Ryuu hou Sun de i masu

Ryū no fumoto ni bokura wa sun de i masu

We dwell at the foot of the Dragon’s Peak





Ernea, a boy who yearns after the Hero.


At the west side of the Dragon’s Peak is where the Dragon tribe and the Dragon men inhabit, the north side is where flying Dragons are hunted, at the south is where the Forest of Dragons is spread out & the Capital city of the kingdom which had a connection with the dragons wherein he was brought up in. His everyday life before he turns into a 15 year old and set off on a journey, he worked hard with the students of his class there


A certain day where he needed to go to the forest of dragons for the sake of obtaining his daily food provisions, thereupon is where he had a chance meeting with an Ancient old Dragon.


Ernea studied under the Ancient old dragon & trained desperately even if he did it clumsily


I want to have many brides like the hero and become happy!

I want a bride with a big chest!


However, a bride who brandishes a blunt weapon is scary


Ernea that grows up with his companions has gradually been dragged into the conflict of the Mazoku and the Dragon men


Raw Chapters

Character Introductions(Full of spoilers)


Volume 1 Illustrations

Chapter 1: The beginning is from the historic ruins exploration

Chapter 2: Paired blade of the Dancing Princess

Chapter 3:  Ghost raid

Chapter 4: Encounter

Chapter 5: Dancing on the nest of the Large Old Dragon

Chapter 6: The Garden of spirit wood

Chapter 7: The Land’s flow

Chapter 8: The Dragon Princess with a blunt weapon

Chapter 9: The Dragon Princess and the Dragon King

Chapter 10: The Dragon Princess and the Demon Beast

Chapter 11: Alone at the training camp

Chapter 12: Ruins Rhapsody

Chapter 13: Goodnight. Ruiseine

Chapter 14: The boy with a chestnut colored hair

Chapter 15:  A person that will kneel while reflecting

Chapter 16: Stroll

Chapter: 17 Let’s use it while following the usage & dosage

Chapter: 18 Small life

Chapter 19: Wyvern Knight Battalion

Chapter 20: Blue Dragon Knight

Chapter 21: Movements of the Darkness

Chapter 22: There’s also bad days

Chapter 23: Forest Inhabitants

Chapter 24: Why did this happen?

Chapter 25: A small & cute thing

Chapter 26:  Little girl & the cat

Chapter 27: Dog & Cat

Chapter 28: Nyaan

Chapter 29: Game of Tag

Chapter 30: First Usage