Kitsune-sama chapter 14: Start line

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I Kinda Came to Another World, but Where’s the Way Home chapter 14: Start line

As an H rank adventurer、Kitsune who was able to achieve his first request、has put the silver coin as his reward into his pocket。
As his tension in which he became too happy from obtaining the reward earned by his own power fell、Kitsune is now thinking about his next action。The reward was obtained、and if the money that has been received from Rishe will be added then the money he has right now would be 3 silver coins。Though he didn’t understand if this amount is enough to get some lodging、there was still time、it was still fine to receive another request、and it was also fine to search for lodging in ease to get some rest。

However、to find lodging or to receive another request、there was something that he knows that is top priority。He thought about that while on the way to receiving another request、to get to know the value of the currency。
How much money is needed to stay at the inn、how much money is needed for a single person’s everyday life needs、is what he needs to know。Only in former world, The sense of money values of Kitsune is comprehensible by the decimal system。10 pieces of 10 yen is 100yen、100 pieces of 10 yen is 1000 yen、and that was how it was easy and simple。
However、he doesn’t know any other coins of this world other than silver coins、and he’s not sure if there are bills in this world。 (TLN: paper money)

「……this can’t be helped、First of all let’s find someone who 『doesn’t mind to explain some common sense』」
「Kitsune-san、what will you do now?」
「Yes、Let’s get some lodging at an inn for the time being。Is the place where Rishe-chan is staying alright、and she knows of my circumstances too」
「I see!」

Finia approved of the standard-like decision of Kitsune。She has already sat on the right shoulder of Kitsune that has turned into her fixed position、while having a bright smile floating in her face。
Kitsune who was thinking of how pleasing the sight of that girl was、moved in front of Mia。Though the girl in the information desk next to Mia had a disappointed expression in her face、he didn’t mind that occurrence for the time being。
Though Mia who Kitsune appeared in her presence still had a sour like expression in her face、she still sent a glance to him while looking up because she is sitting on a chair。She seemed to have a will for only talking。

「That’s about it Mia-chan、I’ll be coming back alright。Thank you for teaching me various stuff」
「…………No、I’m just doing my job」
「Yep、well even so」
「……is that so」
「See you again! Mia-chan! This is a thanks from me!」

when Kitsune and Finia finished saying their thanks to Mia、they began to walk to the entrance of the guild。Mia’s expression somehow softened because of that occurrence a little while ago。Her glance pierces the back of Kitsune、which she seems to be holding a little bit of interest now。
And an evidence to that is when Kitsune goes out of the entrance of the guild and disappears 、she would vomit a heavy sigh。

「Let’s return to the inn a while ago for the time being」

Kitsune and Finia went out of the guild and is now facing the direction to the inn where Rishe is staying。Did they remember the way to that place but they still unhesitatingly continued to walk。
Since daytime has already passed, the customers entering in the restaurant also has passed the peak.。The lively town was now somehow looking like it’s settling down。In the people who comes and goes by、there are people just live their lives normally and there are people who opens up shops and devotes their time in businesses too。
There are also people who wears an adventurer like aura and there were also knight-like people who were overflowing with a justice sensation 。When thinking about Kitsune being surrounded by those kinds of people、he became a little timid。

Then、a strange person has been found。A guy with a scary face was pulling a cart while walking。If it was only to such extent then Kitsune wouldn’t mind it but the problem was what was on the cart。A cage is placed on the cart and inside were several men and women of all ages。Almost all the people inside had empty eyes、and they all wore the same worn out clothes。
Moreover、there are also people in there who were obviously not human either。There were people who had animal ears on their head and also had tails。Perhaps、those might be from the race they call Beast people。

「……that、what might that be?」
「Hmm、Who knows? I don’t know」

Passing each other、the man with a scary face went to the direction on my back。As a possibility Kitsune thought of、the people inside that cave was most likely what they called 『Slaves』、and perhaps they had been sold by someone、or maybe there was a reason for their enslavement、in which they have fallen into slavery but those weren’t the ones that Kitsune minded about。
Originally、there were no slavery system in the country called japan。Of course there was oppression、but it was a peaceful country who hated the act of entrapment、and so the reality of this slave system has not been easily accepted a bit by Kitsune.

「Well、there’s no positive proof……However if there are slaves then……」

Though Kitsune hasn’t easily accepted the matter of slavery in his mind、he also thought that this maybe exactly good at the same time。Slaves、an existence where all of their rights are given to the owner。And、this world’s slavery is a very convenient matter for Kitsune or in general、for 『the inhabitants of this world』。
In short、he thought that did a problem exist wherein he would purchase a slave and learn from them of the common sense in this world 。Since their rights will be taken、they’re unlikely to reveal his secret、and he will learn the know-hows and behaviors in the different world。It truly is a very convenient existence for the Kitsune as of now。

「A slave、huh」
「No、it’s notihing」

The top priority right now is to get some lodgings。For now he just bundled up the thought about the slave and so on as an option and threw it away to the back of his mind。
While thinking so、they walked for a while、until they reached the inn where Rishe was staying。If you’d accept the letters Finia has read on the signboard、『Inn of Dusk』 would seem to be it’s name。

When they have entered inside、the dining room and the reception desk that has been seen once caught their eyes。Several inn guests went down to the dining room because it was the time for snacks and enjoyed their time with idle chats。

「Welcome、are you a customer?」 (TLN: Gochuumon wa usagi desu ka?)

