Tenth Story (2): The Clergy and the Adventurer

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Well here’s the second part of the last chapter before we end the Infancy Arc. For those who are getting bored of the whole sucking milk then rejoice since we’re gonna enter the Childhood Arc now which has BATTLES.

It’s really hard to translate this novel not because it’s hard to read but it’s exactly my fetish…..Onee X Shota

If yar wondering what is the background’s sauce then it’s from a EROgame I’ve played in the past.

Well I dun have any more to say right now. Just stalling here so go down and read the chapter already. *Says the Fairy Cat Translator while playing FALLOUT 4, ロイヤルガーデン, This creepy game but has a good story…..cried a bit, Mad Max and listening to the greatest RPGVN’s boss battle theme(maybe) “The Last Edge“*

^ The above games are the reason why TL is so slow and I TL’d Kitsune 16 & 17 first before this chap.




The women who had the 「Villager」 job, though it was possible for me to properly charm them while mother carried me at her back and walked in town, but when I come to the stage where my Physique is at 100 points and I received their breast milking, the skill didn’t go up only by allowing me to see the chance and sucking easily. Though I drank little by little and though I earned 2 points of the Physique skill, but it ended at 12 points.

Is there no new skill that I can take anymore……is what I though as my target. For 4 months after my birth, I had a new encounter. It is the Sister in the church near our house Serra-san.


(TLN: Muh reaction to this line

93ee7d949c5bd80ad3ca3dbac3f7f89c Kek)


Eighth person Serra・Chiffon (?)Yrs old
Time of breast feeding start : after 4 months
Breast feeding frequency: Once a week 8 times in total
Relation: She is interested in you
Acquired skill: Clergy 3 Singing 1


Since Sister Serra-san passes without fail in front of my house when she’s commuting from her home to the church, and though my 「Charm」 failed when it was invoked several times, it finally succeeded at the 4th month for the first time.

The case of the person that I’ve successfully charmed will visit our house is large. Since Remillia mama and Serra-san are acquaintances, there was no problem with it. Even if the person I don’t know got charmed and visited us, though it was possible for me to issue a command for them to 「Go home」.



「Remillia-sama, I truly apologize. To visit so suddenly like this」
「No, it’s alright. Usually for me, I am indebted to you……for me to not be able to eat the bread which has received the blessing of the Goddess for even once a week, I wouldn’t be able to calm down」


To put on that 「Clergy’s Hood」 for a long time, maybe she has cut off her hair……is what I’ve thought. Then I asked of her(Ordered her), at the interval of Remillia mama standing up from the chair and went somewhere as usual, but though she took off her hood…….


「……Fuu. It’s a bit hot today isn’t it……」


The thing that spread out with a *Fusa!* sound effect, was a white like silver hair of hers. Serra-san combed down her hair and looked at my direction……For such a beautiful person, to be working at the nearby church.


「……Hiroto-san, please forgive me for admonishing the doctrine unto a baby like you .The Goddess is at any time watching over us.」


(Goddess……In the church, they worshiped a Goddess huh. The one who reincarnated me, is that Goddess the one who they are worshiping……?)


Serra-san taught me that the Goddess made this world and all of the living beings have been made by her and she was the existence that defended us from the monsters. Though a baby wouldn’t be able to understand that Common-sensibly ,Serra-san kept on seriously talking earnestly……Yep. She has the impression of a devout believer. For better or worse.

What skill could I take from a clergy, is what I was suddenly anxious about. Thus, when I looked at her status…….





Name Serra・Chiffon
Mermaid Female 7 years old Level 12

Job: Sister

Singing 100
Clergy 50
White Magic 10
Physique 6
Magic Attainments 10
Maternity 30
Cuisine 55
Fisherman 10

Action Skill:
Recovery Magic Level 1(White Magic10)
Baby-sitter Song(Maternity30)
Simple Dish(Cuisine10)
Camping(Cuisine50) (TLN: Maybe it’s a kind of dish that you can make in camps)

Passive skill:
Clergy Equipment(Clergy20)
Divine Mercy(Clergy40)
Recovery UP(White Magic20)
Dish effect UP(Cuisine30)
Poison tasting(Cuisine40)
She is weak against Sake
Human form
It’s not possible for her to sing

Remaining skill point:16


(……Me-Mermaid? Though she’s looks like a human in any angle……However, Singing 100……!)


