Chapter 10: The Dragon Princess and the Demon Beast

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I as usual have entered into a meditating state while feeling the Dragon pulse。

When meditating at the plaza of moss、I can recognize the large river of Dragon pulse at once。On the contrary、I have already become able to feel the Dragon pulse even if I wasn’t meditating since I just had to be conscious about it。

After meditating is practicing。

Scooping out the Dragon pulse and taking it inside my body。This is still quite difficult as it isn’t going as what I’m thinking。

The thing which is formed when taking the Dragon pulse in one’s own body is called Dragon Ki。
(TLN: Ya know, the Ki in chinese or japanese martial arts)

When pouring the Dragon ki in my feet、I would be able to jump up higher and be more faster when running。If I would pour it on my eyes then I would be able to see something from a distance much more clearer。

This is、it’s the same thing as an expert or a magician using magic or the the ki surrounding their body to improve their body ability。

I who is like a magician without any magical power or an expert that didn’t have Ki、is now trying to replicate the thing that they are doing with the use of Dragon Ki。

And thus、I was only able to perform such a thing like this with the Dragon Ki。
Condensing the Dragon Ki from the scooped up Dragon Pulse and gathering it up in my palms。Doing that、I would able to refine it and a shining green Dragon Ki would be seen above my palm。
Converting the shape of the refined Dragon Ki into that of an arrow、I threw it away to the target。
When the Dragon Ki Arrow hit the target、it showed an unthinkable destructive power。
(TLN: I want Ernea as my Archer class servant in F/GO!)

However、this is exceptionally more difficult than others so I still can’t do it very well。
Outside the plaza of moss、it is a technique that I’m not able to successfully perform。

When the training of the Dragon pulse and the Dragon ki ends、it would be time for the dance practice。

There was a type that existed in the dance and I was able to dance it just recently。
Even if I say that、the extent that I was able to trace in general and the accuracy was in fact the lowest。

Like the way of raising my feet or the direction of where my hands should go、the right way of turning around and the movement of my glance。Old Sleigstar pointed out those details every minute。
Though I was frantically correcting it but it was a fact that my body didn’t move as what I thought。

When I’m desperately practicing、Mistral-san had already come back before I noticed it and looked the my dance。

I noticed her glances as I got embarrassed & blushed at once。

For a man to be dancing、that would be strange as expected。It would be disgusting, ain’t it?
Since Old Sleigstar was the only one who could see me dancing before then I wasn’t embarrassed since he was like a master to me。For a lovely looking woman like Mistral-san to see me、I became unbearably embarrassed。

However、Mistral-san was marveled as she looked at my dance。

「Venerable one、don’t tell me that that is、the Dragon Blade Dance」

To Mistral-san’s inquiry、Old Sleigstar nodded。

「Correct。It is the Dragon Blade Dance」

The thing that was being taught to me seems to be called the Dragon Blade Dance。

「For such a thing to be that!。Are you saying that he is able to dance that blade dance?」
「He is still a bit unskilled with it huh。He is likely to be able to do it later on」

With Mistral-san’s surprised voice、Old Sleigstar answered with a voice with conviction。

What is that Dragon Blade Dance & is it an amazing thing?
I was just、desperately practicing what Old Sleigstar was teaching me。

「I’m sorry、I know that this is a bit sudden but I want to have a little bit of a match please」

Mistral-san chose a handy branch from the pile of firewood & confronted me。

「Eeeeehhhh、what is this sudden thing?」

I who understood nothing was confused。

Even if I fight against a Mistral-san who is a Dragonian、I wouldn’t be able to become an enemy against her。
Moreover、she is a lady that has an ultra strong strength that could injure an Ancient kind from the dragon tribe。

Impossible Impossible Impossible 。

This wouldn’t be even called a fight。

However、at an other place from me who was having an uneasy feeling、Mistral-san has chosen a branch like a sword and came to me with a slash。


I immediately received a blow from the branch which was on her right hand。

Though it was a heavy attack but it didn’t have the destructive power that I was imagining。

Perhaps、did she hold back considering my ability and the durability of the branch。

Though I didn’t understand as to why I’m having a sudden match with Mistral-san so I was confused。
Mistral-san pursued at me without giving a care。

I panicked as I received Mistral-san’s attack with my improvised dual blade wielding。

Though I thought that Mistral-san is a user of a one handed rod but why was she so good at fencing?
Or am I just too weak?
At any rate、I wasn’t learning any fencing skills from the school at the time of military arts class since I was just meditating。

I became the one in the defensive side。

Then suddenly、Mistral-san stopped attacking and tilted her head。

「Why aren’t you dancing?」

Dance? What is she talking about。
(TLN: Maybe she wants to dance waltz with you?)