Thereupon、the woman who seems to have a good mood at the counter spoke out to me。Her seemed to be in her 40s、and she wore an atmosphere of being easy to talk to。Perhaps、she is the shopkeeper and the proprietress of this place。
Kitsune stepped up to the counter and stood in front of the proprietress。

「Yes、but first i want to hear on how much is a stay for 1 night though」
「Oh、a one night stay here is 650 rupi」 (TLN: Or is it Rupies? Meh who cares)

Rupi? What’s that、I completely don’t understand ☆

Kitsune neatly floated a faint smile that seems to understand-like expression。For the time being、he took out 1 silver coin and places it on the counter。

「Will this、be sufficient?」
「Hmm、1 silver coin huh……with this you’ll be able to stay for a half month、so what shall you do?」
「Seriously? Then that please」
「Alright、then your change will be 250 okay」

The proprietress took the silver coin on the counter and put it away in the place where they put the coins which made a *Charin* sound effect。About 25 coins made from stone material were given to him。
She also brought out a key to a vacant room and left it at the counter。

「Okay、room 207。it’s the room in the interior of the second floor。Even though this hotel serves meals too、the meal fee is a different fee。If you’re good at cooking then we can lend the kitchen to you but if you want us to serve you a meal then for half a month it will be 3000 rupi」
「Then with this」
「1 silver coin huh、then here is your 7000 rupi change」

Seven coins made from copper has been returned to me this time。Here at last、Kitsune has finally understood the values of money in this world。
From the name of the Silver coin、the coin made of copper is a copper coin and the coin made from stone is a stone coin。When converted into the Japanese Yen、1 silver coin is 10,000 yen、a copper coin is 1000 yen、and a stone coin is 10 yen is what it seems to be。『Rupi』 is to the sense of Kitsune、can be changed to 『yen』。

3000 rupi、in other words 3000 yen、in which would be 3 copper coins。Therefore with 10,000 rupi、which is 10,000 yen、which is 1 silver coin is used、then 7000 rupi which is 7000 yen came back to me in the form of 7 copper coins。Though he’s thinking that the meal fee is cheap、well he gave his consent for the extra charge since it’s a different world from his。
650 rupi for half a month、in other words 650 yen × 15 days is 9750 yen、and when I paid with 1 silver coin (10,000 yen)、then 250 rupi got back to me。Though he was anxious if there were no 100 yen、well that might be common sense here。(TLN: I hate math. Next time I see math in any chapter, I’ll just let Kuma Otou-san translate it)

Though he doesn’t know where there are other coins other than silver ones、first of all he should be thanking Rishe for receiving 30,000 yen in Japanese yen。

「Thank you very much」
「Breakfast is served at 7 to 9 o’clock、lunch is served at 12 to 14 o’clock、and because we don’t serve food at 18 to 20 o’clock then you should be careful」

Kitsune received the change and key and said his thanks。He went upstairs to his room afterwards。

In the bedroom、Kitsune sat on the bed which was inside the room。Finia leaped into the soft bed and started to rollover happily。

「Now then……Time to rest for once」

While Kitsune muttered so、he started to think。The matter about the money at the present time has been acquired and understood from it’s values and he also understood that there is no difference with the concept of time from his former world。A little while ago、From the word of the proprietress who said the time for the meal, he took into consideration that it was quite the same as from his former world。
The price of a single night stay is 650 yen、though isn’t that too cheap? but in spite of Kitsune thinking of that、well there’s a bed, a table and some furniture、but the room isn’t quite too wide。It’s not a service、since it’s an in where the true purpose is lodging。Even if one thinks that it’s foolish for the price to be so cheap but that might be common sense to this world。
However、since lodgings are guaranteed now、he can manage to breathe in ease now。

「For the time being、let’s decide our policy from here onward」
「First of all、since from today onward we’ll be living here、I think that we should handle requests until we can earn money so we can return Rishe’s money」
「Yep、it would be bad to not return a debt owned!」
「I don’t want to work afterwards」
「THIS LONER NEET!」 (TLN: N.E.E.T. = not in employment education or training )

A magnificent display of acting like a useless person by Kitsune。Even Finia had to make a come back with all her best。