The Mermaids were a race that wasn’t still available in the game. It seems like she has a complex past, and that’s why even if her singing level is 100, there are no skills on the singing system……maybe it’s because of that passive skill 「It’s not possible for her to sing 」.


(Mo-Moreover……even though she looks like a senior high school like person ,but her real age is seven years old……)


According to her race, though I think that they would approach an adult figure earlier, this is too surprising that I hardened. Seven years old……SEVEN YEARS OLD……!?


「The Goddess gave unto the humble me, her benevolence since she is a graceful being……Hiroto-san also by all means, should go to church when you grow up. Let us have a long conversation about the Goddess at that time」


Since she’s a mermaid in the form of a human, her faith is crazily……no, she’s a person who piously believed in the Goddess while being a SEVEN YEAR OLD.(TLN: Says the Baby who is a 1 year old and is NTRing every female he meets KEK)
Will the moment come for me to allude this person’s mystery……? Possibly, maybe she will turn back to her mermaid form when her feet touches water.


「Thus……That’s all for today. From me to you ,I have already given unto you a trifling thing……」


Since I won’t waste this chance, I appealed unto her desperately. Then Serra-san’s face reddened and she smiled with a *kusu* sound effect.
H-however……this, this passion like feeling. This person, is not an ordinary person in all meanings……!


「Oh Goddess……To this starving infant, I shalt donate unto him this humble body of mine, please forgive me……」


◆Choices Dialog◆
・《Serra》 is trying to use the active skill [Breastfeed] on you. Will you permit her to use it on you? YES/NO


Serra-san removed the string that was keeping her clothes fixed and she started the preparation for breast feeding. T-to donate she said……did it really make her like that. There is no helping it when she becomes like that since it’s because of the 「Charmed」 state…….

Serra-san’s back which is being bathe in the sunlight that came from the window looked very exactly as a Holy Woman. Different than Fillianess-san, the shape of a complete beauty is here.


「Now, let us start. Before the Goddess, like how she has given her blessings to the children she has created, from me unto you……」


(……I shall say my conclusion. Serra-san is SCARY……She’s somehow VERY SCARY……!)
(TLN: Religious people are scary. That’s why I am a devout believer of the Breast Sucking religion. Our savior Hiroto shall save us!)



・ You are now receiving 《Serra》’s [Breastfeed] skill. Your HP has been recovered.
・You have acquired the clergy skill!
・《Serra》 muttered.「AHH……my Goddess. Please forgive this sinful me」


Serra-san looked at me after I finished sucking her breasts, and a satisfied like smile floated on her face.


「……For a clergy, though a thing like this won’t be forgiven. For Hiroto-san, by all means together with me, to the road of the goddess……」



・《Remillia》 opened the door.


「I’m really sorry, to forget the laundry that has remained……Oh my, were you playing with Hiroto?」

(TLN: No Ma’am, Hiroto was the one playing with her b̶r̶e̶a̶s̶ts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )


Serra-san didn’t panic or made any noise when the door suddenly opened and instantly put on her clothes.


「Yes……though he doesn’t look at my direction so easily but similarly to Remillia-sama, he has a quite unique elegance」
「From me, doesn’t he look like Ricardo much more……but, when either of the features gets succeeded by him then I’d be glad」


When Serra-san tries to tie the string of her clothes so as for Remillia-san to not notice it, she put on her hood and grinned with a smile.

……Are there other people who have other sides? Well, since faith is profound, then she seems to be not a bad person……Even if I went to church when I grow up, I still wanted to get more skills.

With that conclusion, whenever Serra-san passes by on her way to the church, I would ask her to breast feed me.


