Loner’s Relations

Seems to be very few today。

I got over the commotion at lunchtime、finished the things in school and started on my part time job。


「Today’s orders are 75 items。Just the usual as always」


Since it was Monday yesterday, last week’s sales table was already made so there’s no table to be made for the sales & that’s why it’ll be over once the Net order table is done 。Then it would be all over for about an hour or so。


「However、tomorrow would be the start of spring tests・・・。Well if I would study properly then it won’t be a problem but my desk worries me。It’s making me feel uneasy whether it was changed neatly」


It’s pretty obvious that I won’t be able to take the test without a desk。Whoops, while grumbling like that, it seems like the table I was making is already finished。So my part time took 1 hour & 20 minutes huh。Well this would be fine for today。


「Yuki-san、I’ve finished the Order table」
「Thanks for your work there。What would you be doing afterwards?」
「I’ll be studying today for tomorrow’s test 」
「If you don’t understand some parts then please don’t  feel shy to ask me。 I’m pretty confident as long as it’s Japanese」


As expected、Yuki-san is pretty knowledgeable。She’s also a graduate from a National College。


「I’ll be indebted to you then」


While I was checking on the question sheet for spring again、I now tried to focus on the wrong points that I made。I’m working hard like this is because my goal for this school year is to be in the 20th place or less。On my 1st year, I was able to make it at 15th place。Well if I work harder for a bit then I would be able to get into the safe zone for entering a National University but if I don’t put in my best then it would seem to be impossible to do。


「Sorry for the intrusion」


When I laid my eyes on the person who entered the shop、it was Hinata-san who I was having a conversation with in the nurse office。


「Hinata-san huh。How may I help you?」
「I just came here to talk for a bit but it seems like Yuuki is here too」
「So are you acquainted with Yuuki-san ?」
「That is so。It’s because Yuuki went to the Nurse office today」

OI。Don’t tell that to her。I don’t want to give her so much worries about that commotion。Since she’s the sole person that would truly be worried about me。


「So I was right about Yuuki-san being a bit tired ・・・?」


See。She’s now looking at me with an extremely worried face。I really want to keep that commotion a secret to her so I’m really sorry for saying lies to you。


「I just went to the nurse office for a request from my homeroom teacher so it’s fine」
「・・・is that so」
「Yes。So let us end this topic。The reason for me visiting you is because I’m asking if you can introduce someone to me」


Someone?Well no one really goes to this second hand bookshop though。Hinata-san is the first visitor in this shop for today by the way。Before I started doing my work、Yuki-san told me so a while ago。


「Someone?I’m sorry but what kind of person is it?」


I understand what Yuki-san might be thinking。Well I would understand more of it if I listen for a bit more。


「That is so。Though I’ll be speaking from the beginning but though the Student council will be sponsoring a Flea Market on the month of June、they have little knowledge on that topic so they are searching for someone who is good at that field。」
「I see。In other words、you want to introduce someone related  and knowledgeable in Flea markets & hear their opinions about it?」
「Well that’s about it all」


Indeed。 This place is certainly indebted to Flea markets。 Since the disposal of the old books are pretty hard too。 That is why if we dealt with the old books with the flea markets then the trouble of dealing with the stockpile is solved。


「I must ask forgiveness but I can’t think of anyone that fits those requirements」
「That wouldn’t be so Yuki-san、I actually know a single person like that」
「Really?If you know someone like that then it would truly help me」
「It’s Old man Miyamoto from the second hand clothing shop。Since that person has been responsible for managing the Flea market in this area for about 3 years up to the present」
「Is that so?」


Wasn’t Yuki-san aware of that fact?Though Yuki-san & I were also participating too。Well I can’t blame her since the participants annually increases so various people often greets us here。Moreover、I didn’t expect that Yuki-san wasn’t interested on that。


「Well that can’t be helped since I’m the one who always deals with the flea market reports。Because Yuki-san seemed like she didn’t have any interest in that part」
「Fufu、that truly seems like Yuki。Moreover、you would throw Yuuki to deal with facing those Flea market people in their meetings?」


As expected from a friend of Yuki-san。That was the absolute truth since Yuki-san would just leisurely read books behind me while I was on the reception side serving the customers and greeting people。Well it’s fine since just her being near me already heals my heart every time。

(TL Note: I can actually picture Yuki-san looking like or being a copy of Sagisawa Fumika from Idolm@ster.)


「That’s not true at all。 I’m also participating too」


Yuki-san is really so cute。It’s rare for her to be angry while she’s puffing up her cheeks like that。A sight for sore eyes。

「I know that you’re cute but let’s go back to the topic on hand. So I just need to consult this Miyamoto-san you’re talking about?」
「If it’s Old man Miyamoto then he would know the methods and ways of the Flea market since he is the one who is handling it now」
「That would be helpful。 This would come as a great report to the Student council president」
「That’s great。 I’m glad that we were able to help」
「That’s why I’ll also be helping Yuuki with his studying」


I didn’t expect for even the School nurse to join in on this。Well it’s not cheating if it’s only the school nurse who would teach me so this wouldn’t be bad。


「Then shall I indulge with that too?」
「Yeah。Leave it to me」
「Well then、I’ll prepare an evening meal for us。Let’s eat together, alright?」


That would truly save me。If I don’t have to make a meal then my study time would increase too。


「I’ll be troubling you tonight then, Yuki-san」
「Yes。I’ll be in your care too」

(TL Note: My Lewd senses are tingling! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )


I & Hinata-san started studying in preparation for tomorrow。

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