JuJoku Chapter 2 Part 3

Missere Meow Here with Part 3 of Chapter 2 of this novel

Part 1 can be found here

Part 2 is here


Were also recruiting anyone who would like to help us translate this since 1 of us dropped this one. This is a great novel I tell you.

Me and Pun will be taking this slowly since we both got projects too.



[Eeeehhh? Ah?……….Ahh recently, since I lacked physical activity for a moment, Th-, The stairs, asce, asce, asce, ascending, ascending, ascending and descending training is what I was doing though, bu-, but, since I wasn’t good with it for a moment then, i-, it’s just that’s all…Yes!]


[……..I see, then though it’s good. Take care of yourself.]


Shirasaka-san smiled at me with sweetly


Ah~, I’m meltinggggg!!!!


I exchanged my shoes with the outdoor shoes, went out of the schoolhouse and proceeded to the dumpsite in the back.


Should I make some small talks, is what I thought though…..when I’m conversing with Shirasaka-san, my head is short and that’s why I couldn’t talk to her even with all my best.


Since there’s no helping it, sometimes, I would peep at Shirasaka-san side figure from the back……this loveliness………Ah, truly a beautiful girl would still be beautiful in any kind of angle!


I am right now. had the same goal(Throwing away the garbage) with Shirasaka-san and is now walking on the same path as her!


We’re now sharing our time together!


My life, as now at it’s climaxxxxxxx!


It would be good if this time just continued on for a long time


…Stop this time right now! Please stop!


Sincerely and truly, I prayed so.


…but even though I’ve prayed so!


In pitilessness, The time of supreme bliss has been broken abruptly




The was a manly voice that greatly resounded in the direction of the building where the club room of the Exercise club was!


To call my Shirasaka-san with her first name [Yukino], Who are you?!


A man appeared!……..That guy’s name is Endo Kenji


Kenji Endo came running to our direction while still in his baseball club’s practice uniform……!


[Ah, Kenji! ……Wait that’s wrong, E-, Endo-kun……]


Shirasaka-san, though she called him with his name Endo for a moment, she restated it since I was with her.


……A relationship that both calls each other by their first names, that is in a word………


That is so. I didn’t consider any other thing.


……These 2 are a couple to put it simply……A man and a woman who are going out with each other.



[Today’s practice, has it already ended?]


[Yeah, It’s alright to get up for today is what the senpai said though. How about you?]


[Me too, I’ll just throw this garbage bag and it’ll end]


[Then, let’s go home together.]



With that, I have been completely disregarded and the conversation of those two ran in general


After that……like suddenly finding the thing that hasn’t been seen up to now, Endo looked at me and said.


[……You, who are you?]


To call me you……. I am tentatively, a guy who is in the same class as you.


[…..It’s Yoshida-kun. He’s in our class]


[Was there such a guy like that?]


I was there, I was there, I WAS THERE YOU KNOW. In the nook of the corner of the wall of the back side of the class……!


[Really now, that’s rude. I’m sorry Yoshida-kun. …You know, I only helped with Yoshida-kun in cleaning the rooftop………. It’s only that.]


Eh? Umm?


……To say that That’s only it.


Shirasaka-san, what do you mean by That’s only it………..?!


[Oh really, then just do it alone yourself. Me and Yukino will be going afterwards so, just leave that garbage bag over there and it’s alright for you to go home now.]


What the hell, What the hell, What the hell, This guy, Who does he think he is!!


Kachin, Kochin, Kichintokuraa! (TLN Miserre: Sound effects)


………A seditious atmosphere entered amongst Shirasaka-san


[Since it’s already good then go change your clothes already Kenji! The Dumping place is already there.]




[We’ll be going home together right ! Aren’t we wasting our time right now !!]


Shirasaka-san…Considerably, she’s a laying out your butt type (TLN Missere: One being dominated)


Endo reluctantly agreed too……which he doesn’t.


「……Listen here、Don’t make a pass on Yukino alright。」(TLN Missere: Those are forbidden words that raise the flag of the POWER OF NTL-NETORI!)



Is what he said to me.


[What are you talking about, Kenji.]


[It’s alright, if I don’t precisely say it then this guy might awaken a strange feeling for you]


[Yoshida-kun is a classmate you know. Such a thing will not happen……okay.]


