black rod from its waist。

「Stay at that place」

The person with blue eyes passed over me。

It was Mistral-san。

To the terrifying aura of thirst for blood that Mistral-san was emitting、The Dark armored Demon blade user set up his large shield。

Mistral-san didn’t have a look like she was worried。

Both of them took their respective arms and ran to each others attacking range。

At the moment when the Dark armored Demon blade user moved。

An explosive like metallic sound that resounded consecutively for six times resounded in the passage way of the ruins。

And thus、at the bottom of Mistral-san’s foot which was like a second just passed by was the lump of meat of the Dark armored Demon blade user。

「Fumu、I didn’t even need to use a technique attack」
(TLN: SCARY! You should be considering on calling her Mistral-sama or Mistral Onee-sama, MC-kun)

It was overwhelming。It took only an instant for her six attacks。
It didn’t matter that he had a large shield or his body was covered in a dark armor、the Demon blade user was brutally beaten to death by Mistral-san’s blunt weapon。


So this is the thing that they call a Dragon Princess。A person that could even injure an Ancient dragon type 。

I understood Mistral-san’s dreadfulness right now。

Speaking of Mistral-san、she shook off the blood on her one handed rod and returned to where I was。

Her aura of thirst for blood has already disappeared。

「Are you alright? Are you injured?」
「N-、o I’m alright。Other than that、why are you in this place?」

Actually、I already noticed that Mistral-san was getting nearer when I felt the Dragon pulse a while ago。That’s why I ran away。
(TLN: That’s what you call TACTICAL RETREAT, bruh)

But the aura of thirst for blood of hers was really scary。

I just voiced my complaint a bit。By no means am I saying that Mistral-san is scary。

「Yes。The old man was actually worried since you used the Dragon ki for even a short time。I hurriedly came here to oversee your situation」

I see、Old Sleigstar who is well versed in the Dragon pulse noticed me using it huh。

「Was that so。That was really helpful」

I became stale like as I let out a sigh as Mistral took out her water flash and took some as she handed it over to me。
I graciously accepted & drank it up at a dash。

「Since you have settled down then briefly explain this situation」

With Mistral-san’s urging、I told her about the things that have happened。

「Was that so。That was a very difficult happening huh」

Mistral-san looked at Ruiseine and the teacher who were laying down beside me when I said that。

「The teacher doesn’t seem to have any wounds and looks fine」

I said that and looked over Ruiseine as Mistral-san looked a bit sad。

「Ernea、you have did well。You have done a great thing within your limits on this dangerous situation」

With Mistral-san who comforted me、The tears that stopped overflowed once more。

Mistral-san gently embraced me。
Mistral-san is really gentle and kind。
I depended on Mistral-san for a bit as I entrusted my feelings to my tears。

Mistral-san rubbed my back and caressed my head as my mind gradually settled down。

「First of all、it’s good that you’re alright」
「Yes、but if Mistral-san didn’t come then I would have been driven to a corner」

I somehow managed to make a smile as Mistral-san tight and strongly embraced me。

「Don’t be too reckless。The old man and I would be worried」
「Oh、So Mistral-san was worried about me huh」

To my joke、Mistral-san gave a wry smile。

「YareYare。So you’ve finally became a bit energetic」
(TLN: YareYare= exclamation of relief or disappointment which in case of this situation then it would be relief)

With Mistral-san’s concern、I expressed my gratitude。

「Yes。It won’t be good if I just kept on sobbing like that」
「That’s correct。A boy has to be steady」

Mistral-san said that as she patted my head and stood up。

「Now then、Since I have confirmed your safety then I shall take my leave」
「Eh、you’re already leaving?」

Mistral-san just came。I wanted her to give support to Ristia and his companions who might be having a hard time in their battle。

「That necessity seems to be non existent already」

When she heard my worrying、Mistral-san smiled。
What does she mean? is what I thought when I heard a person’s voice from afar。

「Where are you Ruiseine!」

It was the voices of Slatton and Inea。They gradually drew closer。

「Go on、go out and meet with them」

Mistral-san said so as she disappeared into the darkness of the opposite direction as to where the voices were。

「Ah、Mistral-san。Thank you」

To my words of gratitude、Mistral-san waved her hand while she didn’t turn around and disappeared。

When I was watching the appearance of Mistral-san who was disappearing in the darkness、Slatton & everyone had came from the back side。


When I turned around、Ristia was there。Aahh、The whole Hero party was there。

「Y-、Yo guys」

I shyly said。

Everyone who ran up to me looked at Ruiseine and the teacher who was dyed up in blood beside me as they drank their breath。


Inea broke down。

「Th-、this is……」

Kiri fell down。

Serisu-sama and Kurishio also cried。

Slatton didn’t conceal his trembling but he was still vigilant of the surroundings。
Ristia first of all looked at the lump of flesh which was the Dark armored Demon blade user & confirmed the annihilation of the other Demon blade user near it。