I didn’t understand what she meant as I also tilted my head。

「Kakaka、Mistral、do not ask for such an impossible feat。What one’s own have taught to Ernea is the Dragon Blade Dance but one’s own didn’t tell him that it was a blade dance for actual combat」

Towards the remark of Old Sleigstar、Mistral-san and I were surprised yet again as for how many times has it been for today is what we didn’t understood。

「Indeed、so that was it」

But Mistral-san gave her consent to Old Sleigstar’s words at once & came to me to apologize。

「I’m truly sorry。For me to suddenly ask for a match。I wasn’t aware of such a thing like that。Did ou sustain any injury?」

To Mistral-san’s apology、I panicked as I answered that I’m fine。

Though I didn’t have any injuries but I didn’t understand anything after all。
I wonder how is it that the Dragon Blade Dance can be used for actual combat。

「Fumu、Since thine’s introduction with Mistral has ended then one’s own shall now proceed to give thine an explanation」

Old Sleigstar urged me to take a break。
Mistral-san held the juice which was extracted from the fruits from the pile of many fruits over there & passed it onto me。

「The peak of swordplays is dancing。Does thou know what a Sword Saint is?」

I nodded while I stuffed myself with the fruit juice that I received。

Sword Saint。

It is a title which is the same as the titles “Hero” & “Dragon Princess”。

But it can’t be given by a qualified person since it is a title that only existed for a single woman。

Sword Saint Falner。

The woman who has studied the way of the blade to the ends of its path。

Some say that she is a human。

Sword Saint Falner was extolled by her way of the sword that which was carried to the extremes so she was blessed with an everlasting youth from the Goddess-sama。

In the long continental history、the name of the Sword Saint Falner-sama appeared many times in it。The most played stories in theatrical plays were stories of the Sword Saint Falner。

It still survived until now、the legend of her existence。She is an equivalent existence to the Ancient kind Old Sleigstar dragon in a certain meaning。

Not only for the people who were aspiring for the way of the blade but also everyone from young to old knew of that woman、because of her title。

I know of her too of course。

「The blade play of the Sword Saint is called a dance。Swordsmanship、when thine body dances while everyone gets fascinated to it while watching、a graceful battle exactly like a dancing 。A Sword Saint is a relative to it as they would use many kinds of dances properly by the place where they are and one of those dances uses Dragon Ki」

The origins of the Blade dance that was displayed in the theatrical play was said to be a replication of manner of battle of the Sword Saint Falner。

The Bladeplay of the Sword Saint which was like a dance is famous of course。

「Since it is a Blade dance that uses the Dragon Ki then anyone who is accustomed to the usage of the Dragon pulse like the Dragonians can do it。That is what the past Dragonians thought of。The thing that can be learned when studying under the Sword Saint for a long year is the Dragon Blade Dance。However、it is the peak of Blade play & people who could use Dragon Ki up to the peak doesn’t oftenly appear so much so it is now a technique that has been discontinued。It has remained only as a memory of one’s own 」

Old Sleigstar closed his eyes like he was thinking that the fate of the technique was unfortunate but the hair of my skin stood up from the shock。

I was being taught of something that was too amazing。
It is now a technique that nobody uses。
It can be said to be a secret technique of the Dragonians。

With that kind of thing、for someone like me who is just a human who got lost in this plaza of moss to be taught of that technique。
It was too amazing that I thought I wouldn’t be able to dance like that from now on。

「Fufun、Thine can dance as much as you want from now on so do not worry。Losing thine way & reaching this place、watching thine hopeless dance and recalling the Dragon Blade Dance too、& everything that has happened is because of that faithful encounter」

Was that so? Am I really alright for this?

「It would be alright for thine to not hesitate and learn it。Since such a chance like this doesn’t even happen for the Dragonians too」

For that reason too、is why I was thinking that it would be better for a Dragonian to learn it instead of a human like me。

「The current Dragonians as of today have techniques that uses all of one’s strength。Have a look and see、isn’t the Dragon Princess using a blunt weapon?」

I looked at the one handed rod on Mistral-san’s waist when he said that。

「Techniques are also necessary when for one handed rods too」

Mistral made a wry smile。

「Thine does not have to worry。The Dragonians of now that would neglect sword techniques are not qualified to be taught of the Dragon Blade Dance」
「Though saying that too with my standpoint as a Dragon Princess is painful for me but I also think that the Venerable one is right。Then by all means、please learn the Dragon Blade Dance up to the peak of it」
(TLN: Maybe Mistral’s hinting for you to grow stronger so she can have you resist for a bit like those Shotas in those Femdom Shotacon doujins Huehue)