……Eh?, Though I’m your classmate, didn’t we have a strange mood for the whole time a while ago


[Anyway after you finish throwing the trash then quickly go home. Alright!]


Endo stabbed at my chest with a DON sound and returned to the club room of the exercise club……!


………What a hateful guy. He’s truly a hateful bastard!


Again, we proceeded to the dumping place……there was no conversation that happened between me and Shirasaka-san as expected.


We silently went to the corner of the dumping place and threw the garbage in.


[……..Thank you, Yoshida-kun, you’ve been very helpful]


Shirasaka-san said so while cleaning up her dirtied hands.


[Nah, I-, It’s not l-, li, li, like I……]


[No, You’ve helped me. Yoshida-kun is a good person huh.]


[Th- That is……]





Shirasaka-san cast her look downwards for a moment


[I’m really sorry for that person to strangely pick a quarrel with you a while ago. He doesn’t have any ill intent against you. Please forgive him]


Shirasaka-san bowed her head down. For that Endo, Shirasaka-san is………!


[I-It’s alright, It’s alright already s-, so, please raise your head, Shirasaka-san! I-, I didn’t really minded that at all, I……!]


[So you’ll forgive him?! Yoshida-kun, you’re truly a good person as expected]

(TLN Missere Meow: Tch, I hate nice girls.)(Pun: Missere Meow earned a new title [8man]) (Missere Meow: *SPOILER* Though You’ll learn in the next chapter on what this human is.)


Shirasaka-san smiled at me!


That face of hers, truly when she smiles, that face of hers, looks like the beauty of a blossoming flower and, that face of hers, as expected is the highest among high for being cute


And that is why……I.


Inadvertently………I have asked unto Shirasaka-san.


[………Shi-, Shirasaka-san. Umm, Is the story of you going out with Endo……….Is it true?]


Then, Shirasaka-san……made the most highest smile……!


[Ah, Yoshida-kun, so you knew already! That’s right, We’re going out with each other, the two of us!]


I thought that my heart stopped.


It seems that the blue sky is frighteningly clear and very spacious…….



[……Th-, that is to say……di-did it start from monday this week?]


[Yep, we started at monday this week……oh my, how did you know?!]


[Eh? Ah ? No, I just hear a rumor…….]


[Eh?, I didn’t talk about it with anyone!…..Ahh, Kenji is unexpectedly talkative huh. Well now, so everybody knew about it. I was planning on keeping it a secret with all my effort.]


Shirasaka-san is, smiling…….Shirasaka-san is, smiling right now.


That smile though, has drowned me into abyss of despair.


Though I say that it’s hell……I as of now, seemed like I would die in solitary in the paradise.


She finished off my heart……that is what I’ve felt….!


However………her smile seemed to be truly happy.


I am…to such a smiling girl


I’ve been thinking that a while ago would come to an H scene rushingly.


If I personally say it then [This woman, I’ll Violate her!] will become like this feeling.

(Pun Labeouf: JUST DO IT! Don’t let your dreams be just an eroge! Make it real!) (Missere Meow: Wait for about 200+ chaps maybe?)

13 thoughts on “JuJoku Chapter 2 Part 3

  1. That shit is dark yo. And its gonna be one of the darkest non-supernatural novels in noc. in later chapters.

    Story is surprisingly good(for a porn) though, not complaining!

    Thanks for the hard work. Please continue.


  2. Too bad chapters are quite long and erratically written (Gosh, even all those copypasted ‘#insertname# ………….. looks at me’ and an endless stream of ellipsis make it look really bad), so i guess we wont see even chapter 69(kind of conclusion of the first arc?) properly translated anytime soon.

    And by soon I mean, next year.

    Dont you think that Yuki is the only sane character in the end? Especially after the Electra arc, she clearly sees the essense of MC’s relationships with the …ahem… support cast. Everyone else is either completely broken(hi, Agnes) or sees the distorted or heavilty skewed version of reality.


  3. Just do it! Don’t let your dreams be dreams! Hole up in the middle of nowhere, Raise a flag with a stupid message and guard it with a baseball bat 24/7 like a crazy paranoid old codger!


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