Chapter: 17 Let’s use it while following the usage & dosage

We continued our stroll as Mistral pulled my hand。

Yep。Mistral、I can’t seem to get accustomed to calling her like that。But if I don’t say it like this in my mind then my mouth would accidentally say “Mistral-san”。

If I called her with a “-san” then it would seem like there’s still some distance between us & it would be bad for us to have some distance since we just became intimate a while ago。

With that、I’ll now be trying to say her name。


That was a swift attack。
I’m so miserable。

「Uhm、uh。What is it、Mistral?」
「Fufufu、that tone isn’t yours」
「Guuu、I was just in a hurry」

At my strange tone、Mistral smiled。

「Time to get a grip。Ernea」

With my restless mind、Mistral used a serious tone so I became nervous。

「About the Dragon pulse、shall we discuss it for a bit」
「Incidentally、I had to take note of some facts about it huh」

That was so。I forgot。
While we were strolling、it would be bad for me to not ask Mistral about the details of the Dragon pulse。

「Have you gotten accustomed in using the Dragon pulse?」

To Mistral’s question、I inclined my head。

「I’m not sure。Though from the past、I can now feel the Dragon pulse easier」
「Easily、huh。Originally though the Dragonians would need to  train for years in order to just feel the Dragon pulse」

Ah、Old Sleigstar said such a thing at first incidentally。

「For a human like Ernea、you seem to be an unusual genius」
(TLN: Just like my damned Chinese novels! Just call me Missere Yun Ernea Che)

If Mistral says that to me then I would start to think if I’m really such a special existence。

「However。Ernea。For that reason、You have to be more careful in using the Dragon pulse」

Though we are still walking inside the forest of dragons、Mistral turned around and faced me with a serious expression。

「Is it really so dangerous?」
「I’m not sure if it’s dangerous。For Ernea as of today」

Mistral tightened her grip on my hand。Mistral’s hands really are warm。

「Ernea。Do you know what happens when a human drinks Sake?」

Oh my。Our conversation seems to have jumped。
(TLN: I think she’s planning on getting you drunk and uses that chance to take advantage of your shota powerlessness)

「They would get drunk」
「That’s right。Then that drunk person would want to drink some more Sake。Then it would become a poison for that person is what the old people say。The following question is this。Do you know what happens to the sorcerers and Shrine maidens that have used up all of their powers?」
「Uhm。I learned this at the seat study in my school。They would be in a temporary weakened state & they would fall asleep for how many days is what they taught me」

After defeating the ghosts、I remembered the thing about Ristia falling asleep for how many days after he used up all of his magical power。

However、what is the connection of those two questions?

「A person who uses Magical power is a sorcerer & a user of Holy power is called a Shrine maiden。The same as that、The Dragonians and the Dragons are the ones who possess Dragon power」

I nodded as Mistral continued speaking。

「Magical power、Holy power & Dragon power are powerful things that are used to make techniques and these powers aren’t visible to the naked eye、do you understand what I’m saying」
「Uhm、what is the difference of it with the Dragon ki?」

At my question、Mistral properly explained it to me。She’s so kind。

「It would be fine if you just think of the Dragon Ki as the Dragon pulse that is circulating inside one’s body。Dragon power is the Dragon pulse that is stored inside the body」

I see、so it is a power that is stored up in one’s body。Since I was scooping up the Dragon pulse & immediately turning it into power from the start so I haven’t thought about storing it up inside me 。

Then the Magical power & the holy power are the stored up power in one’s body for the sake of using it to make magic or holy magic is what it means to be。

To my appearance that says that I’ve understood it、Mistral continued to speak。

「An ancient kind of Dragon like the old man has an in-measurable amount of Dragon power。Next ones are the Dragons。The old aged dragons and the Dragonians also possesses a huge amount of Dragon power but not like the Ancient kinds。For the dragonians、well it’s just normal。Well、since the Shrine maidens and the Sorcerers have difference individually then we also to have something like that」
「Ohhh、that is so」

Though they said that if a Dragonian doesn’t train then they won’t be able to feel the Dragon pulse but they would still have Dragon power since they’re dragonians。

「And with that、Ernea」

Mistral stopped walking for a moment & looked at me with a serious face on。

「In general、Humans don’t possess Dragon power」
(TLN: Mistral said “NAI WA” in this conversation……KUMOKO!)

