Chapter 15: A person that will kneel while reflecting

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「Wh-、why me?!?」

I knelt at the fluffy moss。
Mistral-san is doing an imposing stance in my presence。

I-、I wonder why I’m beign made to kneel so suddenly like this。
(TLN: That’s because you cheated on her and Ristia)

「Kukuku、Thine art rather unfortunate、Ernea」

Old Sleigstar is grinning at another person’s misfortune。
He really is enjoying my sorrow、that guy。

Anyways、did I do something that might have ruined Mistral-san’s mood?
I started to think backward for a moment。

I of today have went out of my bed after an interval of 3 days。
Since after that event of the first day of the camping training、I became extremely exhausted and went to sleep。

Since people have been seriously injured at the time when the Demon blade users came out in the camp training so it has been cancelled within the half of that day。
And that’s why I fell to my bed once I came home from the ruins。

Though I was conscious but I couldn’t move due to my weary feeling and the dull pain at my whole body。
Probably、is this the compensation of improving my physical strength with the Dragon ki for a whole hour。

Yep yep。The next day、the event in the ruins got to the newspaper and it caused a commotion within the whole kingdom。

Though the great people who wanted to question me about that happening also wanted to visit my house。But since I was dead tired、mother sent them away & said to just visit at another time。

And this morning。

I who has become healthy now、has gone to the temple to fix something that I was worried about。
If I couldn’t resolve this then I won’t be able to accept the questionings since I was trying to hurry up and get better while I was resting on my bed for this。

I went towards the southern side of the main street of the Kingdom’s capital where the temple is at as I went there to visit Ruiseine。

Though I didn’t know if Ruiseine is already awake at that time but I was lucky that she seems to have just woken up。Though she was hesitant since Ruiseine just woke up but Kiri intervened so I could safely visit Ruiseine。

I concurrently visited Ruiseine & asked her for her cooperation too。


For the purpose of saving the dying Ruiseine、I was in a panic & I used Old Sleigstar’s pride which is the Versatile Mucus Panacea。

But for such a simple panacea to exist in this world、there won’t be such an existence like that in reality。The temple would make it as their most cherished treasure if it existed & the nobles would likely buy small amounts of it for a huge heavy sum of money。
(TLN: $999999999999999999 for a 1ml of VERSATILE MUCUS PANACEA)

If they discovered that I had such a thing then it would turn into a problematic thing。

That’s why I also lied to Ristia。
It really broke my heart。

I told everyone that it is the work of an adventurer who has passed by。
I also told them that the one who defeated the Dark armored Demon blade user is the adventurer that passed by。

And before Ruiseine can say that I was the one who cured her、I wanted to talk to her first。

I was guided by Kiri & we went inside a sickroom where Ruiseine is at。

Though the upper half of Ruiseine’s body is raised but her face still didn’t look so well。

For such a weakened & just woken up girl to be suddenly have a discussion with me、how much am I unfair like this。

However when I hesitated a bit and said the purpose of my visit to her、Ruiseine pleasantly accepted it。

She’s such a good girl。

Ruiseine’s tone is always polite & gentle。

Ah however、she said that in exchange for the secret、she wanted to know about the details of the panacea。

I’m really troubled about that。

The details about it、it would be bad if I told her about the Versatile Mucus Panacea。Then I might have to explain the things about Mistral-san & Old Sleigstar too。

Please wait for a bit before I tell you about the details、is what I told Ruiseine while asking for her forgiveness。
I stretched my legs for a bit after visiting Ruiseine so I went to this plaza of moss。

YEEEP、so those are the reasons why Mistral-san is angry huh。

Is it because I haven’t gone here for a while now? That wouldn’t be it。Since I already told them that I wouldn’t be able to go here for 3 days because of the camping training in the ruins。

Perhaps she is angry because I used the Versatile Mucus Panacea on an irrelevant person? Well for one、that panacea really belongs to the Ancient kind of the dragons Old Sleigstar。However、this might not be it too。Since if they would be angry if it is used then she would have been also angry at the time where we met at the ruins。

D-、do-do、don’t tell me。Is she angry because I went to visit Ruiseine?
Is it jealousy? Is she really envious、even though its me。
Ah、however if it was this morning’s visit、I haven’t even told anyone about it。Other than that, I just came her and she suddenly made me kneel down。
(TLN: Never underestimate the jealousy of BEST GIRL. Maybe she traced the Dragon pulse and saw you cheating on her…..or maybe she was watching your EVERY MOVE.)

Yep、what might it be。

「Hohoho、it has fairly become interesting。With that、even though thine has Mistral already but for thine to suddenly be cheating on her」
「EEEEHHHH、What cheating are you talking about?!?!」

Aaaahh。Old Sleigstar is reading my thoughts once again。

Old Sleigstar is grinning again。


Haaa。Mistral-san’s thirst for blood……

I-、it’s scary!!!
(TLN: Called it guys. Hell hath no fury like a Dragon Princess scorned)

「I-、it’s a misunderstanding! I’m not cheating on you! Look、it was just the girl who collapsed at the ruins! I just went to visit her! Tha-、That’s the truth!」

To me who was in a panic while making excuses、Mistral-san is looking down on me with a freezingly cold gaze。


Other than that、wasn’t she complaining about our engagement so why is she so angry like this?

