Task 2: Disposal of the burden、Obtaining a rare item

This sucks、for me to talk while standing in this rain。
Moreover the speech partner wasn’t even a beautiful lady at all。
It was a stingy looking middle aged man called Bonsem。

「The Additional request  is this huh。Until I have carried all of these stuff to a safe area、go buy some time for me」

「Listen here you、Are yah thinking like since I’m just a novice E  rank that you can look down on me from your feet hah?」

Unto my question、that scum Bonsem made a face like he was looking at me like a fool & shrugged his shoulder。

「Hah? Isn’t looking down on people the basis of a merchant? To say nothing of a person that’s called Beyond that I haven’t had a long association, get it? It’ll be my loss here if I don’t use anything that is of use when needed」

Provokingly speaking、those are all true。
That scum Bonsem’s way of talking is like replacing 20% of the rice in a rice bowl with insects that would bake someone get nausea。

Though it is really annoying but for the job called Beyond、the reward would change based on the rank。
The points are added up based on the actual achievements(It could also be subtracted according to the circumstances。Even worse is that nothing is indicated on it)& that is how one would be able to raise their rank。

E would be the starting point while S is the end point。
For those who are helplessly stupid、They would be expelled to F rank & packed into a room。

The dealings as the reward is the original money considering the market price of all different worlds。
The unit is called Akam。
I first realized this at the first time I returned to the base。
When skills or Equipment are ordered or it can also be exchanged with the money of any different world。

If you seriously earn it then you would never become poor at all。

Yet、that isn’t the case with one’s first work。
The scaling factor of an E rank’s reward is roughly 2 times。
This is just my intuition but the amount might be deducted from the ones working behind scenes。
Insurance is what it is called。

That Bonsem bastard is severely observing that area。
A truly impudent good for nothing bastard。
Nevertheless、he looks like he would be done in by those chasers。

This surely must be that『Person who entrust a trial』that the gods dispatches!
Rejoice you Masochistic Pig! This will end without you being shamed on the Sunday’s Mass Service!

「Then? What would it be、well first thing before that。You can’t choose on what to do since you already accepted this job right? Don’t worry about the reward。If these stuff can be safely taken then I would be able to get a good amount for this month」

「Yeah、sorry。I’ll comply to this of course」

That Bonsem roughly snorted as he wrote the contract on the paper。
It was inside the wagon since it was raining outside。
From Sunaj’s words by the way、the contract is freely scattered throughout the world just like that。
Therefore、it was normal to carry an additional contract。

「Ah、then though it is immediately early……please formulate a plan to quickly escape from this place。Blindly running away while in this storm is the result of this。Truly pitiful」

Bonsem passed over the binoculars to me with a melancholic face。
Far on our backs、there is some marching procession carrying lanterns that were approaching our direction with moderate speed。

Bonsem……you utter fool。
Keep your purse safe at the utmost。

If that is what they want then shall I amuse myself to the fullest。
I also stole some explosives from that Beastman lass。
……This shall be the Singing Princess for the second act。

「I’m terribly sorry but please burn the wagon。Just take the ones that are important」

「Ha!? Ar-、Are you really saying those words!?」

His eyes are widening so does that mean that you’re already coming to regret this?
In the first place、aren’t you the one who took all of the explosives & was hugging it like saying your prayers for a double suicide。
You are truly a regretful fellow。

「The penalty paid by cancelling the contract is 30% of the reward」

「I’m not cancelling it! However、this wagon……the cost it took was a pretty hefty sum……!」

That rascal Bonsem got angry as he embraced the wagon。
I’m not sure if it’s because of the rain but this guy seems to be crying。

「That would be better than being caught。If they see this broken wagon then the party that would come next would have a hard time chasing our tracks。
With a rain shower like this would make it more so。Most of all, it would be faster for us to just run。We can manage it with just these horses」

「Even if you say that……」

「You can just earn the thing you threw away right? It’s a problem that would risk your life」

「I really worked hard to buy this wagon so I can’t just easily give up on it……」

So he has an attachment to it huh。
It’s not like I can’t understand his pain。
But I really don’t care about other people’s attachments。
Much more for the request to be failed by the Client’s blunder because of the good natured guy who couldn’t say no。

Originally, your life is just a small ball of manure being accumulated hourly。
At this late time、what are you doing with blocking your pores with your own shit、Bonsem-dono?

「If you don’t like it then I’ll decide for my own。I have a storage space limit too」

「I-、I understand already! Then、this &、this……」

After the selection ended、A large pile of stuff was gathered in my presence which looked like it may or might not fit into my ring’s storage limit。

「So you’ve finished huh。Then let’s go already」

I prayed silently unto the ring & put away that guy’s things into the ring’s storage。
I’m really thankful for this magic storage。
However、to differ from the protagonists of any story、this really isn’t a special skill for me。
Anyone from the Beyond has it and it is also a general necessity for any business 。

But for this world to not have any of it、Bonsem fell to his waist。

「It disappeared……Oi、you can properly take it out right!?」

「Of course。Here it is」

As a single test trial, I took out a single suspicious box。
A small light occurred from my hand as the item abruptly appeared。


Of course……I pilfered a bit from it!
On the contract、it wasn’t stated on the things that should be delivered。
In other words、it doesn’t matter what happens to the other things as long as the items are delivered。

I’m truly sorry Sir Bonsem。
Only trash would approach another trash。

……I’ve found some good things so I won’t hesitate to take it。
This Revolver gun really gives me a reassuring feeling。

I can also understand its convenience to some degree。
It is the type that can be shot as long as the trigger is pulled even if the hammer isn’t used。
It has 6 bullets。It is drawn out from the left side based on the chamber from the shooter’s viewpoint。

it has the feeling of a disjointedly combined look of various guns。
It would be “Crossbreed(Bastard offspring) of a Magnum” if I were to name it。

The wagon was gaudily thrown off as we proceeded to the Highway with the horse。
In the midst of those、I rotated this Bastard Magnum in a single hand of mine。

「Oi、I wasn’t told on how to use that stuff。
Don’t spin it around too much。What would you do if it fell off」

「You too、be careful on not to lose your handling while not looking forward」

This guy has been looking at me for a while now。
In this kind of whether & it’s also at night。
Well for a fool like you, it would still look dangerous even if you just look forward。

「I don’t want to hear the worries of someone who burnt off my important tools of trade」

「A sound reaction if you can do an honest rebuttal & the sound argument of a Shitty bastard is just like a charred cabbage。It is harmful & doesn’t have any value while you can also throw it away anytime you want to」

Bonsem looked at me with a face like he’s tired of listening to me as he returned his face forward。

「You can just throw away those things in some roadside or something」

So it has come。
I can probably give it a passing grade。
Unexpectedly、I can’t hate this guy。
A guy who is faithful to his own theory。

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