「Nhh……If you are fine with my donation then, as many as you want to……I shall give all unto you……」


I would receive her breast feeding every time after her long sermons and it has gradually became a habit of mine……will I get into this faith like this. Nope, though I didn’t have any intention in getting into it……and I could take any more of the Clergy skill after 10 points.


Ninth Person Anna Marie・Cruel 16 years old
Time of breast feeding start : after 5 months
Breast feeding frequency: Twice
Relation: Normal
Acquired skill: Adventurer 1
Acquired Item:Magic Sealing Pendant
Another one, 一though there was a chance for a valuable suckling for once, it was the adventurer Anna Marie-san. Though she came here to Mizerre for the quest she accepted, she turned adrift when she forgot to book an inn room, so she is lent a lodging in our house for the night.


「I-I’m sorry but, I, because it is the first time I’ve come to Mizerre……」


Anna Marie-san had trimmed one side of her hair to about shoulder-length, and they are woven into thin braids.While a Headband is rolled over it, her equipment arrange is the entire leather group and she’s shouldering a large backpack. Her appearance is that exactly of an adventurer. The weapon she’s equipped with is a spear and it’s obvious that it was considerably embezzled.


「It’s alright, we’re all equal when being troubled. You’re hungry aren’t you? Please wait for a bit」
「Umm, is there something that I can also be of help with!?」
「Umm well……To play with my son Hiroto, is what I want to say. Is it alright with you?」
「Wha-what do you mean if it’s alright with me!? I-I don’t have any weird hobbies!」
「It’s good if that’s so……Hiroto, it’s not good to do with her too okay」


Remillia mama stabbed me with a nail there. But for me, I won’t overlook such a wonderful job like an 「Adventurer」.


(……However, she’s a type that I haven’t encountered yet huh. A 16 year old adventurer huh……What could be her circumstances)


While thinking so, Anna Marie-san came to near my side and timidly looked at me. With those large pupils, my face got reflected on it……Pl-please stop, if I am seen too much then I’ll…….


「A baby……I also at sometime, can I also be able to make a child too……」


She is also friendly to me even if I averted from her look. I-if I don’t manage to improve my impression to her…….


「A,ana……ai」 (TLN: ANnA mArIe)
「Eeh……Yo-you can already talk? You’re amazing, to understand my name!」


Anna Marie-san is deeply moved. For a baby to talk, some can already be pleased with just that.



・「Charm」 has been invoked! 《Anna Marie》 has successfully prevented it with the effect of the Demon Sealing Pendant.
・《Anna Marie》 became vigilant.


「……Wha-what was that……!?」


(Woah……su-surely……did she notice my passive skill and became vigilant……!?)


Anna Marie-san possessed an equipment that prevents charm ……since it’s not possible for one to see someone’s equipment if they aren’t in a party, I couldn’t read this kind of happening……!


「Haah……that surprised me. This stone occasionally, it sounds of with a *Bachi* on its own. I’m really sorry, to surprise you like that.」


Anna Marie-san pulled out a pendant from the chest part of her clothes. Was the demon stone applied in there……I see. Anna Marie-san equipped this while not knowing of its effect that it prevents charm.
Since she’s showing it off, information can be understood from that easy item. Let me look at it without reserve.



Name: Magic Sealing Pendant
Type: Pendant
Rarity: Super Unique
Defense power:3

・Cannot be appraised.
・「Emerald(エメラルド)」 is set inside it.
・「Charm」 can be defended a bit.


(I understand it’s effect of preventing charm, but it’s still cannot be appraised……?)


There are three stages with the appraisal, 「Appraisal」「Detailed Appraisal」「Eyes of Truth」 are the 3 skills that correspond to it. Perhaps to know the information of this pendant, the detailed appraisal or the eyes of truth would be necessary for it.


