Chapter 19: Wyvern Knight Battalion

「I’m back」

When I as usual came in from the back door of the kitchen、Mother had a surprised face as she greeted me。

「Hey、you’re still recovering yet where are you going?」

Haaaa、mother says as she sighs。

That’s what I should be doing。It’s already evening when Old Sleigstar has transfered me home。
Various things happened today so I forgot the passage of time。

Questioning of the great one of this country? What’s that, is it delicious? Since I was asleep at that time、I just pretended that I didn’t know that Mother was the one that refused them。

Afterwards、I stepped into the bath after 3 days。Uuhm、Didn’t I smell bad? Though I received a lot of hugs from Mistral but I became embarrassed a bit late。What would I do if she thought that I’m a stinky guy?
(TLN: Plot twist: Mistral has a smell fetish)

I rose up from the bath while being depressed & had my supper。Since Father would be going home late because of his work so it was only the two of us who ate supper together。
These several days、since I haven’t taken any fruits from the forest these days so the past scenery of our table has returned。
I’ll be getting some fruits at the next time。

After our meal、Though I talked to Mother about the happenings inside the ruins but Mother didn’t give any questions to me。It looks like she’s taking care of me who is still recovering。Mother is really kind。
I’ve been thinking about it but it seems like all the girls I’m close with are really nice。
Though the are girls who are strong minded in our school but I really prefer nice girls after all。
(TLN: I hate nice girls – Hikigaya Hachiman)

It became the time for retiring to bed while I was thinking so、my Father came really late so I greeted him goodnight as I went to sleep。

The next morning。

While I was going to school as usual、I saw somethign unusual。

It was the Wyvern formation of the Dragon knights of our neighbor country Yorutenitosu。
When looking up at it、about ten Wyverns turned their direction unto east and flew。
Though the Wyverns were a threat at the north where the Wyvern hunting grounds are but it seems like those Wyverns are from the Dragon knights of the east。
A single knight descended from the Wyvern formation as it rotated around the eastern sky。
That is the signal for asking permission to pass over the skies of the capital of the Amuado kingdom。
Surely at this time、there would be a guy in a good high place in the castle that is now waving the signal flag。

After the one who was rotating finished the signal、it joined the Wyvern formation again & they all flew to the Kingdom’s castle。

They looked so awesome。

If you were a boy then you would admire them too。The dragon knights that were riding the Wyverns。

When I came to school while cooling of my excitement、the students who were also looking at the Dragon knights were having a conversation about them。

When I also entered the circle of where they’re talking、it became time for taking the attendance。

Hmm、it seems that neither Ristia nor Serisu has gone to school。
Though Slatton & the other bridal candidates like Kiri are here。
I’m curious so I’ll just ask them on the lunch break after seat study。

When I was thinking so、I was reversely barraged by question at break time。

「Hey you、is it true that you saved Ruiseine」
「I’m sure that you’ve beaten the Demon blade user」
「You were helped by that adventurer anyways」
「Though it seems like you’ve fallen asleep until yesterday、Are you alright?」

I was rained with questions。
Incidentally、this is my first time coming to school after the ruins incident。
Though the topic of the conversation this morning was the dragon knights but this time seems to be my turn。

The foolish child who is always doing his meditating training at the military arts time which is me is trying to slip and run away from everyone since the topic of me saving Ruiseine became a large topic it seems。

Since I couldn’t say the truth nor the details so I just frantically ran away from everyone’s questions。
I’m just a foolish child ao please just leave me alone。Ohohoho。
(TLN: Loner OP > Popular. Who needs to be Popular when you have Mistral’s love <3)

I wouldn’t be preparing for the military arts time later since I’m just going to start my meditation training so I just ran from place to place inside the school。
And on the way、I ran into Kiri & Inea who were now returning to the temple。So Ruiseine is still resting for today huh。

When I called out to Kiri、those two courteously bowed down to me。The shrine maiden-samas are really polite。

「Ruiseine is alright」
「Yes、thanks to you。She’s now resting for today」

Kiri told me in a polite tone。
Kiri and Ruiseine’s tones are really alike is what I though but they are childhood friends。So Inea entered the temple and became friends with them。