Towards the unexpected remark of Mistral、I got surprised。

Then、is it me not storing up the Dragon pulse in my body?

「Correct、you are not able to store the dragon pulse inside your body」

She anticipated my surprise so Mistral said。

「And for that reason is why we’re here」

Mistral took my other hand that was empty & gave an even more serious stare at me。

「A human like you that doesn’t have any Dragon power is scooping up the Dragon pulse and is immediately turning it into Dragon ki。Well then、we used the Sake for our talk a while ago, right?」
「You as of now can be compared to a man drinking Sake。The thing that you have in your presence is Sake which is the Dragon pulse & you are still aware of your limitation as you drink it。You start to desire more as you drink which is you start to want to scoop more Dragon pulse so the Sake starts to become poison to your body」
「Uhhm、Is that so?」

Since I wasn’t aware of that completely、I was astonished。I’m certain that I would only scoop out the amount that I only needed is what I thought。

But that seems to be that case if you would look at it。At the time when the Demon blade users appeared at the ruins、though I was planning on using my powers discreetly but I’m not sure on how much power I used up at the second half of the fight。

「And next。You’ve heard of the people that have used up all their Magical power or holy power, am I right?」

From the flow of our current conversation、I felt an unpleasant thing was coming。

「When their Magical power and Holy power dries up、their physical condition would be weakened。That is the same with the Dragons and Dragonians。If their Dragon power dries up、our physical condition would also be weakened and some would lose consciousness」
「Though they differed with their powers but they shared the same losing consciousness symptoms」
「Correct。And with that。You do not have any Dragon power」
「Y-、yeah。That’s right」

I’ve been sweating up。
And Mistral left on note。

「In short、since you’re not storing the Dragon pulse inside your body then you have been repeating the two processes which is replenishing and exhausting up the Dragon power in your body」

I found no word to say。

I just easily took scooped the Dragon pulse & changed it into Dragon ki so I could use it since I thought that it’s alright for me to use it since I could do it so easily。
However、since I’ve been using up the Dragon pulse like that every time then that would be the time that I’m running out of Dragon power。
Since I didn’t have any power originally then that’s why it comes to the。

When doing that、the reason that I fell unconscious at once when I returned home from the ruins is because my body became dry & weakened。

「Since it was still a small bit of power then you’re just fine for this time。But if it were a large amount of power which was used for a long time then you’re life might have been endangered」

Mistral looked at me anxiously。

If I overdid it when I’m already in a weakened state then it would affect my own life。
Sorcerers who died while overworking themselves is something that I have read in the newspaper too。

The fact that Mistral came to the ruins is because she was worried about Old Sleigstar’s guess that I have used the Dragon pulse in a wrong way。

I trembled at the size of this information。
And I who was like that was gently hugged close by Mistral。

「Don’t do excessive things from now on alright?」

However、if that is so then I’m anxious about something。

「Then、why did Old Sleigstar teach me about the Dragon pulse」

Of course Old Sleigstar knew the fact that I didn’t have any Dragon power。Nevertheless、why did he still teach it to me knowing that it’s dangerous。

「That is」

Mistral taught it to me while still gently hugging me closely。

「The Dragon pulse is a power that one has too feel and scoop it out。And changing it into Dragon ki is an indispensable requirement for the Dragon Blade Dance。The old man wanted to award you with the Dragon Blade Dance。That is why he has been teaching you the needed stuff for it」
「But、it’s dangerous for me who didn’t have any Dragon power」
「That’s right。Therefore、the first thing that he has taught you is meditation」

I looked up at the face of Mistral who was so close that we would come into contact with just a small nudge。