「Just kidding……for the time being、let’s look for the method to return to my former world」
「Therefore for the sake of that then our most extreme priority is for me to not die。It is not separately significant to the matter of winning in a fight、but it’s important to survive even if a fight happens」
「Indeed、which means that it’s training right! Training until you become unparalleled!」
「Nope that’s not it。I can’t seem to expect anything from the ability level of my offensive power……but because there seems to be potential for my defensive powers instead、then I’ll just raise my defensive power! With that、it would be settled with me receiving no damage no matter what is done to me」
「Your motivation to fight is zero huh! it’s rather refreshing!」

Kitsune has secretly peeped at the statuses of all the people that he has met up to now。Therefore、when comparing his own status to them、he examined whether his status is alike with normal people。For example、Miria who is a normal person and also a child、


Name: Milia・Ailin
Gender: Female Lv8
Strength: 30
Stamina: 60
Resilience: 10
Dexterity: 20
Magic: 30

Though her skills have been omitted、her status was greater than the inferior Kitsune who was higher in terms of level。
And Mia who grew up as a normal person、


Name: Mia・Tigurisu
Gender: Female Lv14

This is what it becomes to。Though her level is higher than Milia、there were no difference with Milia’s。Kitsune set up the expectation of the extent seen to this conduct of himself。
Perhaps, the level goes up even if battle experience is not piled up。Maybe one’s ability level would go up when one’s body and knowledge grows。However in that case、battle experience would make the expansion of the ability value from the level that goes up very little。Therefore、Lv4 Kitsune who has raised his Ability level with battle experience exceeds greatly than Milia and Mia。

And now、lastly is the E rank adventurer Jeno who was involved with Mia。


Name: Geno・Greas
Gender:Male Lv47

It’s high。Though the skill was omitted, he seemed to have acquired a lot of useful skills for combat。With that、his level was 10 times larger than Kitsune。Each ability value did not differ in the level but was also high。
However In the case of magic, it was lower than the others。Perhaps、people who has a strong body would become a overwhelming power type fighter。People with high level magic would perhaps become wizards and make good use of their magic by performing it in battle is what his conjecture thought。This might apply to an individual’s talent。

Thus、Kitsune has his attention mostly on his 『Resilience』 of his status。Though Kitsune was level 1 but his 『Resilience』 was 100。In spite of that、the level 47 Jeno’s 『Resilience』 was at the same value of the initial value of Kitsune’s。
This perhaps、Kitsune’s 『Resilience』 maybe his talent is what he is convinced。

Therefore、Kitsune thought about it。His own combat policy、which is、

―――to obtain the Resilience that can prevent any attack

In doing so、the 『I won’t lose』 attitude could be brought in a battle。If he does so、while he is dealing with the other party’s attack、he would be able to run away。If it is possible to run away、then it is possible for him to survive。And if it is possible to survive、then the possibility of returning to his former world would be tied to that too。

「However、there would surely be opponents who would be impossible to escape to or have overwhelming strength。I don’t want to fight as much as possible、but if it is needed to fight then not fighting would be bad……」
「Yes…… It is so」
「Therefore at that time、I want Finia-chan to deal with the decisive blow」
「Decisive blow? what do you mean? though it sounds very awesome」
「I want Finia-chan to be my Strength、especially when it’s support attacks while I’m running away 、and occasionally being the strength to defeat the other party at that time、なって欲しいんだ」

In the case of Kitsune having not to die with the use of his Resilience、Finia will be the Strength that shall defeat the other party。Originally、『Resilience』 is not easy to raise if the person doesn’t have an aptitude for it、then in that case, Finia-chan who had a considerably high strength、should be the one to excel in that ability to thoroughly annihilate the other party 。

「Okay……okay I understand! This beautiful fairy Finia-chan shall annihilate everything for you! I won’t even let oxygen near you!」
「Wouldn’t I die with that? Won’t I get annihilated with that?」
「Leave it to me!」
「……Hahaha、You’re really so reliable」

Finia who can always have an energetic smile like a sunflower。While thinking so、Kitsune smiled wryly。The policy has been decided, a combat policy that uses the maximum power of each aptitude。
First of all is to secure lodgings、and finally to set up a starting line。Hereafter、Kitsune shall start the course of action to return to his former world。

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  1. Breakfast is served at 7 to 9 o’clock、lunch is served at 7 to 9 o’clock、and because we don’t serve food at 18 to 20 o’clock then you should be careful」

    Is this right?


  2. so kitsune battle policy is close with naofumi tate no yuusha battle policy. MC on defense role, his partner on attack role. but i doubt finia suit on attack role,yes her magic is good,but her size is small and they cant rely on attack only with fairy magic.


    • it’s also quite like “the lazy king'”s battle policy
      though i suppose running away and evading is not a part of the lazy king’s plan


  3. When I saw Kitsune’s status in ch 16 I remembered something wrong in this chapter.
    “her status was greater than the inferior Kitsune who was higher in terms of level” but here Milia’s level is higher than Kitsune’s and her stats are lower than his, so shouldn’t this sentence be the other way around? Also there’s a sentence later that says he’s better than them greatly.
    Unless I’m misunderstanding something greatly.


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