Mistral-san also gave my back a push as I finally thought that I could dance again at last。

「Fumu、since thine is already here then how about a bit of an actual combat match?」

With the decision of Old Sleigstar、Mistral-san became my partner in practicing the Dragon Blade Dance afterwards。

So as the difficulty suddenly rised、I raised a scream。

The movement of the hand is incorrect。The movement of thine feet is wrong。
The scoldings of Old Sleigstar flew at me。

Thine glance is wrong。Thine body movements is wrong。Thine speed is slow。
When she finds a gap on me、Mistral-san gave a blow without mercy。

And I felt the Dragon pulse while kneading the Dragon ki as I danced but it was difficult to bind it in the technique。

It became noon when I noticed it as my stomach gave a scream this time。

「Let’s have a break for now」
「I don’t wanna do it anymore…I’m completely exhausted」
「It was a very hopeless dance as always huh」
「Venerable one、that is something that is impolite to say to someone who is giving it his all」
「That’s right That’s right、Grandpa is the reason why my body and mind are now worn out」

While having such a conversation、I sprawled at the ground of the moss。

Being wrapped up in the softness and the humidity of the moss felt good。

Since it already became summer & even if we were using the branches of the Spirit Tree as an umbrella to hide from the sun but it was still a bit hot。

While wiping the the sweat that was dripping off me with my tunic、I rested for a bit。

Ah、I’m hungry。

「Since I thought that it wouldn’t become like this、I only gathered fruits。What should we do?」

While I was listening to the screaming of my stomach、Mistral-san gave off a troubled face。

「Thine only has to go out in the forest and hunt。Thine would be able to easily catch some food in case of thine」

Nodding at the advise of Old Sleigstar、Mistral-san urged me to go with her。
(TLN: Oh no! Those two are gonna be all alone in the forest where no one would see them. That 15 year old little boy is gonna get violated by that 17 year old Onee-san!)

「Though it is easy for me to catch something but since I can’t handle nor cook it in here then let’s cook our meal from outside」
(TLN: After you eat the meal….You’re gonna eat Ernea! This lewd Dragon Princess)

I understand。It wouldn’t be good to stain this sacred place with blood。
Though I was thinking about when Old Sleigstar received an  attack and his finger bled but that might be an exception。

I headed into the forest of old trees with Mistral-san。

「Hoho、so it’s a date immediately」

Mistral-san shot off an aura with thirst for blood at Old Sleigstar’s unnecessary remark。


I walked beside Mistral-san to the forest of old trees as we looked for our prey。

A lot of animals unexpectedly lived in the forest of old trees。

Mistral-san however ignores the deer, wild boars or other large animals。

「In case of the necessary amount for our lunch then a small animal would be fine」

I see、that is certainly true。For a person from a clan that is being protected by the Dragon from the forest then she might be avoiding to kill more than what is necessary in the forest。

I also walked around and tried to look for a small animal in the vicinity。

I peeked at Mistral-san again who was walking with me & I felt that she was a partner that I don’t deserve。

Since she’s the Dragon Princess of the Dragonians。She’s extremely gorgeous。I would feel intimidated even with just walking beside her。

「Don’t worry about what the Venerable one was saying a while ago。The same with an elderly aged person、he just wants to be relied on to one way or another」

Did she read my feelings? Mistral-san said so with an apologetic voice。

「No no、I should apologize too」

I had an embarrassed smile on my face as I averted my gaze from Mistral-san。

「Apart from the matter of the Marriage proposal、I’ll be practicing with you in your Dragon Blade Dance training so please do your best」

Mistral-san gently smiled as she took care of me。

She is really a good person。I’m sure that even from all of the Dragonians、I’m sure that she is very popular not as a Dragon princess only but as a single girl too。

While thinking so、Mistral-san stopped her feet。

「There it is」

In the place where Mistral-san’s finger pointed at、there was a single rabbit。

Then Mistral-san suddenly appeared in front of the rabbit with a speed that my eyes couldn’t catch as she grabbed it。

Ah、bow and arrows or trap are unnecessary huh。
I was astonished at her physical strength that was more than my expectations。

Afterwards、handled the rabbit with her movements that she was accustomed with、cooked it and passed it on to me。
Though only spices were used as for its seasoning but I happily devoured it since it was a freshly caught meat and I was hungry。