「It is the same as Sake。Though you would get drunk when drinking Sake at first since you’re not used to it yet but if you get used to it bit by bit then you’ll be fine。The old man told you to feel the Dragon pulse while meditating and become accustomed to it」

Yep、I nodded

「Then when you became accustomed to it、he now made you remember to train in turning it into Dragon ki」
「However、isn’t it bad since I didn’t have any Dragon power so I’ll be repeating the states of replenishing & exhausting?」
「That’s right & that’s why he just told you to use it while increasing the usage bit by bit and so this is what he wanted you to get used to huh」
「Uhm、is it a thing that can be gotten accustomed to?」

Would I be experiencing that weakened state again?

「Well、how can I explain it?」

Mistral gave a troubled face while explaining it。

Since Mistral inclined her head、her hair touched my face。Her Nearly silver blonde hair was thin. smooth delicate & smelled very good。

「When Ernea was training the Dragon pulse and changing it into Dragon ki then you have learned oh how to make it circulate inside your body, am I right?」
「Yeah、I learned it which is you should take the Dragon pulse first of all and circulate it into your body so it will turn into Dragon ki」
「Correct。That is an essential thing。By making it circulate in your body then your mind & body will recognize it as Dragon Ki。When doing so、your instincts will get accustomed to it so you would be able to produce it afterwards」
「In short、I who has no Dragon power at first would be able to produce it afterwards」
「You’ve greatly understood it」

Mistral smiled as she patted my head。
Though I could say that some girls are happy when their heads are often patted but it seems like that’s the same for guys too。
When Mistral pats my head like this then I feel like I’m becoming younger again。

「If you’re able to produce Dragon power then you’ll be able to accumulate it too。When doing so then the danger of dying would be lost when you would use it until you become dry」
「Yep、That’s so」

So the meditation training had such a deep reason like this huh。I was surely thinking that the most essential thing was feeling the Dragon pulse。

「Okay、then we’ll be starting the questions」
「Uuuuu、I’m not good with questions」
「Fufufu、I’ll be punishing you if you get something wrong。Well then、From our current conversation、What are the important things that you need to be careful about?、bring it all up together」

A summary question huh。I’m really not good with that。

「Uuhm。In short……In case of my state today、it would be dangerous for me to be in a dried up state of Dragon ki when training it。My life would be in danger if I did something excessive while being in a weakened state。Even if I say that I’m able to scoop out the Dragon pulse、I shouldn’t recklessly scoop it out。I should continue my meditation training & try to make Dragon power in which that’s all of it right?」
「Correct。You’ve greatly understood it」

To my answer、Mistral smiled satisfactorily。

I’ve been thinking too much about easily scooping out the Dragon pulse and using Dragon ki。So that’s why Mistral was angry a while ago。I’ll be reflecting on it。

「Since I did it well then I want a reward」

I demanded。That。I want THAT

However, Mistral has sensed my evil desire and looked down on me with a cold glare。

「My lips aren’t cheap」

*Gyafun*。I became sad at my expectations。

She looked at me who has gotten depressed as Mistral giggled and smiled。

「Here、though it isn’t a reward but were almost near our destination」

Mistral liberated me from her embrace & pointed her finger ahead of the forest of old trees。

I looked at where she was pointing at。
At the place where she has pointed at、the trunk of the Spirit tree was visible。

Before I was aware、Mistral & I had come to the side of the Spirit Tree。

Since it was too gigantic and it’s trunk was too fat then I have already seen it as a part of the scene so I wasn’t able to recognize it。

「Our destination is the Spirit tree?」
「Yes、we will be looking for something there」
「Looking for something? Did you lose something here?」
「Fufufu、That’s not it。Just wait for it」

Mistral gave insinuating words。
Incidentally、Mistral and Old Sleigstar had a short and hard to understand conversation before we departed to the forest of old trees。

What might it be。I think that they’re evading my questions。

While my mind was in another place、Mistral took my hand once again & started to walk again。


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