「This pendant, you seem to have taken a liking to it. Should I give it to you? I was planning on giving this as a reward for me staying here today」
「Ahaha, I see, you still can’t understand difficult things huh. This thing is, though you might think that it’s an incredible thing, I still haven’t understood its merit. However, something good might happen if I bring it with me」


◆Choices Dialog◆

・《Anna Marie》 is handing over the 「Magic sealing pendant」 to you. Will you allow her? YES/NO


(To suddenly obtain a super unique item……This person, Might she be a great person……?)


Anna Marie is floating a friendly smile when looking at her. Though she got surprised when the charm was invoked……No, didn’t she not understand that it was my doing.


「I look for things like these, since I’m treasure hunting. Since I’ve found many things, I’ll give this one to you」


Well if you insist……even if I can’t put it into use as a baby, someday, the moment might come where I can use this on something.



・You have obtained 「Magic Sealing Pendant」 in your hands. It fell off to your feet since you can’t equip it.


The pendant dropped inside the cradle. Probably, Anna Marie-san will be explaining that she has given it to me. If Mama would give an OK then it would be alright though……Is what I wanted to say.

If she took off the pendant that was defending her against the charm……i-in short……!


「Ah, my stomach has become empty……there’s a wonderful smell in here. You mother is surely good at cooking」


Though mama’s cuisine skill was at 10 when I was born, her skill has risen to the place where 20 has been exceeded. Since her action skill 「Simple dish」 ranked up to 「Dish」, the food that she could make increased rapidly. Ricardo papa is always happy when eating every day.

Maybe today would be Vegetable & meat stew. I looked like the 「Potofu」 that I know. The bread that has been bought from the town has been put out again after it was heated up for the second time.Mommy spared no effort on putting fire to the bread pan —- that, is also because Papa Ricardo fetched a plenty amount of firewood though.

However, even though you’re saying your stomach is empty, I don’t think that it’s delicious even if I smelled the fragrance of the potofu. Though I’ve become accustomed to the fruit juice that they have allowed me to drink occasionally, I’m still unable to eat the usual meals yet.


「Manma, Manma」
「Is your stomach empty too? Since you’re still a baby, you’re still getting milk from your mother huh. Or else, would you like to have a go in sucking my finger」
「Eh? Ahaha, Sorry sorry. It’s not delicious even if you would lick my fingers」


Well certainly, this might be the usual reaction to that. Once the charm hangs unto you, saying that the next phase is suckling is a peculiar case



・「Charm」 has been invoked! 《Anna Marie》 failed to resist and has entered in the state of Charmed.


(and while I was talking about it, it really came……!)


「Hm……H-huh? That’s strange……I, did I do something……」


Since 15 minutes have already passed after the judgment a while ago, it would be coming now momentarily is what I’ve thought. At the time that Anna Marie removed her pendant, though I did have some expectations with my real intentions.


「……To say Manma, are you calling out to me? When a baby says so then, do you mean a female person……is this the thing why I’m feeling like this……」


When she reacted to the baby’s crying voice, would the breast milk that I’ve been sucking a while ago come out……because, Mother seemed to have some too. However since I wasn’t crying, but when it’s just a baby charming someone, there is a providence of coming to want to give the baby some milk.


(I’m truly sorry……Anna Marie-san. If I don’t get the 「Adventurer」skill then, even if I would be able to walk, I won’t be able to receive quests in the guild……!)


Though I wasn’t planning on taking on quests when I learn how to walk, but since my physique and magic attainments are considerably high now then, even if I’m still a baby, I would be stronger than an adult that has not been training their body. Of course, the damage received changes according to the size of one’s body, though I as a baby would be impossible to be able to strengthen more than papa, I would be able to defeat a low level monster with just a punch. I’ll already make the preparations for receiving an order of a quest.


(TLN:Future Hiroto? No thanks.

vlcsnap-2015-12-02-07h46m24s839 NOPE NOPE NOPE xD )


Since I’ve already taken 12 for the physique skill, then 36 would be added to my damage correction……to say that how much it is concretely, a goblin’s HP is 30 then it would be possible for me to just defeat him with one attack. Since I won’t be fighting a goblin while I’m still a baby, though I’m not able to try it. If it’s the monsters in the forest of the vicinity of Mizerre, I would be able to knock them all out with a hard battle excluding the orcs.

