[I kinda came to another world, but where’s the way home?]


I have a friend. A female friend at that. And that person was the only friend I was able to make.

I did various things together with her. Perhaps, I can say that it was the happiest moment of my life.

However, I have died. I was in the state of having not accomplished the single promised I exchanged with her.

Well, cause I was sent to a different world. I think that I should be in dire distress on finding my way back to my former world but……isn’t it strange? Wait a minute, doesn’t this world have too much dangerous things in it?

and that’s why, in just a bit of whim, the world might get destroyed by such continuously happening extraordinary violence you know? Am I really an un-needed person?

Haaaa…….there’s so much danger to my life on my way back.

Prologue and Volume 1: Link 

Volume 2

Chapter 10 (Kuma Otou)

Chapter 11 (Kuma Otou)

Chapter 12 (Kuma Otou)

Chapter 13 (Kuma Otou)

Chapter 14 (Missere Meow)

Chapter 15 (Missere Meow)

Chapter 16 (Missere Meow)

Chapter 17 (Missere Meow)

Chapter 18 (Kuma Otou)

24 thoughts on “Kitsune

  1. Umm.. Kuma-san didnt seem to open his site yet. Any other way to contact him? Or better if you can just give summary of chapter 18 and do the next chapter. If not then we ( at least I myself ) will wait patiently
    Sorry for being a selfish leecher.


  2. Can we, like, skip ch18 and ask you to post those that you have tl’d? This story is great, and it ‘site such a waste to know there are translated yet unpublished chapters, since kuma is on hiatus or something…. We really don’t want this series to be dropped. …….

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  3. wow you guys… Anyways Meow is Kuma okay? he said he was going overseas for a week sometime in December and hes still gone. Have you been in contact with him at all? Also i think you’re right to hold the later chapters till 18 comes out. It is a join project story you two are working on and it wouldn’t be very nice to go behind Kuma’s back and post 18 without permission even if it is “just a summery”

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  4. Hi

    I’ve just found this website and wish to say thanks for your work

    Can someone clear up a thing about his novel’s plot before begin to read?

    Is this novel’s MC a reincarnated that wish genuinely return to his former world?


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