「I shall be hearing the details about that later」
「I-i-i、I’ll tell you anything you want!」

Did she give me her consent with my words? Mistral-san withdrew her aura of thirst for blood。

Fuuuu。Mistral-san’s aura of thirst for blood is truly frightening。I really felt like my lower half wanted to start running away。

「Aside from that、Do you understand why I suddenly made you kneel down?」

With Mistral-san’s question、I inclined my head after all。

Though I’ve been thinking about it a little while ago、I couldn’t remember any failure that I did for her to be angry like this。

With my perplexed facial expression、Mistral-san let out a small sigh。

「The way you use the Dragon pulse is dangerous」
「The way I use the Dragon pulse?」

Oh dear、is what Mistral-san looked like she wanted to say as she placed her palm on her chest。

「Don’t tell me。Old man?」

With me too thin reaction、Mistral-san turned around to Old Sleigstar and gave him a doubting glare。

Old Sleigstar removed his glance away from it like he was playing innocent and looked at the far sky。

「Old man、Prepare yourself」

Mistral-san approached Old Sleigstar with a strong imposing aura。

「Wait wait wait!」

Old Sleigstar is flustering as he is trying to stop Mistral-san。

「In the first place、one’s own still hasn’t planned on teaching Ernea the usage of the Dragon ki and how to use the Dragon Blade Dance in combat。He has only learned that it was the Dragon Blade Dance because of thine from last time」

Old Sleigstar is hiding behind the fingers of his forefoot。
Yep、he is also sensing the danger for his own body too。I also understand that。

「In the first place、if you were going to teach him about the Dragon pulse then you should have also taught him about the dangerous facts about it」
「FUHAHAHA、the common sense of the Dragonians don’t apply to one’s own!」

Though Old Sleigstar says that with dignity but his eyes are completely swirling。

At any rate、so dangerous facts also existed for it。I didn’t know it at all。

Mistral-san went at the front of the Gigantic mountain like Old Sleigstar & looked up。

「What would you do if Ernea-kun got broken?」

Uhm。If i did it wrong then would I have been crippled or something like that?
To Mistral-san’s words、it suddenly became frightening。

「Umu、That is……」

Old Sleigstar is hesitating。

「To the humans who don’t even know even a tiny bit about the Dragon pulse、it is necessary for them to be taught of it carefully。If they knew nothing about its dark side then they would absolutely lose。That is the natural rule、old man。What would we do if the old man didn’t teach him about that?」

「Umu、That is exactly the truth」

Old Sleigstar groaned & looked at me。

「One’s own is sorry、Ernea。One’s own has exposed thine to danger by one’s own irresponsibility」
「Uhm。Such a thing。I’m also grateful to you grandpa too、so please don’t worry about it」
「You should be worrying about it!」

I who is making a bitter smile、Mistral-san got angry。

Uuuuuuu。but……even if you say that it’s dangerous but I didn’t know what kind of danger it is。

「Good grief、you guys are such a pain」

Mistral-san had a face which looked like she is bothered as she looked at me and Old Sleigstar。

「Kakaka、it’s already finished。Isn’t it alright already?」

Old Sleigstar laughed。

I think that Old Sleigstar’s thought this time is right。
I wonder what dangers is Mistral-san talking about。But that thing however is already finished。

If there are things that I have to know with the Dragon pulse then I should just listen to it now while being alert from now onward。

「Oh、Ernea。Thine has understood it correctly」

It seems like Old Sleigstar was also thinking the same thoughts as me。

「Hey、Ernea-kun! You’re letting him read your mind too much。I’ve already scolded you about that last time。Moreover, if you don’t neatly start to talk then I wouldn’t be able to understand your conversations」

Good grief、is what Mistral also said with her words。

Even if you say that、I’m not sure on how to not let my thoughts get read。

「If that is so then just get Mistral to teach thine」
「Okay。I’ll do so」
「I just said it a while ago but stop talking with your thoughts!」

Mistral-san lt out a large sigh。
A dejected Mistral-san is also beautiful。

I looked at Mistral-san while kneeling down。
Other than that、did Mistral-san not notice that kneeling down like this wasn’t significant?

The layers of the moss is thick so it doesn’t hurt even if I am kneeling like this。
I didn’t think that there are no bad points for this except the numb feeling。

「Well then」

Mistral-san came to where I am yet again。

「While I’m explaining、let’s go for a stroll」

Mistral-san said that as she took my hand and helped me to get up。
I thought that she was angry but it suddenly became a stroll。
I couldn’t follow the development of our conversation。

「A stroll?」
「Yes、that is so」
「Hoho、A date huh」

Mistral-san ignored Old Sleigstar who is teasing us & she started to walk towards the forest of old trees while holding my hands and dragging me along with her。

I couldn’t imagine that Mistral-san’s hands which was swinging that blunt weapon would be this delicate and a bit warm。

My heart suddenly started to beat faster。
Since I haven’t held hands with a girl yet、I became a bit nervous。

At the front of Old Sleigstar’s tail where the Spirit Tree stood tall is where the forest of old trees was and the direction where Mistral-san and I are walking to。

「Mistral、choose a good one」
「Yes、I know」

Immediatley before we entered the forest、Mistral-san and Old Sleigstar exchanged their words that I couldn’t understand。


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