「That’s good。I’m sorry that I had to visit her when she just woke up」
「It’s alright。After Ernea’s visit、Ruiseine’s mood became surprisingly good」
「I’m wondering what conversation did you two do?」

Kiri and Inea strangely pressed unto me as I became frantic and denied those questions。

「I-、I just only visited her。That’s the truth」
「You’re panicking so it looks doubtful」
「Very doubtful」

Uuuuu。When I was standing there being in a predicament、Ristia appeared in the entrance of the school。

「Hey husband of these girls! Help me here~! Your wives are teasing me」

I hid at the back of Ristia who has appeared。
No、for me who is being cornered by the clergy’s shirne maidens、aren’t I completely the bad man here?
Anyways save me、Hero-sama~。

「Hmm、though I can’t understand this situation but I have business with Ernea for the time being」

Ristia said so and calmed down Kiri & Inea。
Since both of them were just half joking、so they just gave up at this time and would just pursue me later is what they said。

「S-、so what’s your business with me?」

Is it related with Ristia being late for school?


Ristia didn’t know what to say so he just told us to come with him。
(TLN: I have a bad feeling about this…Ernea’s ass is in danger….we should call Mistral Onee-sama)

Inea, Kiri and I accompanied Ristia。
Thereupon、there was a large carriage that is waiting in front of the school’s entrance。
On the carriage was the tail of two opposite dragons that were intersecting overhead and is twined around a single sword which makes the crest。It’s the royal family’s carriage。
(TLN: Hoho, we might be able to see #6 & #7…maybe…idk….too much chapters so my memories is fuzzy)

At the side of the carriage、Slatton, Neimi and Kurishio were already there。

「His Majesty has called for us。Though Kiri and Inea were called too but it seems like you two were returning to the temple。It isn’t possible for you two to suddenly go to the king’s castle huh」

To Ristia’s words、Kiri and Inea nodded in disappointment。Before they’re Ristia’s brides but they needed to prioritize the temple’s work。If he would officially marry them then their lives would center around Ristia。

「Uuhm。Why does the King have any business with the likes of me?」

I don’t remember anything good that I did。
Ah、did they find out that I’ve been going to the Forest of dragons recently? What should I do。

But the aloof me got urged by Ristia to ride on the carriage。

「I’ll be explaining inside the carriage。Kiri、Inea、I’m sorry。I’ll be compensating for this day sometime」
「Fufufu、please don’t worry about it」
「Please say my regards to Serisu」

I got pushed into the carriage as Ristia gave off his farewell to Kiri & Inea so he went inside the carriage himself afterwards。Next are Slatton & Kurishio。Last is Neimi。

I got thrusted away in the carriage as the only escape route got closed。

Though I didn’t feel anything bad。

Inside the carriage was so extravagant than I’ve ever seen in my whole life。From front to back and left to right、the walls other than the place where people would get on or off and the place where we would sit。In the center enclosed by the seats is a big flat desk。I’m not sure as to what material is it made to make it so glossy & there were subtle engravings in it。On the desk、is a high class looking drinks and expensive looking confections。
(TLN: But are those expensive things more expensive than the VERSATILE PANACEA?)

I was made to sit in the seat behind the carriage。The soft square cushion seems to absorb all of the shaking of the carriage so I reluctantly sat down。

The walls were also splendid、the edges of the small window are painted gold。Even the landscape is decorated at the front side of the carriage。

And then、though I know of the wagons that have their seats in a horizontal row but this is my first time seeing a carriage。
Undoubtedly、this was made so the King could also have conversation in here。

「And then、why am I mixed with everyone here?」

The carriage began to move & since everyone just sat to where they want to、I asked that。

By the way、on my right side is Slattona and Kurishio。On my left is Ristia and Neimi。
OI! Why does everyone dare to sit on the side that I’m sitting on when this carriage is wide enough for us。
And I don’t like being enclosed by guys moreover。At least please lend me Kurishio and Neimi to sit on my side。

When I tried to push away those two guys next to me but they stubbornly stick on t me further。

「You’re doing this on purpose huh。This is really annoying」

*ShikuShiku*。(TLN: Crying sounds)

Those four burst in laughter as I looked like I was gonna cry。You’re all awful、this is bullying。
(TLN: You’ll all pay for this….when Ernea obtains #3-#8!)

