I’ve been a bad senpai(Not a chapter update)

Damn Sorry I didn’t notice

It seems like 3 fans have donated food funds for me(Yes it goes to funds for food since I only eat a cup of rice and soy sauce + motivation to stay alive and continue translating)

For those special humans who did this wonderful thing

I’ll grant you 3-5 full freaking instant chapters translation speed for any series you desire(Except series of other translators OR you could ask that translator and I’ll gladly help i guess if its a good series that i like too)


Just use my contact in my [about us] page in this site

Be sure to use the name you used in paypal so I’ll know its you guys~

Don’t underestimate a well fed translator! Eheh! (I can actually eat a decent meal for once)

I can actually translate 30,000 Japanese characters in just 5-6 hours when I’m not hungry or less if I use maximum overdrive (Beg my EX GF to help me translate xDDDDD)

16 thoughts on “I’ve been a bad senpai(Not a chapter update)

  1. Hope I’m not out of line when saying that’s a pretty shitty standard of living. On a side note, I’ve messed around with creating some decent variations in packet ramen recipes if you’re interested


  2. wow, omg, soy souce and rice… meh, unfortunately I can’t use paypal and the stuff like…

    But are you sure you can translate 5k words per hour? from my point of view this is pretty much…
    that’s like 560 words per min… and in addition you sometimes need to thinik over the sentences (I guess) so that makes it a constant writing speed of around 600 words per minutes…

    With this you can apply anywhere and get accepted!

    although I don’t know how much those japanese words equal to ours…


  3. Just thought of this but could readers donate for the Commushou book? Then you translate the actual book after you’ve collected enough money to get said book?


  4. Tsk, I’m so disappointed. I thought you’re a soul brother of mine, a fellow wizard who can’t use magic, but you’re a philanderer to such an extent that you have an ex GF. Riajuu explode!


    • Brother! That was from a time of which I wasn’t aware of the wonders of 2D. I’m still in the path of wizardry (10 years more till 30 yr old virgin) Twas just a mistake frome my normie self that shall not happen ever again


      • Fumu… If it is as you say, then all right.
        Fret not, brother, the measly time of ten years will pass quickly. This me will root for you on your way to wizardry!


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