When I rested after my meal、I recalled the thing about the demonic beast。
Incidentally、this place is the forest of dragons so this was the place that I was always being aimed at by the demonic beast。

Since I was always being aimed at、it was always dangerous and scary。
If it was Mistral-san then would she be able to defeat that demonic beast?
While thinking so、I talked about the demonic beast with Mistral-san。
(TLN: Mistral is more scarier than any demonic beast…. Small chested Yand *Missere meow got hit by a one handed black rod in the head*)

「I understand、a demonic beast huh。Though the forest itself wouldn’t get damaged since the Venerable one isn’t moving but you’re being troubled by that huh」

Mistral-san earnestly listened to my story。Not only is she beautiful & kind too but I can see it now that she’s a frank person too。

「In that case、let’s go for a subjugation now」


Right now?

Though I spoke about the demonic beast but I didn’t think that we would be subjugating it immediately afterwards。

I was surprised as she took my hand and made me stand up、Mistral-san said “okay” as she began to move。

「It would be best to do this fast。If you were attacked on the next time alone then there won’t be a guarantee to your safety」

That is certainly so。But the forest is wide & I think that it is an enemy that won’t be easily found when looked for。

At my doubt、Mistral-san pointed at the ground。

「Follow the Dragon pulse。Demonic beasts also uses the dragon pulse。The fact that they can’t be detected except you  might be because the other fighter knows about the Dragon pulse too。For the dragonians、finding the target would be easy by just following the Dragon pulse」

Mistral-san says so while unhesitatingly advancing。
I also walked beside Mistral-san in the forest。

「Apparently、the demonic beast has also noticed that someone is aiming at it」

Walking for a short while、Mistral-san suddenly stopped advancing as she began to watch our surroundings。

「That thing doesn’t make any noise」

Mistral-san nodded at my caution。

「Demonic beasts are also technique users。I’m sure that it’s using a technique to erase its noise」

Mistral-san & I mutually joined our backs as we became vigilant。

The animals and the singing of the birds that we were hearing a while ago suddenly disappeared before we were aware of it。

「It’s getting near、be careful」

Immediately after Mistral-san said that。

Suddenly from the ground in front of me、the demonic beast  beast jumped out and attacked me。

The demonic beast approached me with a single large leap。
My body suddenly stiffened & I couldn’t move。


Immediately before its forefoot could attack me。

The Demonic beast got beaten。

Mistral-san slapped it like a fly and dropped it on the ground。

A heavy dull sound which was like an explosion blown off as the demonic beast sunk on to the ground。

Only with a single blow、the demonic beast was knocked down。

S-、so frightening。

If you would look at it、Mistral-san was bare handed。It was not the one handed rod but she slapped and defeated the demonic beast with just a single strike with her bare hands。

「I held back、it might not be dead」

Mistral-san stepped up to the demonic beast as she trampled  & grinded her feet on its head。
(TLN: best way to Un-gay an MC? Sadist Heroine!)

Uhm、A beautiful woman shouldn’t be doing those gestures……

The demonic beast regained its consciousness before long as it saw Mistral-san and got frightened。

「Now then、shall I ask why have you been attacking Ernea-kun?」

Mistral-san didn’t separate her feet from the demonic beast’s face as she threatened it。

Other than that、was she able to have a conversation with demonic beasts?
Putting my doubt aside、Mistral-san exchanged glances with the demonic beast。
The color of the eyes of the demonic beast was really showing that it was very frightened。

「I see。I have understood it well。If you attack him in the future however、then I won’t be forgiving you, okay?」

Mistral-san withdrew her feet when she said that。
When the demonic beast felt that the weight of Mistral-san’s feet was gone、it panicked and ran from that place。

Did they understand each other by just exchanging glances?
With the situation that I didn’t understand、I tilted my head。

「In case of a high rank demonic beast then some are able to speak human’s words。In case of that current demonic beast、it would be possible to communicate with dragonians even if they couldn’t speak」

Hoho、is that so。The dragonians really are a superior race than the humans after all。

「And thus、I read the thoughts of the demonic beast。Though you could run away at the first time but whenever you were ran after and attacked but it was amused that you would just suddenly disappear after a bit so it just attacked you as its amusement」

Mistral-san gave off a wry smile。

「Since the demonic beast didn’t seem to seriously want to kill you so I just let it go for this time。Was that alright?」

Apparently、this case was solved too fast because of Mistral-san & since I now understood as to why it always attacked me so I just obediently gave my thanks。

I have truly met an amazingly great person、is what I earnestly thought。


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    When she finds a gap on me、Mistral-san gave a blow without mercy。

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