「This is、did you finish off these two?」

With Ristia’s question、I only answered the half of his question。

「That lump of flesh was dealt with by an adventurer that passed by」
「An adventurer? In this kind of place?」

Ristia and Slatton were in doubt。
That was impossible though。Since this is a ruins that the school uses then this is a place that any adventurer won’t usually come。
But since I thought that it would be better if I didn’t tell about Mistral-san who was a dragonian then I just told a suitable lie。
Though I felt bad that I was lying to the Hero but I didn’t have a choice。

「It’s like、that person was chasing the Demon blade users。But it seems like that person was a shy type so that person immediately went off after that person defeated the Demon blade user」

Fuun、Slatton didn’t seem to give his consent。Was that so、is what Ristia looked like he was saying as he nodded his head。

Since they didn’t pursue any more、I was relieved and patted my chest。

「Then I’ll be asking you of the explanation on this part」

Ristia came back to where I was & looked at Ruiseine and the teacher。

Inea and the girls were still crying。

「It seems like Ruiseine used her holy power to heal the teacher。However、it seems like she ran out of holy power……」

I looked at Ruiseine who was lying down。

「I-、is that so……」

Ristia and Slatton went near to Ruiseine and bent their knees down。

「You did well、Ruiseine。You have done an honorable action up to the last as a shrine maiden」

Ristia took the hand of Ruiseine。

「You did your best、Ruiseine」

Kiri was crying as she took the other hand。

Slatton placed his hands on her right shoulder as Namy placed hers on her left shoulder。

Inea was still crying on Ruiseine’s bosom。

「As a princess of the kingdom、I am proud of you and praise you」
「I’m sorry that I haven’t found you sooner」

Serisu-sama and Kurishio gently patted her cheeks。

「We will never forget your honorable sacrifice」

Ristia kissed the hand of Ruiseine。


I titled my head in confusion。

「What is it?」

Serisu-sama criticized me。I alone didn’t read the atmosphere is what her glance was telling me。


「Is Ernea-kun not sad?」

Inea said that while crying。

「I’m a bit sad too。But it’s like、I’m not that much sad like you guys are……」

Everyone looked at me violently with my words。
Uuhm、Am I the one is at the wrong side here?

However in spite of that……

「I-it’s like。It feels like everyone is assuming that Ruiseine really died and that is the odd thing that I was feeling」

With my words、Everyone stopped。

It seems like they were confused。

「Wha-、what are you sayi-……」

Inea shouted as she placed her ears on Ruiseine’s chest。

「Eh、she’s alive」


The voices of the Hero’s party piled up except Inea。

「Wha-wha-wha、what is the meaning of this?」

Serisu-sama’s eyes were staggering。

「Uh、uuhm。Her wound in her abdomen has already healed」

I told them that the Adventurer gave me a versatile panacea。

But the truth is that I used the Versatile Mucus Panacea on her。

I thought that this was the only choice that I had in saving the dying Ruiseine。That is why I took a small jar from my bag and applied the Versatile Mucus Panacea on Ruiseine’s abdomen。
Though it was a make or break situation but as expected of the Versatile Mucus Panacea that the Ancient kind Dragon was proud of。Since the wound was somehow blocked by it so I became relieved。

Perhaps、did they think that Ruiseine died because my explanation was insufficient and she was wearing a blood stained clothes。
But since Inea buried her face on Ruiseine’s chest so I thought that she would have heard Ruiseine’s heart beat。

「Since the situation in front of us where in chaos so I didn’t notice her small heart beats」

Inea was now crying with another meaning。

From the bottom of despair、they were tragically dropped of again as everyone was drained of their strength。

「Hahaha、so my explanation was still insufficient huh」
「That’s truly right」

I was hit by Ristia who gave off a bitter smile。

「Tha-、that hurts」

Slatton had a tired face from my protest。

「Ah、I strangely became tired」

Serisu-sama unusually sat on the ground lazily。

「Uuhh、was it entirely my fault?」

Everyone from the Hero party harmoniously said that。

「T-、that’s not fairrrrrrrr」

Everyone heard my scream as they began to laughed。
This is not a laughing matter。I also worked hard to my best too。
With my dissatisfied face、only Ristia was the one who comforted me。

Author’s remarks
Now then、Did everyone have the feeling like what the Author-sama has expected?

If everyone’s reactions were the same with Ristia’s party then it’s a great success for me。

If that wasn’t it then my writing skill is still insufficient。I’ll do my best。

The next chapter shall be a chat。

Missere Meow’s remarks

I’m really anxious about this… it possible for the Versatile Mucus Panacea to recover a girl’s virginity?
Well at least he got hugged by Mistral-ONEE-SAMA


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