Loner’s Opposite

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Why this chapter is only a single one and not a chapter spam? Well my group of shitty friends (including me) are writing a novel including me + my hell Thesis is still ongoing so GG Translating WNs though I’ll try to translate if I have time or if a donator will make me translate something.

The graffiti case was settled so I was able to attend class and it became lunch break。


「Where shall I eat for today・・・」


A Loner is troubled by finding a spot to eat。The rooftop is the hangout of harems、the classroom is hangout for girls while he might get involved with people if he took his lunch at the school cafeteria・・・。Since I really didn’t have any place to eat so this has become a great problem for me every single day。I have no choice。I’ll just go eat in the part of the courtyard where no one will see me。


「Since today’s meal is a masterpiece by yours truly then I’m not really excited since I already know the contents」


I’m truly thankful for the lunch boxes that my parents had made。Those lunch boxes were one of the things I would get excited on my field trips when I was a grade schooler。Though that isn’t so in the present。Other than that、I should eat this quickly and shall I read a book in the library。Since the library is an ally for all Loners。If I would read there then I could kill some time & I wouldn’t get involved with anyone there so it’s the ultimate environment for Loners。


「Uwwoohhh!This white fish meat with cheese is such a delicious dish。I’m starting to like this」


This Frozen white fish meat and cheese which is from the newest commodity wherein I have secured a single piece with a 30% off is unexpectedly pretty delicious。I should buy some of these every-time。It was on that level of deliciousness。


「Anyways、Its pretty troublesome that the graffiti was written with an oil based writer・・・」

It won’t disappear since it was wrote with oil based writers。Which means that  didn’t had any choice but to use that when I attended the lesson a while ago。I wish that they had used water based ones at least。Furthermore、the third years would be using our classroom on 5 o’clock。I can say that the person who would use my chair is pretty unfortunate。I would be in the Computer room mean while taking the information class。


「Thanks for the food」


I put away my lunch box then checked my wrist watch but oh my! I only had 10 minutes before its time for the next class but since going to my class would take 5 minutes so my time left for chillin is 5 minutes。


「I really took my time in finding a spot to eat which is more than I’ve thought。I should just go to the computer room earlier then」


I care-freely proceeded to my classroom。Like that、since the whole classroom was silent when I entered and as I quietly peeked inside the classroom、there were a lot of people encircling my desk。




Are they really that addicted in making graffiti?However、if it were those fools then they would make more noises but it felt like some kind of funeral。Did I do something?


「Ah・・・so you’ve arrived」


When one school girl noticed me、the crowd divided in half like in one of the miracles of Moses as a path to my desk has been opened。Thus、when I glanced at my own desk、there was a school girl sitting on it。Though I could only see her back so I couldn’t see her face。Well  I should just return my lunch box inside my bag and take it to the computer room like nothing ever happened。
(TLN: Moses in the Christian Bible on Exodus. Wow, I didn’t even need to research on this. The surprising part is that yar friendly neighborhood LEWD Missere meow knows about this)


「Excuse me。Please endure it for a bit since I’ll be returning my lunch box and taking out my textbook for my next class」


If a Loner doesn’t skilfully handle situations like this then they might be seen badly and get rolled in a troublesome event。That’s why I tried my best to give an explanation。


「I want to have a conversation with you for a bit if you have any time?」


Though I was surprised that someone talked to me but the familiar voice even surprised me。


「That is correct!I am the Student Council President Toujou Saki!」

(TLN: She’s talking like Saber Nero if yar interested on her speech pattern. UMU!)


Nah、you didn’t need to make such an overwhelmingly powerful introduction like that since I already know。You don’t also have to emphasize your chest like that。


「Then・・・what do you need of me for?」


Don’t tell me that yesterday’s Homosexual love incident has came to light!?If that is so then I have no choice but to withdraw from this school・・・。


「I wonder if you are the person who is occupying this desk?」
「Yes、though that is so」


Perhaps、did she dislike sitting on a chair with a graffiti filled desk?If that’s so then I won’t take any responsibility for that。


「I see。Then、do you have any idea on who were the ones who did these?」


Ah, so she’s interested on the criminals huh。The correct answer are my classmates here。Is something that I can’t say。Not only for the teachers but also to this girl who is the daughter of the school’s principal。


「Though I’m only saying this but you already know what might happen if you tell a sweet white lie, am I right?」


This damned Student Council President、she’s using her authority in threatening me!My escape route is goneeee!Plus all of the people in this classroom is now glaring at me。This is really such a problem for a Loner like me。Only those words came out of my mouth。


「Nah・・・Since I’ve already consulted this with Hiiragi-sensei then the Student Council resident need not to be involved in this」
「I give little care about that!However、for an event like this to have happened in this school、I as a Student Council President have a duty to make counter measures for this。For that reason、I want to judge it after I hear the truth」


As expected of a Student Council President。She has said some wonderful words。・・・Though she has bought that Homosexual love book。And with the truth she’s speaking about・・・。This things have been done to me since Junior high so I don’t think she needs to form any counter measures anymore? I’m not losing anything from these teasing and bullying。


「Please have a conversation with Hiiragi-sensei for this。I’ve talked quite a lot about it this morning so I’m sure that you’ll hear a more detailed information with Hiiragi-sensei」
「I see。I’m really sorry about that。For me to try to hear it from you like this・・・」


Her atmosphere was unusually really depressed right now。Well I didn’t really answer her so how about I make a follow up a bit right here。


「No、its because you, the student council president is like that so everyone is there to follow and respect you like they would do right now。That is why I’m really happy if you are trying to decrease even a single problem like mine」
(TLN: This kind guy……I want this guy as my bestfriend. I need his moral support 24/7)


Though I’m not sure if this was a good follow up but I think that I’ve said something quite good myself。The face I’m making inside me was a “KEK FACE”。
(TLN: If yar watching Re:life anime or reading the manga then it’s Hishiro’s smile face)


「・・・Is that so。I’m sorry。I’m also observing a lot of things too。I’ll show you the sight of me decreasing any incidents that happens like yours。That’s why、I’m truly thankful for you」


Yep・・・A beautiful girl who is showing a good smile like that while requesting a handshake is quite a sight for sore eyes。Well this is the first and the last time that I’ll be shaking hands with a girl too。I’ll be saving this on the first page of my memories and remember it throughout my whole life。


「It’s not a problem、I’m also thankful for you to even make a conversation like this to me too」
「As far as that goes、will you also teach me your name?」
「Alright、I’m called Kiriyama Yuuki。Please do your best from now onward」
「Kiriyama Yuuki huh・・・。Yes I shall now do my best from now onward as of this day。Please do call me Saki from now on」


Her energetic mind is really praiseworthy。Its in the level where I can’t mimic it。Well I don’t really have any plans of mimicking it though。Other than that, I really need to go to the computer room right now ya know?


「Well then Saki-san、I’ll be taking my leave towards the computer room」
「That is so!Do your best」


And so、I’ve arrived at the computer room withing 10 seconds before the chime rang making it a *Giri Giri* safe~。
(TLN: Giri Giri = barely
Giri Giri aiiii Ikenai borderlineeeeee~! …..I’m sorry…….I couldn’t control it…..The song is so addicting)
(EDN: If we made Yuuki into the Suicide prevention spokesman then it would lessen the people doing suicide. 10/10 best moral support)

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