Anyways, it would be better for me to go to the guild earlier. Since the experience obtained in quests are a lot, if it’s the same with the game, then it would be more efficient to raise the level by accepting quests. Small fry monster subjugation and delivering material goods would have enough income for me.

While I was making an excuse with this and that, Anna Marie-san has already taken off her leather armor and she tried to tuck up her underwear like the shape of a tank top. When the force that has been excellently hidden well inside jumped out, what was inside of the armor was an unexpected growth that couldn’t be understood while it inside the armor.


「To look at me so much like that……even though you’ve been averting you gaze at me a while ago so much. Hiroto-kun, do you like breasts that much?」


(……Rather than saying that I like it after all of the things I’ve done, IT’S ALREADY MY LIFE WORK)



・You are now receiving 《Anna Marie》’s「Breastfeed」 skill. Your Hp has been replenished.
・You have a feeling that you are now able to acquire the 「Adventurer」 skill.
・《Anna Marie》 smiled.


「Nhh……it was possible for me to truly do it, even I……Hiroto-kun, is it delicious?」


Anna Marie gently asked that to me. The following action that I must do without fail――has already flowed into me.



・You have used 「Request」 onto 《Anna Marie》.



・You are now receiving 《Anna marie》’s「Breastfeed」 skill.Your Hp has been replenished.
・You have obtained the skill 【Adventurer】!


「I-I see……so it was still insufficient. Well this is how you’re growing up」


(I utterly and sincerely apologize unto you……however, I shall definitely accomplish this……!)


Even with an adventurer skill is 1, I would still be treated as a 「Novice adventurer」 and be able to accept requests. When thinking about the efficiency of level raising, it would be more better to take more……it’s truly a great thing that Anna Marie-san came here.


「……But, you shouldn’t be too much in a hurry. You should slowly grow up……Okay, that’s the end」



・《Anna Marie》 has recovered from the charmed state.


(Woah, that was fast……was there such a fast recovering like this)


To the people who have resistance, they are likely to naturally recover when the charm hangs unto them. But this rapidness……perhaps Anna Marie-san’s charm resistance is much stronger than Monica-san.

And thus, 「Charisma」 effect didn’t get invoked at her. Though it is correct that I was able to get the adventurer skill, I couldn’t see what kind of status she had……though I’m considerably anxious about it, there was no helping with it.

Anna Marie-san who is fixing her clothes, poked my nose and laughed.


「It’s bad to want to do more okay? In the future. Only for today, I’ll leave it as a secret」


(……As I’ve thought, this person has perceived my ability……nevertheless, the charm has still hung on her)


Though I’ve thought that she was a regular adventurer, this person similarly with Serra-san, has a big secret with them……is what I’ve felt on them. When I grow up a little more, if I acquire a bit of experience as an adventurer, will I be able to understand her.


「Sorry to keep you waiting, the preparation are over. Anna Marie-san, would it be possible or you to set up the table?」
「Okay, I’ll do anything that is necessary!」
「Oh my, Hiroto……that, what is the thing you’re holding to? A pendant?」
「This, I gave it to Hiroto in exchange for letting me stay here. Please accept it by all means」
「Oh no……is it alright? It seems to be expensive」
「It’s alright, I, for one am truly happy to stay in here」


While looking at Remillia mama and Anna Marie-san’s exchange, my desire to want to be able to talk became stronger. To want to talk a lot with people, my past self would even think of this……However.

There are a lot of things that I can’t understand if I won’t speak of it. Serra-san, Anna Marie-san……who in the world are they, but it’s inelegant to possess any interest on them. To a mysterious thing, one would become curious of it.


(Because I have reincarnated, I wanted to know a lot about this world a bit……these girls for sure will know the world that I’ve been surprised about)

The super unique item that rarely drops in the game, a female adventurer just gave it without regret.

I for a long time afterwards, have known her true colors.


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