「We’re sorry、We’re sorry」

They were still laughing as the apologized as those four finally parted from me。
However、Slatton and Kurishio was at my right side。Neimi is at my front facing at me。At the back seat where he regained his composure is Ristia who sat at the left side of my seat and that is how the seat arrangements have changed into。

Kurishio distributed the drinks on the table。

The inside of the carriage is comfortable even with the movement of it。Though the shaking is quite awful but we could still have a conversation easily、as expected of the Royal family’s carriage。These soft square cushions made this ride feel better。
For my first carriage ride to be the royal family’s carriage、I’m really lucky。

「Fufu。Since Ernea’s mood has improved so should I tell the important matters to you now?」

After Ristia has put his drink on his mouth、he said that out。
Ah、perhaps。Did they think that since I felt nervous in riding the royal family’s carriage so that’s why they did those things。
I’m really helpless。
But as a matter of fact、because of my meetings with the Ancient kind Dragon Old Sleigstar, the Dragonian Dragon princess Mistral & the mysterious Spirit Tree so I didn’t feel nervous for any other petty things。
However、I’m glad that they did those for me。

「Ernea had a large activity inside the Ruins huh」

With Ristia’s words、I understood the matters which stands to some degree。
It’s about the fact that I refused the questioning of the king since I fell asleep for 3 days and why the Dragon knights with their Wyverns felw to this place。
I’m not really unrelated to it。
Since、the other knights except the black armored demon blade users had the crest of the kingdom Yorutenitosu。

Did they not know it、so are they going to ask me about the time when I rescued Ruiseine by myself。
But for me to directly go to the king、this seems to be too important。

「I think that Ernea already noticed it but the 4 demon blade users who appeared at that time were knights from Yorutenitosu」

I nodded as I listened to Ristia’s talk。

「Though we haven’t identified the man in the dark armor but the other knights were identified。Though I can’t say the details from my mouth but those four seems to had a certain duty in the Amuado kingdom」
「Maybe they were scheming something bad」
「Hahaha、Ernea is really dangerous huh。They would do anything evil since they were wearing the armor of the knights of the neighboring kingdom of ours。Though the contents are private but they have properly」
「Hmmm。So it’s a strict confidential action that was permitted」

It feels so strange。I know that it was discussed before it was given permission but for it to be in secret。
Ah、maybe the kings knew of it & it was kept a secret to us commoners is what it may beな。
I consented with what I thought。

「The question is why did the knights from Yorutenitosu that came here become Demon blade users。That is the problem that both the countries are now having」
「Don’t tell me that this might become the reason for a war to start」

If that’s the case then it would be bad。

「Ahahaha、Ernea truly is dangerously violent」

Slatton & Neimi laughed。Uuuuu、why are you guys laughing。

「Both of these countries will always be friendly nations from the past up to the future。That is an unchangeable truth」

If that is so then that’s good。Well since the founders of these two countries were actually brothers originally。Both of them and their descendants flourished and prospered together。It’s good that it won’t turn into a war。

「Those demon blades belong to the demons。The Dark armored guy too maybe is a demon too。With that、do you remember the event from last spring?」

I nodded at Ristia’s words。
At the time when we trained at the ruins for the first time、the demons appeared from there。

「It is likely that the demons have entered our country and is secretly moving about」

I got frightened by Ristia’s words。
If it were the demons that have crossed over the Dragon’s peak invaded us then it would turn into a major incident。

「And to that、Ernea too who has defeated the Demon blade user、the king seems to want to hear about it directly from you。And only Ernea knew about the Dark armored Demon blade user。Ah、with that。To Ernea who has defeated on eof their own dragon knights、the dragon knights showed their interest to you too」

NOPE、I feel like I’ve been dragged into something bad。Is this the fate of those who are close with the Hero-sama?
If it was the case of the Dark armored man then Mistral might get entwined。
I who took my worries has ridden the royal family’s carriage and headed off to the king’s castle。



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